Equity Crowdfunding

The Complete Guide for Startups and Growing Companies

Author: Nathan Rose

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780473377984


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Raise Money Without a Bank Or a VC, Through The Crowd! For many startups and growing companies, gaining marketing exposure and raising external funding from investors are #1 and #2 on their priority list. But, until recently, they were always separate activities - first you would raise the money, and then you would spend it on marketing. The advent of equity crowdfunding means these two critical tasks can be done at the same time. This is a game-changer. Equity Crowdfunding - A Hybrid of Venture Capital and Kickstarter. Unlike venture capital, the company founders get to set their own offer terms, retain their company culture, and bring on dozens, or even hundreds of shareholders rather than just a tiny handful - and gain all the promotional benefits that come with this. And unlike the crowdfunding offered by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, equity crowdfunding allows a company to offer shares in itself, instead of a pre-ordered product. This means equity crowdfunding can be used by far more types of businesses, and typically attracts a lot more money. Companies regularly raise hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars through equity crowdfunding. This Book Will Show You How! Equity crowdfunding offers amazing potential for startups and growing companies, but it is also a very steep learning curve. Many companies begin with no real idea of how to choose a platform, how to craft their pitch, or what they should be doing to drive people to their offer page and invest. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn: The forces which have brought equity crowdfunding to where it is today How to tell whether equity crowdfunding will be a good fit for your company The biggest mistakes that can kill an offer before it has even begun How to build critical momentum - one company raised 1 million in 96 seconds! How to construct a marketing plan to get people literally counting down to your launch How to salvage an offer which is "stuck," and re-ignite the momentum What past campaigns wished they had known before they had started The incredible impact equity crowdfunding can have on your business and profile The World's First Comprehensive Resource Featuring the very best strategies from 20 real companies who have used equity crowdfunding to raise millions of dollars, euros and pounds. And the expert advice from 12 market-leading platforms at the forefront of the equity crowdfunding revolution. This book is truly global in scope, featuring contributions from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. This is THE complete guide, with no prior knowledge assumed, and will teach you equity crowdfunding from the ground up. "

Equity Crowdfunding for Investors

A Guide to Risks, Returns, Regulations, Funding Portals, Due Diligence, and Deal Terms

Author: David M. Freedman,Matthew R. Nutting

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118853563

Category: Business & Economics

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Equity crowdfunding is a new, exciting, and evolving way for growing businesses to raise capital and for average investors to buy equity in those businesses. It has been universally hailed as a “game changer” in the private capital markets, particularly the venture capital asset class, which includes angel investing. Before now, venture capital investing—and the spectacular returns that are possible in this asset class—have been off-limits to all but the wealthiest Americans. In addition to potentially huge returns is the excitement of being involved in helping startups and fast-growth companies succeed (although many will fail), and thereby gaining early access to leading-edge technology and innovative business models. Readers will learn: the reasons for and against investing in equity crowdfunding how to follow the rules and limits established by the SEC how to make smart investment decisions based on their personal objectives and financial situation how to avoid being ripped off by shoddy websites and fraudulent offerings, and how to find the best advice and information available.

Peer-to-Peer Lending and Equity Crowdfunding: A Guide to the New Capital Markets for Job Creators, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

Author: Kim Wales

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440855358

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Written by an industry pioneer who has hands-on experience in the brave new world of peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding, this book serves as a resource for investors and entrepreneurs alike and investigates how these alternative mechanisms will increase the financial and operational capacity of borrowers, lenders, buyers, and sellers in the private markets. • Describes the inherent value in democratization of capital and financial inclusion using peer-to-peer credit and equity crowdfunding that can assist private investors, banks, small businesses, and pension fund managers with market participation • Documents the necessity for fostering transparency, enhancing risk management, and establishing a secondary market to increase distribution and liquidity • Explains how to raise capital, invest, and make a social justice impact using digital finance • Highlights how social media connections influence the capital-raising process

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms In United Kingdom In 2017 - A Handbook of 23 Top Equity Crowdfunding Platforms In United Kingdom In 2017

Author: Davide Magrini

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365752631

Category: Business & Economics

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The best market in the world, for equity crowdfunding, is the UK. This is a useful review of the top 23 equity crowdfunding platforms in UK in 2017. It will help you to scan all the possibilities, save time, and quickly decide which is the best platform to raise funds for your project.

Equity Crowdfunding

Transforming Customers Into Loyal Owners

Author: Jonathan Frutkin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989238205

Category: Crowd funding

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Equity crowdfunding is going to change our view of capitalism. This book is about more than raising money for a company. It is a book about how business owners can turn their customers into loyal owners. Smart leaders will further transform their investing customers into evangelists for the business. With its ability to leverage social networks to gain market share, crowdfunding offers established local businesses the largest marketing opportunity of all time. "Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners" Last year, I wrote an article for a local business magazine about the JOBS Act. What I thought was a relatively benign article for people to flip through while sitting in local doctors' waiting rooms generated a ton of calls to my office. I realized business owners were thirsting for a new avenue to raise money for their company. Upon some reflection on the response that the article created, I decided that I missed the mark entirely. The opportunity to raise capital using crowdfunding isn't exciting. What is exciting is that local businesses can make their customers into owners. This marketing opportunity is huge! Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals to pool relatively small amounts of money into a much larger "fund" for a specific purpose. Crowdfunding almost always refers to online efforts to get financial backers, but the projects themselves range from disaster relief to political campaigns to arts projects to just about anything else that can be imagined. My book focuses on equity crowdfunding - where a collection of individuals invest in a business with the hope of future financial return. Experienced Wall Street hands believe that equity crowdfunding has little utility. They believe that while some small amounts of money will flow to help startup companies, the opportunity will be very limited. This sort of small-minded thinking misses the true opportunity offered by this innovative funding model. Equity crowdfunding is the single largest marketing opportunity for local businesses to transform mere customers into loyal owners. By resetting the relationship between corporation and patron, the new rules for crowdfunding are going to fundamentally shift the way entrepreneurs think about both raising capital and creating long-term engagements with their customers. For the startup entrepreneur who believes that the new laws will solve their undercapitalization woes, crowdfunding will prove to be a disappointment. While there will be a limited opportunity to equity crowdfund a startup, that window will soon close. In a few years, the only companies that will be able to capture the imaginations and dollars of the investing public are solid companies that generate consistent investment returns. Once investors realize that betting on a clever idea with an untested business founder is a losing proposition, crowdfunded money for startups will dry up. The good news is that the quickest-growing job creators are profitable companies that generate $1 to $10 million in revenue. These companies are the ones that stand to gain the most from the new equity crowdfunding rules. And the American economy will benefit from having more investment dollars in the hands of companies that will create the most new jobs.

Equity crowdfunding Sharia compliant

Author: Silvana Secinaro

Publisher: G Giappichelli Editore

ISBN: 8892108018

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 112

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The Crowdfunding is a phenomenonrelatively new, an instrument with different potential and implications,therefore, the objective is to identify the various benefits that it can offer, aswell as, highlight the various problems that this tool can bring. The analysis willfocus on dynamics governing the phenomenon, in order to identify models capableof target promoters and organizations in using this innovative tool.In particular, to analyze the application for equity crowdfunding model canbe compatible with the dictates of Islamic finance, so as to have appeal to Muslimslenders likely to invest in new markets. The sharia approach is linked to thereinvestment of capital that enables the extension of the company from the bottom.The prohibition of hoarding, the obligation to invest in real assets the prohibitionof speculation and the sharing of profits and losses. It should also givethe reason for the introduction of an Italian dimension, given that the book iswritten for an international audience, here in my opinion you can specify thatthe legislation is very advanced, that there is a strong interest in Islamic financeand why can be an as European model.This analysis can be a useful tool at the international level to generate newalternative forms of careful financing economic, social and ethical.

The Future Just Arrived

A Primer on US Equity Crowdfunding

Author: Rupert Hart

Publisher: Cordanobelo

ISBN: 9780985771973


Page: 102

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New ways to raise venture capital through selling shares to people like you and me over the Internet.

Crowdfunding on Steroids

General Solicitation under Rule 506(c

Author: Douglas Slain

Publisher: Private Placement Publications

ISBN: 1492229172

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 68

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The SEC has lifted an 80-year ban on general solicitation. For the first time, start-ups can use public solicitation and public advertising, including online, to sell private offerings. This handbook discusses these changes and how to take advantage of them.

23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital

Jobs Act Marketing

Author: Craig Huey

Publisher: Bookbaby

ISBN: 9781543934342

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 166

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On a sunny spring day in 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act into law - making it possible for private companies to raise capital directly from investors...without going public.For the first time ever, you can grow, expand and boost profits by creating powerful financial partnerships with investors who believe in your business. Now, you can potentially raise millions in order to rent new facilities, purchase equipment, fund powerful marketing, hire new staff and more.The JOBS Act has changed the game for you by making dramatic, rapid business growth possible with an equity crowdfunding campaign.But without knowing how to correctly market your investment opportunity to investors, you may never raise a penny under the JOBS Act.To get a high response from investors, you'll need to know: -Proven, time-tested scientific strategies to reach investors-How to analyze your marketing - and how to get results that are accountable and cost-effective-The power of direct response marketing to get an amazing response-And much more...In 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital, you'll learn all of the above and more from marketing guru Craig Huey--who has over 30 years of experience marketing to the investor.You'll also learn time-tested, accountable keys and tactics like: -How to use an integrated, multichannel campaign to dramatically increase response and expand your prospect and customer base-Why direct mail may be your secret weapon in your marketing arsenal-Who to target for maximum response--and how to use high-level strategies like data modeling and custom lists to reach your perfect prospects-Why every entrepreneur must create a specialized landing page as the foundation of an integrated, multichannel campaign-How to write direct response copy and why this little-known key may be critical to your success--or failure23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital takes business owners step-by-step through what they absolutely must know to create a marketing campaign that will help them succeed and profit under the transformational deregulation under the JOBS Act. Foundational marketing keys are explained in clear, concise language, demystifying and explaining the elements of marketing keys such as: -Custom lists, data modeling and database marketing to achieve maximum response-Digital marketing assets: a direct response landing page, email marketing, banner ads, Facebook marketing, marketing on Amazon and pre-roll ads, including retargeting strategies-Direct mail, including an explanation of various formats such as the traditional direct mailing package, magalog, newsalog, bookalog and videolog-Direct response video and where to place it-Testing and result analysis for continuous improvement and refinementFinally, 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital includes appendices that provide additional, practical information on marketing under various categories under the JOBS Act.

Crowdfunding 2020

Komplement oder Substitut für die Finanzindustrie

Author: Michael Gebert,Ivo Blohm,Eva Sieber,Philipp Haas,Moritz Schulz,Jan Marco Leimeister,Karsten Wenzlaff

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3734753864

Category: Political Science

Page: 136

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Die Crowdfunding Studie 2020 wirft einen Blick in die Zukunft der Crowdfunding-Industrie. Experten geben im Rahmen einer Delphi-Studie eine Einschätzung zur zukünftigen Situation des Crowdfunding in der Schweiz und Deutschland bis 2020, sowie ob sich Crowdfunding bis 2020 zum Komplement oder Substitut für traditionelle Finanzprodukte entwickelt. Die Studie wurde vom Competence Center Crowdsourcing und dem deutschen German Crowdfunding Network durchgeführt.