David Suzuki

The Autobiography

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 192668513X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 1046

David Suzuki’s autobiography limns a life dedicated to making the world a better place. The book expands on the early years covered in Metamorphosis and continues to the present, when, at age 70, Suzuki reflects on his entire life — and his hopes for the future. The book begins with his life-changing experience of racism interned in a World War II concentration camp, and goes on to discuss his teenage years, his college and postgraduate experiences in the U.S., and his career as a geneticist and then as the host of The Nature of Things. With characteristic candor and passion, he describes how he became a leading environmentalist, writer, and thinker; the establishment of the David Suzuki Foundation; his world travels and meetings with luminaries like Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama; and the abiding role of nature and family in his life. David Suzuki is an intimate and inspiring look at a modern-day visionary.

More Good News

Real Solutions to the Global Eco-Crisis

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1553654757

Category: Nature

Page: 441

View: 7237

In this edition of their bestseller, the sequel to the best-selling Good News for a Change, authors David Suzuki and Holly Dressel provide the latest inspiring stories about individuals, groups, and businesses that are making real change in the world. More Good News features the most up-to-date information about critical subjects, such as energy and the economy, not covered in the previous edition. These stories offer compelling proof from the front lines that sustainable solutions already exist.

A David Suzuki Collection

A lifetime of ideas

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 174115880X

Category: Nature

Page: 400

View: 470

Drawing from David Suzuki's published and unpublished writings, this collection reveals the passions and philosophies that have informed the work of one of the world's leading environmentalists for over four decades.

David Suzuki's Green Guide

Author: David Suzuki,David R. Boyd

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1926685148

Category: Nature

Page: 192

View: 8813

Everyone knows that the planet is in trouble, but is there a solution? This timely book identifies the most effective ways individuals can be more green in four key areas: home, travel, food, and consumerism. It also describes how citizens can ensure that governments take the actions necessary to make sustainable lifestyles the norm instead of the exception. Environmental lawyer David Boyd and celebrated ecologist David Suzuki provide vital tips for choosing a home, creating a healthy indoor environment, and decreasing energy and water use — and utility bills. They discuss what readers can do to drive and fly less, profile the most environmentally friendly transportation choices, and explain how to purchase carbon credits, among other suggestions. In addition, they offer simple changes individuals can make in their diet to eat fresher, tastier, healthier food. Included too is invaluable advice about how to buy fewer things and avoid toxic consumer products.

David Suzuki

Doing Battle with Climate Change

Author: Suzy Gazlay

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778746652

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 9276

Introduces the environmentalist and writer,and discusses such topics as his internment in a World War II Canadian concentration camp, his successes on PBS's "The Nature of Things," and his hopes for the future.

Time to Change

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Stoddart Pub

ISBN: 9780773757301

Category: Human ecology

Page: 230

View: 3171

The Legacy

An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1553656458

Category: Nature

Page: 128

View: 9415

In this expanded version of an inspiring speech delivered in December 2009, David Suzuki reflects on how we got where we are today and presents his vision for a better future. In his living memory, Suzuki has witnessed cataclysmic changes in society and our relationship with the planet: the doubling of the world’s population, our increased ecological footprint, and massive technological growth. Today we are in a state of crisis, and we must join together to respond to that crisis. If we do so, Suzuki envisions a future in which we understand that we are the Earth and live accordingly. All it takes is imagination and a determination to live within our, and the planet's, means. This book is the culmination of David Suzuki’s amazing life and all of his knowledge, experience, and passion — it is his legacy.


A Life Story

Author: David Suzuki,Wayne Grady

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1926685539

Category: Nature

Page: 200

View: 2102

“Only God can make a tree,” wrote Joyce Kilmer in one of the most celebrated of poems. In Tree: A Life Story, authors David Suzuki and Wayne Grady extend that celebration in a “biography” of this extraordinary — and extraordinarily important — organism. A story that spans a millennium and includes a cast of millions but focuses on a single tree, a Douglas fir, Tree describes in poetic detail the organism’s modest origins that begin with a dramatic burst of millions of microscopic grains of pollen. The authors recount the amazing characteristics of the species, how they reproduce and how they receive from and offer nourishment to generations of other plants and animals. The tree’s pivotal role in making life possible for the creatures around it — including human beings — is lovingly explored. The richly detailed text and Robert Bateman’s original art pay tribute to this ubiquitous organism that is too often taken for granted.

The David Suzuki Reader, 2nd Edition

A Lifetime of Ideas from a Leading Activist and Thinker

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1771640278

Category: Nature

Page: 446

View: 3123

One of the leading environmentalists in the country explores a wide range of issues, including globalization, greed, and political cowardice, while warning against blind faith in technology, economics, and politics. Original.


Stages in a Life

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Stoddart Pub

ISBN: 9780773721395

Category: Science

Page: 302

View: 2043

From Naked Ape to Super Species takes an unflinching look at where we are at this unprecedented moment in history. Suzuki and Dressel reveal that a clear and present environmental danger is staring us in the face, a danger that is screened out by perceptual filters formed by our current values and beliefs. And should the truth get through to us, we experience a paralysis in the face of adversity that is fueled by a sense of impotence and by the psychological and institutional barriers that stymie us.But there is good news. Experts maintain we still have time to avoid this breakdown if we slow down and turn onto alternative roads that will lead to a life still rich in opportunity, choice, and quality. But to begin applying brakes and turning aside, we must see with clarity the we're on now, how we got here, and what the other possibilities are.

A Letter to My Grandchildren

An exclusive excerpt from David Suzuki's book Letters to My Grandchildren

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1771641290

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 26

View: 4650

An exclusive excerpt of one letter from David Suzuki’s forthcoming book Letters to My Grandchildren. In the book, Suzuki offers grandfatherly advice to his five grandchildren, recounts stories from his own childhood, and explores what makes life meaningful. As he ponders life’s deepest questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, Suzuki inspires us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion. All proceeds from the sale of this exclusive advance will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Salmon Forest

Author: David Suzuki,Sarah Ellis

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1553651634

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 7576

During a walk in the woods with her father, Kate learns about the life cycle of the sockeye salmon, as well as its place in the larger circle of life.

The Sacred Balance

Rediscovering Our Place in Nature

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1926685490

Category: Nature

Page: 304

View: 1010

In this extensively revised and enlarged edition of his best-selling book, David Suzuki reflects on the increasingly radical changes in nature and science — from global warming to the science behind mother/baby interactions — and examines what they mean for humankind’s place in the world. The book begins by presenting the concept of people as creatures of the Earth who depend on its gifts of air, water, soil, and sun energy. The author explains how people are genetically programmed to crave the company of other species, and how people suffer enormously when they fail to live in harmony with them. Suzuki analyzes those deep spiritual needs, rooted in nature, that are a crucial component of a loving world. Drawing on his own experiences and those of others who have put their beliefs into action, The Sacred Balance is a powerful, passionate book with concrete suggestions for creating an ecologically sustainable, satisfying, and fair future by rediscovering and addressing humanity’s basic needs.

It's a Matter of Survival

Author: Anita Gordon,David T. Suzuki

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674469709

Category: Political Science

Page: 278

View: 8408

Argues that we face ecological disasters from the Greenhouse Effect if we do not make drastic changes in the next ten years

Letters to My Grandchildren

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1771640898

Category: Nature

Page: 176

View: 8425

In this inspiring series of letters to his grandchildren, David Suzuki offers grandfatherly advice mixed with stories from his own remarkable life and explores what makes life meaningful. He challenges his grandchildren — and us — to do everything at full tilt. He explains why sports, fishing, feminism, and failure are important; why it is dangerous to deny our biological nature; and why First Nations must lead a revolution. Drawing on his own experiences and the wisdom he has gained over his long life, he decries the lack of elders and grandparents in the lives of many people, especially immigrants, and champions the importance of heroes. And he even has something to say about fashion. The book also provides an intimate look at Suzuki’s life as a father and grandfather with letters that are chock-full of anecdotes about his children and grandchildren when they were small. As he ponders life’s deepest questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, Suzuki inspires us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion.


The Code of Life

Author: Burton Guttman,Anthony Griffiths,David Suzuki

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 144881863X

Category: History

Page: 166

View: 9441

Details the history of the study of genetics, from Mendel's discoveries to the decoding of the human genome, and explains the fundamentals of genetics, the function of genes, and DNA manipulation.

You are the Earth

Author: David T. Suzuki,Kathy Vanderlinden

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781865081786

Category: Air

Page: 128

View: 3594

'You Are the Earth' explains the delicate balance of life on Earth - a fun and fascinating book for children from acclaimed broadcaster and director David Suzuki.;