Numerical Methods in Finance with C++

Author: Maciej J. Capiński,Tomasz Zastawniak

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521177162

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 175

View: 8576

Provides aspiring quant developers with the numerical techniques and programming skills needed in quantitative finance. No programming background required.

C Language And Numerical Methods

Author: C. Xavier

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 9788122411744


Page: 568

View: 1713

C Language Is The Popular Tool Used To Write Programs For Numerical Methods. Because Of The Importance Of Numerical Methods In Scientific Industrial And Social Research.C Language And Numerical Methods Is Taught Almost In All Graduate And Postgraduate Programs Of Engineering As Well As Science. In This Book, The Structures Of C Language Which Are Essential To Develop Numerical Methods Programs Are First Introduced In Chapters 1 To 7. These Concepts Are Explained With Appropriate Examples In A Simple Style. The Rest Of The Book Is Devoted For Numerical Methods. In Each Of The Topic On Numerical Methods, The Subject Is Presented In Four Steps, Namely, Theory, Numerical Examples And Solved Problems, Algorithms And Complete C Program With Computer Output Sheets. In Each Of These Chapters, A Number Of Solved Problems And Review Questions Are Given As A Drill Work On The Subject. In Appendix The Answers To Some Of The Review Questions Are Given.

Numerical Methods in Finance

Author: L. C. G. Rogers,D. Talay

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521573542

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 326

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Numerical Methods in Finance describes a wide variety of numerical methods used in financial analysis.



Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120329872

Category: Computers

Page: 648

View: 2349

Today, C++ is gaining prominence as a programming language and is emerging as a preferred choice of programmers because of its many attractive features and its user-friendly nature. And this text, intended for undergraduate students of engineering as well as for students of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, shows how numerical methods can be applied in solving engineering problems using C++. The text, while emphasizing the application aspects, also provides deep insight into the development of numerical algorithms. KEY FEATURES • Gives detailed step-by-step description of numerical algorithms and demonstrates their implementation. Each method is illustrated with solved examples. • Provides C++ programs on many numerical algorithms. Elementary problems from various branches of science and engineering are solved. • Contains 79 programs written in C++. • Provides about 200 solved examples which illustrate the concepts. • The Exercise problems, with various categories like Quiz, Analytical and Numerical Problems and Software Development Projects, drill the students in self-study. • The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the programs given in the book. Students as well as programmers should find this text immensely useful for its numerous student-friendly features coupled with the elegant exposition of concepts and the clear emphasis on applications.

Numerical Methods with Worked Examples

Author: C. Woodford,Chris Phillips

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780412721502

Category: Mathematics

Page: 273

View: 7612

This book is for students following a module in numerical methods, numerical techniques, or numerical analysis. It approaches the subject from a pragmatic viewpoint, appropriate for the modern student. The theory is kept to a minimum commensurate with comprehensive coverage of the subject and it contains abundant worked examples which provide easy understanding through a clear and concise theoretical treatment.

An Introduction to Numerical Methods in C++

Author: Brian Hilton Flowers,Sir Brian Hilton Flowers

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198506935

Category: Computers

Page: 555

View: 3597

Designed for the many applied mathematicians and engineers who wish to explore computerized numerical methods, this text explores the power of C++ as a tool for work in numerical methods. This revision of the successful first edition includes for the first time information on programming in Windows-based environments. In addition it includes new topics and methods throughout the text that clarify and enhance the treatment of the subject.



Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120327139

Category: Computers

Page: 236

View: 437

Primarily intended for the B.E./B.Tech., MCA courses as also for undergraduate courses in Physics and Mathematics, this comprehensive and well-written text covers all the important topics in numerical methods. In the process, it enhances the skill of students in applying numerical methods for solving various problems in Engineering and Science. In this easy-to-read and student-friendly text, the authors present the material in such a way that students can understand and assimilate the basic concepts quickly. Each method is well explained with worked-out examples and self-learning Exercises at the end of each section. While the emphasis of the text is mainly on the working rules, at the same time, it explains the mathematical concepts and applications, wherever necessary. The programs are written in C++ to help the students understand the procedures in an effective manner and to solve more difficult problems. Self-documented programs are given for most of the methods discussed.

Computer Programming and Numerical Analysis Revised Edition with C: A Integrated Approach

Author: N. Datta

Publisher: Universities Press

ISBN: 9788173714511

Category: C (Computer program language)

Page: 512

View: 5217

The availability of high-speed digital computers has led to the widespread study of computer programming and numerical analysis in Indian universities and technological institutes. This book presents the theory and applications of numerical methods for the solution of various types of computational problems in science and engineering.

Numerical Methods with Programs in C

Author: T Veerarajan,T Ramachandran

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780077263744

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 485

View: 2919

Designed for the first course on Numerical Methods, this book provides a strong foundation on the subject by giving a wide range of methods that an engineering student encounters in real life. it follows a mathematical and computer-oriented approach facilitating problem solving.

Numerical Methods

Author: Ram Babu

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131732212

Category: Electronic books

Page: 520

View: 4149

Numerical Methods is a mathematical tool used by engineers and mathematicians to do scientific calculations. It is used to find solutions to applied problems where ordinary analytical methods fail. This book is intended to serve for the needs of courses in Numerical Methods at the Bachelors' and Masters' levels at various universities.

Numerical Methods with C++ Programming

Author: NITA H. SHAH

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120335967

Category: Computers

Page: 325

View: 8929

The rapid development of high speed digital computers and the increasing desire for numerical answers to applied problems have led to increased demands in the courses dealing with the methods and techniques of numerical analysis. Numerical methods have always been useful but their role in the present-day scientific research has become prominent. For example, they enable one to find the roots of transcendental equations and in solving nonlinear differential equations. Indeed, they give the solution when ordinary analytical methods fail. This well-organized and comprehensive text aims at enhancing and strengthening numerical methods concepts among students using C++ programming, a fast emerging preferred programming language among software developers. The book provides an synthesis of both theory and practice. It focuses on the core areas of numerical analysis including algebraic equations, interpolation, boundary value problem, and matrix eigenvalue problems. The mathematical concepts are supported by a number of solved examples. Extensive self-review exercises and answers are provided at the end of each chapter to help students review and reinforce the key concepts. KEY FEATURES : C++ programs are provided for all numerical methods discussed. More than 400 unsolved problems and 200 solved problems are included to help students test their grasp of the subject. The book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mathematics, Engineering and Statistics. Besides, students pursuing BCA and MCA and having Numerical Methods with C++ Programming as a subject in their course will benefit from this book.

Numerical Methods with Worked Examples: Matlab Edition

Author: C. Woodford,C. Phillips

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400713666

Category: Mathematics

Page: 256

View: 9669

This book is for students following an introductory course in numerical methods, numerical techniques or numerical analysis. It introduces MATLAB as a computing environment for experimenting with numerical methods. It approaches the subject from a pragmatic viewpoint; theory is kept at a minimum commensurate with comprehensive coverage of the subject and it contains abundant worked examples which provide easy understanding through a clear and concise theoretical treatment. This edition places even greater emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ than the previous edition. Fully documented MATLAB code for the numerical methods described in the book will be available as supplementary material to the book on

Numerical Algorithms with C

Author: Giesela Engeln-Müllges,Frank Uhlig

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540605300

Category: Mathematics

Page: 596

View: 6741

CD-ROM contains: "all computer codes, a compiler and a test bed of programs and data for most of the algorithms."

Advanced Quantitative Finance with C++

Author: Alonso Peña, Ph.D.

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1782167234

Category: Computers

Page: 124

View: 3436

The book takes the reader through a fast but structured crash-course in quantitative finance, from theory to practice. If you are a quantitative analyst, risk manager, actuary, or a professional working in the field of quantitative finance and want a quick hands-on introduction to the pricing of financial derivatives, this book is ideal for you. You should be familiar with the basic programming concepts and C++ programming language. You should also be acquainted with calculus of undergraduate level.