Author: Michael G. Manning

Publisher: Michael G. Manning

ISBN: 1943481091

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 475

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Matthew is the first human wizard to possess the true heritage of the Illeniels, a secret gift no one fully understands. Alone, he travels to another world, seeking the source of their mysterious enemies. There he will discover the origin of their ancient foe, the mysteries of the past, and possibly the future of humankind. If he can survive long enough. In a land beyond death and suffering, he finds the true source of evil, within the heart of humanity, and their newest creation. In the search for knowledge, some doors, once opened, can never be closed.

Mobile for App Developers

Author: MicroStrategy University

Publisher: MicroStrategy Inc.

ISBN: 1937418510

Category: Computers

Page: 300

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The MicroStrategy Mobile for App Developers course teaches you how to interact with business intelligence data using MicroStrategy Mobile apps. You will learn how to configure connectivity, build reports and documents for mobile devices, and design process-specific MicroStrategy Mobile™ apps. You should be familiar with MicroStrategy Web™ and MicroStrategy Report Services™ before taking this course.


Author: Michael G. Manning

Publisher: Michael Manning

ISBN: 1943481075

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: N.A

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Arianna and Rowena

Author: K.J. Rey

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1628385499

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 4242

Imagine if you were to live your life like you’ve never imagined, not even in your wildest dreams. Imagine having to discover a part of you that has been there all along but was never fully understood. Corie Davenport has gone through her entire life, living like a normal girl, until she stumbles upon an old interesting family history that has sparked her curiosity. She then sets forth to find out what her ancestors were like and travels to South Carolina with her best friend, Drew. Once there, a world of magic, mystery, and love unfold right before her eyes. She journeys into the world of ghosts, mystique, and the supernatural—all of which have long been waiting for her to uncover. Everything happens for a reason—and this Corie learns in this wondrous tale of all things magical and extraordinary.

The Toll of Our Emotional Currencies

A Collection of Poetry

Author: Dan Andrew Covar

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532028504

Category: Poetry

Page: 822

View: 1785

The world is one vast bank where we are born to spend and spend. Lose at the expense of nothing certain and guaranteed to help attain solace for the end of times. Before the inevitable, we spend our emotional currencies on people, on feelings and places; things that leave us breathless and baffled. We spend our blues, yellows, grays, and a rainbow of disarrayed sunlight on individuals we meet. What is the toll of your emotional currencies?

Apache: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition

Author: Ben Laurie,Peter Laurie

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449366546

Category: Computers

Page: 590

View: 6194

Apache is far and away the most widely used web server platform in the world. This versatile server runs more than half of the world's existing web sites. Apache is both free and rock-solid, running more than 21 million web sites ranging from huge e-commerce operations to corporate intranets and smaller hobby sites.With this new third edition of Apache: The Definitive Guide, web administrators new to Apache will come up to speed quickly, and experienced administrators will find the logically organized, concise reference sections indispensable, and system programmers interested in customizing their servers will rely on the chapters on the API and Apache modules.Updated to cover the changes in Apache's latest release, 2.0, as well as Apache 1.3, this useful guide discusses how to obtain, set up, secure, modify, and troubleshoot the Apache software on both Unix and Windows systems. Dozens of clearly written examples provide the answers to the real-world issues that Apache administrators face everyday. In addition to covering the installation and configuration of mod_perl and Tomcat, the book examines PHP, Cocoon, and other new technologies that are associated with the Apache web server. Additional coverage of security and the Apache 2.0 API make Apache: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition essential documentation for the world's most popular web server.

Accounting Workbook for Peachtree 8.0

Chapters 2-29

Author: Warren Allen,Mary Allen

Publisher: South-Western Pub

ISBN: 9780324073621

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

View: 3048

Peachtree Workbook With Peachtree 8.0 is available with Heintz/Parry's 17th edition. Using this item allows students to solve the Comprehensive Problems, the Demonstration Problems, the Mastery Problems, and a selection of A & B problems in chapters 2-29 of the text.

Demons Don't Dream

Author: Hannah Walker

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537564371


Page: 332

View: 802

Being the Terran ambassador assigned to Kenistal, the Demon home world, is not a particularly easy posting. Caris Dealyn wants nothing more than to get this assignment done so he can continue searching for his missing Avanti friends. But first, he needs to solve the mystery surrounding the last ambassador's disappearance, while navigating the Demon court with all its whisperings of plots and betrayals. It's not such a bad job, if he could keep his attention on work and not on the prince who seems to distract him just by being near. Prince Dasalin Kan'erkit is busy running the kingdom in his father's absence, but not so busy he doesn't notice the new Ambassador. Caris gets under his skin like no one else before, which is quite a feat considering Dasa's demonically tough scales. The attraction between them is undeniable, and when events throw them together, sparks fly. They can't get enough of each other. But there are forces at work that wish to keep them apart. In a fight for their survival, the two must figure out which demonic faction is behind the plot and protect not only themselves, but the people they have both vowed to serve.

Das Heer des Weißen Drachen

Draconis Memoria Buch 2

Author: Anthony Ryan

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608110879

Category: Fiction

Page: 736

View: 5424

Jahrhundertelang baute das gewaltige Eisenboot- Handelssyndikat auf Drachenblut – und die außergewöhnlichen Kräfte, die es verleiht. Als die Drachenblutlinien versiegen und Kundschafter ausgesandt werden, um neue Quellen zu entdecken, kommt ein verheerendes Szenario in Gang. Claydon Torcreek ist einer der Überlebenden der gefahrvollen Reise durch das unerforschte Hinterland des Corvantinischen Reiches. Statt der neuen Blutquellen, die die Zukunft seines Volkes hätten sichern können, entdeckt er jedoch einen Albtraum. Der legendäre Weiße Drache ist aus seinem Jahrtausende währenden Schlaf erwacht und giert danach, die Welt der Menschen in Schutt und Asche zu legen. Und noch schlimmer: Er befehligt eine Armee aus Verderbten, die ihm hörig sind.

Annual Report

Author: United States. Dept. of the Interior

Publisher: N.A


Category: Natural resources

Page: N.A

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Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: Deliver Value Through Rapid Implementations

Author: Simon Miller,William Hutchinson

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071804145

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 1520

Implement Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Provide actionable business intelligence across the enterprise to enable informed decision-making and streamlined business processes. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: Deliver Value Through Rapid Implementations shows how to justify, configure, customize, and extend this complete package of BI solutions. You'll get a technical walkthrough of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications architecture--from the dashboard to the data source--followed by best practices for maximizing the powerful features of each application. You will also find out about stakeholders critical to project approval and success. Optimize performance using Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine Deliver timely financial information to managers with Oracle Financial Analytics Enable a streamlined, demand-driven supply chain via Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics Provide end-to-end visibility into manufacturing operations with Oracle Manufacturing Analytics Optimize supply-side performance through Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics Use Oracle Human Resources Analytics to provide key workforce information to managers and HR professionals Track the costs and labor required to maintain and operate assets with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics Maintain visibility into project performance via Oracle Project Analytics Provide actionable insight into sales opportunities using Oracle Sales Analytics Enable superior customer service with Oracle Service Analytics