Molecular Biology of the Cell

Reference edition

Author: Bruce Alberts

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 9780815341116

Category: Science

Page: 1601

View: 4440

Ideal for libraries, laboratories, and researchers, this Reference Edition provides the complete text of Chapters 1-25 in printed format. The Media DVD contains PowerPoint presentations and more than 125 animations, videos, and molecular models.

Cell and Molecular Biology of the Testis

Author: Des Jardins

Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195062694

Category: Medical

Page: 497

View: 924

This book is a comprehensive, multi-authored work on the structure and function of the mammalian testis. The approach emphasizes gene expression, translation and production of specific gene products and the cellular and molecular regulation of these fundamental processes. Rather than provide a global survey of all aspects of male reproduction, this book stresses specific mechanisms that underscore the structure and function of the testis. It explains old and new concepts from a cellular and molecular perspective. This novel approach allows the authors to forge links between cell and molecular biology and well-established aspects of spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis. The result is a well-focused, comprehensive, and synthetic analysis of testicular biology.

Essential Cell Biology

An Introduction to the Molecular Biology of the Cell

Author: Bruce Alberts

Publisher: Garland Pub

ISBN: 9780815329718

Category: Science

Page: 630

View: 5985

Explains the basics of cell biology for people with a minimal knowledge of biology

The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology

Author: John M. Lackie

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123849322

Category: Science

Page: 750

View: 6225

The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology, Fifth Edition, provides definitions for thousands of terms used in the study of cell and molecular biology. The headword count has been expanded to 12,000 from 10,000 in the Fourth Edition. Over 4,000 headwords have been rewritten. Some headwords have second, third, and even sixth definitions, while fewer than half are unchanged. Many of the additions were made to extend the scope in plant cell biology, microbiology, and bioinformatics. Several entries related to specific pharmaceutical compounds have been removed, while some generic entries (“alpha blockers, “NSAIDs, and “tetracycline antibiotics, for example), and some that are frequently part of the experimentalist’s toolkit and probably never used in the clinic, have been retained. The Appendix includes prefixes for SI units, the Greek alphabet, useful constants, and single-letter codes for amino acids. Thoroughly revised and expanded by over 20% with over 12,000 entries in cellular and molecular biology Includes expanded coverage of terms, including plant molecular biology, microbiology and biotechnology areas Consistently provides the most complete short definitions of technical terminology for anyone working in life sciences today Features extensive cross-references Provides multiple definitions, notes on word origins, and other useful features

The Dictionary of Cell & Molecular Biology

Author: John M. Lackie

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080550343

Category: Science

Page: 472

View: 3620

The over 10,000 entries in this comprehensive Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology provide clear and concise definitions for anyone working in life sciences today. It incorporates related terms from neuroscience, genetics, microbiology, immunology, pathology, and physiology. This fourth revised edition reflects the enormous changes brought about by the explosion of new technologies, especially high throughput approaches and functional genomics. As a result, this edition is over 30% larger than the previous edition, with 3400 new entries. As with the prior edition, additions are reflective of online search queries performed by users of the dictionary. The entries in this authoritative work have been widely praised for their clarity, brevity, and accuracy throughout. The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology features numerous tables and other useful features. * Thoroughly revised and expanded by over 30% with 3400 new entries * Expanded coverage of areas greatly impacted by genomics * Includes new terms that relate to the recent elucidation of underlying mechanisms of cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, relationship between mitochondria and disease, metabolic control, and stem cell biology * Consistently provides the most complete short definitions of technical terminology for anyone working in life sciences today * Extensively cross-referenced * Provides multiple definitions, notes on word origins, and other useful features

Molecular Biology of the Cell: The Problems Book, Sixth Edition

Author: John Wilson,Tim Hunt

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 1317497279

Category: Science

Page: 984

View: 5160

The Problems Book helps students appreciate the ways in which experiments and simple calculations can lead to an understanding of how cells work by introducing the experimental foundation of cell and molecular biology. Each chapter reviews key terms, tests for understanding basic concepts, and poses research-based problems.The Problems Book has been designed to correspond with the first twenty chapters of Molecular Biology of the Cell, Sixth Edition.

Molecular Biology of the Cell

The Problems Book

Author: John H. Wilson,Tim Hunt

Publisher: Garland Pub


Category: Medical

Page: 587

View: 8699

Designed to correspond with the first 20 chapters of the fifth edition of "Molecular Biology of the Cell," this workbook contains more than 2,000 problems and their solutions, which also appear on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Cell and Molecular Biology of Endometrial Carcinoma

Author: Masato Nishida

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9784431006138

Category: Medical

Page: 319

View: 7787

The 15th International Symposium of the Japan Human Cell Society on Cell and Molecular Biology of Endometrial Carcinoma brought together leading researchers from Japan and around the world. The papers collected here are the work of twenty-two leaders in their field and are organized in ten major categories. The first section, in vitro experimental systems, takes up the pioneering work by Kuramoto in 1968 and Nishida in 1980 in establishing, respectively, the HEC-1 and hormone-responsive endometrial carcinoma cell lines. Other topics include apoptosis, proliferation, and growth factors; cell cycle regulators; signaling pathways; angiogenesis; carcinogenesis; hormones and hormone receptors; genes and gene expression; endometrial receptivity; and chemo-resistance and -sensitivity. Presenting the latest work in the cell and molecular biology of endometrial carcinoma, this volume is a valuable resource for gynecologists, pathologists, and molecular biologists.

Basement Membranes

Cell and Molecular Biology

Author: Nicholas A. Kefalides,Jacques P. Borel

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780121533564

Category: Science

Page: 428

View: 9765

Basement Membranes: Cell and Molecular Biology brings together the most important research developments of the past 45 years that have enriched our knowledge and contributed to a better understanding of the biochemistry and cell and molecular biology of basement membranes. It describes the studies that shed light on the ultrastructural organization, the biosynthesis of the macromolecular components, their functions in embryonic development and differentiation, and in the mature state. A major portion of the book is devoted to the description of the genes that regulate the expression of the various structural macromolecules. Reviews the early years of research and the discovery of type IV collagen Presents the diversity of basement membrane morphology Discusses gene structure

Molecular Biology of Cancer

Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics

Author: Lauren Pecorino

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019957717X

Category: Medical

Page: 342

View: 7072

The third edition of The Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics offers a fresh approach to the study of the molecular basis of cancer, by showing how our understanding of the defective mechanisms which drive cancer is leading to the development of new targeted therapeutic agents.

Molekularbiologie der Zelle

Author: Bruce Alberts,Alexander Johnson,Julian Lewis,Martin Raff,Keith Roberts,Peter Walter

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527323848

Category: Cells

Page: 1928

View: 6135

Seit einem Vierteljahrhundert ist 'Molekularbiologie der Zelle' das führende Lehrbuch im Bereich Zellbiologie. Diese erfolgreiche Tradition wird nun mit der fünften Auflage fortgesetzt, die vollständig überarbeitet und aktualisiert wurde. Mit zahlreichen inhaltlichen Neuerungen stellt sie unser aktuelles, sich rasch weiterentwickelndes Wissens zum zentralen Gegenstand der Biologie dar - der Zelle.

Stryer Biochemie

Author: Jeremy M. Berg,John L. Tymoczko,Gregory J. Gatto jr.,Lubert Stryer

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662546205

Category: Science

Page: 1401

View: 8567

„Oft kopiert, nie erreicht.“ Biologen heute Seit vier Jahrzehnten prägt dieses außergewöhnliche Lehrbuch weltweit die Lehre der Biochemie. Die überaus klare und präzise Art der Darstellung, die Aktualität, die ausgefeilte Didaktik und die Verständlichkeit sind zu Markenzeichen dieses von Lehrenden wie Lernenden hoch geschätzten Standardwerkes geworden. Sie zeichnen auch die nun vorliegende achte Auflage aus, die erneut die Brücke von den biologischen und chemischen Grundlagen zu den physiologischen und medizinischen Fragestellungen schlägt. Zu den wichtigsten Neuerungen und Verbesserungen der vollständig überarbeiteten Neuauflage zählen: Kapitel 5: erweiterte Darstellung von Massenspektrometrie, Proteinmasse, Proteinidentität und Proteinsequenz Kapitel 9: neuer Abschnitt zu krankheitsauslösenden Mutationen in Hämöglobingenen, neue Fallstudie zu Thalassämien Kapitel 13: neue Fallstudie zu Proteinkinase-A-Mutationen und Cushing Syndrom Kapitel 14: erweiterte Darstellung zu Vorstufen von Verdauungsenzymen und zur Proteinverdauung im Dünndarm, neue Fallstudien zu Proteinverdauung im Magen und zur Zöliakie Kapitel 15: neuer Abschnitt zu den Grundfunktionen des Energiestoffwechsels, erweiterte Darstellung zu Phosphaten in biochemischen Prozessen Kapitel 16: neue Fallstudien zu exzessiver Fructoseaufnahme und zu schnellwachsenden Zellen und aerober GlykolyseKapitel 29: neue Fallstudien zu Phosphatidylcholin, zur Regulation des LDL-Rezeptor-Kreislaufs und zum klinischen Management von Cholesterinwerten Kapitel 30: neue Fallstudie zu Blutspiegelwerten der Aminotransferase als diagnostischer Prädiktor Stimmen zu früheren Auflagen: Der Stryer ist der "Goldstandard" für Biochemie-Lehrbücher. Prof. Dr. Michael Rychlik, TU München Aktuell, didaktisch hervorragend präsentiert, bietet der "Stryer" einen umfassenden Überblick über das Feld und ist als Nachschlagewerk unverzichtbar. Prof. Dr. Dieter Adam, Universität Kiel Dieses Lehrbuch gibt Studierenden am Anfang ihrer Ausbildung einen hervorragenden Einstieg in die Biochemie, ist aber genauso für Fortgeschrittene ideal. Prof. Dr. Mike Boysen, Universität Göttingen Der Klassiker, er ist und bleibt in der Breite und Tiefe und seinem sehr guten didaktischen Aufbau unübertroffen! Ein Muss für jeden Studierenden und Dozenten im Umfeld biomedizinischer Studiengänge. Prof. Dr. Robert Fürst, Universität Frankfurt Trotz der unglaublichen Detailfülle vermittelt der Stryer Verständnis für die Zusammenhänge in der Biochemie. Prof. Dr. Katja Gehrig, Universität Mainz Biochemie anschaulich gemacht: So sollte ein Lehrbuch sein ... Dieses Buch nimmt jedem Studierenden die Angst vor der Biochemie! Prof. Dr. Wolf-Michael Weber, Universität Münster Als Lehrbuchautor packt einen beim Studium des Stryer der Neid. So schöne Fotos, so gekonnte, bunte, eingängige Zeichnungen, soviel Grips, so wenige Fehler. Laborjournal

Drosophila melanogaster: Practical Uses in Cell and Molecular Biology

Author: N.A

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080859422

Category: Science

Page: 755

View: 9754

Drosophila melanogaster: Practical Uses in Cell and Molecular Biology is a compendium of mostly short technical chapters designed to provide state-of-the art methods to the broad community of cell biologists, and to put molecular and cell biological studies of flies into perspective. The book makes the baroque aspects of genetic nomenclature and procedure accessible to cell biologists. It also contains a wealth of technical information for beginning or advanced Drosophila workers. Chapters, written within a year of publication, make this topical volume a valuable laboratory guide today and an excellent general reference for the future. Key Features * Collection of ready-to-use, state-of-the art methods for modern cell biological and related research using Drosophila melanogaster * Accessible to both experienced Drosophila researchers and to others who wish to join in at the cutting edge of this system * Drosophila offers an easily managed life cycle, inexpensive lifestyle, extraordinarily manipulable molecular and classical genetics, now combined with powerful new cell biology techniques * Introduction and overview sections orient the user to the Drosophila literature and lore * Six full-color plates and over 100 figures and tables enhance the understanding of these cell biology techniques