Author: Cally Hall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781405357975

Category: Gems

Page: 160

View: 8447

A new edition of the clearest, most authoritative guide to gemstones you will find. From Amber to Rubellite, discover over 130 varieties of cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones and precious metals. 800 incredible photos, precise annotations and detailed descriptions, including everything from gemstone shapes to their composition, will help you to identify different stones quickly and easily. Covers everything from what a gemstone is and where they occur to the natural properties they have and how they have been fashioned and imitated through the ages. Perfect for gemstone lovers and a comprehensive guide for collectors.

Gemstones of the World

Author: Walter Schumann

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402768293

Category: Nature

Page: 319

View: 4801

Provides detailed information regarding the physical characteristics and unique traits of more than 1,800 precious and semiprecious stones, as well as discussing gemstone structure, production, name origin, and symbolism.

Gems of the World

Author: Cally Oldershaw

Publisher: Firefly Books

ISBN: 9780228100072


Page: 256

View: 3459

-Lavishly illustrated, Gems of the World is intended for anyone who has ever been fascinated by crystals, jewelry, and gems, from general readers to seasoned professionals. It is a fine addition to general collections.- --Booklist, on the previous edition Gems of the World is a practical and comprehensive guide to the identification and properties of precious and semiprecious gems, novelty stones, agates and crystals. This edition has been revised and thoroughly updated. Changes and new features include updated maps of recently established diamond bourses and geographical country changes, plus new gem varieties and localities where they are found, new techniques for producing synthetic gemstones and simulants, and much more. There is comprehensive information on gems: gem formation mining the diamond industry conflict diamonds ethical sourcing crystal structure (diagrams and cuts) optical and physical properties fashioning and cutting (properties and uses) gemstone cuts for diamonds buying a diamond buying colored gemstones imitation and synthetic gemstones gemstone enhancement history of gems famous diamonds caring for gemstones and jewelry a color key of 139 gemstones. The text describes the world's diamond cutting and trading centers, the -diamond pipeline- that flows from mine to retail, and information on the gemstone industry, ethical mining, conflict diamonds and the emergence of new diamond centers. The description directory of gemstones is organized by their chemical composition. The 139 profiles describe each gem's geology, chemistry, properties (such as color, refractive index, and luster), cultural use in history and its value in jewelry. Photographs show the gem as a raw crystal, in common cuts, polished for use, and in some cases, also in a piece of jewelry. Gems of the World is an ideal reference for gemologists, collectors and general readers.


Understanding, Identifying, Buying

Author: Keith Wallis (F.G.A.)

Publisher: ACC Distribution

ISBN: 9781851496303

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 160

View: 2648

Whether buying gem-set jewellery or loose stones, you will be faced with a colourful array of beauty


The Definitive Visual Guide

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1465462120

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 440

View: 5466

Gem is a dazzling visual guide to precious stones, organic gems, and precious metals that weaves together beautiful, specially commissioned images and science, natural history, mythology, and true stories of adventure and discovery. From diamonds to sapphires to limestone, this comprehensive guide profiles all the key gemstones and other precious materials, and stunning images show the jewels in their different cuts, colors, and uses. The stories, myths, and legends that surround the most celebrated gems and jewel-laden artifacts from around the world are revealed, from their journeys in the company of royalty, film stars, and thieves to the curse of the Hope Diamond. Additionally, a reference section at the end of the book highlights a variety of other rocks and non-precious stones. Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, Gem combines stunning photographs with expert knowledge, making it perfect for gift giving.


A Lively Guide for the Casual Collector

Author: Daniel J. Dennis

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 9780810941267

Category: Science

Page: 192

View: 5282

Provides information on colored gems and diamonds, including things to be aware of before buying a precious stone such as color, cut, and setting.

Rock and Gem

Author: Ronald Bonewitz,Ra Bonewitz

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

ISBN: 9780751344004

Category: Fossils

Page: 360

View: 5931

From glittering gemstones to fascinating minerals and fossils, this incredible reference book is a stunning celebration of the Earth s buried treasures. Specially commissioned photography captures the essence and beauty of over 450 superb specimens, while lively and informative text describes the characteristics of each and its unique and changing relationship to humankind through the ages. Organized by rock classes and chemical groups, each rock, mineral, and fossil entry contains a photograph of the specimen together with lively, wide-ranging text describing its qualities and history of use. In addition, a detailed, at-a-glance reference panel provides key data for identification and classification.

The Rock and Gem Book

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1465455329

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 192

View: 987

What is the difference between a rock and a gem? What makes the Hope Diamond so special? Why are some minerals fluorescent? Dig deep to find the answers in The Rock and Gem Book. Filled with over 1,200 stunning full-color photographs, The Rock and Gem Book is the perfect encyclopedia for young geologists to consult. Chapters are organized according to scientific classifications with straightforward explanations that bring each specimen to life. From the quartz in watches to the limestone in the Great Pyramids, the earth's natural treasures are used in architecture, art, and science. Get up close to diamonds, rubies, pearls, and sapphires, and study the different types of rocks, from granite to meteorites. Designed in DK's signature style, the pages are filled with highly visual spreads that show off the depth and unique quality of each gemstone, rock, and fossil. See the past with fossils, learn about the ocean through shells, and find out what makes gold so special in The Rock and Gem Book.


Author: P. G. Read

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483144674

Category: Nature

Page: 370

View: 605

Gemmology is a text for students preparing for the Gemmological Association's Preliminary and Diploma examinations. The book is more expansive and up-to-date than the author's earlier book, Beginner's Guide to Gemmology. The book deals with the practical and theoretical sides of gemmology. Tracing the background and science of gemmology, the book covers the gem material, geological formation, and occurrence of gemstones on the earth. The composition of gemstones from the atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds comprising them is analyzed, and the relationship between chemical composition and durability of the stone is explained. The basics of crystallography is mentioned as a tool toward understanding gemmology after which cleavage, parting, and fracture are done. A gemstone's durability and hardness and how the latter influences engineering tests and the mining techniques are compared. An important test technique to identify unmounted stones is the measure of specific gravity using displacement measurement methods and hydrostatic methods. After more descriptive details are given in identification of gemstones, whether these are synthetic or simulants, through a comprehensive explanation of the materials found in these other gemstones, the fashioning, through shaping or polishing, of gemstones is explained. Emphasis is given on the critical angle in which light rays pass in different rock densities, and then the cutting styles, gemstone polishing, and grading are discussed. Students studying for the Gemmological Association's Preliminary and Diploma examinations, jewelers, lapidarists, and diamond cutters, as well as those engaged in the hobby of gemmology, will find this book helpful and full of information toward their endeavors and hobbies.

Gem Identification Made Easy

A Hands-on Guide to More Confident Buying & Selling

Author: Antoinette Leonard Matlins,Antonio C. Bonanno

Publisher: Gemstone Press

ISBN: 0943763592

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 354

View: 1568

This revised edition covers the latest gems, synthetics, treatments and instruments. It is easy to use, practical and non-technical indicating how to identify diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls, as well as separating them from fakes and look-alikes. The book explains what instruments are needed and how to use them, where to obtain such instruments and what should be seen for each gemstone. Anyone can learn to identify most of the gems and imitations found in the market place. This volume is the key to avoiding costly mistakes and recognising profitable opportunities.

Nature Guide Gems

Author: Kindersley Dorling,Ronald Louis Bonewitz

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

ISBN: 9781409364634

Category: Gems

Page: 224

View: 3914

Have the world in your hands with these compact, illustrated natural history guides From red beryls to rubies, pick through Nature Guide Gems, a beautiful guide to earth's most precious stones. Part of a new generation of compact natural history guides, Nature Guide Gems is packed full of stunning images that reveal the intricate details and unique characteristics of earth's treasured jewels and metals. Expertly written and including over 400 examples from across the globe, these guides will give you knowledge of the natural world at your fingertips. With a detailed introduction on identifying and classifying gems and 140 individual profiles with clear, informative descriptions of each type of stone, Nature Guide Gems is the ideal identification guide.

Gemstones in Victoria

Author: William D. Birch,Bill Birch,Dermot A. Henry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781921833069

Category: Precious stones

Page: 204

View: 3527

Victoria is often seen as the forgotten state when it comes to gem minerals. The history of gems in Victoria is inextricably linked to the discovery of gold in 1851. In 1854, George Milner Stephen publicised for the first time, the discovery of gems in Victoria. These included blue and white sapphires from Ballarat diggings and rubies, topaz and garnet from the River Ovens in northeast Victoria. In 1857, well-known German natural historian Ludwig Becker reported that these same gems could also be found where there was gold.

Book Lust

Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason

Author: Nancy Pearl

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 9781570613814

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 287

View: 660

Presents 170 themed reading lists designed for any type of reading, from "chick lit" to books on bicycling, covering a wide variety of tastes and topics.


Author: Marijan Dundek

Publisher: Marijan Dundek

ISBN: 0953788458

Category: Diamond industry and trade

Page: 95

View: 6441

A comprehensive guide to understanding white diamonds and natural fancy colour diamonds, this book includes images of the most fabulous jewels in the world.

Diamond Handbook

How to Look at Diamonds & Avoid Ripoffs

Author: Renée Newman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780929975368

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 186

View: 2397

The smart Buyer's essential guide to evaluating and buying diamonds. Packed with close-up photos, this new reference shows how to look at and judge diamonds and gives the straight story on synthetics, re-cutting diamonds, judging lab grades; appraisals, branded diamonds, where best to buy, and most importantly, How to Avoid Ripoffs.

Philip's Guide to Gems

Author: Cally Oldershaw

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780540083893

Category: Crystals

Page: 224

View: 5527

An important feature of the book is a comprehensive visual identification key. This makes it easy for the reader to recognize the type of a stone, and so move on to the correct section of the book for a detailed identification. The main part of the book examines each major group of gems from every part of the world, with each group divided into clearly structured units. The first section deals with precious gems in their many forms, with illustrations of priceless jewellery. The second and longer section concentrates on the semiprecious and novelty stones, the agates and the crystals used aby many professional and amateur jewellers and purchased by the majority of collectors and jewellery enthusiasts.

DK Eyewitness Books: Crystal & Gem

Author: R. F. Symes,R. R. Harding

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

ISBN: 9781465420930

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 72

View: 8969

Describes the seven basic shapes of crystals and other aspects of crystallography, including how they form in nature, their properties and identification, crystal color, and everyday uses for crystals.


Author: Cally Hall

Publisher: DK


Category: Nature

Page: 160

View: 7633

Provides a concise description of each gemstone, photographs showing characteristics and distinguishing features, and information on where gemstones are found and their natural properties.