Iron Hand and Bear

Author: Alexander Frew

Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd

ISBN: 071982169X

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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When a geologist who horse wrangler Jake Holley has been gambling with dies of fever after telling him that he has found gold, Jake travels to the Telluride Hills to take over his claim. Here, he does indeed find gold nuggets. Then a trapper called Lemaitre jumps his claim and leaves Jake for dead. Badly injured, Jake manages to get back to civilization where his hand, infected with gangrene, is cut off. Nearly a year after his 'death', and fitted with an iron hand of his own design, he goes back to the claim to get revenge against Lemaitre, where he is attacked by an Indian called Bear. It transpires that Bear's betrothed, the beautiful White Dove, has been kidnapped by Lemaitre and that Bear has mistakenly attacked Jake (Iron Hand), believing him to be Lemaitre. The two men form an alliance and travel together to track him down and to rescue White Dove. However, it soon becomes apparent that White Dove has a secret in her past that will endanger both men and soon both Iron Hand and Bear realize that they will have to rely on each other's skills if they are to survive.

Dark Prince

Author: David Gemmell

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 0307797643

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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The chaos spirit had chosen the child Alexander to be its human host. But Parmenion, most powerful warrior of ancient Greece, had won a small victory over the darkness that sought to rule through Alexander. The boy's soul had not been destroyed by evil, but instead had merged with it -- and now Parmenion aided Alexander in the battle between light and dark that constantly raged within him. But there was another world, where the creatures of Greece's legends still flourished. There, the chaos spirit already ruled, through a demon king. In this Greece, there was a prophecy that a child of great power, the legendary golden child, would come and restore the fading magic of the land to the creatures of myth. The demon king believed also that devouring the heart of this fabled child would give him immortality. He believed Alexander, with the power of the chaos spirit within him, to be that child. And so he called Alexander into his world . . . Only Parmenion, guided by the seeress Derae, his lost love from another life, could hope to save Alexander from the demon king. But who could save the young prince from the chaos spirit that threatened to conquer his soul? From the Trade Paperback edition.


Author: David Gemmell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405512008

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9354

'THE HARD-BITTEN CHAMPION OF BRITISH HEROIC FANTASY' - Joe Abercrombie 'HEROISM AND HEARTBREAK . . . GEMMELL IS ADRENALINE WITH SOUL' - Brent Weeks The Drenai King is dead - murdered by a ruthless assassin. Enemy troops swarm into Drenai lands. Their orders are simple - kill every man, woman and child. But there is hope. Stalked by men who act like beasts and beasts that walk like men, the warrior Waylander must journey into the shadow-haunted lands of the Nadir to find the legendary Armour of Bronze. With this he can turn the tide. But can he be trusted? For he is Waylander the Slayer. The traitor who killed the King . . . Novels by David Gemmell The Drenai series Legend The King Beyond the Gate Waylander Quest For Lost Heroes Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend Jon Shannow series Wolf in Shadow The Last Guardian Bloodstone Stones of Power Ghost King Last Sword of Power Hawk Queen series Ironhand's Daughter The Hawk Eternal Ancient Greece novels Lion of Macedon Dark Prince Other novels Knights of Dark Renown Morningstar

Ironhand's Daughter

A Novel of the Hawk Queen

Author: David Gemmell

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780307415714

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 6555

The armies of the Outlanders crushed the highlanders at the battle of Colden Moor–killing their finest warriors and breaking their freeborn spirit. The highlanders are now a conquered people, ruled by the brutal Baron Gottasson. Prophecies speak of the coming of a new leader, a descendent of Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings. A leader who will throw off the Outlander yoke. But only one highlander carries the blood of Ironhand: Sigarni, a wild and willful teenage girl who cares for nothing save her own concerns. Until a fateful encounter thrusts her onto a path of rebellion. Now, hunted by the baron’s soldiers and stalked by an evil sorcerer, Sigarni will be forced to fulfill her destiny . . . or perish. From the Paperback edition.

Die Monster, die ich rief


Author: Larry Correia


ISBN: 3838753984

Category: Fiction

Page: 655

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Owen Pitt ist Buchprüfer. Eines Abends erfüllt er sich einen lang gehegtenTraum und wirft seinen Boss aus dem Fenster. Allerdings aus gutem Grund - denn dieser hatte sich vor seinen Augen in einen Werwolf verwandelt und ihn angegriffen. Als Owen im Krankenhaus erwacht, ist ein Mann bei ihm, der ziemlich beeindruckt von Owens Überleben ist. Er offenbart ihm, dass Monster wirklich existieren und seine Organisation, die Monster Hunter International, sie unter strenger Geheimhaltung im Zaum hält. Und dann macht er Owen ein interessantes Jobangebot ...

Silent Mystery and Detective Movies

A Comprehensive Filmography

Author: Ken Wlaschin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786443502

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 291

View: 7540

The silent film era was known in part for its cliffhanger serials and air of suspense that kept audiences returning to theaters week after week. Icons such as Douglas Fairbanks, Laurel and Hardy, Lon Chaney and Harry Houdini were among those who graced the dark and shadowy screen. This reference guide to silent films with mystery and detective content lists more than 1,500 titles in one of entertainment's most popular and enduring genres. While most of the films examined are from North America, mystery films from around the world are included.

Raoul and Iron Hand

Or, Winning the Golden Spurs, a Tale of the 14th Century

Author: May Halsey Miller

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 324

View: 1702

The Iron Hand

A Story of the Times

Author: Howard Dean

Publisher: N.A


Category: American fiction

Page: 214

View: 1722

Tonty of the iron hand: being an account of my great adventure and the remarkable happenings that brought about my going with m. de La Salle and m. Henri de Tonty when they explored the Mississippi river from the mouth of the Illinois river to the gulf of Mexico, together with all that befell us during that long and hazardous journey

from an old French manuscript recently discovered

Author: Everett McNeil

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 357

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McNally's Folly

Author: Lawrence Sanders,Vincent Lardo

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453298312

Category: Fiction

Page: 323

View: 3201

Lawrence Sanders’s beloved sleuth Archy McNally returns in a novel by Vincent Lardo When Palm Beach detective Archy McNally takes the helm of a local theater production, the curtain falls on blackmail and murder One of the most celebrated stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Desdemona Darling, has come South for the season. She makes headlines when she agrees to star in the Palm Beach Community Theater’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace. Archy McNally somehow gets roped into directing—and into discreetly investigating who could be blackmailing his star. Life tragically imitates art when Richard Holmes—Darling’s Husband Number Seven—sips some elderberry wine laced with arsenic at the cast party. Holmes was a self-made millionaire with a genius for betting on pork bellies. But who’d want him dead? As McNally tries to smoke out the culprit, he wonders if he’s getting too close to a remorseless killer who’s about to drop the curtain on another victim.

History of Asia

Author: B.V. Rao

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 8120792238

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

View: 9788

The importance of the study of the history of Asia needs no special emphasis, particularly with the emergence of Japan, China and India as major powers of this continent. The present book; History of Asia, is different from other books of this genre, as it connects the ancient and medieval with the modern. It deals with the account of each country in its geographical setting, highlighting those incidents in neighbouring countries which have had some impact upon it. The ancient and medieval periods cover topics like migration, early settlements, formation of kingdoms and empires, socio-economic matters, Islamic penetrations and the advent of Western powers. The modern period is treated in great detail, especially matters like colonisation, impact of Western civilization, the rise of nationalism and the gaining of independence following the Second World War. Current history, which includes aspects like subversion of democracies, the ushering in of military rule, ethnic conflicts, movements for the restoration of democracy, oppression of minorities, economic issues and the possibility of nuclear war — right up to the end of the millennium — has been dealt with in a fascinating way, with maps and a bibliography to stimulate the reader’s interest.