Eagle Boy

A Pacific Northwest Native Tale

Author: Richard Lee Vaughan

Publisher: Paw Prints

ISBN: 9781442022423


Page: 32

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An Indian boy's friendship with eagles--which made him an outcast in his Pacific Northwest village--ultimately saves his tribe from starvation. Reprint.

Eagle Boy

A Pacific Northwest Native Tale

Author: Richard Lee Vaughan,Lee Christiansen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570615924

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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An Indian boy's friendship with eagles ultimately saves his village in the Pacific Northwest from starvation.

Eagle Boy

A Pacific Northwest Native Tale

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1570611718

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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An Indian boy's friendship with eagles ultimately saves his village in the Pacific Northwest from starvation.

Eagle Boy

A Traditional Navajo Legend

Author: Gerald Hausman,Cara Moser,Barry Moser

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780060211004

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Father and Mother Eagle take a Navajo boy to the country of the clouds where, though he allows Coyote to trick him, he learns the healing ways of eagles.

Eagle Boy

Author: Bethann Beall (Faris) Van Ness

Publisher: N.A


Category: Metlakatla (Alaska)

Page: 161

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Recounts the events of a decisive summer for a Tsimshian Indian boy growing up in Alaska in the 1940's.

Adler the Eagle Boy

Author: Jazz Kope Rathore,Renate Niederhofer

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 1908341831

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 44

View: 4977

Adler Boy tells the story of a child separated from his family at a young age and raised in the wild. After years of coming to peace with his identity, he is shunned by the human community from which he had come. Alone he must face the difficulties of being different and come to accept his place in a society that has no place for him. Beautifully illustrated by Renate Niederhofer, this is Jazz Kope ek Rathore's first story in print. Children will love the funny, imaginative story and the glorious, exotic illustrations.

Eagle boy

Author: Rodney Bennett

Publisher: Dutton Childrens Books

ISBN: 9780233980447

Category: Fiction

Page: 163

View: 2123

When the anger of the hungry villagers is turned toward the woodcutter's club-footed son, the lame boy runs away and finds freedom in his relationship with the eagle that befriends him.

Eagle Boy

Author: Nassim Khaled

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781973924197


Page: 38

View: 1746

Amazing adventure of a poor boy and how he overcomes a series of challenges to become a courageous leader with the help of his eagle mother.

Keepers of the Animals

Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children

Author: Michael J. Caduto,Joseph Bruchac

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

ISBN: 9781555913861

Category: History

Page: 266

View: 6806

A program for wildlife ecology, interweaving Native American cultural heritage with environmental lessons.

An Eagle in the Snow

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

ISBN: 1250105161

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 1481

England, 1940. Barney’s home has been destroyed by bombing, and he and his mother are traveling to the countryside when German planes attack. Their train is forced to take shelter in a tunnel and there, in the darkness, a stranger— a fellow passenger—begins to tell them a story about two young soldiers who came face to face in the previous war. One British, one German. Both lived, but the British soldier was haunted by the encounter once he realized who the German was: the young Adolf Hitler. The British soldier made a moral decision. Was it the right one? Readers can ponder that difficult question for themselves with Michael Morpurgo's latest middle-grade novel An Eagle in the Snow.

Eagle Song

Author: Joseph Bruchac

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0141301694

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 80

View: 9852

After moving from a Mohawk reservation to Brooklyn, New York, eight-year-old Danny Bigtree encounters stereotypes about his Native American heritage and longs to be back on the reservation. By the author of Children of the Longhouse. Reprint.

Legacy of Honor

The Values and Influence of America's Eagle Scouts

Author: Alvin Townley

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429996563

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 3061

Over the past century, America's Eagle Scouts have earned a reputation for service, virtue, and leadership that is recognized throughout the world. But few people realize the full extent to which Eagle Scouts have made a mark on American history. They have served as astronauts, soldiers, politicians, and businessmen, but they have also been the fathers, brothers, Scoutmasters, coaches, and other role models who have played an integral part in American life. Alvin Townley set out across the country to hear the stories of these Eagle Scouts. He spoke with individuals from every region, of every age and every background, some of whom have risen to fame as public figures while others have left a lasting impact outside of the spotlight. The Eagle Scouts who share their experiences include Bill Gates, Sr., Bill Bradley, J. W. Marriott, Jr., Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Lugar, Michael Dukakis, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, coach Chan Gailey, and Capt. Jim Lovell of Apollo 13. The book also explores the virtues of a Tuskegee Airman, a Vietnam War POW, a September 11 NYPD hero, a crew of Hurricane Katrina relief workers, and a host of others from every walk of life. During his journey, Alvin discovered stories of character, courage, and inspiration that belong not only to Eagle Scouts but to all Americans. These stories form the heart of Legacy of Honor and offer us a chance to appreciate the profound impact that Eagle Scouts have had on American history and the lasting role they will play in our country's future.

Beginning Dakota - Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin

24 Language and Grammar Lessons with Glossaries

Author: Nicolette Knudson,Jody Snow,Clifford Canku

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society

ISBN: 9780873517805

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 113

View: 8832

Whether building vocabulary, practicing conversation, or reading and writing about Dakota history, this collection of fun and informative lessons provides numerous entry points for language learners inside the classroom and beyond.

The Bible Code Kim Nees and Barry Beach

Author: Pamela Lillian Valemont

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1304644278


Page: 97

View: 3218

What does the Bible Code have to say about the Poplar Montana murder of Kimberly Nees, in 1979? If that seems a long time ago to you, imagine how long it seems to Barry Beach, who has insisted that the confession he made as a juvenile of 20, in 1983, the one that put him behind bars for one hundred years, was false. That confession was retracted as soon as it was given. Three years after Kim's death, his stepmother called the police over a misdemeanour, insinuating he was bad by mentioning the fact that Barry had been a murder suspect in Poplar, Montana. He was, along with many others in his home town. Barry dated Kim's little sister, Pamela. Naturally he was questioned by police. Now witnesses by the score have come forward and told how they are convinced that Barry did not commit this shocking crime, believe he was coerced into giving a false confession out of youthful fear and pressure. Now Pamela Nees and others who claim they know who the real killers are, fight to free him from a lifetime behind bars.

Boy, Eagle, Wolf

Author: Andrew Fawn

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 1456600214

Category: Fiction

Page: 8

View: 5878

The story describes feelings and mystical experiences of a man who met one on one with an eagle and a wolf.

The Closet Boy

Author: Sean Michael

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 163477695X

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 1481

When an unattached Dom notices Way’ra, a janitor who lives at the gym, he’s intrigued. But Way’ra’s upbringing and doubts about kink pose obstacles to their happy ending.