Arcturian Songs Of The Masters Of Light

Arcturian Star Chronicles, Volume Four

Author: Patricia Pereira

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451643756

Category: Philosophy

Page: 250

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In 1987, medical transcriptionist Patricia Pereira suddenly started receiving telepathic communications from the star Arcturus and was requested to begin a series of galactically inspired manuscripts, Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light is the fourth volume in the series. The mission of this series of books is to awaken us to our individual and collective spiritual obligation for the health and well being of our planet and all creatures who live upon her. Philosophical in cope, the essays in these books provide pragmatic, practical suggestions for emotional, mental physical, and spiritual transformation. They remind us of our familial relationships to beings of light who inhabit the great star nations. Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light moves beyond solely Arcturian energies to incorporate high-level representatives of the brotherhoods of light, including Christ Essence and Sanat Kumara of the Order of Melchizedek.

Ethics and the Wars of Insurgency

Somalia to Syria

Author: Kenneth L. Vaux

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630872830

Category: Religion

Page: 162

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Ethics of Wars of Insurgency is my fifth study on the ethics of war and peace. It spans a twenty-year period of perplexing war and peace history focusing on the theological and ethical aspects of American foreign policy analysis from Somalia to Rwanda to Bosnia, concluding with present activities involving Syria--and the concurrent events of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This study highlights the theological themes of prophecy and biblical teaching and the ethical themes of human rights, violence, and peacemaking. The thesis of Ethics and the Wars of Insurgency is that only theological and ethical analysis can fathom the depths of meaning and appropriate action in these vital areas of policy and strategy in American and world affairs.


Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783551551924

Category: Junge - Aussehen - Verwechslung - Erwachsener - Kinderbuch

Page: 300

View: 547

Earthing the Cosmic Queen

Relevance Theory and the Song of Songs

Author: Yael Klangwisan

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 162564499X

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 8626

Earthing the Cosmic Queen explores the connection of poet, world, and text in the Song of Songs based on the process of reading as understood by Relevance Theory. This linguistic theory reveals new insights into the Song of Songs by tracing associations between the poet and her world. The main portion of this book involves a discourse analysis of the entire Song for the purpose of revealing the poet's cognitive environment and communicative intentions. Seven sites of discourse are explored: entreaties, wasf, the daughters, royalty, the brothers, losing and finding, and the Garden. The Garden of Eden strongly figures and could be considered a flashpoint of engagement. There is suggestion in the text that there is a crisis for the poet regarding her place in ancient Hebrew society. Thus, the Garden of Eden texts and the Song of Songs are carefully contrasted to highlight the contours of her radical message.

Echoes of an Invisible World

Marsilio Ficino and Francesco Patrizi on Cosmic Order and Music Theory

Author: Jacomien Prins

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004281762

Category: History

Page: 476

View: 7138

In Echoes of an invisible world Jacomien Prins offers an account of the transformation of the notion of Pythagorean world harmony during the Renaissance and the role of the Italian philosophers Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) and Francesco Patrizi (1529-1597) in redefining the relationship between cosmic order and music theory.

Broccoli-Boy rettet die Welt

Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Publisher: Carlsen

ISBN: 3646927909

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 2174

Witzige und kluge Superheldengeschichte des preisgekrönten Kinderbuchautors Frank Cottrell Boyce: Rory ist gerne gut vorbereitet. Er weiß genau, was man bei Wespenstichen macht, wie man einen Nilpferdangriff abwehrt oder eine Mobbingattacke. Doch was, wenn sich das eigene Gesicht plötzlich grün verfärbt? Rory landet als medizinische Sensation auf der Isolierstation eines Krankenhauses, zusammen mit Tommy-Lee, dem Oberfiesling aus seiner Klasse. Sind die beiden vielleicht zu Superhelden mutiert? Um das herauszufinden, stürzen sie sich nun Nacht für Nacht mit dem Fensterputz-Aufzug in die verrücktesten Abenteuer ...

The Alienated Academy

Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919-1937

Author: Wen-Hsin Yeh

Publisher: Harvard Univ Asia Center

ISBN: 9780674002845

Category: Education

Page: 449

View: 5621

The enormous changes in twentieth-century Chinese higher education up to the Sino-Japanese War are detailed in this pioneering work. Yeh examines the impact of instruction in English and of the introduction of science and engineering into the curriculum. Such innovations spurred the movement of higher education away from the gentry academies focused on classical studies and propelled it toward modern middle-class colleges with diverse programs. Yeh provides a typology of Chinese institutions of higher learning in the Republican period and detailed studies of representative universities. She also describes student life and prominent academic personalities in various seats of higher learning. Social changes and the political ferment outside the academy affected students and faculty alike, giving rise, as Yeh contends, to a sense of alienation on the eve of war.

In Praise of Darwin

George Romanes and the Evolution of a Darwinian Believer

Author: J. David Pleins

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1623568323

Category: Religion

Page: 416

View: 4083

George John Romanes, close friend and colleague of Darwin, remains a terribly misunderstood figure in the history of evolutionary science. Although his scientific contributions have been valued, his religious journey has been either neglected or misjudged. Typically scholars only acknowledge some of the work on theism he did at the very end of his life and usually blame his wife for doctoring the record with her pieties. His extensive poetry writing, much of it religious, has never been explored and his "Memorial Poem" to Darwin has been completely overlooked. The recent discovery of the original typescript of the poem, lost for more than a century and reprinted in this book for the first time, allows us to enter the mind of a major Darwinian as we watch him struggle to put together faith and science on a positive basis. The typescript of the "Memorial Poem" contains numerous corrections inserted by Romanes as well as several handwritten poems. The recovery of this unique poetic exploration is a major event for Darwin studies and Pleins is the first author to study it and draw out its full significance in the history of the religion/science debate. Pleins recounts Romanes's journey from belief to skepticism and back to faith as he arrives at a new understanding of the religious implications of Darwin's theory of evolution. Throughout, Romanes shows how it is possible for a Darwinian to reframe in creative ways the relation between faith and science. Given that many today invoke Darwin to legitimate an atheistic enterprise, the publication of this poem composed by one of the original Darwinians will spark new discussions regarding these questions.

Jesus and the Reign of God

Author: Choan-Seng Song

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781451404692

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 2105

Song's theology is a startling rebuke to Christologies centered either in historical-critical searches or church doctrines. For Song, theology is the biography of God, and God's reign is evident in stories of God's saving presence in Jesus. The reign of God in Jesus "becomes manifest through movements of people to be free from the shackles of the past, to change the status quo of the present, and to have a role to play in the arrival of the future".

Horrorgeschichten aus dem Abyss

Author: Robert Grains

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3746755123

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 669

6 Geschichten aus den Bereichen Horror, Weird Fiction und Fantastik. 2. Teil der "Horrorgeschichten aus dem Abyss". Texte über gewagte Sphärenreisen auf arkaner Pilgerschaft, Schatten antiker Schrecken, blutgetränkte Hände wahnsinniger Mitternachtsgeschöpfe und den wahnwitzigen, okkulten Machenschaften eines adligen Eingeweihten im Banne uralter Mächte. In diesem Buch enthalten: Unter der Sonne von Yabalon-Xi, Ein Teufel, Die Bilder des Grafen, Jagd auf den bösen Zwerg, Der Eremit, Die Sammlung von Woith

Der Amboss der Sterne


Author: Greg Bear

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641135907

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2372

Rache! Die Erde wurde von Außerirdischen vernichtet, und nur dank der Hilfe anderer Aliens konnte ein Teil der Menschheit überleben. Von ihren Rettern erhalten die Überlebenden den Auftrag, diejenigen zu finden, die für die Zerstörung ihres Planeten verantwortlich sind. An Bord der Dämmerungsgleiter macht sich eine Gruppe Menschen auf die Suche. Im System Leviathan werden sie schließlich fündig - doch einige der Planeten sind nur Projektionen, andere werden von friedliebenden Spezies bewohnt. Ist alles nur eine raffinierte Täuschung, um der Rache der Menschheit zu entkommen?

Cosmic Cowboys and New Hicks

The Countercultural Sounds of Austin's Progressive Country Music Scene

Author: Travis D. Stimeling

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199831912

Category: Music

Page: 192

View: 2267

Country music of the late 1960s and early 1970s was a powerful symbol of staunch conservative resistance to the emerging counterculture. But starting around 1972, the city of Austin, Texas became host to a growing community of musicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, and fans who saw country music as a part of their collective heritage and sought to merge it with countercultural ideals to forge a distinctly Texan counterculture. Progressive country music-a hybrid of country music and rock-blossomed in this growing Austin community, as it played out the contradictions at work among its residents. The music was at once firmly grounded in the traditional Texan culture in which they had been raised, and profoundly affected by their newly radicalized, convention-flouting ways. In Cosmic Cowboys and New Hicks: The Countercultural Sounds of Austin's Progressive Country Music Scene, Travis Stimeling connects the local Austin culture and the progressive music that became its trademark. He presents a colorful range of evidence, from behavior and dress, to newspaper articles, to personal interviews of musicians. Along the way, Stimeling uncovers parodies of the cosmic cowboy image that reinforce the longing for a more peaceful way of life, but that also recognize an awareness of the muddled, conflicted nature of this counterculture identity. Cosmic Cowboys and New Hicks provides new insight into the inner workings of Austin's progressive country music scene-by bringing the music and musicians brilliantly to life.

Pink Floyd and Philosophy

Careful with that Axiom, Eugene!

Author: George A. Reisch

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812697456

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 5745

With their early experiments in psychedelic rock music in the 1960s, and their epic recordings of the 1970s and '80s, Pink Floyd became one of the most influential and recognizable rock bands in history. As "The Pink Floyd Sound," the band created sound and light shows that defined psychedelia in England and inspired similar movements in the Jefferson Airplane's San Francisco and Andy Warhol's New York City. The band's subsequent recordings forged rock music's connections to orchestral music, literature, and philosophy. "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall" ignored pop music's ordinary topics to focus on themes such as madness, existential despair, brutality, alienation, and socially induced psychosis. They also became some of the best-selling recordings of all time. In this collection of essays, sixteen scholars expert in various branches of philosophy set the controls for the heart of the sun to critically examine the themes, concepts, and problems—usually encountered in the pages of Heidegger, Foucault, Sartre, or Orwell—that animate and inspire Pink Floyd's music. These include the meaning of existence, the individual's place in society, the interactions of knowledge and power in education, the contradictions of art and commerce, and the blurry line—the tragic line, in the case of Floyd early member Syd Barrett (died in 2006)—between genius and madness. Having dominated pop music for nearly four decades, Pink Floyd's dynamic and controversial history additionally opens the way for these authors to explore controversies about intellectual property, the nature of authorship, and whether wholes—especially in the case of rock bands—are more than the sums of their parts.

Electric Don Quixote: The Definitive Story Of Frank Zappa

Author: Neil Slaven

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 0857120433

Category: Music

Page: 460

View: 4498

Frank Zappa's reputation as one of rock's maverick geniuses has continued to grow since his death in 1993. Revised and updated, Electric Don Quixote is still the most comprehensive chronicle of his extraordinary life and career. Author, Neil Slaven, brings together the complex strands of Zappa's life and work in a book that will please not just Zappa fans but anyone interested in the history of rock music. Fully illustrated and includes a comprehensive discography.