Origami Paper - Kimono Patterns - Large 8 1/4" - 48 Sheets

Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Origami Sheets Printed with 8 Different Designs: Instructions for 6 Projects Included

Author: Tuttle Publishing

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9784805310717

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

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This pack contains 48 high-quality origami sheets printed with 8 different authentic Japanese kimono patterns. Kimono fabrics and patterns are opulent, exquisite and unique. Origami Paper Kimono Patterns takes some of the lovely kimono fabric patterns and transforms them into origami folding paper. These paper packs make a great resource for all different kinds of folding, crafting and scrapbooking projects. This origami paper pack includes: 48 sheets of high-quality origami paper 8 vibrant kimono designs Double-sided color Large 8 1/4'' squares Origami basics and folding techniques Instructions for 6 easy origami projects

Large Origami Paper

24 9" X 9" Sheets in 12 Colors

Author: Dover Staff,Dover Publications Inc,Origami

Publisher: Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486272955

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 24

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Twenty-four sheets of authentic origami paper (two each of 12 different colors: red, yellow, royal blue, azure, orange, lime green, kelly green, sky blue, pink, peach, tan, gray) for creating fascinating figures, shapes, and objects. Easier-to-fold, large-size white-backed sheets help origamists free a multitude of configurations from flat piece of paper.

Traditional Japanese Designs

Author: Polly Pinder

Publisher: Search PressLtd

ISBN: 9780855329747

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 32

View: 9585

Stylised interpretations and beautiful illustrations of designs inspired by Japanese art—birds, flowers, plants, trees, figures, and more.

New Expressions in Origami Art

Masterworks from 25 Leading Paper Artists

Author: Meher McArthur

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462919200

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

View: 7514

This origami art book features the work of 25 contemporary master folders who are among the most innovative origami artists working today. They are pushing the boundaries of origami vigorously in new directions in terms of style, scale, materials, subject and scope. This elite group includes: Joel Cooper Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine Paul Jackson Beth Johnson Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander Robert J. Lang Linda Mihara Bernie Peyton Richard Sweeney And many more… The stunning photos and brilliant essays in this book demonstrate why origami is now an international art movement—largely through the efforts and artistic genius of a few contemporary masters. The trailblazing efforts of Japanese artist Akira Yoshizawa elevated the paper folding to an art form by showing how subtle shapes and figures could be created from a single sheet of paper though a variety of non-traditional folding techniques. Artists in other parts of the world—including the United States, France, England, China and Scandinavia—took Yoshizawa's cue and pushed these techniques further and further. The result has been the emergence of many new and surprising sculptural forms created through techniques such as wet folding, curved creasing, tessellating and the application of alternative materials besides paper.

Origami Paper - Traditional Prints - 8 1/4" - 49 Sheets

(Tuttle Origami Paper)

Author: Tuttle Publishing

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9780804838030

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: N.A

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Fold bold and beautiful papercraft models with this traditional-print origami pack. This paper pack features beautiful patterns inspired by traditional Japanese designs. It is perfect for any folder who wants to add a touch of tradition to their origami projects. It includes an 8-page insert with folding instructions so that folders can get started right away. This origami paper pack includes: 48 sheets of high-quality origami paper Double-sided color 1 sheet of gold foil paper Large 8 1/4'' squares Origami basics introduction Folding techniques Instructions for 6 projects

Mandala Origami Paper Pack

More Than 250 Sheets of Origami Paper in 16 Meditative Patterns

Author: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Publisher: Sterling Innovation

ISBN: 9781435164369

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 560

View: 6289

This beautiful collection features more than 250 sheets of origami paper with 16 different colorful, calming mandala designs. Relax and de-stress as you make a crane, stars, and more, guided by the easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions. You ll stay inspired and relaxed for hours."

Better Living Through Origami

20 Creative Paper Projects for a Beautiful Home

Author: Nellianna van den Baard,Kenneth Veenenbos

Publisher: Sewandso

ISBN: 9781446307120

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 1556

Take papercraft to a new creative level and turn your home into a designer haven with this DIY interiors book by Dutch design duo Studio Snowpuppe. Learn how to create 20 items of sustainable home decor using simple, mindful paper folding and manipulation techniques, and then show off your DIY creations at the heart of your home. Step-by-step illustrations will guide you through the projects, which include beautiful lampshades, creative wall art ideas, an ingenious clock, pretty garlands and decorations, unique vases, candle holders, plant holders, decorative bowls and more--all with a stylish modern aesthetic. Using readily available paper and card stock, you can create some stunning designer accents for your home for a fraction of the cost of store-bought versions.

Origami Paper

24 7 X 7 Sheets in 12 Colors

Author: Dover Publications Inc,John Montroll

Publisher: Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486268293

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 24

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For centuries, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding has provided challenging and rewarding entertainment for hobbyists. To achieve the best results, origamists need special paper that can stand up to intricate folding. This package contains 24 sheets of high-quality authentic origami paper especially manufactured to resist tears and produce clean lines and crisp folds. Each sheet is colored on one side only to make it easier to understand the various folds, and the sturdy shrink-wrapped folder keeps papers neat and clean until ready to use.

Origami - The Japanese Art of Paper Folding

Author: Isao Honda

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329775724

Category: Art

Page: N.A

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From Introduction: "Origami calls for precision and imagination. If you flip through the pages of this book, you will find a great variety of familiar things conceived with imagination, style, and often a good deal of humor. Anyone can do this—it has been the special province of Oriental children for centuries—by closely following the step-by-step directions. The result is the gradual yet magical materialization of a solid object which delights a child. It is not surprising that Origami is taught in many South American schools. Patience, control, and perseverance in following all directions closely—which are the requisites of Origami—are part of the mental discipline necessary for a child’s growth into maturity. But adults enjoy Origami just as much."

Easy Origami

Author: John Montroll

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486272982

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 47

View: 4487

Includes illustrated instructions for origami projects that range from simple to challenging.

Trash Origami

25 Paper Folding Projects Reusing Everyday Materials: Includes Origami Book & Downloadable Video Instructions

Author: Michael G. LaFosse,Richard L. Alexander

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462904971

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 7861

Make fun and functional origami out of your spare paper with this easy origami book. Don't dump your wastepaper into the garbage—it's time to fold! World renowned origami artists and award-winning authors Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander show you the way with Trash Origami. This origami book presents unique and fun projects from their Origamido Studio and from some of the world's best paper designers, including Nick Robinson, Herman Van Goubergen, and Rona Gurkewitz. The origami models are presented for the reader who may have little or no previous folding experience, making it a great origami-for-kids book and an effective way to learn origami. However, experienced paper folders will also be intrigued by the novel nature of the folds and the unusual materials involved. The origami designs are made from old calendar pages, candy wrappers, envelopes, newspaper, postcards, paper grocery bags and more. The downloadable video tutorial will make the folding process clearer and aid folders of all skill levels. Also provided is a guide to everyday materials that have the most folding potential leaving readers inspired to design and display their very own "trash" origami. This origami book features: Full-color, 95 page instructional book 25 unique origami projects Projects from top paper folding designers Clear, step-by-step directions Paper folding techniques and tips Accompanying downloadable instructional video Get ready to look at the contents of your wastebaskets and recycling bins with a different sensibility. You'll never need to buy expensive origami paper again! Origami projects include: Photo Cubes Candy Wrapper Butterflies Interlocking Flower Petals Custom-Bound Books And many more…

Fun with Origami

17 Easy-to-Do Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper

Author: Harry C. Helfman,Dover Publications Inc,Origami

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486266640

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 16

View: 7175

Presents instructions and step-by-step diagrams to create a variety of origami figures.

Mind-Blowing Modular Origami

The Art of Polyhedral Paper Folding: Use Origami Math to fold Complex, Innovative Geometric Origami Models

Author: Byriah Loper

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462917712

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 3083

Modular origami is the latest craze in paper folding! These three-dimensional models are created from a number of small pieces of paper that are easily folded and then cleverly fit together to form a spectacular shape. They range from paper polyhedra to bristling buckyballs that are reminiscent of sea urchins—to ornate flower-like spheres. Each piece of paper is held by the tension of the other papers—demonstrating the remarkable hidden properties of paper, which is at the same time flexible but also strong! Author Byriah Loper has been creating modular origami sculptures for just five years, but in that time, he's pushed the upper limits of the art form with some of the largest, most complex geometric paper constructions ever assembled. While many geo-modular origami artists focus on creating dense floral spheres, Byriah has pioneered the open, linear "wire frame" approach, which results in a very complex-looking model that reveals the interior of its form. He exhibits his sculptures annually at the Origami USA convention in New York, and was recently a featured artist at the "Surface to Structure" exhibition at the Cooper Union gallery in the East Village. A great way to learn origami, the easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step instructions in this book show you how to fold the paper components and then assemble them to create 22 incredible models. Each model is a new challenge, and the paper sculptures you create look fantastic on your desk or shelf!

Metallic Foil Origami Paper

18 5-7/8 X 5-7/8 Sheets in 9 Colors

Author: Dover Publications Inc

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486417707

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: N.A

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2 each of silver, gold, burnt orange, tangerine, sapphire, spring and forest green, magenta, and violet.

Modular Origami Paper Pack

350 Colorful Papers Perfect for Folding in 3D

Author: Michael G. LaFosse,Richard L. Alexander

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462915841

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 16

View: 796

This paper pack contains 350 sheets of high-quality origami paper printed in 14 different colorful patterns. Modular origami is the art and technique of folding multiple sheets of paper and then combining and interlocking them to create a larger composite geometric model—the results are truly astounding! This origami paper pack includes: 350 sheets of high-quality origami paper A variety of sizes, colors and attractive designs A full-color instructional booklet Instructions for 6 easy origami projects Clear step-by-step instruction Easy-to-follow diagrams The individual modules are folded separately and then assembled to form larger constructions typically by inserting tabs into specially created pockets. Friction and tension between the tabs and pockets hold the models together so no scissors or glue are required—folders can start right immediately after opening the box! Modular Origami Paper Pack is great for any modular paper folder and for those who want to get started in crafting these eye-catching geometric origami models.

Japanese Paper Toys Kit

Origami Paper Toys that Walk, Jump, Spin, Tumble and Amaze! (Downloadable Material Included)

Author: Andrew Dewar

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462918913

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 48

View: 5425

Make moveable origami projects with this great beginner-level origami kit! Origami Paper Toys Kit is a unique paper craft kit that brings together the of art paper folding and the fun of moveable toys. Amaze your friends as you watch your origami paper creations wiggle, walk, tumble, shuffle and spin right before your eyes! No need to learn origami folding, painting or cutting—just punch fold and enjoy! This easy origami kit contains: A full-colored 64-page booklet Clear step-by-step instruction and easy-to-follow diagrams 24 fun-to-do projects with 16 pre-cut cardstock characters 40 double-sided sheets of durable folding & construction papers 2 different paper sizes and many colors The step-by-step diagrams clearly show how an origami model is assembled as well as how it will move. Basic explanations of tools and techniques mean that the creative folder will soon be folding their own original karakuri origami creations! Origami projects include: Sumo Wrestlers Bobbing Bird Jumping Frog Lola the Ladybug And many more…

The Complete Book of Origami

Step-by-Step Instructions in Over 1000 Diagrams

Author: Robert J. Lang

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486129976

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 5305

Create 37 figures with clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams. Simple to advanced objects include rocket, mouse, elephant, violinist, Viking ship, and many more.

Origami Flowers Super Paper Pack

Folding Instructions and Paper for Hundreds of Blossoms

Author: Maria Noble

Publisher: Creative Publishing International

ISBN: 1589238982

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 496

View: 8348

This pack includes step-by-step instructions for 10 flower designs, including a tulip, lily, and rose, and 464 sheets of origami paper, so you can let your creativity bloom!

Advanced Origami

An Artist's Guide to Performances in Paper: Origami Book with 15 Challenging Projects

Author: Michael G. LaFosse

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462905501

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 4364

Take your paper folding to an advanced level with this user-friendly origami book. From shimmering hummingbirds to magnificent bats, from a stunning panther mask to graceful sea turtles, Michael G. LaFosse's complex and beautiful origami projects are well known around the world. Focusing on models from nature, Advanced Origami provides unparalleled instruction on how to create master-class level 3D origami paper folding projects. The origami designs are challenging—they require some folding experience—but the results are more origami art than craft. Paper folders will create projects that can be displayed or given as gifts. Sophisticated origami or paper crafts fans will appreciate the unique origami designs along with complete detailed instructions and easy-to-follow color photos and diagrams. Advanced Origami also features information on paper selection and preparation, advance techniques such as "wet folding" and making your own paper. This origami book contains: 128 page, full-color book 15 original and challenging projects Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photographs Advanced techniques and tips In recent years origami has evolved beyond simple folding and creasing into a true art form akin to sculpture. For those seeking to learn origami at such a level, Advanced Origami provides all the essential information and techniques. Soon you will be able to design and fold your own origami sculptures! Origami projects include: North American Cardinal Koi Fish Origamido Butterfly Pond Frog And many more…