JavaScript Programming

A Complete Practical Guide for Beginners to Master JavaScript Programming Language

Author: Brian Draper,Conjoint Senior Lecturer School of Psychiatry and School of Community Medicine Brian Draper, Dr

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542809283


Page: 94

View: 9061

Learn JavaScript Programming Fast, Easily And In A Fun Way In No Time, Starting From The Basics! What you will learn: All the JavaScript Operators, Statements, Keywords, Variables and Syntax, JavaScript Errors, Powerful JavaScript Features, User Entry Calculation, Introduction to DreamWeaver8, Lots of JavaScript Tips to become an efficient Programmer, JavaScript in Web Application, And much much more... Get your copy today

Die Kunst der JavaScript-Programmierung

Eine moderne Einführung in die Sprache des Web

Author: Marijn Haverbeke

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3864911915

Category: Computers

Page: 240

View: 9619

Das Buch ist eine Einführung in JavaScript, die sich auf gute Programmiertechniken konzentriert. Der Autor lehrt den Leser, wie man die Eleganz und Präzision von JavaScript nutzt, um browserbasierte Anwendungen zu schreiben. Das Buch beginnt mit den Grundlagen der Programmierung - Variablen, Kontrollstrukturen, Funktionen und Datenstrukturen -, dann geht es auf komplexere Themen ein, wie die funktionale und objektorientierte Programmierung, reguläre Ausdrücke und Browser-Events. Unterstützt von verständlichen Beispielen wird der Leser rasch die Sprache des Web fließend 'sprechen' können.


Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners

Author: Nathan Clark

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781974581214


Page: 152

View: 9930

JavaScript Made Easy - a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners Get the Kindle version FREE when purchasing the Paperback! Learning a programming language can seem like a daunting task. You may have looked at coding in the past, and felt it was too complicated and confusing. This comprehensive beginner's guide will take you step by step through learning one of the best programming languages out there. In a matter of no time, you will be writing code like a professional. JavaScript is a popular client-side scripting language that is used to develop products and applications to run in a web browser. Almost all applications that you see on the web will have JavaScript running in some form or another. There is no limit to the extent of functionality that can be created using JavaScript. What This Book Offers Made for Beginners This guide is written specifically for beginners. We take you step-by-step through writing your very first program, explaining each portion of code as we go along. We guide you through choosing an IDE, as well as the various elements of coding in JavaScript. 106 Practical Examples With each concept, we provide one or more example to illustrate the topic in a way that makes it easy to understand. We break examples down into their basic workings, and provide the output for you to compare to your own results. Introduction to JavaScript For newcomers to JavaScript we look at what the language has to offer, its origin and design goals, features and capabilities, as well as JavaScript based frameworks, before stepping into more in-depth topics. Key Topics Basics of JavaScript Writing Your First Program, Step-By-Step Basic Program Structure Which IDE to Choose Features and Uses of JavaScript Sample Applications Data Types Variables Operators Type Conversions Numbers Strings Booleans Working with Dates Get Your Copy Today!

The Librarian's Introduction to Programming Languages

A LITA Guide

Author: Beth Thomsett-Scott

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442263342

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 200

View: 5289

The Librarian’s Introduction to Programming Languages presents case studies and practical applications for using the top programming languages in library and information settings. The languages covered are JavaScript, PERL, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby, C, C#, and Java.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO Database Programming with PHP/MySQL

Author: Vivian Siahaan,Rismon Hasiholan Sianipar

Publisher: SPARTA Publishing



Page: 436

View: 8227

You will learn PHP/MySQL fast, easy and fun. This book provides you with a complete MySQL guidance presented in an easy-to-follow manner. Each chapter has practical examples with SQL script and screenshots available. If you go through the entire chapters, you will know how to manage MySQL databases and manipulate data using various techniques such as MySQL queries, MySQL stored procedures, database views, triggers. In the first part of the book, you will learn basic MySQL statements including how to implement querying data, sorting data, filtering data, joining tables, grouping data, subquerying data, dan setting operators. Aside from learning basic SQL statements, you will also learn step by step how to develop stored procedures in MySQL. First, we introduce you to the stored procedure concept and discuss when you should use it. Then, we show you how to use the basic elements of the procedure code such as create procedure statement, if-else, case, loop, stored procedure’s parameters. In the next chapter, we will discuss the database views, how they are implemented in MySQL, and how to use them more effectively. After that, you will learn how to work with the MySQL triggers. By definition, a trigger or database trigger is a stored program executed automatically to respond to a specific event e.g., insert, update or delete occurred in a table. The database trigger is powerful tool for protecting the integrity of the data in your MySQL databases. In addition, it is useful to automate some database operations such as logging, auditing, etc. Then, you will learn about MySQL index including creating indexes, removing indexes, listing all indexes of a table and other important features of indexes in MySQL. MySQL uses indexes to quickly find rows with specific column values. Without an index, MySQL must scan the whole table to locate the relevant rows. The larger table, the slower it searches. After that, you will find a lot of useful MySQL administration techniques including MySQL server startup and shutdown, MySQL server security, MySQL database maintenance, and backup. The last chapter gives you the most commonly used MySQL functions including aggregate functions, string functions, date time functions, control flow functions, etc.

Angular JS for Beginners: Your Guide to Easily Learn Angular JS In 7 Days

Author: i Code Academy

Publisher: WhiteFlowerPublsihing

ISBN: 1386133566

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

View: 2837

This book contains the steps, strategies, and techniques you need to learn and use AngularJS, a well-supported and widely-used JavaScript framework for single page applications development. This training material was conceptualized and developed to help beginners of diverse backgrounds to master the powerful features of AngularJS and use them to make rich and dynamic web pages. Web developers, absolute beginners, and programmers will find this book a practical, engaging, and reliable resource material for learning AngularJS. Whether you want to launch a career in web applications development or you want to put up your own interactive website using the single page concept, this training offers a quick, straightforward, and inexpensive way to achieve your objectives. This instructional book provides a thorough step-by-step guide to help you understand and optimize the tools, connectivity features, and potentials of AngularJS. It presents the precise steps from the beginning and discusses the key concepts involved in each step. It uses visual aids and screenshots to make learning intuitive and easy. This book offers a comprehensive discussion of AngularJS features and functionalities and provides real world examples that go beyond the basics.

Mastering JavaScript Functional Programming

In-depth guide for writing robust and maintainable JavaScript code in ES8 and beyond

Author: Federico Kereki

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1787289737

Category: Computers

Page: 386

View: 8082

Master Functional Programming techniques with this comprehensive guide for writing cleaner, safer, high-performing JavaScript codes About This Book Become proficient and skilled with Functional Programming in JavaScript to solve real-world development problems Successfully apply Functional Programming concepts and techniques to everyday JavaScript programming Bring modularity, reusability, testability, and performance to your web apps Who This Book Is For If you are a JavaScript developer and want to apply functional programming techniques, then this book is for you. Only a basic knowledge of the concepts of functional programming is required for this book. What You Will Learn Create more reliable code with closures and immutable data Convert existing methods into pure functions, and loops into recursive methods Develop more powerful applications with currying and function composition Separate the logic of your system from implementation details Implement composition and chaining techniques to simplify coding Use functional programming techniques where it makes the most sense In Detail Functional programming is a programming paradigm for developing software using functions. Learning to use functional programming is a good way to write more concise code, with greater concurrency and performance. The JavaScript language is particularly suited to functional programming. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the major topics in functional programming with JavaScript to produce shorter, clearer, and testable programs. You'll delve into functional programming; including writing and testing pure functions, reducing side-effects, and other features to make your applications functional in nature. Specifically, we'll explore techniques to simplify coding, apply recursion for loopless coding, learn ways to achieve immutability, implement design patterns, and work with data types. By the end of this book, you'll have developed the JavaScript skills you need to program functional applications with confidence. Style and approach This book takes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial approach. You will make the most of JavaScript programming with a focus on the progression of functional programming techniques, styles, and detailed information about JavaScript libraries.

Clean Coder

Author: Robert C. Martin

Publisher: mitp Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 3826632087

Category: Computers

Page: 216

View: 3199

Verhaltensregeln für professionelle Programmierer Erfolgreiche Programmierer haben eines gemeinsam: Die Praxis der Software-Entwicklung ist ihnen eine Herzensangelegenheit. Auch wenn sie unter einem nicht nachlassenden Druck arbeiten, setzen sie sich engagiert ein. Software-Entwicklung ist für sie eine Handwerkskunst. In Clean Coder stellt der legendäre Software-Experte Robert C. Martin die Disziplinen, Techniken, Tools und Methoden vor, die Programmierer zu Profis machen. Dieses Buch steckt voller praktischer Ratschläge und behandelt alle wichtigen Themen vom professionellen Verhalten und Zeitmanagement über die Aufwandsschätzung bis zum Refactoring und Testen. Hier geht es um mehr als nur um Technik: Es geht um die innere Haltung. Martin zeigt, wie Sie sich als Software-Entwickler professionell verhalten, gut und sauber arbeiten und verlässlich kommunizieren und planen. Er beschreibt, wie Sie sich schwierigen Entscheidungen stellen und zeigt, dass das eigene Wissen zu verantwortungsvollem Handeln verpflichtet. In diesem Buch lernen Sie: Was es bedeutet, sich als echter Profi zu verhalten Wie Sie mit Konflikten, knappen Zeitplänen und unvernünftigen Managern umgehen Wie Sie beim Programmieren im Fluss bleiben und Schreibblockaden überwinden Wie Sie mit unerbittlichem Druck umgehen und Burnout vermeiden Wie Sie Ihr Zeitmanagement optimieren Wie Sie für Umgebungen sorgen, in denen Programmierer und Teams wachsen und sich wohlfühlen Wann Sie Nein sagen sollten – und wie Sie das anstellen Wann Sie Ja sagen sollten – und was ein Ja wirklich bedeutet Großartige Software ist etwas Bewundernswertes: Sie ist leistungsfähig, elegant, funktional und erfreut bei der Arbeit sowohl den Entwickler als auch den Anwender. Hervorragende Software wird nicht von Maschinen geschrieben, sondern von Profis, die sich dieser Handwerkskunst unerschütterlich verschrieben haben. Clean Coder hilft Ihnen, zu diesem Kreis zu gehören. Über den Autor: Robert C. Uncle Bob Martin ist seit 1970 Programmierer und bei Konferenzen in aller Welt ein begehrter Redner. Zu seinen Büchern gehören Clean Code – Refactoring, Patterns, Testen und Techniken für sauberen Code und Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices. Als überaus produktiver Autor hat Uncle Bob Hunderte von Artikeln, Abhandlungen und Blogbeiträgen verfasst. Er war Chefredakteur bei The C++ Report und der erste Vorsitzende der Agile Alliance. Martin gründete und leitet die Firma Object Mentor, Inc., die sich darauf spezialisiert hat, Unternehmen bei der Vollendung ihrer Projekte behilflich zu sein.

Dreamweaver MX: A Beginner's Guide

Author: Ray West,Thomas Muck

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0072230398

Category: Computers

Page: 550

View: 6579

Get a solid introduction to the tools, functionality, and newly integrated features of Dreamweaver MX. Discover how to create dynamic Web applications efficiently -- even if you're new to Web development. Filled with step-by-step tutorials, progress checks, hands-on projects, and more, this is the ideal starting point for learning to work with Dreamweaver MX.

Discovering Computers, Complete: Your Interactive Guide to the Digital World

Author: Gary B. Shelly,Misty E. Vermaat

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111530327

Category: Computers

Page: 904

View: 8529

DISCOVERING COMPUTERS: COMPLETE provides students with a current and thorough introduction to computers. This Shelly Cashman Series text offers a dynamic and engaging solution to successfully teach students the relevancy of computer concepts in their personal, professional and academic lives through exciting new exercises that focus on problem solving and critical thinking. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself

Author: Phil Ballard

Publisher: Sams Publishing

ISBN: 0134172175

Category: Computers

Page: 416

View: 5611

In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours helps you learn the fundamentals of programming using the JavaScript language. Designed for beginners with no previous programming experience, this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach shows you how to use JavaScript to add a wide array of interactive features and effects to your web pages. Every lesson builds on what you’ve already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success. Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common JavaScript programming tasks. Practical, hands-on examples show you how to apply what you learn. Quizzes and exercises help you test your knowledge and stretch your skills. Notes and tips point out shortcuts and solutions. Learn how to: Use JavaScript to build dynamic, interactive web pages Debug scripts Create scripts that work in all browsers Write clear, reliable, and reusable code Use object-oriented programming techniques Script with the DOM Access JSON data Work with HTML5 and CSS3 Leverage the popular jQuery library Control CSS with simple JavaScripts Read and write cookies Use some of the new ECMAScript 6 features today Get started with frameworks such as AngularJS Build browser add-ons and extensions Who This Book Is For: Those who have at least a basic understanding of HTML and web page design in general and want to move on to adding some extra interactivity to your pages. Those who currently code in another programming language and want to see what additional capabilities JavaScript can add to your armory Someone who has never done any computer programming. Browse through an HTML primer before using this book. You don't need to be an HTML expert to use JavaScript but should have a basic understanding. Contents at a Glance: Part I: First Steps with JavaScript 1 Introducing JavaScript 2 Writing Simple Scripts 3 Using Functions 4 DOM Objects and Built-in Objects Part II: Cooking with Code 5 Numbers and Strings 6 Arrays 7 Program Control Part III: Objects 8 Object-Oriented Programming 9 Scripting with the DOM 10 Meet JSON Part IV: HTML5 and CSS3 11 JavaScript and HTML5 12 JavaScript and CSS 13 Introducing CSS3 Part V: Using JavaScript Libraries 14 Using Libraries 15 A Closer Look at jQuery 16 The jQuery UI User Interface Library 17 Ajax with jQuery Part VI: Advanced Topics 18 Reading and Writing Cookies 19 Coming Soon to JavaScript 20 Using Frameworks 21 JavaScript Beyond the Web Page Part VII: Learning the Trade 22 Good Coding Practice 23 Debugging Your Code 24 JavaScript Unit Testing Part VIII: Appendices A Tools for JavaScript Development B JavaScript Quick Reference

HTML5-Programmierung von Kopf bis Fuß: Webanwendungen mit HTML5 und JavaScript

Author: Eric Freeman,Elisabeth Robson

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

ISBN: 3868991832

Category: Computers

Page: 604

View: 3715

Als neueste Version der Markup-Sprache ist HTML5 vor allem praxisorientiert und auf die Entwicklung echter Webapplikationen abgestimmt - es erleichtert die Gestaltung von Webseiten mit lokaler Speicherung, macht 2-D-Zeichnungen, Geolocation und Offline-Unterstützung für Webanwendungen möglich, und unterstützt das Einbinden von Video- und Audio-Dateien ohne zusätzliches Plug-in. HTML5-Programmierung von Kopf bis Fuß vermittelt in bewährter Von-Kopf-bis-Fuß-Tradition anhand zahlreicher praktischer Beispiele, grafischer Elemente und Übungen auf kluge und spielerische Art die Neuerungen, die HTML5 so spannend machen und sorgt gleichzeitig dafür, dass Ihnen das Lernen nicht nur Spaß macht, sondern Sie auch behalten, was Sie gelesen haben. Dieses Buch wendet sich hierbei an Entwickler von Webanwendungen, die bereits HTML- und CSS-Kenntnisse mitbringen und die ihre Konzentration voll auf die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen von HTML5 richten wollen.

The Book of JavaScript, 2nd Edition

A Practical Guide to Interactive Web Pages

Author: thau!

Publisher: No Starch Press

ISBN: 1593271069

Category: Computers

Page: 490

View: 2299

Explains how to use the programming language to add interactivity and animation to Web sites, covering image swaps, functions, frames, cookies, alarms, frames, shopping carts, and Ajax.

JavaScript kurz & gut

Author: David Flanagan

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3868993894

Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 6063

JavaScript ist eine mächtige, objektorientierte Skriptsprache, deren Code in HTML-Seiten eingebettet und vom Browser interpretiert und ausgeführt wird. Richtig eingesetzt, eignet sie sich aber auch für die Programmierung komplexer Anwendungen und hat im Zusammenhang mit HTML5 noch einmal an Bedeutung gewonnen. Diese Kurzreferenz ist ein Auszug aus der überarbeiteten und ergänzten Neuauflage von JavaScript – Das umfassende Referenzwerk, 6. Auflage, der JavaScript-Bibel schlechthin. JavaScript kurz & gut befasst sich in den ersten neun Kapiteln mit der neuesten Version des Sprachkerns (ECMAScript 5) und behandelt die Syntax der Sprache, Typen, Werte, Variablen, Operatoren und Anweisungen sowie Objekte, Arrays, Funktionen und Klassen. All dies ist nicht nur für die Verwendung von JavaScript in Webbrowsern, sondern auch beim Einsatz von Node auf der Serverseite relevant. In den folgenden fünf Kapiteln geht es um die Host-Umgebung des Webbrowsers. Es wird erklärt, wie Sie clientseitiges JavaScript für die Erstellung dynamischer Webseiten und -applikationen verwenden und mit JavaScript auf die HTML5-APIs zugreifen. Diese Kapitel liefern Informationen zu den wichtigsten Elementen von clientseitigem JavaScript: Fenster, Dokumente, Elemente, Stile, Events, Netzwerke und Speicherung.


JavaScript Programming for Beginners Guide to JavaScript Coding, JavaScript Programs and JavaScript Language

Author: Josh Thompsons

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781548110956


Page: 170

View: 3135

Covers the essential topics in learning JavaScript: setting up environments, statements, variables, type conversion, string operators, Boolean logic and switch statements, loops and iteration, Javascript array methods. Contains varioius mechanics of JavaScript programming, conditional statements; how JavaScript and HTML work together to create better web pates..

ES6 for Humans

The Latest Standard of JavaScript: ES2015 and Beyond

Author: Deepak Grover,Hanu Prateek Kunduru

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484226232

Category: Computers

Page: 137

View: 3773

Learn ES6 best practices for code optimization and organization and walk through practical, common examples of how to implement complete components of your applications. While this book covers the basic concepts of modern JavaScript, it primarily focuses on the new syntax, data-types, functionalities, and everything else that's new in ES6, the latest standard of JavaScript. You'll examine how to use ES6 in functional programming and explore the new more modular and object-oriented approach to JavaScript. This book will help you sharpen and upgrade your JavaScript language skills so you to easily explore modern ES6 based frameworks or libraries such as ReactJS, ReactNative, Angular4 and Vue.js. ES6 for Humans is a complete guide to writing ES6 and will enable you to start taking advantage of this exciting new version of JavaScript. What You'll Learn Use all the new features added to JavaScript Compare ES5 and ES6 in varied situations Refresh your core JavaScript fundamentals Understand the modular and object-oriented approach to JavaScript Who this Book Is For Any Javascript developer who wants to fully understand and dive into the new features of ES6/ES2015. Developers with some background in programming, preferably in JavaScript. A basic understanding of coding concepts and exposure to object-oriented programming is expected.