Conservation of Stained Glass in America

A Manual for Studios and Caretakers

Author: Julie L. Sloan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 225

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The shimmering, iridescent glow of vibrantly-colored glass is dimmed & damaged by a century's dirt & neglect. It is time for America's heritage of magnificent stained glass -- installed in churches, public buildings & countless homes -- to be restored to its original beauty & strength. Designed & installed a hundred years ago during a time of great enthusiasm for stained glass, the natural aging process has affected the structural network of the windows. They have begun to buckle & bow, as well as show other signs of distress on the incomparable luster of their surfaces. Dirt has crept between the pieces of glass, smudging faces & blurring inscriptions. The putty that held the glass in place has dried & fallen out. Often well-meant but overzealous cleaning has caused damage. But few owners of stained glass windows understand either their construction or how best to go about preserving them. CONSERVATION OF STAINED GLASS IN AMERICA is a complete guide for both the owners of stained glass windows & for artists & studios who restore them. Its examples & illustrations are focused on American stained glass, even though many of the techniques were developed in Europe, where stained glass has a long & noble history. In the United States however, the glass itself is different than that made in Europe. The problems & solutions are different, too. The author, Julie L. Sloan, pioneered many of today's standards in stained glass restoration. To order: Art in Architecture Press, Inc., Tonetta Lake Road, Brewster, NY 10509. 914-278-2187.

The Berkshire Glass Works

Author: William J. Patriquin,Julie L. Sloan

Publisher: History Press (SC)

ISBN: 9781609492823

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 158

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The purity of the sand found in northern Berkshire County provided resources for over fifty years of glassmaking for regular windows and stained-glass windows in the rural landscape of western Massachusetts. From the first cylinders blown in November 1853, demand for the Berkshire Glass Company's work grew exponentially until it was producing three thousand feet of glass by 1855. As the Civil War raged, the company suffered along with the country but came out of the strife stronger than ever. Join authors William J. Patriquin and Julie L. Sloan as they reveal the inner workings of the Berkshire Glass Company and the intricate stained glass born of Berkshire glass.

Stained Glass

Radiant Art

Author: Virginia Chieffo Raguin

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606061534

Category: Art

Page: 112

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Stained glass is a monumental art, a corporate enterprise dependent on a patron with whom artists blend their voices. Combining the fields now labeled decorative arts, architecture, and painting, the window transforms our experience of space. Windows of colored glass were essential features of medieval and Renaissance buildings. They provided not only light to illuminate the interior but also specific and permanent imagery that proclaimed the importance of place. Commissioned by monks, nuns, bishops, and kings, as well as by merchants, prosperous farmers, and a host of anonymous patrons, these windows vividly reflect the social, religious, civic, and aesthetic values of their eras. Beautifully illustrated with reproductions from the remarkable stained glass collection at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Stained Glass addresses the making of a stained glass window, its iconography and architectural context, the patrons and collectors, and the challenges of restoration and display. The selected works include examples from Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Subject matter ranges from monumental religious scenes for Gothic churches to lively heraldic panels made for houses and other secular settings. Integrating comparisons to works of art in other media, such as manuscripts, drawings, and panel paintings, this book encourages the general reader to see stained glass as an element of a broad artistic production.

Conservation and Restoration of Glass

Author: Sandra Davison,R.G. Newton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136415513

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 392

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Conservation and Restoration of Glass is an in-depth guide to the materials and practices required for the care and preservation of glass objects. It provides thorough coverage of both theoretical and practical aspects of glass conservation. This new edition of Newton and Davison's original book, Conservation of Glass, includes sections on the nature of glass, the historical development and technology of glassmaking, and the deterioration of glass. Professional conservators will welcome the inclusion of recommendations for examination and documentation. Incorporating treatment of both excavated glass and historic and decorative glass, the book provides the knowledge required by conservators and restorers and is invaluable for anyone with glass objects in their care.

Stained Glass

Art, Craft and Conservation

Author: Steve Clare

Publisher: Robert Hale

ISBN: 9780709088189

Category: Architecture

Page: 224

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The constantly evolving medium of stained glass, which combines form and function in a unique and beautiful way, has produced breathtaking works across the centuries. This book gives a personal viewpoint on the historical development of the art form, and is also a technical manual, describing the tools and techniques involved in the craft of stained glass. Stephen Clare describes the complex considerations involved in successfully carrying out the design and conservation of stained glass, in the process outlining a personal philosophy gained over thirty years of involvement with consummate professionals in the discipline. The author particularly considers the creative process of the production of stained glass and the sometimes uneasy relationship between art and craft. This volume is accessible to those simply wishing to know more about this ancient art form, including custodians of stained glass and amateurs, but it is primarily aimed at less experienced students of stained glass who wish to expand their knowledge; those commonly known in the trade as ‘improvers’. The book is richly illustrated with both practical work-in-progress images and examples of the splendour of stained glass in both its historic and contemporary forms. Aspiring to support and encourage as well as educate, Stained Glass: Art, Craft and Conservation is written in a friendly and readable way and is ideal for all those wishing to know more about this complex and magnificent practice.

Standards for Preservation and Rehabilitation

Author: Stephen J. Kelley

Publisher: ASTM International

ISBN: 9780803120068

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 443

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Collects some 30 papers dealing with philosophical, methodological, and technical standards in building preservation. The first section of papers present a general view of preservation. The second section offers papers which discuss the different approaches to preservation practice. The third sectio

Stained Glass at Canterbury Cathedral

Author: M. A. Michael,Sebastian Strobl

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781857599664


Page: 224

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The newly-cleaned stained glass of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England is a revelation - the vibrant colour and breathtaking detail are newly visible to today's visitors. The finest of this glass will be reproduced within a lavishly designed book to be enjoyed by tourists and general readers alike. In this book, Michael Michael has the pleasure of selecting the most beautiful and important pieces of glass on display at the Cathedral. His text sets these within the context of the biblical stories they depict. Communicating his passion for the glass and his understanding of its art and historical context, this book will appeal to non-specialists who are interested in the meanings behind single images and narrative sequences of glass. An additional chapter written by Sebastian Strobl outlines the fascinating history of changing methods of restoration and conservation, as well as the work carried out today by the Cathedral's expert team.

Painting on Light

Drawings and Stained Glass in the Age of Dürer and Holbein

Author: Barbara Butts,Lee Hendrix

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 089236579X

Category: Art

Page: 344

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The names Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein the Younger evoke the dazzling accomplishments of Renaissance panel painting and printmaking, but they may not summon images of stained glass. Nevertheless, Dürer, Holbein, and their southern German and Swiss contemporaries designed some of the most splendid works in the history of the medium. This lavish volume is a comprehensive survey of the contribution to stained glass made by these extraordinarily gifted draftsmen and the equally talented glass painters who rendered their compositions in glass. Included are discussions of both monumental church windows and smaller-scale stained-glass panels made for cloisters, civic buildings, residences, and private chapels. The subjects of these rarely seen drawings and panels range from religious topics to secular themes, including love, planets, hunts, and battles. Focusing on stained glass produced in Germany and Switzerland from about 1495 to 1530, Painting on Light includes drawings by Dürer, Holbein, Albrecht Altdorfer, Hans Baldung Grien, Jörg Breu the Elder, Hans Burgkmair, Urs Graf, Hans von Kulmbach, Hans Leu the Younger, Niklaus Manuel Deutsch, Hans Schäufelein, Hans Weiditz, and others. This informative book is published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Getty Museum from July 11 through September 24, 2000, and from November 7, 2000, to January 4, 2001, at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Arts of the Medieval Cathedrals

Studies on Architecture, Stained Glass and Sculpture in Honor of Anne Prache

Author: Kathleen Nolan,Dany Sandron

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351956892

Category: Art

Page: 314

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The touchstones of Gothic monumental art in France - the abbey church of Saint-Denis and the cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, and Bourges - form the core of this collection dedicated to the memory of Anne Prache. The essays reflect the impact of Prache’s career, both as a scholar of wide-ranging interests and as a builder of bridges between the French and American academic communities. Thus the authors include scholars in France and the United States, both academics and museum professionals, while the thematic matrix of the book, divided into architecture, stained glass, and sculpture, reflects the multiple media explored by Prache during her long career. The essays employ a varied range of methodologies to explore Gothic monuments. The chapters in the architectural section include an intensive archeological analysis of the foundations of Reims Cathedral, the close reading of a late medieval literary text for a symbolic understanding of Paris, and essays that explore the medieval use of practical geometry in designing entire buildings and their components. Saint-Denis, Reims, and Chartres, all monuments studied by Prache, are discussed in the next part, on stained glass. These chapters demonstrate how old problems can be clarified by new evidence, whether from the accessibility of previously unknown archival information, for Reims, or through revelations that arise from restoration, at Chartres. These essays also include a study showing the complexity of making attributions for the storied glass of Saint-Denis. The final set of essays likewise takes different approaches to sculpture, whether constructing links to the liturgy at Reims, or discussing the meaning of a sculptural ensemble studied by Prache early in her career, the cloister of Notre-Dame-en-Vaux in Châlons-en-Champagne, or scrupulously examining the façade sculpture at Bourges Cathedral for insights into the design process. As a whole, the volume provides a window onto key directions in the study of

Frederic Crowninshield

A Renaissance Man in the Gilded Age

Author: Gertrude Wilmers,Julie L. Sloan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781558498648

Category: Architecture

Page: 333

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An elegant survey of the life and work of a major American artist

American Glass

The Collections at Yale

Author: John Stuart Gordon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0300226691

Category: Decorative arts

Page: 320

View: 1623

Glass can be decorative or utilitarian, and its forms often reflect technological innovations and social change. Drawing on an insightful selection from the Yale University Art Gallery and other collections at Yale, American Glass illuminates the vital and often intimate roles that glass has played in the nation's art and culture. Spectacularly illustrated, the publication showcases 18th-century mold-blown vessels, 19th-century pressed glass, innovative studio work, and luminous stained-glass windows by John La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany, the latter reproduced as a lush gatefold. These are considered alongside beguiling objects that broaden our expectations of glass and speak to the centrality of the medium in American life, including one of the oldest complex microscopes in the United States, an early Edison light bulb, glass-plate photography, jewelry, and more. With an essay on the history of collecting American glass and discussions of each object that present new scholarship, this engaging book tells the long and rich history of glass in America--from prehistoric minerals to contemporary sculptures.

Stained Glass

Masterpieces of the Modern Era

Author: Xavier Barral i Altet

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture

Page: 216

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A visual international survey of stained glass from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries evaluates the myriad elements, from color and light to imagery and shaping, that define the art form, in a historical tribute that examines the architectural methods that have influenced stained glass throughout the past one hundred years.

The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral

Author: Jeffrey Weaver,Madeline Harrison Caviness

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606061461

Category: Art

Page: 104

View: 6658

"Discusses the original context, iconographic program, and stylistic development of the Ancestors of Christ windows, which survive from the twelfth century and are significant examples of English medieval painting and monumental stained glass"--Provided by publisher.

Stained Glass

A Journal Devoted to the Craft of Painted and Stained Glass

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Glass painting and staining

Page: N.A

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The Monastery of Batalha

Author: José Custódio Vieira da Silva

Publisher: Scala Books

ISBN: 9781857593822

Category: Architecture

Page: 128

View: 8733

The Monastery of Batalha was founded to commemorate victory at the Battle of Aljubarrota, fought close to the present site in 1385. It quickly became one of the most important monastic establishments in Portugal, housing the pantheon of the newly established royal house of Aviz. Built in European Late Gothic style, and strongly influenced by contemporary Mediterranean architecture, it contains fine examples of the flamboyant decorations of the period and the elegant, slender lines - clear to see in the Afonso V Cloister - that preceded the formal austerity of the mid-fifteenth century and the new forms of the Renaissance. These are not much in evidence here, since, after King Manuel's death, his successors lost interest in the building. There is no finer example of the imaginative exuberance of the architects and sculptors who worked on the Monastery of Batalha than the famous Unfinished Chapels. Here, the complicated stone lacework has captured the curiosity and romantic imaginings of many generations. Visitors have always been equally fascinated by the fact that, because they were never completed, the chapels remain open to the sky.

The Brilliant History of Color in Art

Author: Victoria Finlay

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606064290

Category: Art

Page: 166

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The history of art is inseparable from the history of color. And what a fascinating story they tell together: one that brims with an all-star cast of characters, eye-opening details, and unexpected detours through the annals of human civilization and scientific discovery. Enter critically acclaimed writer and popular journalist Victoria Finlay, who here takes readers across the globe and over the centuries on an unforgettable tour through the brilliant history of color in art. Written for newcomers to the subject and aspiring young artists alike, Finlay’s quest to uncover the origins and science of color will beguile readers of all ages with its warm and conversational style. Her rich narrative is illustrated in full color throughout with 166 major works of art—most from the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum. Readers of this book will revel in a treasure trove of fun-filled facts and anecdotes. Were it not for Cleopatra, for instance, purple might not have become the royal color of the Western world. Without Napoleon, the black graphite pencil might never have found its way into the hands of Cézanne. Without mango-eating cows, the sunsets of Turner might have lost their shimmering glow. And were it not for the pigment cobalt blue, the halls of museums worldwide might still be filled with forged Vermeers. Red ocher, green earth, Indian yellow, lead white—no pigment from the artist’s broad and diverse palette escapes Finlay’s shrewd eye in this breathtaking exploration.