Molecular Cell Biology

Author: Harvey Lodish

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780716776017

Category: Science

Page: 1150

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The sixth edition provides an authoritative and comprehensive vision of molecular biology today. It presents developments in cell birth, lineage and death, expanded coverage of signaling systems and of metabolism and movement of lipids.

Molecular Cell Biology

Author: Harvey Lodish

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780716743668

Category: Science

Page: 973

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The sixth edition provides an authoritative and comprehensive vision of molecular biology today. It presents developments in cell birth, lineage and death, expanded coverage of signaling systems and of metabolism and movement of lipids.

Molecular Cell Biology

Author: Harvey Lodish,Arnold Berk,Chris A. Kaiser,Monty Krieger,Anthony Bretscher,Hidde Ploegh,Angelika Amon,Matthew P. Scott,Kelsey Martin

Publisher: W. H. Freeman

ISBN: 9781464187445


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Mathematical Models in Molecular Cellular Biology

Author: Lee A. Segel

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521229258

Category: Mathematics

Page: 757

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Interest in theoretical biology is rapidly growing and this 1981 book attempts to make the theory more accessible to experimentalists. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate to experimental molecular and cellular biologists the possible usefulness of mathematical models. Biologists with a basic command of calculus should be able to learn from the book what assumptions are implied by various types of equations, to understand in broad outline a number of major theoretical concepts, and to be aware of some of the difficulties connected with analytical and numerical solutions of mathematical problems. Thus they should be able to appreciate the significance of theoretical papers in their fields and to communicate usefully with theoreticians in the course of their work.

Molecular Cell Biology

Author: CTI Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1497058023

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Facts101 is your complete guide to Molecular Cell Biology. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.


Molecular Cell Biology, Systemic Communication, Biotic Interactions

Author: Gary A. Thompson,Aart J.E. van Bel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118382854

Category: Science

Page: 368

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Phloem: Molecular Cell Biology, Systemic Communication, Biotic Interactions is a timely collection of research on the cellular and molecular biology of this plant vascular tissue. Recent advances in phloem research have revealed the centrality of this plant tissue to whole plant development and physiology. Building on advances made through developments of new analytical technologies, this book will provide readers with a current and comprehensive reference on the role of phloem in plant growth and development. Collecting the work of a global team of leading researchers, Phloem will provide the reader with a valuable synthesis of the latest research in a single volume.

Complete Solutions for Molecular Cell Biology

Author: David Scicchitano,Harvey Lodish

Publisher: W H Freeman & Company

ISBN: 9780716727033

Category: Cytology

Page: 138

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The fourth edition of this text highlights the authors' continuing commitment to provide molecular cell biology topics, supported by the experiments and techniques that established them. Streamlined coverage, new pedagogy and a CD-ROM help to reinforce key concepts.

Molecular Cell Biology

Author: Harvey F. Lodish,Arnold Berk,Chris A. Kaiser

Publisher: W.H. Freeman

ISBN: 9781464109812

Category: Biología molecular

Page: 973

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With its acclaimed authors, cutting-edge content, emphasis on medical relevance and landmark experiments, Molecular Cell Biology is an impeccable textbook. Updated throughout, the seventh edition features new co-author Angelika Amon, a completely rewritten chapter on the Cell Cycle and significant updates to experimental techniques.

Molecular Cell Biology of the Growth and Differentiation of Plant Cells

Author: Ray J. Rose

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315353393

Category: Science

Page: 396

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Molecular Cell Biology of the Growth and Differentiation of Plant Cells encompasses cell division, cell enlargement and differentiation; which is the cellular basis of plant growth and development. Understanding these developmental processes is fundamental for improving plant growth and the production of special plant products, as well as contributing to biological understanding. The dynamics of cells and cellular organelles are considered in the context of growth and differentiation, made possible particularly by advances in molecular genetics and the visualization of organelles using molecular probes. There is now a much clearer understanding of these basic plant processes of cell division, cell enlargement and differentiation. Each chapter provides a current and conceptual view in the context of the cell cycle (6 chapters), cell enlargement (5 chapters) or cell differentiation (9 chapters). The book provides state of the art knowledge (and open questions) set out in a framework that provides a long term reference point. The book is targeted at plant cell biologists, molecular biologists, plant physiologists and biochemists, developmental biologists and those interested in plant growth and development. The book is suitable for those already in the field, plant scientists entering the field and graduate students.

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Author: Bruce Alberts

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 1317563743

Category: Science

Page: 1464

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As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts.As with previous editions, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Sixth Edition accomplishes this goal with clear writing and beautiful illustrations. The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised and updated with the latest research in the field of cell biology, and it provides an exceptional framework for teaching and learning. The entire illustration program has been greatly enhanced.Protein structures better illustrate structure–function relationships, icons are simpler and more consistent within and between chapters, and micrographs have been refreshed and updated with newer, clearer, or better images. As a new feature, each chapter now contains intriguing openended questions highlighting “What We Don’t Know,” introducing students to challenging areas of future research. Updated end-of-chapter problems reflect new research discussed in the text, and these problems have been expanded to all chapters by adding questions on developmental biology, tissues and stem cells, pathogens, and the immune system.


Molecular and Cell Biology

Author: Horst Feldmann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527659196

Category: Science

Page: 464

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Finally, a stand-alone, all-inclusive textbook on yeast biology. Based on the feedback resulting from his highly successful monograph, Horst Feldmann has totally rewritten he contents to produce a comprehensive, student-friendly textbook on the topic. The scope has been widened, with almost double the content so as to include all aspects of yeast biology, from genetics via cell biology right up to biotechnology applications. The cell and molecular biology sections have been vastly expanded, while information on other yeast species has been added, with contributions from additional authors. Naturally, the illustrations are in full color throughout, and the book is backed by a complimentary website. The resulting textbook caters to the needs of an increasing number of students in biomedical research, cell and molecular biology, microbiology and biotechnology who end up using yeast as an important tool or model organism.

Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology

Author: N.A

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080496989

Category: Science

Page: 623

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This volume and its companion, Volume 351, are specifically designed to meet the needs of graduate students and postdoctoral students as well as researchers, by providing all the up-to-date methods necessary to study genes in yeast. Procedures are included that enable newcomers to set up a yeast laboratory and to master basic manipulations. Relevant background and reference information given for procedures can be used as a guide to developing protocols in a number of disciplines. Specific topics addressed in this book include basic techniques, making mutants, genomics, and proteomics.

Loose-leaf Version for Molecular Cell Biology

Author: Harvey Lodish,Arnold Berk,Chris A. Kaiser,Monty Krieger,Anthony Bretscher,Hidde Ploegh,Angelika Amon,Kelsey C. Martin

Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education

ISBN: 1464187495

Category: Science

Page: 1280

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With its acclaimed author team, cutting-edge content, emphasis on medical relevance, and coverage based on key experiments, Molecular Cell Biology has justly earned an impeccable reputation as an exciting and authoritative text. Avoiding an encyclopedic approach, the book grounds its coverage in the experiments that define our understanding of cell biology, engaging students with the exciting breakthroughs that define the field’s history and point to its future. The authors, all world-class researchers and teachers, incorporate medically relevant examples where appropriate to help illustrate the connections between cell biology and health and human disease.

Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, 16 Volume Set

Author: Robert A. Meyers

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 9783527305421

Category: Science

Page: 9600

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"This series is a classic..." - Molecular Medicine Today/Trends in Molecular Medicine The second edition of this highly acclaimed, sixteen-volume Encyclopedia now contains 150 new articles and extended coverage of cell biology. It is thus the most comprehensive and most detailed treatment of molecular biology, cell biology and molecular medicine available today -- designed in collaboration with a founding board of 10 Nobel laureates. As such, the Encyclopedia provides a single-source library of the molecular basis of life, with a focus on molecular medicine, discussing in detail the latest advances of the post-genomic era. Each of the approximately 425 articles is written as a self-contained treatment, beginning with an outline and a key word section plus definitions. Peer-reviewed, they are written in a review-like style, complemented by an extensive bipartite bibliography of reviews and books as well as primary papers. A glossary of basic terms completes each volume and defines the most commonly used terms in molecular biology. Together with the introductory illustrations found in each volume, the articles are comprehensible for readers at every level without resorting to a dictionary, textbook, or other reference. Praise for the first edition: " authoritative reference source of the highest quality. ... It is extremely well written and well illustrated..." - American Reference Books Annual (Library & Information Science Annual) "This series can be recommended without hesitation to a broad readership including students and qualified researchers... . ...articles...set-up facilitates easy reading and rapid understanding. ...overwhelming amount of valuable data." - Molecular Biology Reports ".. highly valuable and recommendable both for libraries and for laboratory use." - FEBS Letters