The Hunting Season

Author: John Coyne

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction

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YOU DON'T GO ALONE INTO MAD RIVER MOUNTAIN Everything would be okay in the country, thought April Benard, in her new summer home. Here her children would be happy and safe. Here she could spend precious time with the man who had saved her life and given his love. Here she could further her career by researching a clan of remote hill people, an inbred society locked inside their own special, isolated world. Truly, she had nothing to fear in Mad River Mountain. Nothing, that is, until the creatures she considered safe to study stray from the dark woods. Creatures with stunted bodies and pumpkin faces, deformed in flesh and in spirit. Creatures with a hunger for cold vengeance. And a thirst for hot blood. Tourist season is over. The hunting season has begun.

Hunting Season

A Novel

Author: P. T. Deutermann

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429903589

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Edward Kreiss is a retired FBI agent--a manhunter whose specialty is making rogue operatives disappear. When Kreiss's daughter vanishes in the backwoods of rural West Virginia, and the FBI has no leads to follow, Kreiss follows his own--with a vengeance. Exercising the lethal maneuvers that made him the best "sweeper" in the business, Kreiss plunges back into action--this time as the dangerous loner he was once trained to kill. Unknown to Kreiss, corrupt agency brass have their own reasons for keeping the kidnapping low-profile--and making the job of eliminating Kreiss high priority. Called in to take him down is a deadly female assassin with a killer instinct that surpasses that of her prey. Now, as hunter becomes hunted, Kreiss finds himself and his daughter trapped in an elaborate game of political scandal and personal revenge. And whatever secret has been buried by Kreiss's elusive enemies is sure to trigger open season on anyone who discovers it.

Hunting Season

Author: Annie Bellet

Publisher: Doomed Muse Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 205

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The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. Nothing more… Demon hounds. Celtic legends coming to life. Angry druids. Just what gamer and sorceress Jade Crow needs to help her days feel complete. All her hits will have to be crits to get out of this one as enemies and friends collide and the lines between the two blur. Hunting Season is the fourth book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress urban fantasy series.

Hunting Season

Author: Nevada Barr

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440673276

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Park Ranger Anna Pigeon returns to face her most duplicitous foe—human nature—in Nevada Barr's New York Times bestseller, Hunting Season. The quiet beauty of autumn on Mississippi’s Natchez Trace is swiftly shattered when Anna answers a call to Mt. Locust, once a working plantation and inn, now a tourist spot. But the man Anna finds in an old bedroom is no tourist in distress. He’s nearly naked, and very dead—his body bearing marks consistent with sex games gone awry. On a writing table nearby is an open Bible with ominous passages circled in red. There are secrets that prominent men in this God-fearing country wish to keep under wraps—and Anna has stumbled into a nest of them.

Hunting Season

Immigration and Murder in an All-American Town

Author: Mirta A. Ojito

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0807001813

Category: Social Science

Page: 252

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Documents the true story of a Long Island immigrant's murder in 2008, citing the hate biases that compelled a group of teens to attack the Ecuadorean victim, who became a symbol of flaws in America's immigration system. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Finding Mañana.

Hunting Season

Author: Stephan Olbina

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595330762

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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A devoting husband and a loving father... A woman with a very troubled past... A man trying to save his marriage from falling apart... A social worker who came here to San Francisco to help with the investigation involving his cousin's disappearance... All four of them have but only one thing in common: they are all being stalked and targeted simultaneously. When young, beautiful Jane Doe's become entangled in various vanishing acts, a clever madman known as The Hunter becomes the prime suspect. With each step the three homicide detectives take in figuring out the truth while trying to catch this cunning serial killer, they have no idea they're putting their own lives on the line and that they're being drawn closer and closer into his lair...

Hunting Season

Author: Liz Carlyle

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451686056

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Now available as an eBook, the New York Times bestselling author’s beloved Regency romance brings together the vengeful Christian Villiers, the Marquis of Grayston, and the fiery Lady Elise Middleton. Now available as an eBook, Hunting Season tells the story of Christian Villiers, the Marquis of Grayston, who returns to England determined to ruin the man responsible for his beloved sister's suicide. Seducing the cad's intended, Lady Elise Middleton, would be a bonus. But during an elaborate house party, Christian realizes he has met his match in the fiery and passionate Elise...and soon he must decide whether a moment of vengeance is worth risking a lifetime of love.

Hunting Season

Immigration and Murder in an All-American Town

Author: Mirta Ojito

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807001821

Category: True Crime

Page: 264

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The true story of an immigrant's murder that turned a quaint village on the Long Island shore into ground zero in the war on immigration In November of 2008, Marcelo Lucero, a thirty-seven-year-old undocumented Ecuadorean immigrant, was brutally attacked and murdered by a group of teenagers as he walked the streets of Patchogue, a quiet Long Island town. The teenaged attackers were out "hunting for beaners," their slur for Latinos, and Lucero was to become another victim of the anti-immigration fever spreading in the United States. But in death, Lucero's name became a symbol of everything that was wrong with our broken immigration system: porous borders, lax law enforcement, and the rise of bigotry. With a strong commitment to telling all sides of the story, journalist Mirta Ojito unravels the engrossing narrative with objectivity and insight, providing an invaluable peephole into one of America's most pressing issues.

The Hunting Season

Author: Dean Vincent Carter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 140709713X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

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Eight years ago, the Austrian emergency services were called to the scene of a bizarre car accident. Eight years ago two mangled bodies were found in the snow not far from the vehicle, clawed and chewed, it seemed, by some ferocious animal. Eight years ago something unspeakable took Gerontius Moore's parents from him, leaving him orphaned and alone... And now, that something, is back. Caught up in a hunt he was never meant to be a part of, and finding help from a most unlikely source, Gerontius must once more flee the clutches of an appalling beast, before it learns its business is unfinished. Full moon or not, the hunt is on.

Hunting Season

Author: Andrea Camilleri

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447265920

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Sicily, 1880. When a stranger arrives in Vigàta, the town's inhabitants immediately become unsettled. It seems the young man, Fofo, is the son of a local peasant legendary for his home-grown medicines; a man who was murdered many years before. Fofo opens his own pharmacy in Vigàta and his remedies are sought by many. But he soon finds himself entangled with the local nobility: Don Filippo - a philandering marchese set on producing a new heir, his long-suffering wife Donna Matilde, his eccentric elderly father Don Federico, his son Federico and beautiful daughter Ntontò above all. But it won't be long before death visits Vigàta and the town and its most noble family will never be the same again . . . Both a delightful murder mystery and a comic novel of huge brio, fired by love and obsession and filled with memorable characters, Hunting Season is a captivating novel from Andrea Camilleri, the bestselling author of the Inspector Montalbano series. 'For sunny views, explosive characters and a snappy plot constructed with great farcical ingenuity, the writer you want is Andrea Camilleri' New York Times

The Hunting Season

Author: Elizabeth Rigbey

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141902590

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Dense woodland. Twisting paths. It’s easy to lose your way in the wilderness... The rugged Rocky Mountains are a place some go to hide inside, some to escape into and others to hunt in. Dr Matt Seleckis has never been one for the woods: he remembers his childhood vacations there with his mother and father – and the looming threat of an unexplained death ... Now Matt lives in the mountains’ shadow, in Utah with his wife and young son. Yet the prospect of a hunting trip alone with his father is bringing back dark, unwelcome memories – of a certain vacation, of his beloved parents. And of a hushed-up tragedy that he’s sure concerns him. But with the arrival of these unsettling memories comes the creeping realisation that in nature, death for the unwary lies around every corner. And in the woods, it’s easy to take a wrong turn ...

Extended Hunting Season

Author: Peter Fogerson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 148364801X

Category: Fiction

Page: 231

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While elk hunting in Colorado John Stumpt rescues a woman from a man who is trying to shoot her, but he kills the attacker in the process. The woman, Betsy, has been involved with the Riveras, a family of brothers that are drug smugglers and abductors of young women. While fleeing from Colorado to his home near Fort Worth, Texas, John and Betsy rescue three girls, Maria, Elena, and Teresa, who had been kidnapped in Mexico and were about to be sold into prostitution by the brothers. By tracking hunting licenses the brothers find Johns address in Texas and send men to watch the house to see if Betsy is there. Before they arrive, John, Betsy and the girls leave for a pheasant-hunting trip to South Dakota. A neighbor notices the surveillance of his house and notifies John who then returns to Texas. Leaving Betsy and the girls in Amarillo, John goes to his house about 2:00 a.m. His return is seen, and a watcher goes to either capture or murder John, but John is able to kill him instead. John and Betsy realize they wont be safe until the remaining two brothers are dead, so they plan a scouting trip to the Rivers ranch in New Mexico. While Betsy returns Teresa to Mexico, John and Maria go to scout the ranch in New Mexico. Maria is much older than Teresa and Elena and has passed into womanhood. Betsy asks a friend of hers, Rita, whom also wants to escape the clutches of the brothers, for help. On the trip Maria and John develop an attraction for each other, and Maria seduces John despite his reservations about their age difference. In New Mexico, with Ritas help, John and Maria kill another brother and his bodyguard. After everyone is back safely in Amarillo, they decide to move south to Rockport for the winter. Betsy forgives John for his affair with Maria. John decides to settle the fight by challenging the last brother, Miguel, to a showdown. Elena stays with Rita, while John, Betsy, and Maria leave for the duel site in Colorado. Knowing that Miguel will plan an ambush, John trains Betsy and Maria in concealment and sniper shooting. The showdown leaves Miguel and his henchmen dead. John and Maria are unscathed, but Betsy is wounded. John takes her to a hospital in Durango where her gunshot wound attracts police interest. While Betsy is recuperating John and Maria become a couple again. John, Betsy, and Maria return to Texas, and Betsy forces John to choose between her and Maria. John chooses Betsy and Maria goes to live with Rita in Rockport while Elena returns to Fort Worth. After Miguel and the other bodies are discovered, another brother, Paul, Betsys first love, arrives at the New Mexico ranch. Everyone, except Miguel, thought he was dead. Paul vows to continue the feud and travels to John and Betsys house in Texas with a fake offer of peace. Paul imports a group of hit men who kill Betsy and severely wound John. Rita and Maria return to Fort Worth to aid John and Elena. Maria, while guarding John at the hospital, kills two assassins who were sent by Paul. John recovers, and he, Maria, Rita, and Elena flee to Florida. Knowing they need heightened skills to defeat Paul, John and Maria enroll in a mercenary training school. After their training is completed John and Maria go to New Mexico to kill Paul, but mistakenly kill his son and wife. John and Maria return to the training school, where Maria ditches John and takes up with one of the instructors, Jack. John returns to Rita and Elena in Florida. Maria persuades Jack and the other instructor, Tom, to help her take out Paul, and in return, she will join their company as an assassin for hire. They are successful. Believing that their troubles ended with Pauls demise, John, Rita, and Elena move to a farm in Mississippi. However, a national story about the bloody battles between John, Betsy, and Maria, and the Rivera brothers is published. Since it includes John and Ritas location in Mississippi, Maria worries that Tom and Jack will kill her and John to keep them quit

Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 10)

A suspenseful mystery of secrets and intrigue

Author: Nevada Barr

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472202171

Category: Fiction

Page: 279

View: 6529

Anna Pigeon stumbles into a nest of secrets - can she find her way out? Park Ranger Anna Pigeon returns to face her most duplicitous foe, human nature, in Nevada Barr's thrilling mystery Hunting Season. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Janet Evanovich. 'Suspenseful, atmospheric [and] pulse-pounding... Hunting Season ranks right up there with the best in this excellent series' - Chicago Tribune When Anna answers a call to historic Mt. Locust, once a producing plantation and inn on Mississippi's Natchez Trace Parkway and now a tourist spot, the last thing she expects to encounter is murder. But the man Anna finds in the stand's old bedroom is no tourist in distress. He's nearly naked, and very dead, his body bearing marks consistent with an S&M ritual gone awry. On a writing table nearby is an open Bible, ominous passages circled in red. It seems the deceased is the brother of Raymond Barnette, local undertaker and a candidate for sheriff, who wants to keep any hint of kinkiness out of the minds of the God-fearing populace. Ray may be hiding a house full of secrets in the old family homestead, but before Anna can start her investigation, she's waylaid by malevolent poachers, peevish co-workers, and a suddenly turbulent romantic life. And when hidden agendas and old allegiances are revealed, it's suddenly Anna's life that's on the line. What readers are saying about Hunting Season: 'Fast-paced, lively, descriptive, and entertaining is the hallmark of a great writer' 'Authentic and captivating' 'Five stars'

Hunting Season

The Execution of James Foley, Islamic State, and the Real Story of the Kidnapping Campaign that Started a War

Author: James Harkin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408707365

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 7372

On 19 August 2014, a member of the jihadist rebel group known as ISIS uploaded a video to YouTube. Entitled 'Message to America', the clip depicted the final moments of the life of kidnapped American journalist James Foley - and the gruesome aftermath of his beheading at the hands of a masked executioner. Foley's murder - and the other choreographed killings that would follow - captured the world's attention, and Islamic State's campaign of kidnapping exploded into regional war. Based on three years of on-the-ground reporting from every side of the Syrian conflict, Hunting Season is James Harkin's quest to uncover the truth about how and why Islamic State came to target Western hostages, who was behind it and why almost no one outside a small group of people knew anything about it until it was too late. He reveals how the campaign of kidnapping and the development of Islamic State were joined at the hip from the beginning. The book is an utterly absorbing account of the world's newest and most powerful terror franchise and what it means for modern war.

Hunting Season: A Love Story

Author: Crouch, Blake and Kitt, Selena

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

ISBN: 146597850X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 1839

HUNTING SEASON: a love story ------------- This 8,000 (approx) word collaboration by thriller/suspense/horror writer Blake Crouch and erotic romance author Selena Kitt includes bonus interview material with the authors about the upcoming sequel to the Konrath, Crouch, Strand and Wilson bestseller DRACULAS. ------------- He's a butcher. She's the trophy wife of a trophy hunter. They used to be high school sweethearts, but that was two decades ago, and times have changed. Meet Ariana Plano...40 years old, miserable, stuck in a loveless marriage to the worst mistake of her life. Meet Ray Koski...40 years old, miserable, a lonely butcher who can do nothing but immerse himself in the drudgery of his work. Once a week during hunting season, she brings her old teenage flame game meat for processing. They do not speak. They rarely make eye contact. Some histories are just too painful. But this week will be different. This week--a shocking encounter twenty-two years in the making--will change everything.

Hunting Season Hijinks

Author: Charlie Richards

Publisher: eXtasy Books

ISBN: 148740901X

Category: Fiction

Page: 106

View: 9342

Out of the Cage: Cupid isn't the only one who shoots arrows.

Die Revolution des Mondes


Author: Andrea Camilleri

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3312006244

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 6012

Als 1677 in Sizilien der Vizekönig an Herzverfettung stirbt, reiben sich die Staatsräte die Hände: endlich sich nach Herzenslust bereichern! Doch sie haben nicht mit der jungen Witwe gerechnet, der unfassbar schönen Eleonora de Moura. Zielstrebig besteigt sie den Thron, und einen Monat lang lehrt sie die Höflinge, die korrupten Adeligen und Pfaffen das Fürchten. Sie hilft den Armen und setzt Reformen durch. Schon feiert das Volk sie als Retterin – da wird sie vom König abberufen. Camilleris neuer Roman erzählt von einer vergessenen Revolutionärin und davon, wie, für einen kurzen Moment in der Geschichte, das Gute möglich schien. In der Vergangenheit des Romans spiegelt sich das Italien der Gegenwart und Camilleris dringende Empfehlung: Lasst die Frauen an die Macht!