The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Powerful (and Profitable) Crowdfunding Campaign

Author: Ariel Hyatt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989521017


Page: N.A

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The Entrepreneur's Guide toa Powerful (and Profitable) Crowdfunding Campaign


Author: Kerry Young

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 140882289X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Jamaica, 1938. Gloria Campbell is sixteen years old when a single violent act changes her life forever. She and her younger sister flee their hometown to forge a new life in Kingston. As all around them the city convulses with political change, Gloria's desperation and striking beauty lead her to Sybil and Beryl, and a house of ill-repute where she meets Yang Pao, a Kingston racketeer whose destiny becomes irresistibly bound with her own. Sybil kindles in Gloria a fire of social justice which will propel her to Cuba and a personal and political awakening that she must reconcile with the realities of her life, her love of Jamaica and a past that is never far behind her. Set against the turbulent backdrop of a country on the cusp of a new era, Gloria is an enthralling and illuminating story of love and redemption.

Mission-Minded Skits

Getting the Best Out of Teen Drama

Author: David C Cook Publishing Company

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 0781445590

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

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Dramas designed for teens that can be used for mission trips or in church settings.

Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity

Author: Charles Asher Small

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004265562

Category: Political Science

Page: 364

View: 8105

This volume contains a selection of essays based on papers presented at a conference organized at Yale University and hosted by the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA) and the International Association for the Study of Antisemitism (IASA), entitled “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity.” The essays are written by scholars from a wide array of disciplines, intellectual backgrounds, and perspectives, and address the conference’s two inter-related areas of focus: global antisemitism and the crisis of modernity currently affecting the core elements of Western society and civilization.

The Girl On Bike

A Mountain Bike, A Mid-Life Adventure and Men in Shorts

Author: Colleen Hannegan

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483547515

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 191

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There comes a moment in everyone’s life when stepping out into the unknown seems much safer than trying to survive a familiar place of pain and struggle. Such a moment arrived for Colleen Hannegan when her deepest desires for happiness and freedom forced her to run away from an increasingly violent marriage. Finding strength through the love of her family and friends, Colleen discovers the way back to her self when she takes a walk down to the end of the sidewalk near her new apartment and steps onto the dirt of a wilderness park.

A calypso trilogy

Author: Rawle Gibbons

Publisher: N.A


Category: Drama

Page: 241

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This drama trilogy shows the story of the Calypso art form over four decades of social and artistic change, 1930-1970. Sing de Chorus, the first in the series, recreates the conditions and conflicts that made the 1930s the classical era of the Calypso and placed the art on the international stage. Ah Wanna Fall is built around the Absurdist genius of Spoiler, who characterized the transitions of post-war Trinidad. Ten to One crowns the series with the triumphant rise of Sparrow in his struggle for social respect for the art and its performers.

La Decision

Author: Joshua L. Whicker

Publisher: N.A



Page: 162

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Lal Shop

Short Stories and Dialect Poetry

Author: Paul Keens-Douglas

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dialect literature, English

Page: 166

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Turning My Back On the Premier League

Author: Lee Price

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 1905825951

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

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Turning My Back on the Premier League is the story of one fan's football journey from the riches of the world's most popular football division, to the forgotten underbelly of the English football league.

The Creative Traveler

New Ways to Enjoy Your Travel Wherever You Go

Author: Gini Graham Scott

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462047998

Category: Travel

Page: 144

View: 508

THE CREATIVE TRAVELER helps any traveler, whether alone or part of a group, enjoy the trip more. Wherever you are going and whether you are on a short trip or extended vacation, you can use these techniques to enhance your travel experience. Techniques include creative visualization, mental imagery, and other methods to provide a richer more enjoyable experience whatever your itinerary - from visiting a museum or historic site to shopping in local marketplaces, sampling local cuisine, or hiking in the wilderness. THE CREATIVE TRAVELER is especially helpful if you want to truly experience another culture. Also, use these techniques to help you meet and get to know local inhabits and to more creatively use your waiting time for planes, trains, and other transportation. Use your camera or video recorder more creatively, too.


A Novel

Author: Travis Thrasher

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 143470503X

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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The third book in the Solitary Tales series for young adults, Temptation follows the soul-wrenching twists of Chris Buckley’s journey as he heads deeper into a darkness that threatens all he loves best. As a reluctant student at Harrington High’s summer school, Chris meets a fun-loving senior girl who offers a welcome diversion from Chris’s past. Soon Chris no longer searches for the truth about the town of Solitary. He no longer tries to pierce its shadows. He no longer questions his role in its mysteries. He makes a new choice: he runs. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s running the wrong way—and is very close to being beyond any choices at all.

Screen Jesus

Portrayals of Christ in Television and Film

Author: Peter Malone

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810883902

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 348

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In Screen Jesus: Portrayals of Christ in Television and Film, Peter Malone takes a close look at films in which Jesus is depicted. From silent renditions of The Passion Play to 21st-century blockbusters like The Passion of the Christ, Malone examines how the history of Jesus films reflects the changes in artistic styles and experiments in cinematic forms for more than a century. In addition to providing a historical overview of the Jesus films, this book also reveals the changes in piety and in theological understandings of the humanity and divinity of Jesus over the decades.

The Heart of an Assassin

Author: Tony Bertot

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146283583X

Category: Fiction

Page: 267

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A young boy growing up on the streets of New York City, Tyler is exposed to both the good and bad of urban life. His future is determined by his relationship with a stranger, a drive by shooting and an uncle (a police officer) who ends up raising him. - Twenty years later his thirst to make things right overshadow his need to fight crimes that take lives as easily as swatting flies. He joins the police force and is entrusted with a mission to prevent an assassins bullet from reaching its target; an assassin who was hired by a crime family, an assassin who has never failed.

The Rattling of the Chains

Author: Errol D. Alexander

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503528391

Category: History

Page: 558

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This is a thoroughly enjoyable and lucidly written book. The author provides an accurately reconstructed history of his family from an African slave trader named Jasinto in the eighteenth century to the year 2013. Also a series of lessons on doing genealogical research is supplied in the appendixes. It is a riveting and a must read for those who study the African American experience and the history of slavery in America.


A Novel

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743221885

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

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Once upon a time, in the haunted city of Derry (site of the classics It and Insomnia), four boys stood together and did a brave thing. Certainly a good thing, perhaps even a great thing. Something that changed them in ways they could never begin to understand. Twenty-five years later, the boys are now men with separate lives and separate troubles. But the ties endure. Each hunting season the foursome reunite in the woods of Maine. This year, a stranger stumbles into their camp, disoriented, mumbling something about lights in the sky. His incoherent ravings prove to be dis-turbingly prescient. Before long, these men will be plunged into a horrifying struggle with a creature from another world. Their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past -- and in the Dreamcatcher. Stephen King's first full-length novel since Bag of Bones is, more than anything, a story of how men remember, and how they find their courage. Not since The Stand has King crafted a story of such astonishing range -- and never before has he contended so frankly with the heart of darkness.


A Novel

Author: Kerry Young

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1608196844

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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As a young boy, Pao comes to Jamaica in the wake of the Chinese civil war and rises to become the Godfather of Kingston's bustling Chinatown. Pao needs to take care of some dirty business, but he is no Don Corleone. The rackets he runs are small time and the protection he provides necessary, given the minority status of the Chinese in Jamaica. Pao, in fact, is a sensitive guy in a wise guy role that doesn't quite fit. Often mystified by all that he must take care of, Pao invariably turns to Sun Tsu's Art of War. The juxtaposition of the weighty, aphoristic words of the ancient Chinese sage, and the tricky criminal and romantic predicaments Pao must negotiate goes far toward explaining the novel's great charm. A tale of post-colonial Jamaica from a unique and politically potent perspective, Pao moves from the last days of British rule through periods of unrest at social and economic inequality, though tides of change that will bring Rastafarianism and the Back to Africa Movement. Jamaica is transforming: And what is the place of a Chinese man in this new order? Pao is an utterly beguiling, unforgettable novel of race, class and creed, love and ambition, and a country in the throes of tumultuous change.

Hallows Eve

Author: F. M. Stewart

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465304629

Category: Fiction

Page: 107

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Assumed dead after a mysterious car accident, a father must keep a secret. His life insurance policy saved his family from bankruptcy. He decides the best thing he can do for his family is to let the world think that he is dead. The only time of the year David can safely see his young daughter is on Halloween, the day when spirits walk among the living. Will his daughter remember him? And if she does, will she keep his secret? A secret he must keep from a grieving wife, skeptical investigator, and a beautiful but unscrupulous woman.

A Shepherd's Journey

The Life Story of Apostle Lymus L. Johnson

Author: Steve B. Walters

Publisher: Crowned Warrior Publishing/SWM

ISBN: 9780971976702

Category: African American evangelists

Page: 216

View: 9997

The one word that encompasses the life of Apostle Lymus L. Johnson, from the early stages of his ecclesiastic career up through this present day, is "inspirational." Through his struggles in the early years - eating apples for breakfast, apples for lunch, and apples for dinner - fried, stewed and baked - he has inspired people to keep the faith, for he has never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread. He has inspired preachers to continue in the way of the truth - to cry loud and spare not. Exhorting them to lift up their voices like a trumpet in Zion. Charging them to preach the truth, be it in season or out of season. To this very day his doctrine has not changed. Because the Lord has kept him in relative good health through the years, he inspires both young and old - letting them know that the Lord is a keeper, a deliverer, and a healer. He inspires you to hold on to see what the end is going to be. To look at his life - his meager beginnings to where he is today - he is a living testimony that if you seek first the kingdom of heaven and all its righteousness, blessings and all your desires will be added unto you. He has inspired people, through the word of God, to live their lives to Jesus Christ - be baptized in his name, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and continue on to become "great" in their own unique way in the eyes of the Lord. Many have been saved, reclaimed and inspired by the ministry of Apostle Lymus L. Johnson. The following is not only the story of the consecrated life of Apostle Lymus L. Johnson, but also a look into the ministry itself with all of its struggles and triumphs. It is a living, printed testimony of what God can do! I'm sure that each of you who read this book will identify with some part of it. How your life or someone's life you know of has been affected in a similar manner. Many have tried to capture the uniqueness of his ministry... the "holler," the "comedy" and even his "assimilation of the scriptures." In this we can all agree, there is not another Apostle Lymus Johnson. Book jacket.