Tasting Home

Coming of Age in the Kitchen

Author: Judith Newton

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 1938314093

Category: Cooking

Page: 323

View: 2271

Tasting Home is the history of a woman’s emotional education, the romantic tale of a marriage between a straight woman and a gay man, and an exploration of the ways that cooking can lay the groundwork for personal healing, intimate relation, and political community. Organized by decade and by the cookbooks that shaped author Judith Newton’s life, Tasting Home takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the cuisines, cultural spirit, and politics of the 1940s through 2011, complete with recipes.

Dear Thing

Author: Julie Cohen

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1466893508

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 7548

After years of watching her best friends Ben and Claire try for a baby, Romily has offered to give them the one thing that they want most. Romily expects it will be easy to be a surrogate. She's already a single mother, and she has no desire for any more children. But Romily isn't prepared for the overwhelming feelings that have taken hold of her and which threaten to ruin her friendship with Ben and Claire-and even destroy their marriage. Now there are three friends, two mothers and only one baby, and an impossible decision to make... Thought-provoking, heart-rending but ultimately uplifting, Julie Cohen's Dear Thing is a book you won't be able to put down, until you pass it on to your best friends.

Woven on the Wind

Women Write about Friendship in the Sagebrush West

Author: Linda M. Hasselstrom,Gaydell Collier,Nancy Curtis

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618219209

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 336

View: 4765

Focuses on the friendship bonds between women and highlights the beauty, sturdiness, and symbiosis that characterizes the American West.

Their Secret Baby Bond

Author: Stephanie Dees

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488090408

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 645

He wanted roots. She chose career. Can a baby bring them back together? Wynn Sheehan planned to change the world—not return to Alabama alone and pregnant. Her life is in shambles, but at least she can help take care of Latham Grant’s ailing grandpa. Latham isn’t ready to trust the woman who eagerly left him and their small town behind. But can they ignore the spark rekindled by unexpected Family Blessings?

Island Apart

A Novel

Author: Steven Raichlen

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429960809

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3299

From the celebrated author of Planet Barbecue and How to Grill comes a surprising story of love, loss, redemption, and really good food. Claire Doheney, recovering from a serious illness, agrees to house-sit in an oceanfront mansion on Chappaquiddick island in Martha's Vineyard. The New York book editor hopes to find solace, strength, and sufficient calm to finish her biography of the iconoclastic psychotherapist, Wilhelm Reich. The last thing she expects to find is love. Then she meets a mysterious man the locals call the Hermit. No one knows his real name or where he lives. To their mutual surprise, Claire and the stranger discover that they share a passion for cooking that soon sparks something more. But Claire's new friend has a terrible secret that threatens to drive them apart forever. The clock is ticking. Can Claire let love into her life once more before it's too late? Told by a New York Times bestselling author and international TV host with a keen eye for Chappaquiddick's extraordinary natural beauty, Island Apart has it all—romance, history, travel, crime, lovemaking of exquisite intensity, and cooking scenes so vivid, they'll make your taste buds ache with hunger. Steven Raichlen's novel is a smart love story—not to mention a terrific beach read. Think The Bridges of Madison County with better food. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Mary Claire's Dream

Author: Martha Sylvest

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606477978

Category: Fiction

Page: 284

View: 3143

MARY CLAIRE'S DREAM takes the reader back to the days of WW 11 to see American families living, working, and sacrificing to aid in the war effort. The reader groans at the losses and shares in the thrill of victory. While America fights her enemies overseas, Mary Claire contends with her own adversaries. She is six years old when the war interrupts her dream. She hopes that it will be restored when the war us over. Meanwhile she develops an inner strength and defeats her foes at school and at home. At the age of ten, she realizes her dream. MARY CLAIRE'S DREAM will inspire you to keep striving for your dream. Martha grew up during WW 11, listening to war-news on the radio. She experienced many of the events portrayed in MARY CLAIRE'S DREAM and got much of the information and inspiration for this book from friends and family. Teaching elementary school for many years gave her real insight into children's emotional needs and their resilience to problems. Martha was married 38 years to Royce Elton Sylvest, a Baptist minister. They have two sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three teenage granddaughters. She is active in the church that her husband pastored for 28 years before going to glory.

The Carbon Diaries 2017

Author: Saci Lloyd

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444906348

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 416

View: 4138

It's over a year since her last diary and Laura Brown is now in her first year of university in London, a city still struggling to pull itself together in the new rationing era. Laura's right in the heart of it; her band, the dirty angels, are gigging all over town until a police crackdown on rioting students forces them out of the city. After a brief exile on her parents' farm, the angels set off in a battered VW bus on a tour of Europe with the fabulous Tiny Chainsaws in the Distance. The tour soon unravels, however, in an increasingly dramatic sequence of events that include drought in Europe and Africa, a tidal-wave of desperate immigrants, a water war in the Middle East and a city-wide face off with the army in London. Not to mention infidelity, betrayal, friendship, love and massive courage. How long can Laura distance herself from the struggle? And more importantly, how can she keep her style and hope alive in a world on the edge of madness?

After Julia

A Novel

Author: Linda D. Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469173123

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

View: 3907

The Durants Victorian household operated effi ciently until a spring day in 1911 when the nanny left her cherished charge, four-yearold Julia, alone at play. Life for occupants of the Druid Heights mansion of Baltimore, Maryland permanently changed both upstairs and down following the childs death. Follow individual family members and servants for a year during which the spirit of little Julia roams, lonely and puzzled that no one can see her, hear her. She silently watches her father grieve while both her nanny and her mother are sent away, and others come and go as their lives are altered.

Tempting Fate

A Novel

Author: Jane Green

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466842032

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 3895

From Jane Green, the New York Times bestselling author of such beloved novels as Jemima J, The Beach House, Another Piece of My Heart, comes an enthralling and emotional story about how much we really understand the temptations that can threaten even the most idyllic of relationships.... Gabby and Elliott have been happily married for eighteen years. They have two teenaged daughters. They have built a life together. Forty-three year old Gabby is the last person to have an affair. She can't relate to the way her friends desperately try to cling to the beauty and allure of their younger years...And yet, she too knows her youth is quickly slipping away. She could never imagine how good it would feel to have a handsome younger man show interest in her—until the night it happens. Matt makes Gabby feel sparkling, fascinating, alive—something she hasn't felt in years. What begins as a long-distance friendship soon develops into an emotional affair as Gabby discovers her limits and boundaries are not where she expects them to be. Intoxicated, Gabby has no choice but to step ever deeper into the allure of attraction and attention, never foreseeing the life-changing consequences that lie ahead. If she makes one wrong move she could lose everything—and find out what really matters most. A heartfelt and complex story, Tempting Fate will have readers gripped until they reach the very last page, and thinking about the characters long after they put the book down.

In Their Father's Country

Author: Anne-Marie Drosso

Publisher: Saqi

ISBN: 1846591074

Category: Fiction

Page: 227

View: 1352

Claire and Gabrielle Sahli are sisters growing up in 1920s Cairo. Of mixed descent, they occupy a precarious position in Egypt's increasingly nationalist wealthy classes. While others like them leave, the Sahli's cling on to their homes and livelihoods as Cairo is rocked by violent anti-British demonstrations and government crackdowns. Tracing the lives of Claire and Gabrielle from childhood to old age, Anne-Marie Drosso portrays the bittersweet relationship of two intelligent, complex women forced to adapt to the unexpected. A deft and delicate story of two sisters growing up in Cairo.

Claire's Dilemmas

The Life of a Student Nurse

Author: Marlene Ritchie

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460237536

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

View: 6585

It was a simple plan. Steal her own tuition money and head out to discover the world for herself, away from her parents. It was just too bad that 20-year-old Claire Winchester had a conscience, and her guilt wouldn’t let her go through with it. Plan B, attend nursing school, like her parents wanted, and prove to them how big a mistake THAT was. She’d be miserable, fail to meet scholastic expectations, and she’d be free before she knew it. That’s why nobody was more surprised than Claire herself when she discovered she actually enjoyed her classmates and patients. Who’d have thought nursing school would be nothing like she expected, where she seemed to learn just as much, if not more, from her patients as from her instructors. She might even find a man in her life. Claire was taking a crash course in human nature peppered with humor, honesty and thoughtfulness, and whether she planned to or not, she was going to see it through to the end. Well that was the expectation anyways.....

A Place in This World

Author: Emmy Grace

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146915871X

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

View: 3517

Strong and willful, born into the peak of the social ladder in Birmingham, Alabama, Zoe Von Buexhoveden has always had everything she thought she wanted. Until she was involved in a drunken driving accident, and does not realize that more was involved than alcohol, and more people were to blame than herself. She still thought she had the perfect life, when a small slip of the tongue turns everything upside down and sends her on a wild chase for the truth. Winding her way through lies all around her, and interwoven with the stories of six Alabama teenagers through her tinted lens, Zoe steadily grows to know the true meaning of life and honesty.

The Old Priest

Author: Anthony Wallace

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 0822979209

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 966

The Old Priest is a book of transformations. From the cigar-smoke-and-mirrors world of casino life, to the collection’s title character morphing into a goat-man before the narrator’s eyes, to a family drama upended by a miniature dinosaur in the backyard, Anthony Wallace writes about life-changing events. The characters seek to escape their earthly boundaries through artifice and fantasy, and those boundaries can be as elegant and fragile as a martini glass or as hardscrabble as an Indian reservation. In these eight vividly detailed short stories we encounter cheating husbands, neurotic housewives, out-of-control teenagers, desperate gamblers, deluded alcoholics, and a host of others who would like a chance at something more. Some face the consequences of their actions, while others simply begin to see what they’ve been missing all along. Through wry, ironic prose—and what feels like firsthand experience—Wallace describes a comic and often misguided search for self-knowledge in the most unlikely locations—like the Emerald City, a low-rent gambling den where a cocktail waitress dressed as an X-rated Dorothy offers gamblers more than a Scotch on the rocks; or the Bastille Hotel-Casino, where a dealer dressed as an eighteenth century footman deals five-dollar blackjack to a reminiscing Holocaust survivor. Occasionally a real demon appears, but the collection is mostly about personal demons and the possibility of exorcising them. The stories in The Old Priest have to do with time and memory, and they convincingly open out beyond ordinary daily time to reveal something else—the present moment, perhaps, but a larger, more mysterious conception of it.

Children Below Us

Child Trafficking

Author: Blair London

Publisher: Reality Today Forum Incorporated

ISBN: 1500838276

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

View: 8248

“Blair London has written thrillers that will rank with Clive Cussler, Jack Higgins, and Stephen J. Cannell. Can’t wait to be starring in the movie adaptations of these books.”- Matthew McConaughey (actor) “Blair London hits all the right notes with her books. Her characters are alive with passion and the scenes are vivid. Blair needs to keep the books coming and make a character especially for me.” - Connie Britton (actress) “Blair London is a new author with a zest for storytelling that grapples real life issues in her novels. These books are great stories as well as issues that confront society and I highly recommend her books and eagerly await her next book.” - Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond) “Children Below Us: Child Trafficking is a novel that every parent should read. Blair London deals with an issue that is too often swept under the rug when talking about America’s missing children. We can use more authors like her.” - John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted) “Blair London has put a novel spin on serious problems facing American society in her books. I hope she keeps up the work in her upcoming books. These books are great works of fiction but address issues that dominate the news daily. Great job Blair!” - Megan Kelly (Fox News) Have you ever wondered what happens to missing children? Are they dead? Are they still alive somewhere? This book will give you an insight as to where they might be---in your basement, the house next door, a vacant building….you should be more aware of the possibilities after reading this book. A FEW TEASERS: · It’s just not every day you find a girl as pretty as you are in the library looking up child trafficking. · Claire instantly felt sick to her stomach. “Child prostitution rings? · It’s all so real, and it’s all happening, here of all places! · “There… there is a man in my house who has been holding some kids captive. · Those kidnappings! The child trafficking circles! He did it all!” · He had this full gang of guys that helped him kidnap the kids and transport them from one place to another. · They had taken care of Sam’s companion, the one they found in the neighboring house. · She was shocked to see people protesting outside her house against child trafficking and shouting “Put the criminal behind the bars…Put the criminal behind bars…”

Serving in Your Church Nursery

Author: Julia A. Spohrer

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310833566

Category: Religion

Page: 96

View: 7553

· For Individual use· Group trainingPhotocopyable resources include: job descriptions, caregiver interview form, staff evaluation survey, guidelines for nursery use, information card, and incident report formA well-run nursery is a tremendous asset to a church. The responsibilities are demanding, but with prayer, patience, and commitment, you can minimize the frustrations and maximize the difference you make in the lives of children ages three and under and their parents. Whether you’re leading your church’s nursery ministry, serving in it, or just thinking of getting involved, you will welcome the expert insights, encouragement, and resources this book offers.Serving in Your Church Nursery sheds light on·Developing a vision ·Gathering a team·Evaluating and setting goals·Setting up the nursery environment·Policies, procedures, and job descriptions·Recruiting, screening, training, and safety issues·Age groups, insights on learning, separation anxiety, and moreZondervan Practical Ministry Guides provide you with simple, practical insights for serving in today’s churches. Written by experienced pastors and church workers, these easy-to-read, to-the-point booklets address the fundamentals of different ministries as practiced effectively in real life. You’ll find biblical insight and wise, field-tested advice you can apply today, as well as discussion questions to help you think through and integrate what you read.

Welcome to Claire's

35 Years of Recipes and Reflections from the Landmark Vegetarian Restaurant

Author: Claire Criscuolo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762776382

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 3259

Included are 35 Years of recipes (over 350) and reflections from the landmark vegetarian restaurant.