Dark Ages Mage

Author: Bill Bridges,Kraig Blackwelder,David Bolack,Stephen Michael Dipesa,Mur Lafferty,James Maliszewski,John Maurer,Tara Maurer,Matthew McFarland

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588464040

Category: Games

Page: 239

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Dark Ages Fae

World of Darkness

Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden,White Wolf Publishing Inc,Carrie Ann Lewis,Forrest B. Marchington,Deena McKinney,Krister M. Michl,Matthew J. Rourke,Malcolm Sheppard

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462923

Category: Fiction

Page: 219

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New Dark Age

Technology, Knowledge and the End of the Future

Author: James Bridle

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 178663547X


Page: 304

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"We live in times of increasing inscrutability. Our news feeds are filled with unverified, unverifiable speculation, much of it automatically generated by anonymous software. As a result, we no longer understand what is happening around us. Underlying all of these trends is a single idea: the belief that quantitative data can provide a coherent model of the world, and the efficacy of computable information to provide us with ways of acting within it. Yet the sheer volume of information available to us today reveals less than we hope. Rather it heralds a new Dark Age: a world of ever-increasing incomprehension. In his brilliant new work, leading artist and writer James Bridle offers us a warning against the future in which the contemporary promise of a new technologically assisted enlightenment may just deliver its opposite: an age of complex uncertainty, predictive algorithms, surveillance, the hollowing out of empathy. Surveying the history of art, technology and information systems he reveals the dark clouds that gather over discussions of the digital sublime." --Publisher description.

Dark Ages: Inquisitor

Author: Emily K. Dresner-Thornber,Myranda Kalis,Matthew McFarland,Anthony Ragan,Sarah Roark,C Amadeus Suleiman,Adam Tinworth,Janet Trautvetter

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462824

Category: Games

Page: 224

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The Sorcerer's Crusade

Author: Phil Brucato,Brian Campbell,Kay Reynolds,Kathleen Ryan

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781565044890

Category: Games

Page: 292

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Travel from the New World to the Far East to distant cosmic worlds in the prequel to the award-winning "Mage: The Ascension". This self-contained rule book includes dozens of magickal societies, mythic beasts, setting systems, and long-lost secrets.

Dark Ages

British Isles

Author: White Wolf Publishing, Incorporated,Gavin Bennett,Genevieve Cogman,Chris Hartford,Adam Tinworth

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462909

Category: Games

Page: 144

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Mithras of London fancies the Isles as his domain, but the land is far older than even he. Ancient vampires lurk in the fens and wolf men stalk the moors. The Church has taken hold here, but worshippers of far older gods call upon power that no follower of Christ has ever known. And somewhere beyond the mist the fae laugh, for they were here before any other. Dark Ages: British Isles is the first regional sourcebook for the Dark Ages line. It includes the history of the land, information on the major cities of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and details on how the supernatural denizens of Europe deal with each other and the oldest inhabitants of the Isles.

Avalon: Web of Magic Book 11

Dark Mage

Author: Rachel Roberts

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1934876755

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 216

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Emily, Kara, and Adriane hurry to find the remaining power crystals to open the Gates of Avalon and save the magical web, but they discover that in the process one of them is fated to become an evil Dark Mage.

The Bygone Bestiary

Author: N.A

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781565044913

Category: Fantasy games

Page: 126

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Though vampires have their intrigues, werewolves have their wars, mages have their realities, wraiths have their passions and changelings seek to return to their homeland, there are supernatural powers at work in the world that concern all of these beings. Indeed, there are people and forces in the world of Darkness that endanger all those who exist. Learn the secrets, alliances, enemies and plans of these shadowy beings in a series of world of Darkness books that can be integrated into all of the storyteller games. A collection of fantastic creatures from this world and beyond.

Road of Humanity

Author: White Wolf Publishing, Incorporated

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462978

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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Tradition Book

Virtual Adepts

Author: Martin Haddeman,Bill Maxwell,Gary Glass,Bill Bridges

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588464163

Category: Games

Page: 104

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The youngest magical Tradition is the most vibrant--and the most irreverent. Virtual Adepts don't waste time delving into ancient grimoires or contemplating their novels. They're too busy surfing the razor's edge of the next zeitgeist. They don't follow trends, they make them. By the time the mainstream catches up to their latest idea, they've moved on to new frontiers of space and mind. Computer hacking? That's so yesterday. Why hack computers when you can tap into reality itself? After all, the programming language of the universe is hardwired into every mage's Avatar. Unlike other mages, Virtual Adepts aren't content to just seek enlightenment. It's time to upgrade the universe's operating system, even if it risks crashing the current program. Continues the revolution storyline in the wake of the Ascension War.

Dark Tyrants

A Vampire: The Dark Ages Anthology

Author: Robert Hatch,Justin Achille

Publisher: World of Darkness

ISBN: 9781565048683

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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"Dark, Dark, Darkness... . Walk through the benighted lands of medieval Europe in this anthology of stories based on White Wolf's Vampire: The Dark Ages "RM" . Journey with vampires as they play their deadly games of politics, war and blood. Watch as dynasties rise, religions fall and castles crumble at the poison touch of the undead. Tyrants, Ages, World of Darkness "RM" . This anthology contains stories by many authors well-traveled in the World of Darkness, such as Richard Dansky (Vampire: The Dark Ages game developer), Don Bassingthwaite (As One Dead "TM" ), Richard Lee Byers (Dark Kingdoms "TM" ), Kevin Andrew Murphy (More Essential World of Darkness "TM" contributor), and many more, including John Steele, co-editor of the Vampire Clan Novel series".

Dark Ages Storyteller Companion

Author: White Wolf Publishing,Heather Grove,Chris Hartford,Philippe R. Boulle

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462787

Category: Fiction

Page: 72

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Includes a four-paneled screen containing useful charts and references from Dark ages: Vampire; new options for players--six new bloodlines and six new roads; a storytellers' toolkit featuring expanded rules on mass combat and systems for creating elder vampires.

Dragon Age: Magekiller

Author: Various

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 1630080713

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 120

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“Dragon Age: Magekiller is a fun and engaging fantasy story for anyone who enjoys the genre.”—Comic Book Resources Tessa and Marius are mercenary partners who eliminate those that use magic to hurt others. When they betray a powerful patron intending to kill them, they’re forced to flee and join the Inquisition. Collects issues #1–#5 of the miniseries.


Author: Daire Elliot,Filomena Hill,John Snead,Matthew McFarland

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588463685

Category: Games

Page: 143

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Eternal Life What would you do to live forever? Would you bathe in the blood of innocents? Would you steal the body of a younger man or woman? Could you drive the impurities from your soul? And is eternal life worth the cost? A Character Book for World of Darkness o A detailed examination of three types of immortal: the murderous blood bathers, the horrifying body thieves, and the exotic purified. o Detailed rules so that players can create any of the above types of immortal beings. o Numerous immortal antagonists and allies suitable for use in almost any chronicle. o A selection of others rare and unique immortals that Storytellers can use for both mortal and supernatural chronicles.


Author: Stephen Aryan

Publisher: Orbit

ISBN: 031629828X

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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"I can command storms, summon fire and unmake stone," Balfruss growled. "It's dangerous to meddle with things you don't understand." Balfruss is a battlemage, sworn to fight and die for a country that fears and despises his kind. Vargus is a common soldier -- while mages shoot lightning from the walls of the city, he's down in the front lines getting blood on his blade. Talandra is a princess and spymaster, but the war may force her to risk everything and make the greatest sacrifice of all. Magic and mayhem collide in this explosive epic fantasy from a major new talent.

High Clans

Players Guide : A Source Book for Dark Ages: Vampire

Author: Michael A. Goodwin

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462893

Category: Games

Page: 38

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Included in this collection are vols. distributed as well as published by White Wolf Pub.

Right of Princes

Author: Stephen Michael Dibesa,Myranda Kalis,Jacob Klunder

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781588462831

Category: Games

Page: 128

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Author: Phil Brucato,Mark Cenczyk,Edward R Winters,Judith McLaughlin

Publisher: White Wolf Pub

ISBN: 9781565044197

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 3439

Reality is a lie invented by a technocratic enemy who has written history to it's liking. The truth is magic'ae the universe can be crafted with a simple working of your will. Mages have taught this truth throughout the ages, but the proponents of technology have crushed the mystic masters. Join the last stand in the war for reality. Mage: The Ascension places you in the midst of supernatural intrigues and inner struggles. The more secrets you learn, the more important your wisdom and power become. Mage drags spirituality and metaphysics screaming through the streets of a postmodern nightmare. Combines Technocracy: Syndicate and Technocracy: Void Engineers.

White Wolf -

Dark Ages

Author: Source Wikia

Publisher: University-Press.org

ISBN: 9781230853475


Page: 40

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 38. Chapters: Dark Ages: Fae, Dark Ages: Inquisitor, Dark Ages: Mage, Dark Ages: Vampire, Dark Ages: Werewolf, Dark Ages books, Dark Ages glossary, Dark Ages books, Dark Ages Storyteller Companion, Demesne, Order of the Poor Knights of the Passion of the Cross of Acre, Players Guide to High Clans, Players Guide to Low Clans, Right of Princes, Road of Heaven, Road of Kings, Road of Sin, Road of the Beast, Dark Ages books, Endowment, Order of the Poor Knights of the Passion of the Cross of Acre, Dark Ages books, Fellowship, Fount, Messianic Voices, Old Faith, Baronies of Avalon, Dark Ages books, Dark Ages Storyteller Companion, Demesne, Gesu, High Clan, Low Clan, Mary the Black, Michael, Path, Players Guide to High Clans, Players Guide to Low Clans, Right of Princes, Road, Road of Heaven, Road of Kings, Road of Sin, Road of the Beast, Via Adversarius, Via Bestiae, Via Caeli, Via Consuasor, Via Crudelitas, Via Diabolis, Via Equitum, Via Humanitatis, Via Mercator, Via Mutationis, Via Noctis, Via Ossium, Via Paradoxi, Via Peccati, Via Quiritare, Via Regalis, Via Sanguinus, Via Serpentis, Via Tyrannus, Via Voluptarius, Dark Ages books, Dark Ages Storyteller Companion, Players Guide to High Clans, Players Guide to Low Clans, Right of Princes, Road of Heaven, Road of Kings, Road of Sin, Road of the Beast, Demesne, Order of the Poor Knights of the Passion of the Cross of Acre. Excerpt: The World of Darkness in a Dark Medieval setting. White Wolf Publishing began the Dark Ages line in 2002, for several games, that included: For books of this time period released before the Dark Ages line, see Vampire: The Dark Ages books The Dark Ages Storyteller Companion extends the information offered in the Dark Ages: Vampire Rulebook by adding information that is primarily for storytellers. Included are information on bloodlines, minor Roads not offered in the first book, and rules on mass combat. From...