Mapping Intermediality in Performance

Author: Sarah Bay-Cheng,Chiel Kattenbelt,Andy Lavender

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9089642552

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

View: 6583

This insightful book explores the relationship between theater and digital culture. The authors show that the marriage of traditional performance with new technologies leads to an upheaval of the implicit “live” quality of theatre by introducing media interfaces and Internet protocols, all the while blurring the barriers between theater-makers and their audience.

Intermediality in Theatre and Performance

Author: Freda Chapple,Chiel Kattenbelt

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042016293

Category: History

Page: 266

View: 2914

Intermediality: the incorporation of digital technology into theatre practice, and the presence of film, television and digital media in contemporary theatre is a significant feature of twentieth-century performance. Presented here for the first time is a major collection of essays, written by the Theatre and Intermediality Research Group of the International Federation for Theatre Research, which assesses intermediality in theatre and performance. The book draws on the history of ideas to present a concept of intermediality as an integration of thoughts and medial processes, and it locates intermediality at the inter-sections situated in-between the performers, the observers and the confluence of media, medial spaces and art forms involved in performance at a particular moment in time. Referencing examples from contemporary theatre, cinema, television, opera, dance and puppet theatre, the book puts forward a thesis that the intermedial is a space where the boundaries soften and we are in-between and within a mixing of space, media and realities, with theatre providing the staging space for intermediality. The book places theatre and performance at the heart of the 'new media' debate and will be of keen interest to students, with clear relevance to undergraduates and post-graduates in Theatre Studies and Film and Media Studies, as well as the theatre research community.

Performance and Media

Taxonomies for a Changing Field

Author: Sarah Bay-Cheng,Jennifer Parker-Starbuck,David Z. Saltz

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472121464

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 188

View: 7889

This timely collaboration by three prominent scholars of media-based performance presents a new model for understanding and analyzing theater and performance created and experienced where time-based, live events, and mediated technologies converge–particularly those works conceived and performed explicitly within the context of contemporary digital culture. Performance and Media introduces readers to the complexity of new media-based performances and how best to understand and contextualize the work. Each author presents a different model for how best to approach this work, while inviting readers to develop their own critical frameworks, i.e., taxonomies, to analyze both past and emerging performances. Performance and Media capitalizes on the advantages of digital media and online collaborations, while simultaneously creating a responsive and integrated resource for research, scholarship, and teaching. Unlike other monographs or edited collections, this book presents the concept of multiple taxonomies as a model for criticism in a dynamic and rapidly changing field.

Stephen Poliakoff on Stage and Screen

Author: Robin Nelson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408131080

Category: Drama

Page: 251

View: 1331

Professor Nelson's companion considers the stage and screen work of one of the great auteurs of our present age. Ranging across Poliakoff's work for the theatre, his early TV dramas and his high-profile work for the screen since 1998, this is an invaluable study of a unique theatre, film and TV talent.

Film and Video Intermediality

The Question of Medium Specificity in Contemporary Moving Images

Author: Janna Houwen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1501320998

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 344

View: 8237

In Film and Video Intermediality, Janna Houwen innovatively rewrites the concept of medium specificity in order to answer the questions "what is meant by video?†? and "what is meant by film?†? How are these two media (to be) understood? How can film and video be defined as distinct, specific media? In this era of mixed moving media, it is vital to ask these questions precisely and especially on the media of video and film. Mapping the specificity of film and video is indispensable in analyzing and understanding the many contemporary intermedial objects in which film and video are mixed or combined.

Stage-Play and Screen-Play

The intermediality of theatre and cinema

Author: Michael Ingham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317555201

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 238

View: 2017

Dialogue between film and theatre studies is frequently hampered by the lack of a shared vocabulary. Stage-Play and Screen-Play sets out to remedy this, mapping out an intermedial space in which both film and theatre might be examined. Each chapter’s evaluation of the processes and products of stage-to-screen and screen-to-stage transfer is grounded in relevant, applied contexts. Michael Ingham draws upon the growing field of adaptation studies to present case studies ranging from Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan and RSC Live’s simulcast of Richard II to F.W. Murnau’s silent Tartüff, Peter Bogdanovich’s film adaptation of Michael Frayn’s Noises Off, and Akiro Kurosawa’s Ran, highlighting the multiple interfaces between media. Offering a fresh insight into the ways in which film and theatre communicate dramatic performances, this volume is a must-read for students and scholars of stage and screen.

The problem of theatrical autonomy

analysing theatre as a social practice

Author: Joshua Edelman,Louise Ejgod Hansen,Quirijn Lennert van den Hoogen

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 904853027X

Category: Art

Page: N.A

View: 6190

When we go to the theatre, we understand that we are doing something different. It is not just that sitting and watching others for two hours (or performing for others' gazes) is different than other daily activities. It is that theatre itself is a particular social setting, obeying its own rules and operating by its own standards. That difference makes theatre feel free and unencumbered by many of the things that tie us to society and the world in the rest of our lives. And yet, of course, this feeling is misleading. Theatre may be distinct, but it is still connected to the wider world. Performances may be built out of the forms, ideas and material from the 'real world', and as audience members, we may take the experiences, stories, and insights we find in the theatre with us when we leave, and make use of them in our daily lives. How is it, then, that theatre is distinct from - and yet connected to - the social world around it? This book explores that question. We aim to describe the particular relationship that theatre has to the larger social world, how that relationship works, what it enables theatre to do, and how it can change.

Viral Performance

Contagious Theaters from Modernism to the Digital Age

Author: Miriam Felton-Dansky

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810137178

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

View: 1524

Digital culture has occasioned a seismic shift in the discourse around contagion, transmission, and viral circulation. Yet theater, in the cultural imagination, has always been contagious. Viral Performance proposes the concept of the viral as an essential means of understanding socially engaged and transmedial performance practices since the mid-twentieth century. Its chapters rethink the Living Theatre’s Artaudian revolution through the lens of affect theory, bring fresh attention to General Idea’s media-savvy performances of the 1970s, explore the digital-age provocations of Franco and Eva Mattes and Critical Art Ensemble, and survey the dramaturgies and political stakes of global theatrical networks. Viral performance practices testify to the age-old—and ever renewed—instinct that when people gather, something spreads. Performance, an art form requiring and relying on live contact, renders such spreading visible, raises its stakes, and encodes it in theatrical form. The artists explored here rarely disseminate their ideas or gestures as directly as a viral marketer or a political movement would; rather, they undermine simplified forms of contagion while holding dialogue with the philosophical and popular discourses, old and new, that have surrounded viral culture. Viral Performance argues that the concept of the viral is historically deeper than immediate associations with the contemporary digital landscape might suggest, and far more intimately linked to live performance

Mama Dada

Gertrude Stein's Avant-Garde Theatre

Author: Sarah Bay-Cheng

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135924163

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 7965

Mama Dada is the first book to examine Gertrude Stein's drama within the history of the theatrical and cinematic avant-gardes. Since the publication of Stein's major writings by the Library of America in 1998, interest in her dramatic writing has escalated, particularly in American avant-garde theaters. This book addresses the growing interest in Stein's theater by offering the first detailed analyses of her major plays, and by considering them within a larger history of avant-garde performance. In addition to comparing Stein's plays and theories to those generated by Dadaists, Surrealists, and Futurists, this study further explores the uniqueness of Stein via these theatrical movements, including discussions of her interest in American life and drama, which argues that a significant and heretofore unrecognized relationship exists among the histories of avant-garde drama, cinema, and homosexuality. By examining and explaining the relationship among these three histories, the dramatic writings of Stein can best be understood, not only as examples of literary modernism, but also as influential dramatic works that have had a lasting effect on the American theatrical avant-

Mama Dada

Gertrude Stein, cinema, queerness, and avant-garde drama

Author: Sarah Bay-Cheng

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

View: 5643

Intermedial Performance and Politics in the Public Sphere

Author: Katia Arfara,Aneta Mancewicz,Ralf Remshardt

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319753436

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 267

View: 3621

This volume is a collection of scholarly articles and interviews with intermedial artists working with the concepts of public sphere at the intersection of aesthetics and politics. It explores the response of socially-engaged artistic practices to the current crisis in politics and media. It also critically examines urgent issues such as rampant nationalism and populism, expanding neoliberalism, the refugee crisis, growing inosculations of corporate and cyber culture, and the ongoing geopolitical changes in the Middle East. Can intermedial performances reflect the present artistic and political dilemmas in Europe and beyond? The collection provides theoretical frameworks that interrogate the role that spectators as citizens can play in our mediatized world while focusing on the functions of immersion, participation, and civic engagement in contemporary performance and society. The collection provides analyses by international scholars from Europe, Asia, and the USA, covering global performance created in the twenty-first century. It also introduces interviews with internationally acclaimed intermedial artists and companies such as BERLIN, Rimini Protokoll, Dries Verhoeven, Akira Takayama, and Kris Verdonck.

Travels in Intermedia[lity]

Reblurring the Boundaries

Author: Bernd Herzogenrath

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1611682614

Category: Social Science

Page: 273

View: 912

The cooperation and collaboration between media, art forms, and cultural studies

Stochastic Multiplayer Games

Theory and Algorithms

Author: Michael Ummels

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9085550408

Category: Computers

Page: 174

View: 9752

Stochastic games provide a versatile model for reactive systems that are affected by random events. This dissertation advances the algorithmic theory of stochastic games to incorporate multiple players, whose objectives are not necessarily conflicting. The basis of this work is a comprehensive complexity-theoretic analysis of the standard game-theoretic solution concepts in the context of stochastic games over a finite state space. One main result is that the constrained existence of a Nash equilibrium becomes undecidable in this setting. This impossibility result is accompanied by several positive results, including efficient algorithms for natural special cases.

Intermedial Shakespeares on European Stages

Author: A. Mancewicz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137360046

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 202

View: 7719

Intermedial Shakespeares argues that intermediality has refashioned performances of Shakespeare's plays over the last two decades in Europe. It describes ways in which text and author, time and space, actor and audience have been redefined in Shakespearean productions that incorporate digital media, and it traces transformations in practice.

Reading Contemporary Performance

Theatricality Across Genres

Author: Gabrielle Cody,Meiling Cheng

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136246568

Category: Art

Page: 312

View: 8853

As the nature of contemporary performance continues to expand into new forms, genres and media, it requires an increasingly diverse vocabulary. Reading Contemporary Performance provides students, critics and creators with a rich understanding of the key terms and ideas that are central to any discussion of this evolving theatricality. Specially commissioned entries from a wealth of contributors map out the many and varied ways of discussing performance in all of its forms – from theatrical and site-specific performances to live and New Media art. The book is divided into two sections: Concepts - Key terms and ideas arranged according to the five characteristic elements of performance art: time; space; action; performer; audience. Methodologies and Turning Points - The seminal theories and ways of reading performance, such as postmodernism, epic theatre, feminisms, happenings and animal studies. Case Studies – entries in both sections are accompanied by short studies of specific performances and events, demonstrating creative examples of the ideas and issues in question. Three different introductory essays provide multiple entry points into the discussion of contemporary performance, and cross-references for each entry also allow the plotting of one’s own pathway. Reading Contemporary Performance is an invaluable guide, providing not just a solid set of familiarities, but an exploration and contextualisation of this broad and vital field.

Shakespeare's Pictures

Visual Objects in the Drama

Author: Keir Elam

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408179776

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 400

View: 605

Shakespeare's Pictures is the first full-length study of visual objects in Shakespearean drama. In several plays (Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night, among others) pictures are brought on stage - in the form of portraits or other images - as part of the dramatic action. Shakespeare's characters show, exchange and describe them. The pictures arouse in their beholders strong feelings, of desire, nostalgia or contempt, and sometimes even taking the place of the people they depict. The pictures presented in Shakespeare's work are part of the language of the drama, and they have a significant impact on theatrical performance, from Shakespeare's time to our own. Keir Elam pays close attention to the iconographic and literary contexts of Shakespeare's pictures while also exploring their role in performance history. Highly illustrated with 46 images, this volume examines the conflicted cooperation between the visual and the verbal.

Staging China

New Theatres in the Twenty-First Century

Author: LI Ruru

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113752944X

Category: Social Science

Page: 282

View: 3485

An insightful analysis of more than a dozen Chinese stage productions, Staging China illustrates how Chinese society is reflected by and even constructed through theatre. Scholars from around the globe explore wide-ranging topics including recent approaches to classical theatre, propaganda theatre, and the challenges of independent theatres.

Re-Mapping Lagerlöf

Performance, intermediality and European transmissions

Author: Helena Forsås-Scott,Lisbeth Stenberg,Bjarne Thorup-Thomsen

Publisher: Nordic Academic Press

ISBN: 9187675269

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 352

View: 4850

For the first time ever, cutting-edge research about the Swedish Nobel Laureate Selma Lagerlöf and her work is made available to a world-wide audience in one comprehensive volume. Written by an international group of scholars, Re-Mapping Lagerlöf highlights the interdisciplinarity of current Lagerlöf research which frequently cuts across genres, media and disciplines. The structure of the book, with sections dedicated to performance, film and intermediality, transnational narratives and European transmissions, is reinforced by the extensive introductory portal. The authors explore themes such as Lagerlöf in and political contexts, her involvement in the women’s movement, the construction of her celebrity persona, her role for early Swedish film, the transnationality of her work and its impact in international contexts. The volume includes a number of illustrations that are rarely reproduced, and the detailed bibliographical section will contribute to making Re-Mapping Lagerlöf an indispensable platform for Lagerlöf scholarship for years to come. It also offers a model for interdisciplinary research in the arts and humanities. Contributors: Jenny Bergenmar, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Charlotte Berry, University of Edinburgh, UK. Anna Bohlin, Uppsala, Södertörn and Stockholm University, Sweden Elettra Carbone, University College London, UK. Git Claesson Pipping, Stockholm, Sweden. Roald van Elswijk, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Helena Forsås-Scott, University of Edinburgh, UK. Dagmar Hartlová, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Maria Karlsson, Uppsala University, Sweden. Anna Nordlund, Uppsala University, Sweden. Tom Olsson, Södertörn University College, Sweden. Christopher (Chip) Oscarson, Brigham Young University, US. Kristina Sjögren, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. Tytti Soila, Stockholm University, Sweden. Lisbeth Stenberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Björn Sundmark, Malmö University, Sweden. Astrid Surmatz, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Bjarne Thorup Thomsen, University of Edinburgh, UK. Jennifer Watson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US. Sofia Wijkmark, Karlstad University, Sweden. Ebba Witt-Brattström, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Ruptures in the Everyday

Views of Modern Germany from the Ground

Author: Andrew Stuart Bergerson,Leonard Schmieding,TG26,

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785335332

Category: History

Page: 342

View: 5341

During the twentieth century, Germans experienced a long series of major and often violent disruptions in their everyday lives. Such chronic instability and precipitous change made it difficult for them to make sense of their lives as coherent stories-and for scholars to reconstruct them in retrospect. Ruptures in the Everyday brings together an international team of twenty-six researchers from across German studies to craft such a narrative. This collectively authored work of integrative scholarship investigates Alltag through the lens of fragmentary anecdotes from everyday life in modern Germany. Across ten intellectually adventurous chapters, this book explores the self, society, families, objects, institutions, policies, violence, and authority in modern Germany neither from a top-down nor bottom-up perspective, but focused squarely on everyday dynamics at work "on the ground."

Applied Theatre: Performing Health and Wellbeing

Author: Veronica Baxter,Katharine E. Low

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472584589

Category: Drama

Page: 344

View: 2195

Applied Theatre: Performing Health and Wellbeing is the first volume in the field to address the role that theatre, drama and performance have in relation to promoting, developing and sustaining health and wellbeing in diverse communities. Challenging concepts and understanding of health, wellbeing and illness, it offers insight into different approaches to major health issues through applied performance. With a strong emphasis on the artistry involved in performance-based health responses, situated within a history of the field of practice, the volume is divided into two sections: Part One examines some of the key questions around research and practice in applied performance in health and wellbeing, specifically addressing the different regional challenges that dominate the provision of health care and influence wellbeing: how the ageing population of the global north creates pressure on lifetime healthcare provision, while the global south is dominated by a higher birth rate and a larger population under 15 years old. Part Two comprises case studies and interviews from international practitioners that reflect the diversity of practices across the world and in particular differences between work in the northern and southern hemispheres. These case studies include a sanitation project in a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand in the 1980s, and the sanitation and rural development projects initiated by the travelling theatre troupes of a number of University theatre departments in Africa – Makerere in Kampala, Uganda; Botswana; Lesotho and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – which began in the 1960s. It considers the emergence of Theatre for Development's use as a health approach, considering the work of Laedza Batanani and the influences of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed.