Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes

Similarities and Differences

Author: I.P. Martini,H.R. Wanless

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 1862393745

Category: Science

Page: 600

View: 8467

We live in a world where the loss of sea ice and thawing of coastal grounds in the north, and renewed marine transgression and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events globally, are becoming commonplace. This volume presents a timely examination of coasts, the geological environment at particular risk, as global warming brings on this new reality. In 23 papers, low lying, mainly siliciclastic coasts are reviewed, described and analysed, under a variety of climates in quasi-stable tectonic settings along passive, trailing-continental edges from Polar Regions to the Tropics. Examples include coast of the Arctic seas, temperate to tropical eastern shores of the Americas, western Portugal, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, South Africa and Australia. The entire coastal zone (landscape) is considered ranging from geophysical processes and products to biological entities including the adaption of Native People in various climatic zones. Knowledge of the state of the coasts now, and how the coastal plain has evolved since Late Pleistocene, is crucial for any realistic planning for the future.

Principles of Tidal Sedimentology

Author: Richard A. Davis Jr.,Robert W. Dalrymple

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400701233

Category: Science

Page: 621

View: 7741

This book presents a comprehensive, contemporary review of tidal environments and deposits. Individual chapters, each written by world-class experts, cover the full spectrum of coastal, shallow-marine and even deep-marine settings where tidal action influences or controls sediment movement and deposition. Both siliciclastic and carbonate deposits are covered. Various chapters examine the dynamics of sediment transport by tides, and the morphodynamics of tidal systems. Several chapters explore the occurrence of tidal deposits in the stratigraphic context of entire sedimentary basins. This book is essential reading for both coastal geologists and managers, and geologists interested in extracting hydrocarbons from complex tidal successions.

Barrier Dynamics and Response to Changing Climate

Author: Laura J. Moore,A. Brad Murray

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319680862

Category: Science

Page: 395

View: 4053

This book presents chapters, written by leading coastal scientists, which collectively depict the current understanding of the processes that shape barrier islands and barrier spits, with an emphasis on the response of these landforms to changing conditions. A majority of the world’s population lives along the coast at the dynamic intersection between terrestrial and marine ecosystems and landscapes. As narrow, low-lying landforms, barriers are especially vulnerable to changes in sea level, storminess, the geographic distribution of grass species, and the rate of sand supply—some barriers will undergo rapid changes in state (e.g., from landward migrating to disintegrating), on human time scales. Attempts by humans to prevent change can hasten the loss of these landforms, threatening their continued existence as well as the recreational, financial and ecosystem service benefits they provide. Understanding the processes and interactions that drive landscape response to climate change and human actions is essential to adaptation. As managers and governments struggle to plan for the future along low-lying coasts worldwide, and scientists conduct research that provides useful guidance, this volume offers a much-needed compilation for these groups, as well as a window into the science of barrier dynamics for anyone who is generally interested in the impacts of a changing world on coastal environments.

Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of Tidal Inlets

Author: David G. Aubrey,Lee Weishar

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1475740573

Category: Science

Page: 456

View: 6983

Along much of the shoreline of the world, tidal inlets play an important role in nearshore processes, providing links between the coastal oceans and protected embayments. Their study is of particular importance not only for the understanding of fundamental processes in coastal oceanography but also for engineering and the proper management of the delicate equilibrium of our shorelines. This volume, based on the International Symposium on Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of Tidal Inlets held at Woods Hole, MA, presents the reader with an overview of contemporary research on these important features. The coverage includes: - mathematical modelling, including a review of inlet hydrodynamics, - observations on hydrodynamics, - sedimentology and morphology, - tidal deltas, - processes and policies pertaining to sedimentation, and the - impacts of shore protection and dredging in beaches.

Environmental Sedimentology

Author: Chris Perry,Kevin Taylor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444309005

Category: Science

Page: 460

View: 6985

Environmental Sedimentology provides a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly expanding field which addresses the functioning and dynamics of contemporary sediment systems and how these systems respond to a range of both natural and anthropogenically-induced disturbance events. considers a range of sedimentary environments; mountain and upland, fluvial, lacustrine, arid, urban, deltaic and estuarine, temperate coastal, tropical coastal, and continental shelf aspects of sediment management and remediation are also considered as are the potential impacts of on-going and future climatic and environmental change Readership: advanced level undergraduates in earth science, environmental science and physical geography, and graduate students in the earth and environmental sciences with an interest in contemporary sediment systems

Tidal Inlets

Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics

Author: J. van de Kreeke,R. L. Brouwer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108160425

Category: Science

Page: N.A

View: 7537

This book describes the latest developments in the hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of tidal inlets, with an emphasis on natural inlets. A review of morphological features and sand transport pathways is presented, followed by an overview of empirical relationships between inlet cross-sectional area, ebb delta volume, flood delta volume and tidal prism. Results of field observations and laboratory experiments are discussed and simple mathematical models are presented that calculate the inlet current and basin tide. The method to evaluate the cross-sectional stability of inlets, proposed by Escoffier, is reviewed, and is expanded, for the first time, to include double inlet systems. This volume is an ideal reference for coastal scientists, engineers and researchers, in the fields of coastal engineering, geomorphology, marine geology and oceanography.

Renewable Energies Offshore

Author: C. Guedes Soares

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315647850

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1018

View: 1808

Renewable Energies Offshore includes the papers presented in the 1st International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW2014), held in Lisbon, 24-26 November 2014. The conference is a consequence of the importance of the offshore renewable energies worldwide and an opportunity to contribute to the exchange of information on the developments and experience obtained in concept development, design and operation of these devices. The scope of the Conference was broad, covering all aspects of the renewable energies offshore such as resource assessment for wind, wave and tidal energies; design and dynamic behaviour of wind, wave and tidal converters and platforms, ocean energy devices; multiuse platforms; PTO design; grid connection; economic assessment; installation and maintenance planning. Renewable Energies Offshore has as main target academics and professionals working in the related areas of renewable energies.

Beach Management

Principles and Practice

Author: Allan Williams,Anton Micallef

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1849713073

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 445

View: 8523

Whether a sunbathing beach in the Mediterranean, a surf beach in Australia, a conservation area in the UK or a wild section of wind and wave swept dunes on the Oregon coast, beaches are one of the most widely loved and heavily used and abused areas in the world. Competing social or recreational, economic and conservation uses and the needs of many users make beach management particularly challenging but vitally important. This comprehensive book provides full coverage of beach management principles and practice, with an emphasis on needs-based management. The book comprises two sections. Part one covers beach management principles and theory and addresses practical management tools and guidelines including how to determine the best management strategy for different beach types (linear, pocket, resort, urban, village, rural and remote) as well as how to include user preferences and priorities in effective management plans. The second section provides a wealth of case studies of best and worst practice authored by a cast of international beach management experts from the UK, USA, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, and Latin America. The emphasis throughout the book is on optimizing economic, social and environmental outcomes and reconciling competing needs in management planning for beach area.This book is an indispensable tool kit for all professionals in beach and coastal/beach zone management including local and regional authorities, planners, park and protected area managers, societies, resort and beach owners and managers. It is also a comprehensive primer for university undergraduate students in professional planning, land, coastal zone and beach management, coastal geography as well as tourism and conservation planning and management.

Coastal Storms

Processes and Impacts

Author: Paolo Ciavola,Giovanni Coco

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118937082

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 8618

A comprehensive introduction to coastal storms and their associated impacts Coastal Storms offers students and professionals in the field a comprehensive overview and groundbreaking text that is specifically devoted to the analysis of coastal storms. Based on the most recent knowledge and contributions from leading researchers, the text examines coastal storms’ processes and characteristics, the main hazards (such as overwash, inundation and flooding, erosion, structures overtopping), and how to monitor and model storms. The authors include information on the most advanced innovations in forecasting, prediction, and early warning, which serves as a foundation for accurate risk evaluation and developing adequate coastal indicators and management options. In addition, structural overtopping and damage are explained, taking into account the involved hydrodynamic and morphodynamic processes. The monitoring methods of coastal storms are analyzed based on recent results from research projects in Europe and the United States. Methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation are detailed, storm impact indicators are suggested for different hazards and coastal management procedures analyzed. This important resource includes: Comprehensive coverage of storms and associated impacts, including meteorological coastal storm definitions and related potential consequences A state-of-the-art reference for advanced students, professionals and researchers in the field Chapters on monitoring methods of coastal storms, their prediction, early warning systems, and modeling of consequences Explorations of methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation and suggestions for storm impact indicators for different hazards and coastal management procedures Coastal Storms is a compilation of scientific and policy-related knowledge related to climate-related extreme events. The authors are internationally recognized experts and their work reflects the most recent science and policy advances in the field.

North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment

Author: Markus Quante,Franciscus Colijn

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319397451

Category: Science

Page: 528

View: 9883

This book offers an up-to-date review of our current understanding of climate change in the North Sea and adjacent areas, as well as its impact on ecosystems and socio-economic sectors. It provides a detailed assessment of climate change based on published scientific work compiled by independent international experts from climate-related disciplines such as oceanography, atmospheric sciences, marine and terrestrial ecology, using a regional evaluation and review process similar to that of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of our changing climate, discussing a wide range of topics including past, current and future climate change, and climate-related changes in marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. It also explores the impact of climate change on socio-economic sectors such as fisheries, agriculture, coastal zone management, coastal protection, urban climate, recreation/tourism, offshore activities/energy, and air pollution.

Coastal Geomorphology

An Introduction

Author: Eric C. F. Bird

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119964350

Category: Science

Page: 436

View: 5942

Coastal Geomorphology, Second Edition is a comprehensive and systematic introduction to this subject and demonstrates the dynamic nature of coastal landforms, providing a background for analytical planning and management strategies in coastal areas that are subject to continuing changes. This introductory textbook has been completely revised and updated, and is accompanied by a website which provides additional illustrations, global examples, case-studies and more detailed and advanced information on topics referenced in the book, together with explanations of terminology, annotated references and research material.

Sand and Gravel Spits

Author: Giovanni Randazzo,Derek Jackson,Andrew Cooper

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319137166

Category: Science

Page: 344

View: 1300

This book draws together a series of studies of spit geomorphology and temporal evolution from around the world. The volume offers some unique insights into how these landforms are examined scientifically and how we as humans impact them, offering a global perspective on spit genesis and evolution. Spits are unique natural environments whose evolution is linked to the adjacent coast and near shore morphology, sediment supply, coastal dynamics and sea-level change. Over the past century, Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) has risen by 10 to 20 centimetres and many coastal spits represent the first sentinel against coastal submersion. Scientific research indicates that sea levels worldwide have been rising at a rate of 3.5 millimetres per year since the early 1990s, roughly twice the average speed of the preceding 80 years. This trend, linked to global warming will undoubtedly cause major changes in spit morphology. Spits are highly mobile coastal landforms that respond rapidly to environmental change. They therefore represent a signature of past environmental change and provide a landform indicator of climate change.

Geology of Holocene Barrier Island Systems

Author: Richard A. Jr. Davis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642783600

Category: Science

Page: 464

View: 3061

Barrier islands represent a complex coastal system that includes a number of different sedimentary depositional environments; nearshore zone, beach, dunes, washover fans, marshes, tidal flats, estuaries, lagoons, and tidal inlets. The morphodynamics of these fragile coastal systems provide a further complication to this coastal type. Although barrier islands comprise only 15% of the world's coastline, they have received a far greater proportion of attention from the scientific and engineering community, and more recently, from coastal managers and environmentalists. Modern barrier islands are arguably the most expensive and most vulnerable of all coastal environments. Pressure from developers for residential, industrial, and recreational development has caused most of our barriers to become significantly impacted by human activity, especially over the past few decades. These pres sures have led to extensive preservation of natural barriers through efforts from all levels of government and also by private organizations. Governments have also formed coastal management programs that help to control any future de velopment with the intent being to keep human activity compatible with barrier island morphodynamics. In order to devise appropriate coastal zone management programs, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the morpho dynamics of barrier island systems. This volume provides comprehensive details on barrier island morphology, sediment distribution, and the process-response mechanisms that cause changes to both. These are the important aspects of barrier systems that can provide important input into the development and implementation of coastal management programs.


Morphodynamics, Conservation and Engineering Significance

Author: J. R. L. Allen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521418416

Category: Science

Page: 184

View: 6996

Seven scientists present an overview of the effects on saltmarshes that are threatened by natural and human events.

Stability of Tidal Inlets

Author: P. Bruun

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0444598243

Category: Science

Page: 529

View: 8435

Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, 23: Stability of Tidal Inlets: Theory and Engineering focuses on all aspects related to tidal inlets on littoral drift shores where freshwater flow is small or non-existing. The selection first tackles the development and configuration of tidal inlets and inlet hydraulics. Discussions focus on flow dynamics and nearshore transport, combinations of waves and currents, sediment transport and storage in the tidal entrance, offsets of tidal inlets, natural inlet regimen, migration of inlets, and origin of tidal inlets. The manuscript then examines sediment transport in tidal inlets, stability of tidal inlets on littoral drift shores, and design and improvements of coastal inlets. Topics cover ocean entrance, overall stability condition, hydraulic and sedimentary principles, non-scouring channels, transport of sediments in wave agitated waters, and sediment transport by combined wave and current action. The publication explores improvements by structures, including natural bypassing, types of improvement, and bypassing by structures and bypassing plants or arrangements. The selection is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in the stability of tidal inlets.

Environmental Geomorphology

Author: Mario Panizza,M. Panizza

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080531106

Category: Science

Page: 267

View: 5694

Geomorphology has now reached a certain level where the methodology, scientific content and results being published in the field make it worthy of being considered as a major environmental research area. In preparing Environmental Geomorphology, the author has given priority to methodology and illustrative case-histories. Schemes and classifications that would be ill-suited for a naturalistic, empirical and non-systematic discipline like geomorphology have been avoided. The concepts outlined in the text are based on a subdivision of geomorphological resources and hazards (as well as their links with man) together with the consequent risk and impact problems. Each investigation, study or intervention concerning the environment, cannot ignore either the human context in which it occurs or man's history and prospects. It is necessary to have the right dialogue and relationship with the other disciplines making up this system so as to apply the most suitable methodologies and offer the most valid solutions. For some subjects covered in the book, specialists concerned with a particular section of environmental geomorphology were consulted. The text of each chapter is accompanied by several illustrative schemes, figures and photographs, derived from real research and professional experiences. The volume is addressed both to university students studying topics of geomorphology as part of their syllabus, and to researchers and consultants (geologists, geographers, engineers, naturalists, etc.) working in the field.