Making It Up as I Go Along

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780718181734


Page: 464

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A hilarious collection of Marian's hilarious and heartfelt observations on modern life, love and much, much else besides. Such as?you ask. Well, how about her guide to breaking up with your hairdresser. The warning she has for us all after a particularly traumatic fling with fake tan. Not to mention the very best lies to tell if you find yourself on an Antarctic cruise. You'll be wincing in recognition and won't be able to stop laughing at the sheer delightful absurdity that is modern life - because each and every one of us is clearly making it up as we go along.

Making it Up as I Go Along

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780718182526

Category: Essays

Page: 464

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A collection of hilarious, poignant, and moving essays from Marian Keyes. Her tales of her eye-lash extension horrors, domestic goddess attempts, and the time that she decided to become a yoga instructor will have you crying with laughter.

Making It Up As I Go Along

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405922087

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 5707

Laugh your socks off with this hilarious collection of tales, observations and flights of fancy from the funniest woman in print, bestselling author Marian Keyes Welcome to the magnificent Making It Up as I Go Along - aka the World According to Marian KeyesTM - A bold and brilliant collection of Marian's hilarious and often heartfelt observations on modern life, love and everything in between. From a guide to breaking up with your hairdresser to entering the fifties-zone, the joys of her nail varnish museum to singing her way through insomnia, Marian will have you laughing with delight and gasping with recognition throughout - because at the end of the day, each and every one of us is clearly making it up as we go along. 'Never far from barmy, always warm and real. But in the interstices of fun and frippery comes a sincere clarity. At times she is the darkest of light writers' Daily Telegraph 'Keyes manages to verbalize the most mundane of universal experiences and somehow make them funny . . .' Sunday Tribune 'A hilarious, sympathetic read' Hello! 'Packed with hilarious, sharp-eyed observations on life, love and everything else' Woman & Home 'Will make you laugh, cry and feel less alone. Fabulous' Good Housekeeping

Making It Up As I Go Along

Author: Maria T. Lennon

Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)

ISBN: 1400081912

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

View: 4048

Traveling the world as a war correspondent, California native Saffron Roch believes that she has found true love with Oscar, an egotistical surgeon working for Doctors Without Borders, but her life is thrown into turmoil when she finds that she is pregnant, discovers her Oscar's infidelity, and learns she is about to inherit a fortune. A first novel. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

Making it Up as We Go Along

The Story of the Albany Free School

Author: Chris Mercogliano

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books

ISBN: 9780325000435

Category: Education

Page: 136

View: 8988

Founded in 1969 in an inner-city neighborhood, the Albany Free School is based on real freedom, community, democratic principles, and affection and trust between teachers and students. This book provides an in-depth history of the Free School, including a brief analysis of its place in the broader scheme of things; describes the school with reference to the various alternatives to conventional schooling; and addresses certain fundamental subjects often neglected in our national thinking about children. Various anecdotes describe ways of working with children as unique individuals, based on faith in every child's inborn desire to learn. The anecdotes are organized into chapters that demonstrate school philosophy about handling disruptive or aggressive children, the apprenticeship model of learning, children's emotional and interpersonal issues, fear, concentration, television's effect on children, religion and spirituality, race and class, sexuality, teaching, and community. The concept of community is central to the school's philosophy. Children profit immensely from exposure to the practice of community at the Free School, because it establishes an interior template that helps them find personal meaning based on their ability to connect with others. (TD)

Making it Up as I Go Along

Author: Tara Heavey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780717139071

Category: Dublin (Ireland)

Page: 299

View: 6057

'My father left us when I was very small, tiny, in fact. All dreams of a tearful reunion were dashed when, a few years later, he was knocked down by a bus. So it does happen in real life. Let's hope he was wearing clean underwear at the time.' At 31, Liz Clancy is beginning to wonder how long she can blame her absent father for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Her writer's block, her disastrous penchant for older men, even her curly black hair that frizzes in the rain. Then her discovery of a photograph of her father stops her in her tracks, and she begins to wonder if the answer to her current dilemmas might lie in the past. Seeking out her father's family in the heart of Dublin's inner city, she meets a larger-than-life cast of characters, who regale her with stories of their exotic Spanish ancestry and their direct connection with the Spanish Armada. Liz is overwhelmed. Could this explain why she is so shamefully drawn to Julio Iglesias, the Gypsy Kings, to flamenco, paella and all things Spanish? Eric, himself descended from the Vikings, Liz sets off in search of the missing part of herself and to a new, and surprising future.

Saved by Cake

Over 80 Ways to Bake Yourself Happy

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110163796X

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 4973

Beloved novelist Marian Keyes tackles the kitchen with a new cookbook featuring desserts that are both simple and delicious, with step-by-step instructions and stunning photography. “To be perfectly blunt about it, my choice sometimes is: I can kill myself, or I can make a dozen cupcakes. Right so, I’ll do the cupcakes and I can kill myself tomorrow.” In Saved by Cake, Marian Keyes gives a candid account of her recent battle with depression and her discovery that learning to bake was exactly what she needed to regain her joie de vivre. A complete novice in the kitchen, Marian decided to bake a cake for a friend. From the moment she began measuring, she realized that baking was the best way for her to get through each day. Refreshingly honest and wickedly funny, Saved by Cake shines with Keyes’ inimitable charm and is chockfull of sound advice. Written in Marian’s signature style, her take on baking is honest, witty, extremely accessible and full of fun. Her simple and delicious recipes—from Consistently Reliable Cupcakes to Fridge-set Honeycomb Cheesecake—are guaranteed to tempt even the most jaded palate.

Dazed and Confused

Author: Jefferson Hack,Rankin

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 9780847836925

Category: Art

Page: 335

View: 4017

Celebrating twenty years of an agenda-setting powerhouse of contemporary style, design, and popular culture. Celebrated for discovering and promoting new artists, musicians, designers, and filmmakers, Dazed & Confused magazine has been a barometer of popular style and culture since its founding in London in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and the photographer Rankin. Quickly renowned for its controversial attitude, Dazed represented a new wave in the British style press, bringing together figures from different creative fields and eras to produce extraordinary interviews and develop artwork for the magazine. From David Bowie to Bjork, Harmony Korine to David Lynch, Kate Moss to Stockhausen, and Rankin to Thom Yorke, the roster of the magazine's subjects and contributing artists alone is a record of the evolution of contemporary pop culture. Edited by its founders, this daringly illustrated book immortalizes the magazine's most enduring features, from legendary photo shoots and iconic covers to controversial interviews, and supplements them with outtakes, ephemera from the editors' offices, original artwork, and contributions from the photographers, designers, and artists behind it all.


Author: Carol Lovekin

Publisher: Honno Press

ISBN: 9781909983397

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 5521

Cadi is angry at not being allowed to ask about her father and her sister - she wants to know who she is. Her mother Violet believes she can control her terrors only by refusing to talk about them. And Lili, Cadi's aunt, is stuck in the middle. In a world of hauntings and magic, in a small village where it rains all August, this summer the secrets and the ghosts are finally waking up and none of the Hopkins women will be able to escape them.

Under the Duvet

Shoes, Reviews, Having the Blues, Builders, Babies, Families and Other Calamities

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0061859923

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 5213

From the acclaimed bestselling author of Sushi for Beginners and Angels comes a collection of personal essays on shopping, writing, moviemaking, motherhood and all the assorted calamities involved in being a savvy woman in the new millennium. Her novels are read and adored by millions around the world, and with Under the Duvet, Marian Keyes tackles the world of nonfiction. These are her collected pieces: regular bulletins from the woman writing under the covers. Marian loves shoes and her LTFs (Long-Term Friends), hates realtors and lost luggage, and she once had a Christmas office party that involved roasting two sheep on a spit, Moroccan-style. She's just like you and me ... Featuring a wide compilation of Marian's journalism from magazines and newspapers, plus some exclusive, previously unpublished material, Under the Duvet is bursting with funny stories: observations on life, in-laws, weight loss, parties and driving lessons that will keep you utterly gripped -- either wincing with recognition or roaring with laughter.

Library Technology Funding, Planning, and Deployment

Author: Iglesias, Edward

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522517367

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 257

View: 1068

Advancements in technology are impacting many businesses and institutions, including libraries. As such, it is increasingly imperative to research purchasing methods to boost cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Library Technology Funding, Planning, and Deployment is an authoritative reference source for the latest research on the best methods of the purchase and implementation of various technology systems by libraries. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as library systems management, Open Source software, and budget constraints, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, practitioners and librarians seeking current research on library purchase and utilization of technology.

The Woman Who Stole My Life

A Novel

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698197658

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 8607

A funny new novel from international bestselling author Marian Keyes about Irish beautician Stella Sweeney who falls ill, falls in love, then falls into a glamorous new life in New York City. When her dream life is threatened, will she rally to reclaim love and happiness? In her own words, Stella Sweeney is just “an ordinary woman living an ordinary life with her husband and two teenage kids,” working for her sister in their neighborhood beauty salon. Until one day she is struck by a serious illness, landing her in the hospital for months. After recovering, Stella finds out that her neurologist, Dr. Mannix Taylor, has compiled and self-published a memoir about her illness. Her discovery comes when she spots a photo of the finished copy in an American tabloid—and it’s in the hands of the vice president’s wife! As her relationship with Dr. Taylor gets more complicated, Stella struggles to figure out who she was before her illness, who she is now, and who she wants to be while relocating to New York City to pursue a career as a newly minted self-help memoirist. Funny, fast-paced, and honest, Keyes’s latest novel is full of her trademark charm and wisdom and is sure to delight her many fans.

No Dress Rehearsal

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Gemma

ISBN: 1934848565

Category: Fiction

Page: 92

View: 7128

Lizzie is dead - she just doesnt know it. Why does everyone ignore her when she needs a little sympathy? She has been in an accident, after all. The next day, Lizzie goes to work as usual and meets two unusual people, spirits who have been sent to break the bad news. But our Lizzie is not ready to go anywhere. She has yet to say her goodbyes. Help is at hand with Jan and Jim, messengers who have seen it all before. Before Lizzie crosses to the other side, she'll get her chance to stage the closing scene of a lifetime.

The Brightest Star in the Sky

A Novel

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101189878

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 5934

A wry and life-affirming tale-and the Irish literary star's latest New York Times bestseller. Marian Keyes's inimitable blend of rollicking humor, effervescent prose, and captivating stories that deal with real-life issues have won readers around the globe. Reminiscent of the blockbuster movie Love, Actually, her new novel The Brightest Star in the Sky, features seven neighbors whose lives become entangled when a sassy and prescient spirit descends on 66 Star Street to radically transform at least one person's life in the Dublin town house. With the comic appeal of Nick Hornby's novels and delicious drama akin to Jane Green, The Brightest Star in the Sky will keep readers guessing, laughing, gasping, and in tears until the very last page.

The Mystery of Mercy Close

A Novel

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101606045

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 2906

A compelling tale of mystery, romance, and the irrepressible Walsh family from the internationally bestselling author Marian Keyes Helen Walsh doesn’t believe in fear—it’s just something men invented to get all the money—and yet she’s sinking. Her private investigator business has dried up, her flat has been repossessed, and now some old demons are resurfacing. Chief among them is her charming but dodgy ex-boyfriend Jay Parker, who offers Helen a lucrative missing-persons case. Wayne Diffney from boyband Laddz vanished from his house in Mercy Close—and the Laddz have a sellout comeback gig in five days. Helen has a new boyfriend, but Jay’s reappearance proves unsettling. Playing by her own rules, Helen is drawn into a dark and glamorous world, where her own worst enemy is her own head and where increasingly the only person she feels connected to is Wayne, a man she has never even met. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Anybody Out There?

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061829951

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 4275

Bestselling author Marian Keyes has delighted readers with the lives, loves, and foibles of the irrepressible Walsh sisters and their eccentric mammy. In this Life in the Big Apple is perfect for Anna. She has the best job in the world, a lovely apartment, and great friends. Then one morning, she wakes up in her mammy's house in Dublin with stitches in her face, a dislocated knee, hands smashed up, and no memory at all of what happened. As soon as she's able, Anna's flying back to Manhattan, mystified but determined to find out how her life turned upside down. As her past slowly begins coming back to her, she sets out on an outrageous quest—involving lilies, psychics, mediums, and anyone who can point her in the right direction. Marrying life's darker bits with wild humor and tender wit, Anybody Out There? is a strange and wonderfully charming look at love here and ever after.

Making it Up

Author: Penelope Lively

Publisher: N.A


Category: British

Page: 247

View: 4992

New from the award-winning author of "Moon Tiger" comes a masterly crafted exploration of the myriad answers to the question, "What if . . ."

Nuclear Family

A Tragicomic Novel in Letters

Author: Susanna Fogel

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1627797920

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 4026

From filmmaker and New Yorker contributor Susanna Fogel comes a comedic novel about a fractured family of New England Jews and their discontents, over the course of three decades. Told entirely in letters to a heroine we never meet, we get to know the Fellers through their check-ins with Julie: their thank-you notes, letters of condolence, family gossip, and good old-fashioned familial passive-aggression. Together, their missives – some sardonic, others absurd, others heartbreaking – weave a tapestry of a very modern family trying (and often failing) to show one another they care. The titular “Nuclear Family” includes, among many others: A narcissistic former-child-prodigy father who has taken up haiku writing in his old age and his new wife, a traditional Chinese woman whose attempts to help her stepdaughter find a man include FedExing her silk gowns from Filene’s Basement. Their six-year-old son, Stuart, whose favorite condiment is truffle oil and who wears suits to bed. Julie’s mother, a psychologist who never remarried but may be in love with her arrogant Rabbi and overshares about everything, including the threesome she had with Dutch grad students in 1972.

How to Make It

25 Makers Share the Secrets to Building a Creative Business

Author: Erin Austen Abbott

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452150524

Category: Self-Help

Page: 212

View: 4244

This is the ultimate tell-all, show-all guide to making a living by making things. Featuring 25 profiles of illustrators, jewelry designers, ceramicists, painters, clothing designers, and printmakers, How to Make It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the daily rituals and best practices that keep these creative entrepreneurs on track. With Q & As, insider tips, and DIYs from each maker, these pages offer guidance and encouragement to artists just starting their careers and to professionals looking to take their creative business to the next level. Brimming with practical advice and inspiration, this book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in making it as a maker.

Rachel's Holiday

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0140271791

Category: Fiction

Page: 625

View: 3580

RACHEL'S HOLIDAY, Marian's classic novel about addiction, is being given a new lease of life with a fantastic new jacket treatment. Here's Rachel Walsh, twenty-seven and the miserable owner of size 8 feet. She has regular congress with Luke Costello, a man who wears his leather trousers tight. And she's fond - some might say too fond - of recreational drugs. Until she finds herself being frogmarched to the Cloisters - Dublin's answer to the Betty Ford Clinic. She's outraged. Surely she's not thin enough to be an addict? Heartsick and Luke-sick, she seeks redemption in the shape of Chris, a Man with a Past. A man who might be more trouble than he's worth.