Five Dares

Author: Eli Easton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781626496514

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

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Andy Tyler has been the class daredevil since middle school. Over the years, he's convinced his best friend, Jake Masterson, to perform some dangerous-looking stunts with him. But the dare they attempt on the night of their college graduation goes sideways. The firecrackers explode too soon and both of them end up with badly burned palms. But hey, nothing gets the "terrible two-o" down for long, and they recuperate in style at Andy's family cottage in Cape Cod. As the weeks go by, both Andy and Jake grow frustrated over the inability to use their hands for all sorts of daily activities--including getting off. So Andy begins a new series of dares that don't just cross the friendship line, they obliterate it. But what might be mere sexual relief to Andy is serious business to Jake, who only recently got over years of secret pining for his straight best friend. Inevitably, the burns heal, summer ends, and hearts are broken. To fix things, Andy will have to face the greatest dare of all.

Linguistic Engineering

Language and Politics in Mao's China

Author: Fengyuan Ji

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824825362

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 350

View: 1894

When Mao and the Chinese Communist Party won power in 1949, they were determined to create new, revolutionary human beings. Their most precise instrument of ideological transformation was a massive program of linguistic engineering. They taught everyone a new political vocabulary, gave old words new meanings, converted traditional terms to revolutionary purposes, suppressed words that expressed incorrect thought, and required the whole population to recite slogans, stock phrases, and scripts that gave correct linguistic form to correct thought. They assumed that constant repetition would cause the revolutionary formulae to penetrate people's minds, engendering revolutionary beliefs and values. In an introductory chapter, Dr. Ji assesses the potential of linguistic engineering by examining research on the relationship between language and thought. In subsequent chapters, she traces the origins of linguistic engineering in China, describes its development during the early years of communist rule, then explores in detail the unprecedented manipulation of language during the Cultural Revolution of 1966 1976. Along the way, she analyzes the forms of linguistic engineering associated with land reform, class struggle, personal relationships, the Great Leap Forward, Mao-worship, Red Guard activism, revolutionary violence, Public Criticism Meetings, the model revolutionary operas, and foreign language teaching. She also reinterprets Mao s strategy during the early stages of the Cultural Revolution, showing how he manipulated exegetical principles and contexts of judgment to frame his alleged opponents. The work concludes with an assessment of the successes and failures of linguistic engineering and an account of how the Chinese Communist Party relaxed its control of language after Mao's death. "

Excerpta Antiqua

Or, a Collection of Original Manuscripts

Author: John Croft

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

Page: 112

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The Diary of Frankie Kenstun

Author: Jay McGee

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1628384158

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

View: 9497

Finding love is never easy, or is it? Frankie finds herself whisked away to a beach filled with twenty hot guys, fighting each other, trying to win her heart. Lucky, Frankie! What girl wouldn’t want a chance at that? Imagine twenty hot and gorgeous guys trying to outshine each other in pursuit of your favors. Now isn’t that something? And what of finding love? Can a love game bring you love? Will Frankie find her true love? Be part of the crowd and cheer her through this trying yet exciting adventure—an ordeal that could make or break her. Her heart is on the line. Will she come out of it radiantly happy or will she end up breaking hearts, including hers as well? One thing’s for sure; right now, with those charming hunks in mind, we all want to be in her shoes, or should I say, in her bikini?

The Respect Dare

40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband

Author: Nina Roesner

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 140020447X

Category: Religion

Page: 206

View: 8062

Wives who choose to follow Ephesians 5:33-"and the wife shall respect her husband"-make a dramatic impact on their marriages. But many married women struggle with the concept of respecting their husbands. What does respect actually look like? Why should wives respect their husbands? Shouldn't they have to earn it? The Respect Dare is a forty-day guide that will take away the confusion. Utilizing a unique and proven experiential training method, the reader develops a more intimate connection with her husband and God by doing a series of dares. The book is filled with stories of struggle and success, and many practical applications of respect that have dramatically impacted marriages. This book is for women who want to understand the biblical model for healthy marriages reconcile the Bible's teaching about respect in marriage with a culture that values something completely different enjoy stronger marriages and stronger families

Wild Truth Bible Lessons-Dares from Jesus

Author: Jeannie Oestreicher

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310864745

Category: Religion

Page: 96

View: 2873

Weekly studies to reinforce what junior highers are learning from their Wild Truth JournalThese Bible lessons send students straight to the words of Jesus to discover the truth, then dare them to live that truth today. Includes games, activities, sketches, handouts, and reproducible worksheets.

One Pilgrim's Progress

How to Build a World-Class Company, and Who to Credit

Author: Lonnie Pilgrim

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418517011

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 4781

Bo Pilgrim had no college education, but he did have a big dose of Texas courage and a heavenly calling that led him to start his own business after World War II. Reggie Wallace, who worked with Pilgrim for fifty years, describes it this way: "All we had in the beginning was a two-wheel buggy, a shovel, some burlap sacks, and Bo's big ideas." Today, Pilgrim's Pride is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that employs more than 40,000 people and processes 30 million chickens a week. In One Pilgrim's Progress, Pilgrim shares the essential values he learned as a boy that are the foundation of his business success.

What a Hero Dares

Author: Kasey Michaels

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460328647

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8521 Desire and loyalty collide in the riveting conclusion to USA TODAY bestselling author Kasey Michaels's series about the Redgraves—four siblings united by their legacy of scandal and seduction… Punished for his father's crimes and scorned by society, fearless soldier Maximillien Redgrave fights to protect England. But his quest to restore his family's reputation is his own private battle. Trusting the irresistible young Zoe Charbonneau, whose betrayal destroyed his closest comrades and nearly unraveled his covert mission, is a mistake he intends to never repeat. So when the discovery of a smuggling ring compels him to embark on a voyage straight into danger, he's prepared for anything—except to find Zoe on his ship. Believed to be a double agent for England and France, Zoe must clear her name in order to save her life. Convincing Max of her innocence seems impossible, until inescapable desire tempts them both to trust—and love—again. But a circle of enemies is closing in, and their time together might run out before they outrun danger….

40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales

Author: Jason Forrest

Publisher: Shore Forrest

ISBN: 0980176220

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 7228

Too many sales careers end before they really even begin, and even the most seasoned pros can use an occasional pick-me-up, especially in sluggish markets. "40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales" gives specific, relevant instruction on how to reach one's full potential.

Who Dares Wins

SAS Military Thriller

Author: Chris Ryan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409066460

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8183

The explosive novel from bestselling Chris Ryan. Two brothers. One mission. And a whole world of trouble... Sam and Jacob Redman. Two brothers, SAS through and through. They fight alongside each other; they watch each other's backs. They are ruthlessly professional in the field of war, fiercely loyal wherever they are. But when Jacob is booted from the Regiment for a moment of madness, he disappears. Not even his family knows where he is, or even if he's still alive. All that is about to change. On his return from a brutal mission in Afghanistan, Sam is ordered to conduct another dangerous operation into an inhospitable part of the world. He soon learns, though, that his unit are not being told everything by their government paymasters; and so he is forced to choose between his duty to the men around him and his loyalty to the brother that he loves. Is Jacob part of a plan that threatens world peace? As the body count rises, only Sam can stop these events from reaching their terrifying conclusion.