"The Corrections" by Jonathan Franzen: Character Analysis

Author: Hendrik Marschall

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640834429

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 17

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Anglistik - Literatur, Note: 2, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: When I finished reading "The Corrections" by Jonathan Franzen I wanted to know if there is a general theme or problem that connects the Lambert’s siblings. The title of book itself has a negative connotation and makes it clear from the start that somebody already did something wrong. By reading the title, one can already anticipate that there is something wrong. However, it is not as Joseph Epstein suggested that the characters in the novel are because of their problems at various times on some sort of ‘correction’ pill (Epstein, 2002). The corrections or problems that the characters are trying to solve by using medical treatment come with their own lives and experiences. However, the title indirectly presupposes that the ‘hills’ that needs to be overcome in their lives cannot be flattened by taking corrections. Furthermore, the fictional place where the Lambert’s house is situated, St. Jude – saint of hopeless cases- gives further evidence that the characters do not succeed with their plans. Yet, besides these references that are detrimental for the tension of the narrative, the question that needs to be settled and on which the whole tension of the novel is based on; what did the characters wrong and why did they fail? The characters must have faced some problems or obstacles that needed to be overcome. Certainly, as the title already indicates, they failed or did something wrong even though their problems might have been different. Therefore, I would like to examine if there are connections between the reasons of their failures and the mistakes they have done. Although it has been seven years since The Corrections has been published and three years, it has been included in the Time magazine's list of the 100 best English-language novels, not much has been written about it yet. Thus, I mainly used the novel itself for my researches, since most of the secondary literature I found, tried to see The Corrections as a ‘Novel of Globalisation’ that indirectly conveys market regulations (James Annesley, 2006) or as a narrative that portrays Midwestern stereotypes (Poole, 2008). I don’t want to look at The Corrections from a certain angle in order to understand it; I want to look in the novel to find the connections of the Lambert’s siblings problems.

Character Analysis

Author: Wilhelm Reich

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780374509804

Category: Psychology

Page: 576

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Reich's classic work on the development and treatment of human character disorders, first published in 1933. As a young clinician in the 1920s, Wihelm Reich expanded psychoanalytic resistance into the more inclusive technique of character analysis, in which the sum total of typical character attitudes developed by an individual as a blocking against emotional excitations became the object of treatment. These encrusted attitudes functioned as an "armor," which Reich later found to exist simultaneously in chronic muscular spasms. Thus mind and body came together and character analysis opened the way to a biophysical approach to disease and the prevention of it.

Handwriting & Character Analysis

Author: Dewitt B. Lucas

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787305710


Page: 64

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1952 Contents: Introduction; Base Line and Slant; Pressure; Logic-Reason; Intuition; Introversion; Extroversion; Honesty-Dishonesty; Waste-Economy; Jealousy-Vanity-Envy; Intelligence-Will; How to Write Your Analysis.

Die Bücherdiebin


Author: Markus Zusak

Publisher: cbj Verlag

ISBN: 3894804270

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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Selbst der Tod hat ein Herz ... Molching bei München. Hans und Rosa Hubermann nehmen die kleine Liesel Meminger bei sich auf – für eine bescheidene Beihilfe, die ihnen die ersten Kriegsjahre kaum erträglicher macht. Für Liesel jedoch bricht eine Zeit voller Hoffnung, voll schieren Glücks an – in dem Augenblick, als sie zu stehlen beginnt. Anfangs ist es nur ein Buch, das im Schnee liegen geblieben ist. Dann eines, das sie aus dem Feuer rettet. Dann Äpfel, Kartoffeln und Zwiebeln. Das Herz von Rudi. Die Herzen von Hans und Rosa Hubermann. Das Herz von Max. Und das des Todes. Denn selbst der Tod hat ein Herz. „Die Bücherdiebin“ ist eine Liebesgeschichte, eine Hommage an Bücher und Worte und eine Erinnerung an die Macht der Sprache, die im Roman von Markus Zusak viele Facetten zeigt: den lakonisch-distanzierten Ton des Erzählers, Poesie und Zuversicht – und die reduzierte Sprache der Nazipropaganda.

Applied Graphology - A Textbook on Character Analysis From Handwriting - For the Practical Use of the Expert, the Student, and the Layman Arranged in Form for Ready Reference

Author: Albert J. Smith

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1473389372

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 206

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Analyzing someone's personality through their handwriting has been widely rubbished but it is still a fun game to play with friends and family.

Der große Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 374817652X

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: Der große Gatsby, Neuausgabe 2018 || Wir befinden uns an der Ostküste der USA, im Jahr 1922. Es ist die aufregende Zeit der "Roaring Twenties", als in New York Wolkenkratzer aus dem Boden wachsen und die Menschen lebenshungrig den Tanz auf dem Vulkan üben. Auf Long Island lebt man in mondäner Dekadenz, die harten Seiten des Lebens haben hier keinen Platz. Der junge Börsenmakler Nick Carraway bezieht auf der Halbinsel, die New York vorgelagert ist, ein kleines Haus, das er sich mit seinem schmalen Salär gerade noch leisten kann. In der Villa seines Nachbarn werden alle paar Tage monströse Partys mit Hunderten von Gästen gefeiert; der Gastgeber aber, ein gewisser Gatsby, bleibt im Hintergrund. Doch eines Tages steht Gatsby mit seinem riesigen Wagen vor Carraways Häuschen und bittet ihn wenig später um einen merkwürdigen Gefallen ... || Fitzgeralds Kultbuch wurde mehrmals verfilmt, u. a. 1974 mit Robert Redford und 2013 mit Leonardo DiCaprio als Gatsby.


Author: Nick Chedra

Publisher: Pascal Press

ISBN: 9781741250381

Category: English literature

Page: 120

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Balancing Empathy and Interpretation

Relational Character Analysis

Author: Lawrence Josephs

Publisher: Jason Aronson


Category: Psychology

Page: 435

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How does the therapist avoid the twin dangers of either being a bull in a china shop or of handling the patient with kid gloves? How can he or she balance empathy for the patient's subjective self-experience with the rigorous analysis of the patient's unconscious defensiveness? For decades these questions have been at the heart of debates about psychotherapeutic technique and the source of tremendous polarization in the field. In the early days of psychoanalysis, one analyzed character resistances either aggressively like Wilhelm Reich or more gently like Anna Freud. Today, one sides with Otto Kernberg and confrontatively treats borderline and narcissistic pathology or, following Heinz Kohut, works more empathically. Lawrence Josephs transcends the rigid polarities of competing schools and offers an innovative approach. He proposes that one can move back and forth between opposing psychoanalytic stances and that flexibility in clinical technique is the key to efficacy. According to Josephs, when we avoid remaining rigidly stuck in any one way of working, we can learn from all perspectives. Dr. Josephs's own point of view centers on one simple recommendation: to maintain a dynamic balance between empathy and analysis. It is an easy recommendation to make but difficult to implement. Through the re-examination of classic case studies from Freud to Kohut, the author demonstrates how one can balance the rigorous analysis of the patient's character resistances - the most narcissistically injurious aspect of psychoanalysis - with a deep empathy for the patient's subjective self-experience - the most healing aspect of psychoanalysis.

Using Picture Books in Middle School

Author: Kim Christie,Teacher Created Resources,Tracy Edmunds

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

ISBN: 074393394X

Category: Education

Page: 80

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Explains how to use picture books with middle school students to teach a variety of topics and introduce new concepts across the curriculum.

Face Reading

Keys to Instant Character Analysis

Author: Chi An Kuei

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1590772970

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 216

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How often have you taken one look at someone and ‘known’ that they were not to be trusted? Or conversely, instantly been sure that some new acquaintance was someone who was going to be your friend? You ‘know’ because you can instinctively see their character in their faces. The art of reading faces has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Now, with the help of this step-by-step guide, anyone can learn how to interpret different facial characteristics and acquire and instant knowledge of a person’s character, feelings, hidden desires, state of health, and mood. Everything is written in the face. High cheekbones, a pointed chine, flaring eyebrows or a turned-up nose all have specific meanings. Once you have learned how to interpret them you will gain greater self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your friends, colleagues and partners. Your new insights will enable you to form more successful relationships and will give you the advantage in business dealings and interviews. You will know at once whether a person is trustworthy or has bad intentions, and your first impressions will be supported by the clear evidence in the face confronting you. Clear and practical, Face Reading includes 180 illustrations showing you all the facial features with detailed explanations of their meaning. Reading faces is entertaining and fun, but it is no mere party game; it will change your whole perception of the people around you as well as yourself.

Character Analysis: Dolly Scupp in Terrence McNally’s "Bad Habits"

Author: Christina Gieseler

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640594487

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 8

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Document from the year 2007 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1,0, Hawai'i Pacific University, course: Acting I, language: English, abstract: My monologue is taken from Bad Habits by Terrence McNally and appears on page 19 (1; 2).I’m Dolly Scupp, my nationality is American and right now I’m in Ravenswood, WV, USA at some kind of mental health center to visit my husband; our home is actually in Larchmont,WV (3; 4). I’m 50 years old and have been married to my husband Harry Scupp for a long time (5). I feel like he does not give me the attention I deserve, and that he thinks I’m unattractive because he has got a round and mean-looking tropical fish he calls after me (5;6)! So, I sometimes feel old, fat and frustrated (5; 6). I’m desperate and kind of exhausted,because I wish my marriage has been different – I just don’t know what to do and how this all came about (25). About this fat fish thing I must say that am not a slender person, but hey, I’m not twenty anymore and actually, I think I’m a quite good-looking mature woman, and recently lost some weight (6)! Harry just doesn’t notice...

Practical Numerology and Character Analysis

Author: C. G. Sander

Publisher: Kessinger Publishing

ISBN: 9780766128767

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 132

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The Pythagorean system of numerology. A serious study of numerology to discover whether it be truth based or an illusion and superstition. The author gives numerology a serious trial and finds, when practiced with a real understanding of its subtle inner meanings, affords a true and helpful character delineation.

Tools and Techniques for Character Interpretation

A Handbook of Psychology for Actors, Writers, and Directors

Author: Robert Blumenfeld

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780879103262

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 325

View: 5461

(Limelight). A must for both the aspiring and seasoned artist. Uniquely geared to the work of theatre and film artists, this book, for the first time, sets out clearly and concisely the ideas, principles, and character typology of various psychological schools from Freudian, Kleinian, and Jungian to contemporary developments. The practical uses and applications of their theories are graphically demonstrated throughout the book by means of numerous examples and in-depth analyses drawn from classic and contemporary theatrical and cinematic literature. Stanislavskian methods are also discussed. An immensely useful, essential tool for character creation and analysis. Features a foreword by noted acting teacher Alice Spivak.

Character Analysis

How to Read People at Sight

Author: David V. Bush,W. Waugh

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781494120764


Page: 608

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This is a new release of the original 1923 edition.

Character Analysis

Subman Or Superman 1924

Author: Jean Morris Ellis

Publisher: Kessinger Publishing

ISBN: 9780766138834

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 216

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Every fact contained in this volume in regard to cranial and temperamental indications of character are a part of the system discovered and promulgated by Dr. Franz Josef Gall and his immediate coworkers and followers. This book is the result of almost thirty years of practical experience by the author as a character analyst and vocational advisor. Contents: Gallian doctrine; cranial proportions as index to character; groups and individual brain centers; physiognomy; clues to characteristics; facial and other indications of characteristics; psychology of success; self analysis; health and condition; thrift; marriage; Eugenics.

Buddhist Character Analysis

Author: Robert Mann,Rose Youd

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780951176931

Category: Buddhism

Page: 130

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This text explores the Buddhist system of personality classification. In this guide to the human psyche the authors describe the six roots of character - craving, hatred, confusion, faith, intelligence and speculation - and the way they affect literally everything we do, from how we dress and eat to how we work and think. The book explains how best to observe and assess physical and mental behaviour, emphasizing how correct application of this system leads to smoother relationships and a greater sense of happiness in daily life. When combined with a spiritual training, this form of character analysis deepens insight into the true nature of reality.