In Contempt

Author: Christopher Darden

Publisher: Graymalkin Media

ISBN: 1631680730

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 297

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#1 New York Times Bestseller. For more than a year, Christopher Darden argued tirelessly for the prosecution, giving voice to the victims in the 0.J. Simpson murder trial. In Contempt is an unflinching look at what the television cameras could not show: behind-the-scenes meetings, the deteriorating relationships between the defense and prosecution teams, the taunting, baiting, and pushing matches between Darden and Simpson, the intimate relationship between Darden and Marcia Clark, and the candid factors behind Darden's controversial decision for Simpson to try on the infamous glove, and much more. Out of the sensational frenzy of "the trial of the century" comes this haunting memoir of duty, justice, and the powerful undertow of American racism. A stunning masterpiece told with brutal honesty and courage.

In Contempt

Nineteenth-century Women, Law, and Literature

Author: Kristin Kalsem

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780814211786

Category: Law

Page: 238

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In Contempt: Nineteenth-Century Women, Law, and Literature, by Kristin Kalsem, explores the legal advocacy performed by nineteenth-century women writers in publications of nonfiction and fiction, as well as in real-life courtrooms and in the legal forum provided by the novel form. The nineteenth century was a period of unprecedented reform in laws affecting married women's property, child support and custody, lunacy, divorce, birth control, domestic violence, and women in the legal profession. Women's contributions to these changes in the law, however, have been largely ignored because their work, stories, and perspectives are not recorded in authoritative legal texts; rather, evidence of their arguments and views are recorded in writings of a different kind. This book examines lesser-known works of nonfiction and fiction by legal reformers such as Annie Besant and Georgina Weldon and novelists such as Frances Trollope, Jane Hume Clapperton, George Paston, and Florence Dixie. In Contempt brings to light new connections between Victorian law and literature, not only with its analysis of many “lost” novels but also with its new legal readings of old ones such as Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights (1847), George Eliot's Adam Bede (1859), Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865), Rider Haggard's She (1887), and Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure (1895). This study reexamines the cultural and political roles of the novel in light of “new evidence” that many nineteenth-century novels were “lawless”—showing contempt for, rather than policing, the law.


A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation

Author: Ken Starr

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0525536159

Category: History

Page: 352

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Twenty years after the Starr Report and the Clinton impeachment, former special prosecutor Ken Starr finally shares his definitive account of one of the most divisive periods in American history. You could fill a library with books about the scandals of the Clinton administration, which eventually led to President Clinton's impeachment by the House of Representatives. Bill and Hillary Clinton have told their version of events, as have various journalists and participants. Whenever liberals recall those years, they usually depict independent counsel Ken Starr as an out-of-control, politically driven prosecutor. But as a New York Times columnist asked in 2017, "What if Ken Starr was right?" What if the popular media in the 1990s completely misunderstood Starr's motives, his tactics, and his ultimate goal: to ensure that no one, especially not the president of the United States, is above the law? Starr -- the man at the eye of the hurricane -- has kept his unique perspective to himself for two full decades. In this long-awaited memoir, he finally sheds light on everything he couldn't tell us during the Clinton years, even in his carefully detailed "Starr Report" of September 1998. Contempt puts you, the reader, into the shoes of Starr and his team as they tackle the many scandals of that era, from Whitewater to Vince Foster's death to Travelgate to Monica Lewinsky. Starr explains in vivid detail how all those scandals shared a common thread: the Clintons' contempt for our system of justice. This book proves that Bill and Hillary Clinton weren't victims of a so-called "vast right-wing conspiracy." They played fast and loose with the law and abused their powers and privileges. With the perspective we've all gained over the past two decades, Starr's story and insights are more relevant than ever.

Hold Me in Contempt

A Romance

Author: Wendy Williams

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062268430

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 5044

Move over 50 Shades, there’s a new romance in town. Superstar Wendy Williams brings on the heat in her first ever, no-holds-barred, down and dirty, romance novel. Kimberly Kind is trying to get beyond her roots. A successful, beautiful, smart lawyer, she’s finally finding direction in her life and getting out of the streets. But a terrible accident threatens to throw her carefully laid plans off course. Now Kim’s hiding a huge secret… one that could threaten everything. Enter King. A perfect mix of Justin Timberlake and David Beckham, the man oozes sex and has more swagger than anyone Kim’s ever met. Their chemistry is off the charts. But after passion-filled nights, the intensity of their emotions takes both of them by surprise. Love was not supposed to be an option. Now it’s the only thing holding them together. When their pasts come back with a vengeance, can love possibly be enough?

In Contempt

Author: Parker Kessler


ISBN: 1387521640


Page: N.A

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In Contempt of Congress

Postwar Press Coverage on Capitol Hill

Author: Mark J. Rozell

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275956905

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 144

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Over the past decade, the public's opinion of Congress has declined--election after election--to record lows. Mark J. Rozell examines the electorate's ongoing disgust with its legislature and the reasons for it. Putting recent Congresses in historical perspective, he notes that our modern representatives are actually "less" corrupt than those of the past, due in large measure to increased public scrutiny and ongoing tightening of ethics and conflict of interest rules. Still, the public remains skeptical, indeed hostile, toward that most representative of our national institutions. Rozell finds that much of the blame goes to highly negative press coverage of the Congress, and government in general, and that while Congress has always been a favorite target of critics and comedians, healthy skepticism has now largely been replaced by a debilitating cynicism that undermines the foundations of representative government. A major study which will be of interest to scholars and students of American politics, government, and media.

Taken in Contempt

When Parents Abduct Their Own Children

Author: Robin Bowles

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780732911010

Category: Kidnapping, Parental

Page: 357

View: 7683

Examination of international child abduction by parents or other family members. Incorporates personal stories involving the abduction of a child by one of the parents, often to an overseas destination, with little hope for reunion. Foreword by the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, Alastair Nicholson. Includes photos, appendices and contacts and sources. Other titles by the author include 'Blind Justice' and 'Justice Denied'.

In Contempt of Fate

The Tale of a Sri Lankan Sold Into Servitude who Survived to Tell It, a Memoir

Author: Beatrice Fernando

Publisher: Bearo Pub

ISBN: 9780975945902

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 269

View: 4229

In Contempt of Fate is a stirring memoir of unbearable victimization and unbelievable survival for a woman who overcomes physical and mental prisons to find love and freedom as an American immigrant. This true-but-amazing story is simply nothing short of shocking, frustrating, and inspiring. It is an elaboration deep into the human spirit, providing some lessons along the way

Contempt of Court

The Turn-of-the-century Lynching that Launched 100 Years of Federalism

Author: Mark Curriden,Leroy Phillips

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780571199525

Category: Law

Page: 394

View: 5345

The story of the lynching of a black man in Chattanooga in 1906 after he was given a stay of execution by the Supreme Court. This sparked a trial for contempt of court against the sheriff, his deputies, and members of the lynch mob. It is the only criminal trial in the history of the Supreme Court.

Contempt and Pity

Social Policy and the Image of the Damaged Black Psyche, 1880-1996

Author: Daryl Michael Scott

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807864420

Category: History

Page: 296

View: 2731

For over a century, the idea that African Americans are psychologically damaged has played an important role in discussions of race. In this provocative work, Daryl Michael Scott argues that damage imagery has been the product of liberals and conservatives, of racists and antiracists. While racial conservatives, often playing on white contempt for blacks, have sought to use findings of black pathology to justify exclusionary policies, racial liberals have used damage imagery primarily to promote policies of inclusion and rehabilitation. In advancing his argument, Scott challenges some long-held beliefs about the history of damage imagery. He rediscovers the liberal impulses behind Stanley Elkins's Sambo hypothesis and Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Negro Family and exposes the damage imagery in the work of Ralph Ellison, the leading anti-pathologist. He also corrects the view that the Chicago School depicted blacks as pathological products of matriarchy. New Negro experts such as Charles Johnson and E. Franklin Frazier, he says, disdained sympathy-seeking and refrained from exploring individual pathology. Scott's reassessment of social science sheds new light on Brown v. Board of Education, revealing how experts reversed four decades of theory in order to represent segregation as inherently damaging to blacks. In this controversial work, Scott warns the Left of the dangers in their recent rediscovery of damage imagery in an age of conservative reform.

In Contempt of Congress

The Reagan Record on Central America : a Citizen's Guide

Author: Joy Hackel,Daniel Siegel

Publisher: Inst for Policy Studies


Category: Central America

Page: 136

View: 1953

In Contempt of All Authority

Rural Artisans and Riot in the West of England, 1586-1660

Author: Buchanan Sharp

Publisher: Damaris Publishing

ISBN: 9780956482709

Category: Artisans

Page: 204

View: 4427

Two of the most common types of popular disorders in late Tudor & early Stuart England were the food riots & the anti-enclosure riots in royal forests. This volume establishes the social status of the people who engaged in these riots & determines the social & economic conditions which produced the disorders.

Love in the Time of Contempt

Consolations for Parents of Teenagers

Author: Joanne Fedler

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

ISBN: 1743583079

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 3855

In Love in the Time of Contempt Joanne Fedler won’t tell you how to be the ‘perfect’ parent. She’s not a psychologist or an academic. But she is the mother of two teenagers, and she knows how it feels to be the parent of someone sprouting hair, tits and attitude all over the place. This is a gritty, hilarious look at the day-to-day interactions with teenagers, and the tussled, frazzled and complex business of remaining mature while supporting someone to become an adult. Fedler shares her philosophy that we are meant to parent imperfectly – our mistakes are the start of the important conversations we need to have with our kids. She guides us through enduring intermittent bouts of contempt and not taking it personally, picking the fights that are worth having, and surviving the journey from frustration, to confusion, to elation and back again. Love in the Time of Contempt is a funny, poignant account of the dramas and delights of parenting people who know it all, who don’t yet have a fully functioning brain and who desperately need us to parent them – just not in the way we’re used to. ‘With perhaps the most apt title of any work about teens ever written, this book beautifully elucidates the challenges, heartbreak and hysteria of losing our babies and enduring their awkward metamorphosis to adulthood. I found myself nodding, laughing, wincing, and wondering how the hell Jo smuggled the hidden cameras into my home.’ — Kerri Sackville ‘Extremely insightful, honest and engaging…an outstanding overview of how to understand the world of the teenager today.’ — Dani Klein, Psychologist


Author: Alberto Moravia

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 1590174844

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 4776

Contempt is a brilliant and unsettling work by one of the revolutionary masters of modern European literature. All the qualities for which Alberto Moravia is justly famous—his cool clarity of expression, his exacting attention to psychological complexity and social pretension, his still-striking openness about sex—are evident in this story of a failing marriage. Contempt (which was to inspire Jean-Luc Godard’s no-less-celebrated film) is an unflinching examination of desperation and self-deception in the emotional vacuum of modern consumer society.

Law of Contempt of Court in India

Author: K. Balasankaran Nair

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126903597

Category: Contempt of court

Page: 320

View: 9631

Contempt Of Court, Because Of Its Controversial Nature, Has Created Contradictory Opinions Among The Jurists As Well As Scholars. The Contempt Jurisprudence With The Common Law Origin Has Been Transmitted Into The Indian Jurisprudence By The Courts Of Record Through Several Charters. Our Constitution Has Acknowledged And Accepted This Jurisdiction By Conferring The Status Of Court Of Record To The Supreme Court And High Courts. A Country Embedded In The Concept Of Rule Of Law Should Give Due Respect To The Law And The Organ Which Applies The Law And Administers Justice. This Organ Which Possesses Neither The Muscle Power Nor The Money Power Has To Extract Due Obedience To Its Orders Only Through This Jurisdiction. But Difficulty Arises When This Jurisdiction Clashes With The Invaluable Rights Of Citizens As Well As Those Of The Press, As Enshrined In The Constitution. It Becomes All The More Difficult When It Interferes With The Functioning Of Administrative Authorities, Corporations And The Like. It Poses Different Questions. What Constitutes A Contempt Of Court? When And How This Jurisdiction Has To Be Exercised? In What Way Is The Judiciary, One Of The Organs Of The State, Justified In Controlling Other Organs Of The State And Also Rights Of Citizens In The Name Of Contempt Jurisdiction?No Indepth Study Has Been Undertaken So Far To Ascertain The Answer To The Above Questions. The Author Has Made Sincere And Humble Attempt To Cull Out Answers To The Above Questions In The Light Of Judicial Interpretations.The Concept Of Criminal Contempt, Which Includes Prejudicing Fair Trial Or Interfering With The Administration Of Justice Or Scandalising The Court, Is Analysed In Relation To The Rights Of Individuals And Those Of The Press. The Concept Of Civil Contempt, Which Includes Disobedience To The Orders Of The Court Or Breach Of An Undertaking, Is Analysed In Relation To The Administrative Authorities And Corporations, Individuals And Subordinate Judiciary.The Existing Political And Social Scenario Requires A Comprehensive Understanding Of This Branch Of Law To Eliminate Its Possible Misinterpretation. It Is Hoped That The Observations And Suggestions Made By The Author Will Be Of Immense Help And Of Use For Students, Lawyers, Law Teachers And Administrators.