Engineering Creative Design in Robotics and Mechatronics

Author: Habib, Maki K.,Davim, J. Paulo

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466642262

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 366

View: 5867

While technologies continue to advance in different directions, there still holds a constant evolution of interdisciplinary development. Robotics and mechatronics is a successful fusion of disciplines into a unified framework that enhances the design of products and manufacturing processes. Engineering Creative Design in Robotics and Mechatronics captures the latest research developments in the subject field of robotics and mechatronics and provides relevant theoretical knowledge in this field. Providing interdisciplinary development approaches, this reference source prepares students, scientists, and professional engineers with the latest research development to enhance their skills of innovative design capabilities.

Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering for Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing

Author: Dan Zhang,Bin Wei

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319335812

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 468

View: 6305

Featuring selected contributions from the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, held in Nice, France, February 18–19, 2016, this book introduces recent advances and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of advanced intelligent manufacturing. This systematic and carefully detailed collection provides a valuable reference source for mechanical engineering researchers who want to learn about the latest developments in advanced manufacturing and automation, readers from industry seeking potential solutions for their own applications, and those involved in the robotics and mechatronics industry.

Mechatronic Hands

Prosthetic and Robotic Design

Author: Paul Hammond Chappell

Publisher: IET

ISBN: 1785611542

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 187

View: 4179

This book describes the technical design characteristics of the main components that go into forming an artificial hand whether it is a simple design that does not have a natural appearance or a more complicated design where there are multiple movements of the fingers and thumb. Mechanical components form the structure of any hand while there are some lesser known ideas that need to be explored such as how to process a slip signal. Topics covered include; the design of artificial hands for people, who through trauma or congenitally, only have one or no natural hands; technical design characteristics of the main components that go into forming an artificial hand; mechanisms; sensors; robot hand control; hand assessment. Mechatronic Hands: Prosthetic and Robotic Design is essential reading for researchers and advanced students in the fields of robotics, prosthetics and mechatronics as well as professional engineers and prosthetists in industry and at various universities and hospitals, who are involved in the design and manufacture of prosthetic hands.

Robotics, Mechatronics, and Artificial Intelligence

Experimental Circuit Blocks for Designers

Author: Newton C. Braga

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 0750673893

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 297

View: 4377

Accessible to all readers, including students of secondary school and amateur technology enthusiasts, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Artificial Intelligence simplifies the process of finding basic circuits to perform simple tasks, such as how to control a DC or step motor, and provides instruction on creating moving robotic parts, such as an "eye" or an "ear." Though many companies offer kits for project construction, most experimenters want to design and build their own robots and other creatures specific to their needs and goals. With this new book by Newton Braga, hobbyists and experimenters around the world will be able to decide what skills they want to feature in a project and then choose the right "building blocks" to create the ideal results. In the past few years the technology of robotics, mechatronics, and artificial intelligence has exploded, leaving many people with the desire but not the means to build their own projects. The author's fascination with and expertise in the exciting field of robotics is demonstrated by the range of simple to complex project blocks he provides, which are designed to benefit both novice and experienced robotics enthusiasts. The common components and technology featured in the project blocks are especially beneficial to readers who need practical solutions that can be implemented easily by their own hands, without incorporating expensive, complicated technology. Accessible to technicians and hobbyists with many levels of experience, and written to provide inexpensive and creative fun with robotics Appeals to all sorts of technology enthusiasts, including those involved with electronics, computers, home automation, mechanics, and other areas

Robotics, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

Author: T. Takamori,K. Tsuchiya

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0444600299

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 977

View: 1737

One of the most important problems in the field of engineering and technology is the development of so-called intelligent systems, which can perform various intellectual tasks. This book is dedicated to the current progress of research in this vast field and specifically explores the topics of robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing systems.

Handbook of Research on Advancements in Robotics and Mechatronics

Author: Habib, Maki K.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466673885

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 993

View: 2411

The field of mechatronics integrates modern engineering science and technologies with new ways of thinking, enhancing the design of products and manufacturing processes. This synergy enables the creation and evolution of new intelligent human-oriented machines. The Handbook of Research on Advancements in Robotics and Mechatronics presents new findings, practices, technological innovations, and theoretical perspectives on the the latest advancements in the field of mechanical engineering. This book is of great use to engineers and scientists, students, researchers, and practitioners looking to develop autonomous and smart products and systems for meeting today’s challenges.

Mechatronics Design And Robotics

Embedded Control, Wheeled & Insect Robots

Author: Tian Seng Ng

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9783659695223


Page: 212

View: 9814

Mechatronic systems are being applied in daily life. Household appliances like the washing machines, remote control TVs, vacuum cleaners, etc, all employ mechatronics. As such, improvements in the mechatronics design is inevitable. The book encompasses the usages of Basic Stamp microcontrollers in the process control system, mechatronics design and motor control techniques with applications in robotics. Remote control, as well as autonomous robot control systems, have been designed and programmed. This book explains the concept of the rotating wheels of the tricycle robots. Besides, two different types of the insect robot structure platforms are being constructed and studied. Readers can gain invaluable knowledge on the control of the six-legged robots. Numerous example programs and circuit diagrams provide better understandings for readers also. The book is suitable for academia, educators, students of 12th grades and above and those who are interested in the field of robotics and mechatronics.

Snake Robots

Modelling, Mechatronics, and Control

Author: Pal Liljebäck,Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen,Oyvind Stavdahl,Jan Tommy Gravdahl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1447129962

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 317

View: 6034

Snake Robots is a novel treatment of theoretical and practical topics related to snake robots: robotic mechanisms designed to move like biological snakes and able to operate in challenging environments in which human presence is either undesirable or impossible. Future applications of such robots include search and rescue, inspection and maintenance, and subsea operations. Locomotion in unstructured environments is a focus for this book. The text targets the disparate muddle of approaches to modelling, development and control of snake robots in current literature, giving a unified presentation of recent research results on snake robot locomotion to increase the reader’s basic understanding of these mechanisms and their motion dynamics and clarify the state of the art in the field. The book is a complete treatment of snake robotics, with topics ranging from mathematical modelling techniques, through mechatronic design and implementation, to control design strategies. The development of two snake robots is described and both are used to provide experimental validation of many of the theoretical results. Snake Robots is written in a clear and easily understandable manner which makes the material accessible by specialists in the field and non-experts alike. Numerous illustrative figures and images help readers to visualize the material. The book is particularly useful to new researchers taking on a topic related to snake robots because it provides an extensive overview of the snake robot literature and also represents a suitable starting point for research in this area.

Robotics and Mechatronics for Agriculture

Author: Dan Zhang,Bin Wei

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351788612

Category: Science

Page: 214

View: 4537

The aim of the book is to introduce the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of robotics, mechatronics and automation in agriculture in order to summarize and review the improvements in the methodologies in agricultural robotics. Advances made in the past decades are described, including robotics for agriculture, mechatronics for agriculture, kinematics, dynamics and control analysis of agricultural robotics, and a wide range of topics in the field of robotics, mechatronics and automation for agricultural applications.

Mobile Ad Hoc Robots and Wireless Robotic Systems: Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation

Author: Santos, Raul Aquino

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466626895

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 344

View: 6792

The emergence of wireless robotic systems has provided new perspectives on technology. With the combination of disciplines such as robotic systems, ad hoc networking, telecommunications and more, mobile ad hoc robots have proven essential in aiding future possibilities of technology. Mobile Ad Hoc Robots and Wireless Robotic Systems: Design and Implementation aims to introduce robotic theories, wireless technologies, and routing applications involved in the development of mobile ad hoc robots. This reference source brings together topics on the communication and control of network ad hoc robots, describing how they work together to carry out coordinated functions.

Mechatronics in Action

Case Studies in Mechatronics - Applications and Education

Author: David Bradley,David W. Russell

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781849960809

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 263

View: 3877

Mechatronics in Action’s case-study approach provides the most effective means of illustrating how mechatronics can make products and systems more flexible, more responsive and possess higher levels of functionality than would otherwise be possible. The series of case studies serves to illustrate how a mechatronic approach has been used to achieve enhanced performance through the transfer of functionality from the mechanical domain to electronics and software. Mechatronics in Action not only provides readers with access to a range of case studies, and the experts’ view of these, but also offers case studies in course design and development to support tutors in making the best and most effective use of the technical coverage provided. It provides, in an easily accessible form, a means of increasing the understanding of the mechatronic concept, while giving both students and tutors substantial technical insight into how this concept has been developed and used.

Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era

Author: Eiji Arai,Tatsuo Arai

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080466249

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 464

View: 4407

Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era contains selected leading papers from the International Conference on Machine Automation 2004, the work of researchers from USA, Japan, China and Europe. The topics covered include: manufacturing systems such as CAD/CAM, machining and, human factors in manufacturing; robotics in relation to sensors and actuators, new control technology and, measuring and monitoring; the application of new technologies in connection with wireless communication, human behavior analysis and welfare. Mechatronics has been rapidly developing as an important area that affects all areas of society from industrial robots, automobiles, electrical appliances, computers and consumer goods etc. It also plays a role in safety recovery, such as for rescue tasks after disasters, destruction of hazardous and abandoned weapons and the restoration of polluted environments. The increasing need for safe, secure and dependable technology means that the advancement of mechatronics plays an essential role in the development of products and systems. This book provides an insight into developments in essential new methodologies and tools to design and to build machines to achieve this. Covers key topics in manufacturing, such as machining, robotics, sensors, monitoring, etc. Reviews modern applications of new technologies in connection with wireless communication, human behavior analysis, and welfare

Creating Precision Robots

A Project-Based Approach to the Study of Mechatronics and Robotics

Author: Francis Nickols,Yueh Jaw Lin

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0128157593

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 279

View: 4032

Creating Precision Robots: A Project-Based Approach to the Study of Mechatronics and Robotics shows how to use a new “Cardboard Engineering technique for the handmade construction of three precision microcomputer controlled robots that hit, throw and shoot. Throughout the book, the authors ensure that mathematical concepts and physical principles are not only rigorously described, but also go hand-in-hand with the design and constructional techniques of the working robot. Detailed theory, building plans and instructions, electric circuits and software algorithms are also included, along with the importance of tolerancing and the correct use of numbers in programming. The book is designed for students and educators who need a detailed description, mathematical analysis, design solutions, engineering drawings, electric circuits and software coding for the design and construction of real bench-top working robots. Provides detailed instructions for the building and construction of specialized robots using line drawings Teaches students how to make real working robots with direct meaning in the engineering academic world Describes and explains the math and physics theory related to hitting, throwing and shooting robots

Human Friendly Mechatronics

Author: Masaharu Takano,Eiji Arai,Tatsuo Arai

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080534190

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 420

View: 7108

The book includes 61 selected papers from 106 presented at the second International Conference on Machine Automation (ICMA2000). The conference focused, for the first time, on human friendly mechantronics which covers machine systems interacting with human beings, psychological, physiological, and physical behaviors of the human being itself, robotics, human-mimetic mechanical systems, commercial application examples and so on. Machine automation has owed a lot to mechatronics technology in the last decades, however, a paradigm shift is desired and emphasized in the 21st century in every aspect of our society, and mechantronics is not an exception. The paradigm shift in mechatronics is a pursuit of productivity and efficiency to the preference of humans, and it is time that a new concept of a human friendly robot must be proposed that is welcome by human users. The book aims to offer the most up-to-date and valuable information on: •Human Interface & Communication •Human Support Technology •Actuator & Control •Vision & Sensing •Robotics and Design •Manufacturing System We believe this book will bring advanced knowledge and valuable information to the industries as well as to academics and will contribute to the further development in mechatronics and its related fields.

Mechatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems

Author: David Allan Bradley,Derek Seward,David Dawson,Stuart Burge

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780748754434

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 348

View: 5447

Mechatronics as a discipline has an ever growing impact on engineering and engineering education as a defining approach to the design, development, and operation of an increasingly wide range of engineering systems. The increasing scope and complexity of mechatronic systems means that their design and development now involve not only the technical aspects of its core disciplines, but also aspects of organization, training, and management. Mechatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems reflects the significant areas of development in mechatronics and focuses on the higher-level approaches needed to support the design and implementation of mechatronic systems. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize the importance of systems integration. Each chapter deals with a particular aspect of the design and development process, from the specification of the system to software design and from the human-machine interface to the requirements for safe operation and effective manufacture. Notable among this text's many features is the use of a running case study-the autonomous and robotic excavator LUCIE-to illustrate points made in various chapters. This, combined with the authors' clear prose, systematic organization, and generous use of examples and illustrations provides students with a firm understanding of mechatronics as a discipline, some of the problems encountered in its various areas, and the developing techniques used to solve those problems.


Principles and Applications

Author: Godfrey Onwubolu

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080492908

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 672

View: 4694

Mechatronics is a core subject for engineers, combining elements of mechanical and electronic engineering into the development of computer-controlled mechanical devices such as DVD players or anti-lock braking systems. This book is the most comprehensive text available for both mechanical and electrical engineering students and will enable them to engage fully with all stages of mechatronic system design. It offers broader and more integrated coverage than other books in the field with practical examples, case studies and exercises throughout and an Instructor's Manual. A further key feature of the book is its integrated coverage of programming the PIC microcontroller, and the use of MATLAB and Simulink programming and modelling, along with code files for downloading from the accompanying website. * Integrated coverage of PIC microcontroller programming, MATLAB and Simulink modelling * Fully developed student exercises, detailed practical examples * Accompanying website with Instructor's Manual, downloadable code and image bank

Robotics and Mechatronics

Proceedings of the 4th IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics

Author: Saïd Zeghloul,Med Amine Laribi,Jean-Pierre Gazeau

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319223682

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 322

View: 5144

This volume contains papers that have been selected after review for oral presentation at ISRM 2015, the Fourth IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics held in Poitiers, France 23-24 June 2015. These papers provide a vision of the evolution of the disciplines of robotics and mechatronics, including but not limited to: mechanism design; modeling and simulation; kinematics and dynamics of multibody systems; control methods; navigation and motion planning; sensors and actuators; bio-robotics; micro/nano-robotics; complex robotic systems; walking machines, humanoids-parallel kinematic structures: analysis and synthesis; smart devices; new design; application and prototypes. The book can be used by researchers and engineers in the relevant areas of robotics and mechatronics.

Practical Robotics and Mechatronics

Marine, Space and Medical Applications

Author: Ikuo Yamamoto

Publisher: IET

ISBN: 184919968X


Page: 256

View: 4305

The basic theory and procedures for design and development for practical robotics and mechatronics are important for all students and engineers who wish to engage in the field. This book describes how to successfully create practical robotics and mechatronics, with an emphasis on marine, space and medical applications. New underwater vehicles, ships, robotic fish, unmanned aviation robotics, space robotics, and medical robotics are discussed, providing fruitful hints for creating new technologies. The author is one of the leading experts of modern robotics, with several prizes in the area and 30 years of experience of robotics development in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., JAMSTEC, and academia. Researchers in robotics and mechatronics in academia and industry will find this a useful and practical book. Advanced students in electronic engineering with a focus on robotics, mechatronics, or control will also find it of interest.