Maria in the Moon

Author: Louise Beech

Publisher: Orenda Books

ISBN: 1910633836

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 6598

Long ago my beloved Nanny Eve chose my name. Then one day she stopped calling me it. I try now to remember why, but I just can't.' Thirty-two-year-old Catherine Hope has a great memory. But she can't remember everything. She can't remember her ninth year. She can't remember when her insomnia started. And she can't remember why everyone stopped calling her Catherine-Maria. With a promiscuous past, and licking her wounds after a painful breakup, Catherine wonders why she resists anything approaching real love. But when she loses her home to the devastating deluge of 2007 and volunteers at Flood Crisis, a devastating memory emerges ... and changes everything. Dark, poignant and deeply moving, Maria in the Moon is an examination of the nature of memory and truth, and the defences we build to protect ourselves, when we can no longer hide...

Mary in Western Art

Author: Timothy Verdon

Publisher: Hudson Hills

ISBN: 9780971298194

Category: Art

Page: 234

View: 8923

A cultural analysis of the presence of Mary in European art considers her relevance throughout history, in a lavishly illustrated account that evaluates the theological, devotional, and social applications of Mary in the visual arts.

Du erinnerst mich an morgen


Author: Katie Marsh

Publisher: Diana Verlag

ISBN: 3641209706

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 5739

Zoe will gerade die Zukunft mit ihrer großen Liebe Jamie beginnen, als sie ihre Vergangenheit einholt. Kurz vor der Trauung erreicht sie der Hilferuf ihrer Mutter, mit der sie seit Jahren nicht gesprochen hat. Ohne nachzudenken verlässt Zoe die eigene Hochzeit und findet eine veränderte Mutter. Die Neuigkeit trifft sie mit voller Wucht: Gina ist mit gerade mal Anfang fünfzig an Alzheimer erkrankt. Der Alltag wird bedrohlicher, die Versöhnung mit ihrer Tochter immer dringlicher. Zoe will Gina beistehen, ist aber auch damit konfrontiert, dass Jamie sie nach der geplatzten Hochzeit verlassen hat. Ist er bereit, ihr eine zweite Chance zu geben? Und können Mutter und Tochter die Vergangenheit überwinden, jetzt da Gina ihre Erinnerung langsam, aber unaufhaltsam verliert?

The Secret Influence of the Moon

Alien Origins and Occult Powers

Author: Louis Proud

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620551659

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 408

View: 2931

The Moon is not a cold, dead rock but a rich, fascinating world just as alive as Earth • Investigates the Moon as the home of an alien intelligence who controls humanity • Examines several of NASA’s Apollo missions and the findings they concealed • Reveals the many holes in the “Giant Impact” theory about the Moon’s origins and the evidence for a hollow, artificial Moon • Explores the deep influence of the Moon on the collective mind of humanity and occult teachings about the Moon from the Qabbalah, tarot, and other sources Despite being the most prominent celestial body after the Sun, the Moon has many qualities that science has yet to explain. Lunar rock samples reveal the Moon once had a magnetic field like the Earth, and seismic experiments by NASA suggest the Moon is at least partially hollow. For centuries people have observed lights, moving clouds and shadows, and even the disappearance of entire craters via telescope. Apollo astronauts repeatedly felt the presence of a “non-human intelligence” during their Moon visits, and many indigenous traditions speak of malevolent visitors from the Moon. A growing body of astrophysical and geological evidence shows the Moon is not an entirely natural world--that someone or something altered it long ago. Louis Proud explores the phases and movements of the Moon along with its ancient and mysterious features--its craters, maria, rilles, tunnels, and domes. He examines several of NASA’s Apollo missions, showing not that NASA faked the Moon expeditions but that they concealed what the astronauts found there. He explains the many holes in the commonly accepted “Giant Impact” theory of the Moon’s origins and reveals the evidence for a hollow, artificial Moon placed in orbit eons ago to observe Earth. Examining the deep influence of the Moon on the collective mind of humanity, Proud looks at what the Qabbalah, the tarot, and other occult traditions say about the Moon and interprets G. I. Gurdjieff’s teachings that “we are food for the Moon.” He investigates the Moon as a gateway to another realm, as the Purgatory of Christianity, and as the home of an alien intelligence who controls and exploits humanity. Examining the Moon from both scientific and esoteric perspectives, Proud shows the Moon is not a cold, dead rock but a rich, fascinating world just as alive as Earth.

Structure of the Moon's Surface

Author: Gilbert Fielder

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 148315016X

Category: Science

Page: 282

View: 8752

Structure of the Moon's Surface focuses on the importance of certain features of the Moon's surface that have frequently been disregarded in the past, largely because of lack of knowledge of them. Topics covered include the librations of the Moon; height determinations of the points on the lunar surface; luminous intensity and luminescence of the lunar rocks; the color of moonlight and composition of the Moon's surface; and the Moon's temperature and atmosphere. This book is comprised of 14 chapters and begins with a review of important physical problems associated with the Moon, including its motion and figure as well as the luminous intensity and luminescence of its rocks. The following chapters discuss the polarization of light reflected by the Moon; the problem of the Moon's atmosphere; the probable nature of the Moon's surface; and changes occurring on the Moon. The Moon's ray and grid systems, lattice patterns, rilles and faults, and distribution and frequency of craters are also considered. The final chapter is devoted to the origin of the Moon's surface. This monograph will be of use to both professional and amateur lunar astronomers.

Palm Beach, Finland

Author: Antti Tuomainen

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 364400174X

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 6502

Eine Kleinstadt im finnischen Nirgendwo. Der neue Investor hat den Ort in "Palm Beach, Finnland" umgetauft, warum auch nicht? Alles erinnert an "Miami Vice" und "Baywatch": Die Namen der farbenfroh überstrichenen maroden Hütten, die hautengen Badeanzüge der Rettungsschwimmer, das überdimensionale Werbebanner am Ortseingang. Davon abgesehen unterscheidet sich das Küstennest kaum von den anderen traurigen Badeorten der Umgebung. Olivia Kosk ist nach gescheiterter Ehe gerade erst zurückgekehrt, um als Surflehrerin neu anzufangen, als sie einen fremden Mann in ihrer Küche auffindet. Ermordet. Obendrein auf ziemlich unschöne Weise. Weil die Polizei vor Ort den Fall nicht lösen kann, wird Jan Nyman, verdeckter Ermittler der finnischen Polizei, in das kuriose Ferienparadies entsandt. Getarnt als urlaubender Mathelehrer soll er herausfinden, was sich tatsächlich zugetragen hat. Sein Chef hat ihn zu einem Surfkurs bei Olivia verdonnert, der Hauptverdächtigen, und Nyman spürt schnell, dass er sich zu ihr hingezogen fühlt. Dass sie dringend Geld für die Renovierung ihres Hauses benötigt, rückt Olivia allerdings in ein ziemlich zweifelhaftes Licht. Aber Geldsorgen haben in Palm Beach, Finnland anscheinend alle. Und dann tritt auch noch ein Auftragskiller auf den Plan. Es ist der Bruder des Toten aus Olivias Küche. Und er will sich rächen.


Author: David Mark

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843702799

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 2962

Aector McAvoy ist Polizist. Ein guter Polizist. Und er muss einen Mörder jagen. Seit Wochen versetzt der die abgelegene nordenglische Küstenstadt Hullin in Angst und Schrecken. Niemand ahnt, wann er wieder zuschlagen wird, welches Opfer er wählen wird. Aber dann beginnt McAvoy zu verstehen. Erfolgt einem Mann, der eine Mission hat: Er will Gerechtigkeit. Um jeden Preis. McAvoy ist ihm auf der Spur – und riskiert dabei alles: seinen Job, seine Familie, sein Leben ...

Foundations of Astronomy

Author: Michael A. Seeds,Dana Backman

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305562399

Category: Science

Page: 688

View: 4548

Fascinating, engaging, and extremely visual, FOUNDATIONS OF ASTRONOMY, Thirteenth Edition, emphasizes the scientific method throughout as it guides students to answer two fundamental questions: What are we? And how do we know? In addition to exploring the newest developments and latest discoveries in the exciting field of astronomy, authors Michael Seeds and Dana Backman discuss the interplay between evidence and hypothesis, providing both factual information and a conceptual framework for understanding the logic of science. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Observing the Moon

Author: Peter Wlasuk

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852331931

Category: Science

Page: 181

View: 4133

Observing the Moon is a definitive work, written as a reference book for anyone seriously interested in the Moon and its geology. It is of course a perfect companion for practical observers. Detailed and extensively illustrated chapters catalog ail the interesting lunar features visible in modest telescopes. They are preceded by a crash course in modern lunar geology - based on the vast amount we have learned during and since the Apollo missions - and are followed by chapters on photographic and CCD imaging, drawing and lunar topography. A CD-ROM accompanies this book and contains an atlas of lunar images and much more. The CD-ROM requires a PC running Windows 3.1 or higher, a minimum of 16MB (Windows 3.1), 64MB (Windows 95 up) of memory and a 2x or faster CD-ROM player.

Das kleine weiße Pferd

Author: Elizabeth Goudge

Publisher: Verlag Freies Geistesleben

ISBN: 3772541771

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 312

View: 7176

600 Jahre alt ist das Schloss Moonacre, Stammsitz der Familie Merryweather, wohin die junge Maria mit ihrer Erzieherin Miss Heliotrope nach dem Tod ihrer Eltern übersiedelt. Als sich die Kutsche dem Haus nähert, meint Maria, in dem von Mondlicht überfluteten Park ein kleines weißes Pferd zu sehen. Und das ist nur der Anfang einer Reihe von merkwürdigen Erscheinungen, die sie im Schloss erwarten und die offenbar alle etwas mit ihr selbst zu tun haben. Mutig wagt sich Maria daran, die Familiengeheimnisse aufzuklären.

Current Aspects of Exobiology

Author: G. Mamikunian,M. H. Briggs

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 148322550X

Category: Science

Page: 432

View: 2885

Current Aspects of Exobiology covers the philosophical aspects, scientific approach, and related research problems in exobiology. Most of the chapters are presented at the Current Research in Exobiology Symposium, held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on February 26-28, 1963. This book is composed of 10 chapters and begins with an overview of the nature and occurrence of extraterrestrial living matter. The next chapters survey certain line of evidence concerning extraterrestrial life, including investigation of organo-chemical evolution, organic remains in meteorites, microorganisms of Middle Precambrian Age, and the survival capabilities and the performance of earth organisms in simulated extraterrestrial environments. These topics are followed by discussions on the interesting issues on the possibility of a primordial lunar life and the possibilities of life on mars. A chapter considers the various scientific efforts to detect life outside earth, including experiments on small, unmanned biological laboratories to the surfaces of the planets. Another chapter looks into the possibility of the accidental introduction of terrestrial microorganisms to other planets during the course of space exploration by unmanned spacecraft. The concluding chapters explore the potential of radio search for other intelligent species in space. Exobiologists and researchers in the related fields of exobiology who are interested in extraterrestrial life will find this book invaluable.

The Power of Stars

How Celestial Observations Have Shaped Civilization

Author: Bryan E. Penprase

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441968036

Category: Science

Page: 347

View: 5681

What are some of the connections that bind us to the stars? How have these connections been established? And how have people all around the world and throughout time reacted to the night sky, the sun and moon, in their poetry, mythology, rituals, and temples? This book explores the influence of the sky on both ancient and modern civilization, by providing a clear overview of the many ways in which humans have used the stars as an ordering principle in their cultures, and which today still inspire us intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The book explores constellation lore from around the world, celestial alignments of monuments and temples, both from ancient and modern civilizations, and the role the sky has played in the cultures of the Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Native American, Chinese, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca. Models of the universe from each of these cultures are described clearly, and each culture’s explanation of the stars, planets, and other celestial objects are described. The roots of astronomy and astrology are presented with original imagery and reproductions of ancient manuscripts that portray the structure of the physical universe as conceived by a diverse array of human cultures over the centuries. Our own scientific Big Bang cosmology and the origin of stars and elements are discussed in a philosophical context, to explore how we as modern people learn about the Universe, and incorporate the findings of science into our world views. A concluding chapter provides a summary of modern science's effort to unlock the celestial secrets from the sky and from past civilizations, and what these answers mean for us today.

GRAIL: Mapping the Moon's Interior

Author: Maria Zuber,Christopher Russell

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461495849

Category: Science

Page: 76

View: 1048

In September 2011, the GRAIL mission launched two unmanned spacecraft to the Moon, which entered into lunar orbit on December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2012. They orbited the Moon until December 17, 2012, when they impacted the surface near the Moon’s north pole. This book contains three review articles co-authored by the GRAIL Science Team and Guest Scientists that describe the reasons for the GRAIL mission, the development of the necessary technology, and the design of the mission to acquire the most precise measurements of the lunar gravity field possible today. The book provides a detailed description of the GRAIL mission’s scientific objectives, the instrumentation and its required performance, the complex simulation of the measurement system for determining the gravity field, and the innovative education and public outreach of the mission directed toward middle-school students who could select areas of the Moon for imaging with the onboard MoonKam camera system. This volume is aimed at researchers and graduate students active in solar system science and planetology. Originally published in Space Science Reviews journal, Vol. 178/1, 2013.

Welcome To Mars

A Haertel Scholium Book

Author: James Blish

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575104198

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 529

Dolph Haertel had made history. An incredible anti-gravity discovery, made entirely through his own efforts, had put him miles ahead of the professionals in the space race - and now he was setting off to prove his theories by travelling alone to Mars! The journey went perfectly - until Dolph actually landed on the Red Planet. There, he discovered a fault in his ship that couldn't be repaired without a vital - and missing - spare part. And Dolph Haertel, first Martian explorer, was marooned. His situation was critical. And his only hope lay with the one person to whom he had confided his secret of space travel. But would that person be able to find him in time . . . ?

Exploring the Moon

The Apollo Expeditions

Author: David M. Harland

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387746418

Category: Science

Page: 404

View: 2567

In this comprehensive overview of Man’s relationship with his planet’s nearest neighbor, David Harland opens with a review of the robotic probes, namely the Rangers which returned television before crashing into the Moon, the Surveyors which 'soft landed' in order to investigate the nature of the surface, and the Lunar Orbiters which mapped prospective Apollo landing sites. He then outlines the historic landing by Apollo 11 and the final three missions of comprehensive geological investigations. He concludes with a review of the robotic spacecraft that made remote-sensing observations of the Moon. This Commemorative Edition includes a foreword by one of the original astronauts as well as an extra section reviewing the prospect of renewed exploration there. New graphics and images are also included.

Planetary Sciences

Author: Imke de Pater,Jack J. Lissauer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316195694

Category: Science

Page: N.A

View: 7307

An authoritative introduction for graduate students in the physical sciences, this award-winning textbook explains the wide variety of physical, chemical, and geological processes that govern the motions and properties of planets. This updated second edition has been revised and improved while maintaining its existing structure and organization. Many data tables and plots have been updated to account for the latest measurements. A new Appendix focuses on recent discoveries since the second edition was first published. These include results from Cassini, Kepler, MESSENGER, MRO, LRO, Dawn at Vesta, Curiosity, and others, as well as many ground-based observatories. With over 300 exercises to help students apply the concepts covered, this textbook is ideal for graduate courses in astronomy, planetary science and earth science, and well suited as a reference for researchers. Color versions of many figures, movie clips supplementing the text, and other resources are available at