Naked Awareness

Practical Instructions on the Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen

Author: Karma Chagme

Publisher: Shambhala

ISBN: 9781559398534

Category: Religion

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This is a 17th-century presentation of the union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen by Karma Chagme, one of the greatest partiarchs of Tibetan Buddism.

Luminous Clarity

A Commentary on Karma Chagme's Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen

Author: Karma Chagme,Khenchen Thrangu

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834802872

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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This book grows out of an oral teaching that Khenchen Thrangu gave in Crestone, Colorado, on Karma Chagme’s text Meaningful to Behold: The Essential Instructions of the Compassionate One on the Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. Thrangu Rinpoche explains in lucid detail the advanced meditation practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen and also their similarities and differences, including advice on how to safely perform some of the more advanced Dzogchen practices. Karma Chagme was born in Tibet in 1613. He was a major lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and his writings have also become central to the Payul Nyingma order.

The Unity of Mystical Traditions

The Transformation of Consciousness in Tibetan and German Mysticism

Author: Randall Studstill

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047407210

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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The book supports an ecumenical theory of mysticism through a comparative analysis of Tibetan Dzogchen and German mysticism. Using a systems model of consciousness as an interpretive framework, it shows how the distinct doctrines and practices of these two traditions function in parallal, equally transformative ways.

Steps to the Great Perfection

The Mind-Training Tradition of the Dzogchen Masters

Author: Jigme Lingpa

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834840316

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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The mind-training practices contained in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism have never before been presented in the English language. The main text translated here, The Steps to Liberation, will be of great interest to Western practitioners, since its instructions are pithy and direct, and experiential rather than scholarly. The contemplations on core Buddhist principles like impermanence and karma, intended for beginning meditators, unfold as dramatic stories in which the meditator is to vividly imagine himself or herself as the main character who undergoes a sequence of experiences that result in transformative realizations. They distill the most essential teachings of the Buddha into a practical system that can be easily implemented in a daily meditation practice. At the same time, they bring together the most foundational Buddhist teachings with the profound methods of the Vajrayana (the esoteric teachings of Buddhist tantra). This is the hallmark of Dzogchen mind training and what sets it apart from other mind-training lineages.

Entrance to the Great Perfection

A Guide to the Dzogchen Preliminary Practices

Author: N.A

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1559397934

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Blending contemporary and traditional perspectives, this groundbreaking work offers guidance on the profound foundational practices of the Great Perfection. It contains classic commentaries by the renowned Tibetan masters Jigme Lingpa and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, alongside a lively contemporary discussion by filmmaker, author, and spiritual teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse that discusses how to incorporate these ancient practices into the fast-paced lifestyle of the Western world. Also included are a lengthy introduction to the world of Tibetan Buddhism and its meditative practices, as well as the long and short preliminary practice liturgies and numerous appendices on the nine yanas and other topics. The ngöndro or preliminary practice is treasured in the Ancient School of Tibetan Buddhism as vital for effecting a profound inner transformation and as a foundation for the very highest teachings of the Great Perfection, or Dzogchen. In particular, the Longchen Nyingtik ngöndro—revealed by the great saint Jigme Lingpa following a series of visions in which he was blessed by the omniscient Longchen Rabjam and received the transmission of his wisdom mind—has long been cherished by followers of all traditions on account of its power, depth, and poetic beauty.

The Pacific World

Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Shin (Sect)

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The Moonlight -- Quintessence of Mind and Meditation

Author: Dakpo Tashi Namgyal,Bkra-śis-rnam-rgyal (Dwags-po Paṇ-chen),Lobsang P Lhalungpa

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861712994

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 480

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When "Mahamudra" first appeared in 1986, it was a landmark in the history of Buddhist publishing in English. It was translated at the behest of the 16th Karmapa, who was asked what text would be most beneficial to Western practitioners. Collecting all of Mahamudra's key texts in one volume, the book is a staple for practitioners of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, who appreciate its detailed theoretical and practical explanations. This stunning new edition, printed on fine paper, is as inspiring to behold as it is to read.

Die heilende Kraft der Gefühle

Gespräche mit dem Dalai Lama über Achtsamkeit, Emotion und Gesundheit

Author: Daniel Goleman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423361781


Page: 303

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Die heilende Kraft der Gefühle, im Buddhismus eine jahrtausendealte Erkenntnis, ist im Westen noch wissenschaftliches Neuland. Dieses Buch dokumentiert einen spannenden Dialog zwischen dem Dalai Lama und prominenten westlichen Wissenschaftlern und zugleich eine einzigartige Ost-West-Begegnung. Erst seit zwei Jahrzehnten beginnen Ärzte, Biologen und Psychologen im Westen, den Einfluß von Gefühlen auf das körperliche und geistige Wohlbefinden zu verstehen. Aber schon seit zwei Jahrtausenden wissen buddhistische Denker um die Heilkräfte des menschlichen Geistes. Wie sind Gehirn, Immunsystem und Gefühle miteinander verbunden? Wie hängen Emotionen und gesteigertes Wohlbefinden zusammen? Hat Ethik eine biologische Grundlage? In einem spannenden Dialog zwischen westlichen Wissenschaftlern verschiedener Fachgebiete und dem Dalai Lama erfahren wir, wie die Erkenntnisse der introspektiven Geisteswissenschaften des Ostens von bahnbrechenden Ergebnissen der experimentellen Naturwissenschaften des Westens bestätigt werden: Der Buddhismus besitzt wirkungsvolle praktische Methoden, die Macht der Emotionen als Heilmittel einzusetzen.

Traum, Schlaf und Tod

Grenzbereiche des Bewußtseins ; der Dalai Lama im Gespräch mit westlichen Wissenschaftlern

Author: Francisco J. Varela

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492230148


Page: 303

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Die Herz-Essenz der Großen Vollkommenheit

Author: Dalai Lama Bstan-vdzin-rgya-mtsho XIV.

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783458349112


Page: 366

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Die 5 Dakinis

Die himmlischen Kräfte des Buddhismus - Mit Meditationen für viele Alltagsprobleme

Author: Tsültrim Allione

Publisher: Arkana

ISBN: 3641233119

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 400

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Dakinis sind Himmelstänzerinnen, mythische Geistwesen mit wechselndem Temperament. Sie stärken die weiblichen Kräfte in uns – jene Qualitäten, die wir in Zeiten wie diesen besonders dringend brauchen, um uns selbst und die Erde zu heilen. Lama Tsültrim Allione, eine der bekanntesten tibetisch-buddhistischen Lehrerinnen im Westen, zeigt uns darüber hinaus, wie die Dakinis uns helfen können, wann immer wir Mut und Durchhaltevermögen brauchen. Und wie sie uns sogar bei alltäglichen Problemen wie Entscheidungsschwierigkeiten oder Aufschieberitis zur Seite stehen. Durch kraftvolle, jedoch leicht erlernbare Meditationstechniken können wir uns mit den Dakini-Kräften verbinden und sie zu machtvollen himmlischen Begleiterinnen machen.


ein Kommentar zum Sadhana Herzjuwel, der essentiellen Praxis des Kadampa-Buddhismus

Author: Kelsang Gyatso (dGe-bses)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783908543046


Page: 198

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