My World and Globe

Author: Ira Wolfman

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780761130697

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 9998

Introduces the geography of the world. Includes an inflatable globe on which boundaries can be drawn, countries labeled, and stickers pasted.

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11

A Comprehensive Guide for Teachers and Student Teachers

Author: Margaret Mallett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136994246

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 469

Winner of the United Kingdom Literacy Association's Author Award 2011 for its contribution to extending children's literacy. Praise for the book: 'This book is about making readers. A compact summary of its contents would not do it justice. It is the accountof a life's work and it deserves thanks and readers. *****'. - Margaret Meek, Books for Keeps on-line, Number 185, November 2010. 'This book is a cornucopia of varied pleasures, offering something for all tastes, presented with an awareness of the complexities of the field and communicated with commitment, enthusiasm and deep knowledge'. - Eve Bearne, English 4-11, the primary school journal of The English Association, Number 42, Summer 2011. Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11 is a guide to the many kinds of text we want children to encounter, use and enjoy during their nursery and primary school years. So children’s non-fiction literature – including autobiography, biography, information and reference texts – is given equal status with fiction – nursery rhymes, picturebooks, novels, traditional tales, playscripts and poetry. The author addresses important issues and allows the voices of teachers, reviewers and children to be heard. The book supports teachers as they help children on their journey to becoming insightful and critical readers of non-fiction and sensitive and reflective readers of fiction. It also contains suggestions for practice which are in the spirit of the more flexible and creative approach to learning towards which primary schools are moving. It includes: help on using criteria to select quality texts of all kinds; annotated booklists for each kind of text for different age groups; suggestions for keeping a balance between print and screen-based texts; case studies showing teachers and children using texts in interesting and imaginative ways to support learning in English lessons and across the curriculum; advice on developing children’s visual and multimodal literacy; guidance on using the school library and embedding study skills in children’s wider purposes and learning; critiques of key theoretical perspectives and research projects. Although the main readership will be primary and student teachers, it is hoped that the book will be of interest and use to anyone concerned with the role of texts in children’s learning.

The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook

The Essential Resource Guide for Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators Covering Every Subject from Arithmetic to Zoology

Author: Rebecca Rupp

Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)

ISBN: 9780609801093

Category: Education

Page: 865

View: 5469

Lists all the resources needed to create a balanced curriculum for homeschooling--from preschool to high school level

The Parents' Resource Almanac

Where to Write, who to Call, what to Buy, and how to Find Out Everything You Need to Know

Author: Beth DeFrancis

Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

ISBN: 9781558503946

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 779

View: 949

Covers adoption, advocacy groups, child care, consumer issues, disabilities, education, nutrition, school selection, single parenting, television, and toys

A Newer World

Kit Carson, John C. Fremont and the Claiming of the American West

Author: David Roberts

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743225767

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 9461

John C. Frémont, nearly forgotten today, was one of the giants of nineteenth-century America. He led five expeditions into the American West in the 1840s and 1850s, covering a greater area than any other explorer. His expedition reports -- ghost-written by his beautiful and talented wife, Jessie Benton Frémont -- were bestsellers in their day. Riding the wave of his popularity, he captured the Republican Party nomination for president in 1856 but narrowly lost the election. Frémont's scout on three of his expeditions was Kit Carson. Frémont fancied himself a mountaineer, and he possessed great stamina and courage, but he lacked Carson's skills and knowledge. The only expedition Frémont led without Carson was a disaster that, like the better-known Donner Party debacle, culminated in one of the rare documented instances of cannibalism in American history. A Newer World is the fascinating story of the Frémont-Carson expeditions and of two men, utterly unalike in so many ways, who became friends as well as fellow explorers. Frémont owed his life to Carson, who saved him on several occasions, while the legend of Kit Carson, the greatest mountain man of his day, grew out of Frémont's expedition reports. The Frémont-Carson expeditions are second only to Lewis and Clark's in their significance for America's western expansion. Their 1845-46 campaign, for example, helped to precipitate the Mexican-American War and led to the wresting of California from Mexico. Carson is often remembered today for his 1863-64 roundup of Apaches and Navajos, leading to the infamous Long Walk. David Roberts demonstrates that Carson, who was twice married to Indian women, was profoundly ambivalent about the campaign, which was ordered by an Army officer who was his superior. Throughout the book, Roberts draws on little-known primary sources in telling the dramatic stories of these expeditions. He shows how Frémont saw himself as a historical figure, especially in his reports, while Carson -- taciturn where Frémont was outspoken, modest where Frémont was boastful, and, significantly, illiterate -- was oblivious to his own fame. Yet it was Carson who underwent an evolution from an Indian killer to an Indian advocate. In addition to his archival research, Roberts traveled the routes of Frémont and Carson's expeditions to gain a firsthand knowledge of the territory they explored. In analyzing how Frémont and Carson advanced the Americanizing of the West, Roberts writes with a modern-day sensitivity to the Indians, for whom these expeditions were a tragedy.

Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis

Author: Timothy Egan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547840608

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 1421

“A vivid exploration of one man's lifelong obsession with an idea . . . Egan’s spirited biography might just bring [Curtis] the recognition that eluded him in life.” — Washington Post Edward Curtis was charismatic, handsome, a passionate mountaineer, and a famous portrait photographer, the Annie Leibovitz of his time. He moved in rarefied circles, a friend to presidents, vaudeville stars, leading thinkers. But when he was thirty-two years old, in 1900, he gave it all up to pursue his Great Idea: to capture on film the continent’s original inhabitants before the old ways disappeared. Curtis spent the next three decades documenting the stories and rituals of more than eighty North American tribes. It took tremendous perseverance — ten years alone to persuade the Hopi to allow him to observe their Snake Dance ceremony. And the undertaking changed him profoundly, from detached observer to outraged advocate. Curtis would amass more than 40,000 photographs and 10,000 audio recordings, and he is credited with making the first narrative documentary film. In the process, the charming rogue with the grade school education created the most definitive archive of the American Indian. “A darn good yarn. Egan is a muscular storyteller and his book is a rollicking page-turner with a colorfully drawn hero.” — San Francisco Chronicle "A riveting biography of an American original." – Boston Globe

The Earth Atlas

Author: Susanna Van Rose

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: 9781564586261

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 63

View: 1492

An atlas that focuses on how the earth works takes readers beneath the earth's crust, inside a volcano, under a glacier, and to the bottom of an ocean trench.

At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig

Travels through Paraguay

Author: John Gimlette

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446494470

Category: Travel

Page: 400

View: 1264

Paraguay - the name conjures up everything most exotic and extreme in South America. It's a place of hellish jungles, dictators, fraudsters and Nazis, utopian experiments, missionaries and lurid coups. It's not a place for the timid tourist. It doesn't even have its own guidebook. But Paraguay, as revealed in this outstanding new travel book, is among the most beautiful and captivating countries in the world. The beguiling Paraguayans, despised and feared by their neighbours, are unfathomable. They adore Diana, Princess of Wales, as if she were still alive and hundreds volunteered to fight for Britain in the Falklands War. Their politics are Byzantine but when the Vice-President is murdered, they call in Scotland Yard. Discover more about the unique traditions of South American culture through this fascinating piece of travel journalism.

A World Without Ice

Author: H. N. Pollack

Publisher: Avery Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781583334072

Category: Science

Page: 290

View: 2524

Framed through the lens of global warming, presents a look at the ramifications of a world without ice, from a dwindling drinking water supply to flooding due to rising sea levels.

The Inflatable Buddha

Author: Andras Kepes

Publisher: Armadillo Central Limited

ISBN: 9781908539144


Page: 330

View: 6451

Hungarian TV producer/presenter, documentary filmmaker and author Andras Kepes' first novel The Inflatable Buddha - originally published as Tovispuszta in 2011 in Hungary, where it has become a bestseller - has been translated from the Hungarian by Bernard Adams. The Inflatable Buddha is a warm, witty and poignant account of the lives of three boys from disparate cultural backgrounds, set against the dramatic backdrop of Hungary's recent history. Pal, Isti and David are closely connected, through shared roots in Tovispuszta, a fictitious settlement, and in the everyday joys and struggles of their respective families, relationships and careers. Andras Kepes' narrative is at once realistic, intimate and universally appealing. It also offers an insightful overview of events in Hungary as they unfurl, as seen through the protagonists' eyes - in a single lifetime, the country's political and cultural landscape undergoes more challenges and changes to allegiance, geographical borders, beliefs and regimes than most other nations experience in their entire history. Some quotes about the novel in its original language: 'This highly readable book traces the history of three Hungarian families over the last hundred years, and through their fate we learn of the tumultuous and fascinating history of fascist and communist totalitarianism in Hungary. Kepes' prose is sharp, clear and entertaining and he writes with deep human understanding and great humor. The book certainly deserves to be a bestseller in English as it has been in Hungarian; it delivers a powerful and deeply engaging message about how ordinary people cope with extraordinary historical circumstances. Kepes' book is a riveting page-turner, and as a multi-generational family saga it belongs in the finest traditions of this illustrious genre.' Joseph P. Forgas, April 2013 "Andras Kepes has created a rich and moving epic of his homeland in the 20th century. Known for his humor, incisive questioning, and insightful reportage, he has long been hailed as the most popular televison journalist and talk show host in Budapest. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of some of the most varied and extraordinary characters in a nation of dramatic contradictions, he has finally written an historical novel that is both personal and epic. Beginning with the friendship of three boys--an aristocrat, a peasant, and a Jew--he spins a spellbinding tale of the Hungarian experience through their children and grandchildren as they live through feudalism, fascism, war, Communism, revolution, emigration. Funny, intimate, tragic, it is a saga of realism and magic, in which a nation's heart-breaking history comes through with bittersweet poignancy. Kepes is a wondrous storyteller, marvellous in revealing the variety and depth of the soul. A fine novel, a breathtaking adventure." Steven Kovacs, March 2013 "My mom bought this book for me for Christmas. She bought it in October or November but she read so many good reviews of it that she decided to read it before giving it to me. And then she gave it to my granddad. And then a family friend. And then my sister. And so on ... So I got a 'recycled' book for Christmas, but who cares! This book is so good, I just don't know what to say! It made me laugh, it made me cry. It made me remember all the stories I'd heard from my grandparents about what it was like during the war and Communism. And I recalled the little I remember of the last 10 years of Communism. I hope that an English translation is on the way so even more people can read it! Weirdly enough, I'd just started deciphering and transcribing my great granddad's diary (which covers most of the period Kepes writes about), and Kepes mentions people my great granddad knew as well! Freak out!" Marianna Pap's review on Goodreads 7 February 2012 - 5* - Hungarian Authors

The Home School Source Book

Author: Donn Reed

Publisher: Glassville, N.B. : Brook Farm Books

ISBN: 9780919761261

Category: Children Books and reading Bibliography

Page: 298

View: 6198

"...bursting with ideas, opinions, books, games, materials, & resources for enriching the home schooling environment...Even parents who send their children to public school need to supplement their children's learning experience, & this book is a great collection of the basic tools." (REAL GOOD NEWS). "...the only major home education resource guide we have seen that does not emphasize fundamentalist religious books & materials...It places emphasis on comparative religions, cultural literacy, ecology, conservation, & global awareness. We recommend it." (BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE). "This book lives up to its title. It tries to be a WHOLE EARTH CATALOG for homeschoolers, & does a darn good job. (293) pages packed full of resources, reviews, & rant." (MILLENNIUM WHOLE EARTH CATALOG). "...a wealth of information for beginning & experienced homeschoolers". (Pat Farenga, publisher of GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING). "...a veritable smorgasbord of articles, resources, essays, letters, insights, honest (& sometimes scathing) reviews, notes & commentaries on home education." (HOME EDUCATION MAGAZINE). Available from Brook Farm Books, Box 246BP, Bridgewater, ME 04735. $20.00 postage paid US edition, $25.50 Canadian edition. Standard trade discounts. STOP 40% plus $3.50 postage. Wholesalers: Ingram & Baker & Taylor.

Collins Children's Picture Atlas

Author: Collins (Firm : London, England),HarperCollins UK Staff

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780007479443

Category: Children's atlases

Page: 64

View: 6325

This highly illustrated pictorial atlas is designed to take children on a journey of discovery around the countries of the world. The mapping is clear colourful and highly informative. Simple activities and quizzes encourage children to find out more about the mapped regions. Ages: 7+Each spread includes introductory text about the region. Pictorial symbols are used on clear colourful background mapping to depict themes such as national emblems, customs, food, birds, animals, buildings, sports etc. to help younger readers gain an understanding of peoples around the world. Continental spreads focus on flags and the most important geographical facts e.g. well known highest, lowest, largest physical and demographic features. A variety of activity based features accompany the mapping on each spread e.g. a 'What am I?' box lists detailed descriptions of familiar features. Activities are designed to encourage the reader to extract information from the map. Other features included are fascinating facts about each country, presented in a fun way, for each spread e.g. Did you know? Try this! It's a fact etc. Website links are listed to assist further study for the older child. Ages:7+

Parrot Genius!

And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Talents

Author: Moira Rose Donohue

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books

ISBN: 1426317700

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 111

View: 7389

Presents the stories of three amazing animals, including Einstein the genius parrot, Otis the skydiving dog, and Mudslinger a performing pig.

The Skies Above My Eyes

Author: Charlotte Gullain

Publisher: words & pictures

ISBN: 9781910277690

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 20

View: 559

Have you ever looked up and wondered what's going on high up in the skies above your eyes? Take a journey up into the air, through the atmosphere, way out into space, and back down to Earth in this richly illustrated concertina book. Zoom past the technology that fills our skies, from helicopters, fighter jets, weather balloons, to satellites, hang-gliders and hot-air balloons. Discover the insects and animals that whizz through the skies, explore the layers of the atmosphere, and travel through the solar system and out to the galaxies far beyond. The follow up to The Street Beneath My Feet, which dug down to the center of the Earth, this expansive concertina book opens out to an impressive length of over eight feet, perfect for inquisitive young minds. From jet trails to comets' tails, enjoy amazing sights as you journey through the skies.