Giovanni Bellini

Landscapes of Faith in Renaissance Venice

Author: Davide Gasparotto

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606065319

Category: Art

Page: 148

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Praised by Albrecht Dürer as being “the best in painting,” Giovanni Bellini (ca. 1430– 1516) is unquestionably the supreme Venetian painter of the quattrocento and one of the greatest Italian artists of all time. His landscapes assume a prominence unseen in Western art since classical antiquity. Drawing from a selection of masterpieces that span Bellini's long and successful career, this exhibition catalogue focuses on the main function of landscape in his oeuvre: to enhance the meditational nature of paintings intended for the private devotion of intellectually sophisticated, elite patrons. The subtle doctrinal content of Bellini’s work—the isolated crucifix in a landscape, the “sacred conversation,” the image of Saint Jerome in the wilderness—is always infused with his instinct for natural representation, resulting in extremely personal interpretations of religious subjects immersed in landscapes where the real and the symbolic are inextricably intertwined. This volume includes a biography of the artist, essays by leading authorities in the field explicating the themes of the J. Paul Getty Museum’s exhibition, and detailed discussions and glorious reproductions of the twelve works in the show, including their history and provenance, function, iconography, chronology, and style.


Spaces and Places of Solitude in Late Medieval and Early Modern Cultures

Author: N.A

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004367438

Category: Art

Page: 604

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This book examines the ways in which spaces and places of solitude were conceived of, imagined, and represented in the late medieval and early modern periods. It explores the spatial, material, and affective dimensions of solitude, which have so far received only scant scholarly attention.

Giovanni Bellini

Meister der venezianischen Malerei

Author: Oskar Bätschmann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783406570940

Category: Art, Renaissance

Page: 255

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Miraculous Encounters

Pontormo from Drawing to Painting

Author: Bruce Edelstein,Davide Gasparotto

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606065890

Category: Art

Page: 160

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Jacopo Carucci, known as Pontormo (1494–1557), was the leading painter in mid sixteenth-century Florence and one of the most original and extraordinary Mannerist artists. His extremely personal style was much influenced by Michelangelo, though he also drew from northern art, especially the work of Albrecht Dürer. This catalogue brings together a small but important group of preparatory drawings and finished paintings that center on Pontormo’s great masterpiece, The Visitation, one of the most moving and mesmerizing works by the artist. The Visitation represents the intense moment of encounter between the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, who reveal to each other that both are pregnant. The painting is presented—for the first time—along with its highly finished preparatory drawing, which is squared for transfer to the larger surface of the panel. The combination of rigorous research and gorgeous reproductions reveals the painter’s creative process as never before. Other acclaimed paintings, including Portrait of a Halberdier and Portrait of Carlo Neroni, will also be shown alongside their preparatory drawings. Readers will encounter Pontormo both as a religious painter and a painter of portraits, in this original and nuanced account of the celebrated artist.

Lives of Giovanni Bellini

Author: Giorgio Vasari,Carlo Ridolfi ,Isabella d’Este,Marco Boschini

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606065645

Category: Art

Page: 160

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Giovanni Bellini (ca. 1435–1516), widely considered the greatest Venetian artist of his time, was born into the most influential artistic family in Venice. He received his training in the studio of his father, Jacopo, along with his brother, Gentile, and through a long and fruitful career played a leading role in defining the Renaissance style in Venice. His workshop, one of the most important of the period, counted Giorgione and Titian among its pupils. The first account of his life, by Giorgio Vasari, also portrays the family artistic enterprise; it appeared in Vasari’s seminal Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects, published in 1550 and revised and expanded in 1568. A century later Carlo Ridolfi, who sought to rectify Vasari’s emphasis on Florentine painters, provides a fuller portrayal of Bellini in his 1648 work The Marvels of Art, or the Lives of the Famous Painters of Venice and Its State. These two narratives are complemented in this book by Marco Boschini’s poetic homage to the artist and by correspondence between the renowned Renaissance patron of the arts Isabella d'Este, Bellini, and others regarding the commission of a painting for her celebrated studiolo in Mantua. Ridolfi’s biography, Boschini’s poem, and the Isabella d’Este correspondence appear here in English for the first time. Full-page color illustrations throughout the book represent the full sweep of Bellini’s career.

The Renaissance Nude

Author: Thomas Kren,Jill Burke,Stephen J. Campbell

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 160606584X

Category: Art

Page: 432

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A gloriously illustrated examination of the origins and development of the nude as an artistic subject in Renaissance Europe Reflecting an era when Europe looked to both the classical past and a global future, this volume explores the emergence and acceptance of the nude as an artistic subject. It engages with the numerous and complex connotations of the human body in more than 250 artworks by the greatest masters of the Renaissance. Paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, and book illustrations reveal private, sometimes shocking, preoccupations as well as surprising public beliefs—the Age of Humanism from an entirely new perspective. This book presents works by Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, and Martin Schongauer in the north and Donatello, Raphael, and Giorgione in the south; it also introduces names that deserve to be known better. A publication this rich in scholarship could only be produced by a variety of expert scholars; the sixteen contributors are preeminent in their fields and wide-ranging in their knowledge and curiosity. The structure of the volume—essays alternating with shorter texts on individual artworks—permits studies both broad and granular. From the religious to the magical and the poetic to the erotic, encompassing male and female, infancy, youth, and old age, The Renaissance Nude examines in a profound way what it is to be human.

The Art of Renaissance Venice

Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting, 1460-1590

Author: Norbert Huse,Wolfgang Wolters

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226361093

Category: Architecture

Page: 382

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In the first contemporary single-volume survey of the three arts of Venice—painting, sculpture, and architecture—Norbert Huse and Wolfgang Wolters offer an important counterbalance to the traditional orientation toward painting as the city's preeminent art by focusing on architecture as the essential Venetian art. They begin their study in 1460, when Venice was one of the key powers of Italy, and end with the death of Tintoretto in 1594, a period of waning international power. In the process, they define the distinctly Venetian terms by which the city and its culture should be understood. With over three hundred illustrations and an exhaustive bibliography, this volume makes an impressive contribution to art historical scholarship. "The historical aspect of this book is splendid, but where it excels is in its fearless and thought-provoking critical judgements. . . . it will lead both beginners and experts to new joys."—David Ekserdjian, Times Literary Supplement


Author: Sir Claude Phillips

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 1780428219

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Dieses Buch bietet nicht nur eine kenntnis- und aufschlussreiche Einführung in das Werk eines der größten Maler der Menschheitsgeschichte. Es lädt uns vielmehr zur Entdeckung des faszinierenden Mikrokosmos der venezianischen Kunstwelt ein, in der Tizian lebte und arbeitete. Von seinen frühen Jahren in der Künstlerwerkstatt des Giovanni Bellini über sein Treffen mit Michelangelo bis hin zu seiner Rivalität mit Pordenone – die Geschichte von Tizians Werdegang erzählt auch die Geschichte der einflussreichsten geistigen und künstlerischen Strömung, die Italien je erfasst hat: der Renaissance.

Nectar and Illusion

Nature in Byzantine Art and Literature

Author: Henry Maguire

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199766606

Category: Art

Page: 198

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Nature and Illusion is the first extended study of the portrayal of nature in Byzantine art and literature. It provides a new view of Byzantine art in relation to the medieval art of Western Europe.

Die Erneuerung der heidnischen Antike - Kulturwissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Geschichte der Europäischen Renaissance

Author: Aby Moritz Warburg

Publisher: SEVERUS Verlag

ISBN: 3863471709

Category: History

Page: 522

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In seiner Leidenschaft zu Literatur und Historik gab Aby Warburg bereits im zarten Alter von 13 Jahren seine Verpflichtung, als ltester Sohn die Bankgesch fte der Familie zu bernehmen, an seinen j ngeren Bruder Max ab. Im Gegenzug verlangte er nur, dass dieser ihm zeitlebens jeden B cherwunsch finanzierte. Warburg studierte gegen den Willen seiner Familie Kunstgeschichte, Geschichte und Arch ologie und erforschte den Einfluss der Antike auf die europ ische Renaissance. Lag hierauf sein Hauptaugenmerk, so war er auch auf anderen Gebieten stets der Forschung und Wissenschaft verpflichtet, wie seine Aufzeichnungen ber die Hopi-Indianer in den USA belegen. In diesem Band ist die erste H lfte aller von Warburg verfassten wissenschaftlichen Aufs tze, festgehalten. Aby Warburg (1866-1929) war Nachk mmling einer j dischen Bankiersfamilie. Er lebte in Hamburg, Florenz und den USA. Neben seinen eigenen Publikationen ist sein gr ter Nachlass die kulturwissenschaftliche Warburg Bibliothek, welche im Zuge der Machtergreifung der Nazis 1933 nach London verschifft wurde und auch heute noch zur Universit t London geh rt.


Eine Untersuchung über Wesen und Entstehung des Barockstils in Italien

Author: Heinrich Wölfflin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783955648053


Page: 168

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Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum: Paintings

German Language Edition

Author: Denise Allen,Dawson Carr,Charlotte Eyeman,Burton Fredericksen,Jennifer Helvey,David Jaffé,Arianne Faber Kolb,Jon L. Seydl,Perrin Stein,Anne Woollett

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892364343

Category: Art

Page: 128

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The J. Paul Getty Museum's paintings collection ranges from the fourteenth to the end of the nineteenth century. Among the finest examples of early Renaissance painting are the Madonna and Child by the Master of Saint Cecilia, Masaccio's Saint Andrew, and Gentile da Fabriano's richly painted Coronation of the Virgin. Typical of the High Renaissance are Andrea Mantegna's splendid Adoration of the Magi and Fra Bartolommeo's Rest on the Flight into Egypt. The art of the Netherlands in its Golden Age is represented by Jan Brueghel's much-loved painting The Entry of the Animals into Noah's Ark and by The Return from War, which he painted with Peter Paul Rubens, as well as a newly acquired and magnificent landscape by Hobbema, Rembrandt's Abduction of Europa, and Jan Steen's Drawing Lesson. Painting in France ranges from recently acquisitioned works by Poussin, Fragonard, and Lancret, through the Impressionism of Monet's seminal Sunrise and his Rouen Cathedral, while the modern age is exemplified by the Irises of Vincent van Gogh. Fernand Khnopff's Jeanne Kéfer, and Cézanne's Still Life with Apples.

Stille Wasser

Commissario Brunettis sechsundzwanzigster Fall

Author: Donna Leon

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257607873

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Schwächeanfall in der Questura. Das Räderwerk des Alltags hat Brunetti zermürbt. Krankgeschrieben, soll sich der Commissario in der Lagune von Venedig erholen. Wie wunderbar, einmal nicht Verbrechern hinterherzujagen, sondern in ländlicher Idylle seine Gedanken mit den Wolken ziehen zu lassen! Doch zwischen Bienen und Blumen kommt er einem größeren Fall als je zuvor auf die Spur.

The Age of Titian

Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections

Author: Peter Humfrey,Royal Scottish Academy

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 448

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Painting in Renaissance Venice represents one of the most vital chapters in the entire history of European art. Its influence was due, above all, to the achievement of its dominant personality, Titian. But Titian was merely the greatest in a constellation of pictorial geniuses and extraordinary craftsmen, foremost among them Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Jacopo Bassano, Jacopo Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Alessandro Vittoria. All of these artists are represented here with works of superlative quality, many of which have never before been published. The paintings are complemented by examples of drawings, prints, sculpture and decorative arts from this period. This book examines not only the Golden Age of Venetian art but also the collectors who were responsible for bringing such works to Scotland.