From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike

Studies in Religion and Archaeology

Author: Laura Nasrallah,Charalambos Bakirtzis,Steven J Friesen

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674053222

Category: Architecture

Page: 437

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This volume brings together international scholars of religion, archaeologists, and scholars of art and architectural history to investigate social, political, and religious life in Roman and early Christian Thessalonike, an important metropolis in the Hellenistic, Roman, and early Christian periods and beyond. This volume is the first broadly interdisciplinary investigation of Roman and early Christian Thessalonike in English and offers new data and new interpretations by scholars of ancient religion and archaeology. The book covers materials usually treated by a broad range of disciplines: New Testament and early Christian literature, art historical materials, urban planning in antiquity, material culture and daily life, and archaeological artifacts from the Roman to the late antique period.

Neither Jew nor Greek?

Constructing Early Christianity

Author: Judith Lieu

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0567658821

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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A ground-breaking study in the formation of early Christian identity, by one of the world's leading scholars.In Neither Jew Nor Greek, Judith Lieu explores the formation and shaping of early Christian identity within Judaism and within the wider Graeco-Roman world in the period before 200 C.E. Lieu particularly examines the way that literary texts presented early Christianity. She combines this with interdisciplinary historical investigation and interaction with scholarship on Judaism in late Antiquity and on the Graeco-Roman world.The result is a highly significant contribution to four of the key questions in current New Testament scholarship: how did early Christian identity come to be formed? How should we best describe and understand the processes by which the Christian movement became separate from its Jewish origins? Was there anything special or different about the way women entered Judaism and early Christianity? How did martyrdom contribute to the construction of early Christian identity? The chapters in this volume have become classics in the study of the New Testament and for this Cornerstones edition Lieu provides a new introduction placing them within the academic debate as it is now.

The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity

Author: Oliver Nicholson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192562460

Category: History

Page: 1743

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The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity is the first comprehensive reference book covering every aspect of history, culture, religion, and life in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East (including the Persian Empire and Central Asia) between the mid-3rd and the mid-8th centuries AD, the era now generally known as Late Antiquity. This period saw the re-establishment of the Roman Empire, its conversion to Christianity and its replacement in the West by Germanic kingdoms, the continuing Roman Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Persian Sassanian Empire, and the rise of Islam. Consisting of over 1.5 million words in more than 5,000 A-Z entries, and written by more than 400 contributors, it is the long-awaited middle volume of a series, bridging a significant period of history between those covered by the acclaimed Oxford Classical Dictionary and The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages. The scope of the Dictionary is broad and multi-disciplinary; across the wide geographical span covered (from Western Europe and the Mediterranean as far as the Near East and Central Asia), it provides succinct and pertinent information on political history, law, and administration; military history; religion and philosophy; education; social and economic history; material culture; art and architecture; science; literature; and many other areas. Drawing on the latest scholarship, and with a formidable international team of advisers and contributors, The Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity aims to establish itself as the essential reference companion to a period that is attracting increasing attention from scholars and students worldwide.

Silent Statements

Narrative Representations of Speech and Silence in the Gospel of Luke

Author: Michal Beth Dinkler

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110331144

Category: Religion

Page: 273

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The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology

Author: David K. Pettegrew,William R. Caraher,Thomas W. Davis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199369054

Category: History

Page: 816

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The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology brings together expert work by leading scholars of the archaeology of Early Christianity and the Roman world in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions. The thirty-four contributions to this volume survey Christian material culture and ground the history, culture, and society of the first seven centuries of Christianity in archaeological method, theory, and research. The essays emphasize the link between archaeological fieldwork, methods, and regional and national traditions in constructing our knowledge of the Early Church and Christian communities within the context of the ancient Mediterranean, Near East, and Europe. Three sweeping introductory essays provide historical perspectives on the archaeology of the Early Christian world. These are followed by a series of topical treatments that focus on monuments and environments ranging from Christian churches to catacombs, martyria, and baths, as well as classes of objects of religious significance such as ceramics, lamps, and icons. Finally, the volume locates the archaeology of the Early Christian world in fifteen regional studies stretching from Britain to Persia, highlighting the unique historical contexts that have shaped scholarly discussion across time and space. The thorough, carefully-researched essays offer the most intensive, state-of-the-art treatment of recent research into the archaeology of Early Christianity available.

Der Bär

Geschichte eines gestürzten Königs

Author: Michel Pastoureau,Sabine Çorlu

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783939062097


Page: 383

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Urban Religion in Roman Corinth

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Author: Daniel N. Schowalter,Steven J. Friesen

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674016606

Category: History

Page: 523

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"Seventeen essays on the history, archaeology, urban development, and religious practices of ancient Corinth, with special attention to the early history of Christianity. Topics include burial customs, water supply, city planning, and sociology. Resultsof an interdisciplinary conference held at Harvard University, January 2002--Provided by publisher.

Resurrection, Immortality, And Eternal Life in Intertestamental Judaism And Early Christianity

Author: George W. E. Nickelsburg

Publisher: Harvard Divinity School theological

ISBN: 9780674023789

Category: Religion

Page: 366

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In this book, George Nickelsburg places ideas in their historical circumstances as he probes biblical and post biblical texts andchallenges widely accepted scholarship.

Greetings in the Lord

Early Christians and the Oxyrhynchus Papyri

Author: AnneMarie Luijendijk

Publisher: Harvard Divinity School theological


Category: History

Page: 294

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"Investigates private letters and official documents found at the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus pertaining to Christians in the pre-Constantinian era, taking the reader to the marketplace, church, and court room. Analyzes scribal habits, discoverst

Beyond Essence

Ernst Troeltsch as Historian and Theorist of Christianity

Author: Lori Pearson

Publisher: Harvard Divinity School theological

ISBN: 9780674019195

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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Does Christianity have an essence? How should the identity of Christianity be defined in the modern world? As early as 1903, German theologian Ernst Troeltsch began to question the then-popular concept of an "essence of Christianity." In his search for alternative categories and methods for conceptualizing Christianity and its potential roles in modern society, Troeltsch immersed himself in the study and analysis of Christian history. This book demonstrates the intimate connection between Troeltsch's philosophical writings on the essence of Christianity and his historical investigations of Christianity's past, focusing on Troeltsch's conceptions of Christian origins, historical development, and the ideal types of church-sect-mysticism. Pearson argues that as a result of his historical work, Troeltsch moved beyond the category of essence and sought new ways of theorizing Christian identity in the context of modernity's pluralistic yet fragmented society.

1. Korinther

Author: Peter Arzt-Grabner,Ruth Elisabeth Kritzer,Amphilochios Papathomas,Franz Winter

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783525510018

Category: Religion

Page: 575

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English summary: The Papyrological Commentary on First Corinthians examines how Paul or his readers were influenced by the language of everyday life, private and official, which is preserved most of all in documentary papyri and related material. German description: Der Kommentar bietet eine Vers-fur-Vers-Untersuchung des 1. Korintherbriefes auf dem Hintergrund von Papyri und Ostraka (Tonscherben). Diese Zeugnisse des privaten, amtlichen und religiosen Lebens, wie sie uns auf Fragmenten erhalten sind, ermoglichen einen unmittelbaren Zugang zur Alltagswelt der Griechen und Romer. Erstmals werden auf diesem Hintergrund die Sprache, die Textsorten und die Themen des authentischen Paulusbriefes untersucht. In Exkursen werden dem Leser Informationen zur zeitgeschichtlichen und sozialen Situation sowie zu Einzelthemen wie Ehe und Ehescheidung, Haartracht oder Gotzenopfermahl dargeboten. Durch die Auswertung des papyrologischen Materials gewahren uns die Autoren einen neuen Einblick in die Bedeutung einzelner Begriffe und Wendungen des Paulus.

Out of the Whirlwind

Creation Theology in the Book of Job

Author: Kathryn Schifferdecker

Publisher: Harvard Divinity School theological


Category: Religion

Page: 217

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"Offers a close literary and theological reading of the book of Job--particularly of the speeches of God at the end of the book--in order to articulate the creation theology particularly pertinent in out environmentally conscious age"--Provided by publisher.

Vereine, Synagogen und Gemeinden im kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasien

Author: Andreas Gutsfeld,Dietrich-Alex Koch

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161486203

Category: Religion

Page: 202

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English summary: A striking phenomenon in the cities of the Roman empire from the first to the third century CE was the predominance of voluntary associations of like-minded people who regularly met together. These Greco-Roman associations, such as professional collegia and religious cult groups, were similar in many respects to Christian communities and Jewish synagogues in organization and in the social relationships among members and between members and outsiders. There are, however, notable differences in their religious orientation, specific behavior patterns, and moral concepts. The essays in this volume explore specific aspects of the associations, synagogues, and Christian communities and provide a profile of their individual characteristics and their relationships to one another. German description: Eines der beherrschenden Phanomene der Stadte im romischen Kaiserreich des 1. bis 3. Jahrhundert n. Chr. waren freie Vereinigungen, in denen sich Gleichgesinnte, jenseits ihrer familiaren und gemeindlichen Bindungen, freiwillig und auf Dauer zusammenschlossen. Dazu zahlten griechisch-romische Vereinigungen (wie Berufskollegien und pagane Kultgenossenschaften) ebenso wie christliche Gemeinden und judische Synagogen. Am Beispiel dieser Vereinigungen im griechischen Osten des Reiches erortern die Autoren der Beitrage des vorliegenden Bandes wichtige Aspekte von Gruppenbildung im romischen Kaiserreich. Hintergrund der Uberlegungen ist die Tatsache, dass die griechisch-romischen Vereinigungen, christlichen Gemeinden und judischen Synagogen zwar ihrer Form nach im wesentlichen ubereinstimmten: Die Organisationsstrukturen waren ahnlich, auch die Bedingungen sozialer Beziehungen innerhalb und ausserhalb der Gemeinschaften entsprachen einander weitgehend. Aber sie generierten, infolge unterschiedlicher religioser Orientierungen, spezifische Verhaltensmuster und Wertvorstellungen, die auch auf die Gesellschaft ausstrahlten.

Steine und Wege

Festschrift für Dieter Knibbe zum 65. Geburtstag

Author: Peter Scherrer,Dieter Knibbe,Hans Taeuber,Hilke Thür

Publisher: N.A


Category: Inscriptions

Page: 426

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