Foundations of Spectroscopy

Author: Simon Duckett,Bruce Gilbert

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198503354

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 90

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'I congratulate the authors for encompassing the four main branches of spectroscopy favoured by organic chemists in just 75 pages... At £6.99, this might become the compulsory text for my spectroscopic modules. If it does, all my carefully crafted hand-outs, all my well-honed problems and examples may have to go in the bin. Buy it!' Alan Dronsfield in Education in Chemistry, Sep. 2001This Primer covers the foundations of spectroscopy at a level suitable for first year chemistry undergraduates. Mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction, along with traditional spectroscopic techniques : i.r., n.m.r., and u.v. -visible spectroscopy are covered. The essential physical principles of each method are introduced, many examples of spectral analysis are provided, and some problems; further reading and practice is strongly encouraged.

Fundamentals in Chemical Physics

Author: F. Battaglia,T.F. George

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401716366

Category: Science

Page: 316

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Taking an individual approach, this book focuses on the concepts underlying chemical physics. It presents the essence of a connected theory rather than mere explanations of apparently unrelated facts, helping readers to understand chemical phenomena in terms of the most fundamental laws of physics.

Foundations of Laser Spectroscopy

Author: Stig Stenholm

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486150372

Category: Science

Page: 288

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A simple presentation of the theoretical foundations of steady-state laser spectroscopy, this text helps students to apply theory to calculations with a systematic series of examples and exercises. 1984 edition.

Keynotes in Organic Chemistry

Author: Andrew F. Parsons

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118676424

Category: Science

Page: 304

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This concise and accessible book provides organic chemistry notes for students studying chemistry and related courses at undergraduate level, covering core organic chemistry in a format ideal for learning and rapid revision. The material is organised so that fundamental concepts are introduced early, then built on to provide an overview of the essentials of functional group chemistry and reactivity, leading the student to a solid understanding of the basics of organic chemistry. Graphical presentation of information is central to the book, to facilitate the rapid assimilation, understanding and recall of critical concepts, facts and definitions. Students wanting a comprehensive and accessible overview of organic chemistry to build the necessary foundations for a more detailed study will find this book an ideal source of the information they require. In addition, the structured presentation, highly graphical nature of the text and practice problems with outline answers will provide an invaluable framework and aid to revision for students preparing for examinations. Keynotes in Organic Chemistry is also a handy desk reference for advanced students, postgraduates and researchers. For this second edition the text has been completely revised and updated. Colour has been introduced to clarify aspects of reaction mechanisms, and new margin notes to emphasise the links between different topics. The number of problems have been doubled to approximately 100, and includes spectra interpretation problems. Each chapter now starts with diagrams to illustrate the key points, and ends with a list of key reactions and a worked example.

Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy

Author: Anil K. Pradhan,Sultana N. Nahar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 113949497X

Category: Science

Page: N.A

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Spectroscopy enables the precise study of astronomical objects and phenomena. Bridging the gap between physics and astronomy, this is the first integrated graduate-level textbook on atomic astrophysics. It covers the basics of atomic physics and astrophysics, including state-of-the-art research applications, methods and tools. The content is evenly balanced between the physical foundations of spectroscopy and their applications to astronomical objects and cosmology. An undergraduate knowledge of physics is assumed, and relevant basic material is summarized at the beginning of each chapter. The material is completely self-contained and features sufficient background information for self-study. Advanced users will find it handy for spectroscopic studies. A website hosted by the authors contains updates, corrections, exercises and solutions, as well as news items from physics and astronomy related to spectroscopy. A link to this can be found at

The Octogenarian Ski-Jumper

Author: Martin McGovern


ISBN: 1445210614

Category: Reference

Page: 184

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Have you ever thought no-one achieved anything at your age? This is the antidote. This book describes the achievements of the famous and the not-so-famous, arranged according to the age at which they achieved sporting greatness, wrote that novel, or invented that gadget we all use every day. Discover the identity of the person with the world's most impressive trophy cabinet, having won both a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. Did you know that the most popular age for signing the American Declaration of Independence was 50? In Scotland, the first six Kings named James were under 16 when they ascended the throne. With about 1,000 examples of age related success, The Octogenarian Ski-jumper has something for everyone with an age.

Electronic and Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Fundamentals and Case Studies

Author: Andrew M. Ellis,Miklos Feher,Timothy G. Wright

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139441858

Category: Science

Page: N.A

View: 8145

Electronic and photoelectron spectroscopy can provide extraordinarily detailed information on the properties of molecules and are in widespread use in the physical and chemical sciences. Applications extend beyond spectroscopy into important areas such as chemical dynamics, kinetics and atmospheric chemistry. This book aims to provide the reader with a firm grounding of the basic principles and experimental techniques employed. The extensive use of case studies effectively illustrates how spectra are assigned and how information can be extracted, communicating the matter in a compelling and instructive manner. Topics covered include laser-induced fluorescence, resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization, cavity ringdown and ZEKE spectroscopy. The volume is for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in spectroscopy and will also be useful to anyone encountering electronic and/or photoelectron spectroscopy during their research.

Molecular Spectroscopy

Author: Jeanne L. McHale

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466586613

Category: Science

Page: 457

View: 1334

This textbook offers an introduction to the foundations of spectroscopic methods and provides a bridge between basic concepts and experimental applications in fields as diverse as materials science, biology, solar energy conversion, and environmental science. The author emphasizes the use of time-dependent theory to link the spectral response in the frequency domain to the behavior of molecules in the time domain, strengthened by two brand new chapters on nonlinear optical spectroscopy and time-resolved spectroscopy. Theoretical underpinnings are presented to the extent necessary for readers to understand how to apply spectroscopic tools to their own interests.

Foundations of Quantum Physics

Author: Charles E. Burkhardt,Jacob J. Leventhal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387776521

Category: Science

Page: 530

View: 5149

This book is meant to be a text for a ?rst course in quantum physics. It is assumed that the student has had courses in Modern Physics and in mathematics through differential equations. The book is otherwise self-contained and does not rely on outside resources such as the internet to supplement the material. SI units are used throughoutexcept for those topics for which atomic units are especially convenient. It is our belief that for a physics major a quantum physics textbook should be more than a one- or two-semester acquaintance. Consequently, this book contains material that, while germane to the subject, the instructor might choose to omit because of time limitations. There are topics and examples included that are not normally covered in introductory textbooks. These topics are not necessarily too advanced, they are simply not usually covered. We have not, however, presumed to tell the instructor which topics must be included and which may be omitted. It is our intention that omitted subjects are available for future reference in a book that is already familiar to its owner. In short, it is our hope that the student will use the book as a reference after having completed the course. We have included at the end of most chapters a “Retrospective” of the chapter. Thisis notmeanttobemerelya summary,but,rather,anoverviewoftheimportance ofthe material andits placein the contextofpreviousandforthcomingchapters.

Laser Spectroscopy 1

Basic Principles

Author: Wolfgang Demtröder

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642538592

Category: Science

Page: 496

View: 2857

Keeping abreast of the latest techniques and applications, this new edition of the standard reference and graduate text on laser spectroscopy has been completely revised and expanded. While the general concept is unchanged, the new edition features a broad array of new material, e.g., ultrafast lasers (atto- and femtosecond lasers) and parametric oscillators, coherent matter waves, Doppler-free Fourier spectroscopy with optical frequency combs, interference spectroscopy, quantum optics, the interferometric detection of gravitational waves and still more applications in chemical analysis, medical diagnostics, and engineering.


Ein Lehrbuch

Author: Jürgen H Gross

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3827429811

Category: Science

Page: 802

View: 9092

Mit Massenspektrometrie – ein Lehrbuch liegt ein Werk vor, das mit seiner umfassenden, präzisen Darstellung sowie seinen vielen gelungenen Illustrationen und Fotos eine Lücke auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt schließt. Dieses im englischsprachigen Raum bereits gut etablierte Buch führt auf grundlegende Weise an die Massenspektrometrie heran, indem es die Prinzipien, Methoden und Anwendungen logisch aufeinander aufbauend erklärt. Schritt für Schritt lernt der Leser, was diese analytische Methode leisten kann, auf welch vielfältige Art Massenspektrometer isolierte Ionen in der Gasphase erzeugen, selektieren und manipulieren können und wie man aus den resultierenden Massenspektren analytische Information gewinnt. Moderne sanfte Ionisationsmethoden wie ESI, APCI oder MALDI, klassische Verfahren wie EI, CI, FAB oder FD, Oberflächentechniken wie DESI oder DART und elementmassenspektrometrische Verfahren werden didaktisch durchdacht behandelt. Studienanfänger werden von dem Werk ebenso profitieren wie Fortgeschrittene und Praktiker. Ergänzend zum Buch betreibt der Autor eine frei zugängliche (englischsprachige) Internetseite mit zahlreichen Übungsaufgaben, Lösungen und Bonus-Material unter

Foundations of Sport-Related Brain Injuries

Author: Semyon M. Slobounov,Wayne J. Sebastianelli

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387325654

Category: Medical

Page: 482

View: 2136

In summarizing current insights and controversies over concussions in athletics, this book makes the vital point that symptom resolution does not necessarily mean injury resolution. Research shows that dysfunctional pathways continue for extended periods even after a minor concussion. Until the consequences of short-term perturbations and long-term residual brain dysfunctions are better understood, concussions must be treated with respect and given a higher priority for continued research activity.

Optical Measurement Techniques

Innovations for Industry and the Life Sciences

Author: Kai-Erik Peiponen,Risto Myllylä,Alexander V. Priezzhev

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540719261

Category: Science

Page: 155

View: 7673

Devoted to new optical measurement techniques in industry as well as the life sciences, this book has a fresh perspective on the development of modern optical sensors, which are essential for the control of parameters in industrial and biomedical applications.

Spectroscopic Measurement

An Introduction to the Fundamentals

Author: Mark A. Linne

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780124510715

Category: Science

Page: 414

View: 4185

Researchers not formally trained who apply spectroscopy in their research need the detail in this book to ensure accuracy of their technique or to develop more sophisticated measurements.

Modern ESCAThe Principles and Practice of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Author: Tery L. Barr

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849386534

Category: Science

Page: 384

View: 7350

Modern ESCA: The Principles and Practice of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy is a unique text/reference that focuses on the branch of electron spectroscopy generally labeled as either Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) or X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). The book emphasizes the use of core level and valence band binding energies, their shifts, and line widths. It describes the background, present status, and possible future uses of a number of recently developed branches of ESCA, including:

Foundations of Organic Chemistry

Unity and Diversity of Structures, Pathways, and Reactions

Author: David R. Dalton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118005385

Category: Science

Page: 1532

View: 1721

This book differs from other organic chemistry textbooks in that it is not focused purely on the needs of students studying premed, but rather for all students studying organic chemistry. It directs the reader to question present assumptions rather than to accept what is told, so the second chapter is largely devoted to spectroscopy (rather than finding it much later on as with most current organic chemistry textbooks). Additionally, after an introduction to spectroscopy, thermodynamics and kinetics, the presentation of structural information of compounds and organic families advances from hydrocarbons to alcohols to aldehydes and ketones and, finally, to carboxylic acids.


Author: N.A

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080522586

Category: Science

Page: 714

View: 3624

The critically acclaimed laboratory standard for more than forty years, Methods in Enzymology is one of the most highly respected publications in the field of biochemistry. Since 1955, each volume has been eagerly awaited, frequently consulted, and praised by researchers and reviewers alike. Now with more than 300 volumes (all of them still in print), the series contains much material still relevant today truly an essential publication for researchers in all fields of life sciences. * Discusses optical instrumentation for imaging, screening and diagnosis in molecules, tissues, and cells * Covers the development and application of optical probes and techniques for imaging and drug screening * Investigates the structure and dynamics of biomolecular systems, screening and drug discovery, and the diagnosis and treatment of disease

Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy, Applications and Fundamentals

Author: P. W. J. M. Boumans

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience

ISBN: 9780471853787

Category: Science

Page: 504

View: 1587

This two-part work covers the state of the art in inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy. A comprehensive work, it serves as a text for the novice and a handbook for the expert--providing a new standard in the field of ICP-AES. Filling as essential gap in the AES literature, these two volumes provide a critical and tutorial survey of more than 20 years of research, development, and application in the field of ICPs and related plasma sources. Chapters are essentially self-contained and may be consulted independently.