Legal Will Kit

Author: Enodare

Publisher: Enodare Limited

ISBN: 1906144397

Category: Law

Page: 156

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Create Your Will in Minutes If you die without making a valid last will and testament, you will have died intestate. You will then have no control over who your property is distributed to or even who takes care of your children following your death. Both of these matters will be determined by state laws which are often decades old. There is also the added risk that your estate could be substantially depleted due to the high levels of legal and professional fees associated with dying intestate. Making a last will and testament is the only way to ensure that you have control over these matters and that you can properly provide for the needs of your family. This self-help kit provides you with step-by-step instructions, detailed information and all the legal forms necessary to make a will and to ensure that your property passes to your loved ones after your death. Make cash and specific property gifts to your loved ones Appoint guardians to care for your minor children Appoint executors to wind up your estate Create trusts for minor beneficiaries Make funeral arrangements

The Easy Will and Living Will Kit

Author: Joy S Chambers

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1572484810

Category: Law

Page: 224

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Simple forms that protect and save money for you and your family. Admit it. You have been thinking about getting together all the documents you need to protect yourself and your family should something unexpected happen. But the thought of the time it would take and the amount of work involved has just seemed like too much. Not anymore. The Easy Will and Living Will Kit provides all the documents you need in one place. In just minutes, you can follow the simple steps it takes to prepare your will, living will and powers of attorney. Begin by choosing the will form that is right for you. Every form is ready-to-use and modifiable for your needs. Putting your affairs in order has never been easier.

Money Makeover

The Secret to Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Financial Success


Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781742469638

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

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You don't have to earn megabucks or have a degree in economics to make the most of your money. With the help of Money Makeover, you'll discover how easy it is to take stock of your finances and create the life of your dreams, without having to give up red wine or wade through finance mumbo-jumbo! Inside this book you'll find practical information (without the boring bits) and inspiring real-life stories that will empower you to create your own financial plan. You'll discover: simple strategies to work your way out of debt fail-proof saving techniques how to invest in shares, managed funds and property, step by step super tips to help you sort your super easy ways to factor in life's little curve balls -- relationships, bambinos and career changes. Money Makeover is for women of all ages wanting to take control of their financial destiny and make their money grow.

U.S. Immigration Made Easy

Author: Laurence A. Canter,Martha S. Siegel,Daniel J. Roemer

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873374040

Category: Emigration and immigration law

Page: 496

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If you want to immigrate to the United States, whether temporarily or permanently, you need to know your options. Job training, schooling, setting up a business, travelling -- any of these possibilities could get you the permission you need. With U.S. Immigration Made Easy, you can decide which immigration strategy makes the most sense for you. Learn how to qualify for visas, green cards and citizenship, how to fill out and file the necessary forms and how to present the strongest possible case to the Immigration & Naturalization Service. Written by immigration attorneys who have obtained visas and green cards for thousands of foreign nationals, this book reveals the inside information that the U.S. government doesn't provide. Thoroughly updated and revised, the 10th edition of U.S. Immigration Made Easy covers current topics, including tightened security and how it affects all visa and green card applicants, the "Child Status Protection Act," new requirements for J-I visa holders, new work-permit opportunities and much more. Book jacket.

Money Made Easy 2015-16

The complete guide to making and saving money for the whole family

Author: Mark King,Laura Whitcombe

Publisher: Harriman House Limited

ISBN: 0857194925

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Money Made Easy 2015-16 is here to help you master your personal finances - cutting through the jargon and explaining clever but simple ways to make and save money. Covering every stage of life, it gives you the tools you need to ensure you always get a good deal. The good news is that whatever age you are, however much you earn, whatever your history, you can always improve your financial position by getting organised. You don’t need a new job or a pay rise; you can improve your finances without making any major lifestyle changes – and you can do it today. Dive into Money Made Easy and find out: - how to grow your money over the long term - how to plan and save for retirement - how to start a business - how to buy and sell property - how to cut debt and build savings - how to get organised for life’s big events: childbirth, marriage and more. The book also includes a product guide covering the building blocks of personal finance and a handy jargon buster. Personal finance is not an enigma and it’s not impossible to understand; it’s just a subject many people avoid. Don’t be one of them. Start smartening your finances today – thanks to this book, it’s never been easier.

The Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts Legal Kit

Your Complete Legal Guide to Planning for the Future

Author: Douglas Godbe

Publisher: Sphinx Pub

ISBN: 9781572483309

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 365

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Everybody needs a will or a trust, yet more than 70 percent of the U.S. population has neither. While the process involved in attaining either a will or a trust can be complicated, The Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts Legal Kit simplifies this process and enables you to prepare and execute your own will or living trust by providing explanations, instructions and the necessary forms.

The Complete Living Will Kit

Author: Edward A. Haman

Publisher: Sphinx Publishing

ISBN: 9781572485426

Category: Law

Page: 254

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The Complete Living Will Kit is a complete, easy-to-use guide to preparing your own living will without the expense of an attorney.

Wills and Trusts Kit For Dummies

Author: Aaron Larson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470283718

Category: Law

Page: 356

View: 449

Complete with a CD-ROM with examples and customizable templates of different wills and trusts, this comprehensive and accessible guide provides readers with helpful information and practical guidance for understanding and preparing wills and trusts. Original.

Legal Research

How to Find & Understand the Law

Author: Stephen Elias,Susan Levinkind

Publisher: NOLO


Category: Legal research

Page: 336

View: 8528

This comprehensive, user-friendly bestseller provides a systematic method for answering legal questions. It explains how to understand and use all the basic tools of legal research and practice, from legal encyclopedias and case digests to "Shepard's Citations" and treatises.

The California Landlord's Law Book

Rights and Responsibilities

Author: David Wayne Brown,Ralph E. Warner

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873374439

Category: Landlord and tenant

Page: 496

View: 1603

This book covers everything landlords and property managers need to know about deposits, leases, and rental agreements, inspections, habitability, discrimination, and rent control. Recent legislation is detailed in this seventh edition. Includes 25 tear-out forms and agreements. Illustrations.

Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps

Author: Robert Craig Waters

Publisher: Bellingham, WA ; North Vancouver, BC : Self-Counsel Press

ISBN: 9781551805955

Category: Law

Page: 82

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Eighty percent of adults have not yet written a will. Of the 20 percent who have, almost all need to update it. Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps provides the means for anyone to create an estate plan and a will -- quickly and legally.Produced by Self-Counsel Press, a publisher with over 30 years of experience producing legal books and forms, this complete kit includes everything a person needs to plan their estate, make decisions about how to divide it, and write their own legal will. There is no need to hire a lawyer, which can save a person thousands of dollars. This kit is written by a lawyer and it is 100% legal.Creating an estate plan and writing a will is easy. Step-by-step instructions are included in the book. You can fill in the paper forms or just pop the CD-ROM into your computer and type directly into the forms on your PC.

A legal guide for lesbian and gay couples

Author: Hayden Curry,Denis Clifford,Robin Leonard

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873372695

Category: Law

Page: 384

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America's estimated 20 million lesbians and gay men need to take specific legal steps to define and protect their relationships in the eyes of the law. This practical guide shows them how to: obtain domestic partner benefits-plan for medical emergencies-buy property together-provide for each other at death-understand the practical and legal aspects of having and raising children.The guide includes living together contracts, sample wills and a durable power of attorney. The updated 14th edition now includes a new chapter discussing the laws of states that offer an equivalent to marriage, plus information on ending such relationships.

The small business start-up kit

Author: Peri Pakroo

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873375924

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 350

View: 9559

User friendly and loaded with tips, this guidebook helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch a business quickly, easily, and with confidence. Includes information on choosing a business type, write and effective business plan, acquire good bookkeeping skills, and more. Includes all forms and instructions, both tear-outs on on CD-ROM.

Patent, Copyright & Trademark

Author: Stephen Elias,Richard Stim

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873376013

Category: LAW

Page: 496

View: 5162

Written for programmers, publishers, writers and others who need to understand the terminology of intellectual property law, this bestseller provides: -- an overview of patent, copyright, trademark and trade-secret law -- explanations of the scope of protection each device offers -- clear definitions of intellectual property terminology -- sample legal forms The 4th edition offers readers new information on licensing, expanded definitions and a comprehensive discussion of Internet issues.

Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps

Author: Robert Craig Waters

Publisher: Self Counsel Press

ISBN: 9781770401006

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 5603

This CD has everything you need to plan your estate, make decisions about how to divide it, and write your own legal will. This kit is written by an American lawyer and is 100 percent legal. Creating an estate plan and writing your own will is easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the book and use the forms provided on the CD to create your own will. There's no need to register your will or have it signed by a legal professional. Simply store it in a safe place for your loved ones. It's 100 percent legal, written by a lawyer.