The Bulletproof Diet

Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life

Author: Dave Asprey

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 162336518X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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In his midtwenties, Dave Asprey was a successful Silicon Valley multimillionaire. He also weighed 300 pounds, despite the fact that he was doing what doctors recommended: eating 1,800 calories a day and working out 90 minutes a day, six times a week. When his excess fat started causing brain fog and food cravings sapped his energy and willpower, Asprey turned to the same hacking techniques that made his fortune to "hack" his own biology, investing more than $300,000 and 15 years to uncover what was hindering his energy, performance, appearance, and happiness. From private brain EEG facilities to remote monasteries in Tibet, through radioactive brain scans, blood chemistry work, nervous system testing, and more, he explored traditional and alternative technologies to reach his physical and mental prime. The result? The Bulletproof Diet, an anti-inflammatory program for hunger-free, rapid weight loss and peak performance. The Bulletproof Diet will challenge--and change--the way you think about weight loss and wellness. You will skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat high levels of healthy saturated fat, work out and sleep less, and add smart supplements. In doing so, you'll gain energy, build lean muscle, and watch the pounds melt off. By ditching traditional "diet" thinking, Asprey went from being overweight and sick in his twenties to maintaining a 100-pound weight loss, increasing his IQ, and feeling better than ever in his forties. The Bulletproof Diet is your blueprint to a better life.

Bulletproof: The Cookbook

Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Increase Your Energy, and End Food Cravings for Good

Author: Dave Asprey

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1623366046

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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In The Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey turned conventional diet wisdom on its head, outlining the plan responsible for his 100-pound weight loss, which he came to by "biohacking" his body and optimizing every aspect of his health. The unconventional plan urges you to skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat high levels of healthy saturated fat, work out less, sleep better, and add smart supplements. In doing so, Dave promises, you'll gain energy, build lean muscle, and watch the pounds melt off--just as he and so many others have. Bulletproof: The Cookbook picks up where the diet plan leaves off, arming you with 125 recipes to stay Bulletproof for life and never get bored. Famous for his butter-laden Bulletproof Coffee, Dave packs the book with the delicious, filling meals he uses to maintain his weight loss and sustain his boundless energy. Once you get your hands on these mouthwatering recipes, you'll be hungry for more--and this book is just what you'll reach for. The Bulletproof lifestyle is your blueprint to a supercharged life.


Author: Maci Bookout

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 168261283X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 5739

When a good southern girl becomes a single teen mom, how does she hold onto her dreams? New York Times bestselling author Maci Bookout was just a normal, slightly overachieving high school girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down. Even as she rose to fame on MTV's hit series Teen Mom, Maci was struggling to balance life as a single teen mom with her own hopes and dreams...all while honoring her own sense of independence. This is the true story of how she took charge of the unexpected to build a life for herself and her son Bentley, and managed not to go crazy in the process. Because sometimes growing up is an act of will...and Maci's will is bulletproof.

Be Bulletproof

How to achieve success in tough times at work

Author: James Brooke,Simon Brooke

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448118891

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This is the essential guide for anyone looking to get ahead in the warzone that is often the workplace. However good you are, there are always times you come under fire at work. But how do you turn a crisis into an opportunity, and make yourself bulletproof? In Be Bulletproof, business trainers James and Simon Brooke reveal the top practical solutions for strengthening your resilience – so you can bounce back from every setback, rejection or criticism. You’ll learn to be confident, positive and self-assured in the face of any office adversity. Arm yourself against workplace hazards like: - Harsh criticism and hostile colleagues - Company politics and bad bosses - Rejection and failure - Redundancy or losing your job - And – dare we say it? – your own mistakes


Author: Laurie Morales

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781628654417

Category: Drama

Page: 225

View: 9538

Bulletproof goes behind the headlines to tell the before-during-and-after story of an unthinkable family tragedy. The book begins with a marriage like many other marriages, launching with love and arcing into family. Andre held my hand and made me laugh through infertility, a traumatic miscarriage, cancer, then the miraculous births of Alec and Asher. He taught me how to put on a diaper. He lay on the living room floor to set up. Thomas's train tracks. He volunteered at the temple school as a "Shabbat dad." He took Alec fishing, brought the boys to feed the ducks at the golf course pond and watch the giant fish at the Bass Pro Shop. Dark secrets began to emerge. Andre visited prostitutes, even brought them to our house. He drank too much, had a DUI and his driver's license suspended, and later, blew our savings through risky day-trading.

Head Strong

The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

Author: Dave Asprey

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062652435

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 6286

From the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and author of the bestselling The Bulletproof Diet comes a revolutionary plan to upgrade your brainpower—in two weeks or less. For the last decade, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey has worked with world-renowned doctors and scientists to uncover the latest, most innovative methods for making humans perform better—a process known as "biohacking." In his first book, The Bulletproof Diet, he shared his biohacking tips for taking control of your own biology. Now, in Head Strong, Asprey shows readers how to biohack their way to a sharper, smarter, faster, more resilient brain. Imagine feeling like your mind is operating at its clearest and sharpest, and being able—possibly for the first time in your life—to do more in less time? What it suddenly became easier to do the very hardest things you do? Or if you could feel 100% confident about your intellect, and never again fear being the person in the room who just isn’t smart enough, or can’t remember something important? How would you treat people if the mood swings, short temper, and food cravings that disrupt your day could simply disappear? In Head Strong, Asprey shows us that all of this is possible—and more. Using his simple lifestyle modifications (or "hacks") to take advantage of how the structure of your brain works, readers will learn how to take their mental performance to the next level. Combining the latest findings in neuroscience and neurobiology with a hacker-inspired "get it done now" perspective, Asprey offers a program structured around key areas of brain performance that will help you: Power the brain with exactly what it needs to perform at its best all day long Eliminate the sources of "kryptonite," both nutritional and environmental, that make the brain slower. Supercharge the cellular powerhouses of our brains, the mitochondria, to eliminate cravings and turn up mental focus. Reverse inflammation to perform better right now, then stay sharp and energized well into your golden years. Promote neuron growth to enhance processing speed and reinforce new learning—hotwiring your brain for success. Asprey’s easy to follow, two-week program offers a detailed plan to supercharge brain performance, including: which foods to eat and which ones to avoid, how to incorporate the right kinds of physical activity into your day, a detox protocol for your home and body; meditation and breathing for performance, recommended brain-boosting supplements; and how to adjust the lighting in your home and work space to give your brain the quality light it thrives on. A better brain—and a happier, easier, more productive life—is within reach. You just need to get Head Strong.


The Making of an Invincible Mind

Author: Chuck Holton

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 0307563421

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 715

Would you like to have the confidence, the kind of driving purpose, that shuts out all fear? Do you want your life to be filled with adventure? There are many kinds of soldiers, and the ones that this book is written for don’t necessarily wear a uniform. The missions these soldiers undertake have more than just political or historical significance—they are impacting eternity. Bulletproof is a field manual for the Christian soldier. It addresses the issues of fear and risk from a Christian perspective, using primarily military examples and analogies. Holton teaches believers how to overcome fear and join the ranks of the army of God. Terrorism. Murder. Disease. Job Loss. Road Rage. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Environmental Disaster. What Are You Scared? By every sense of reason, you should be. By faith, you don’t have to be. God’s soldiers are issued body armor: Peace that surpasses understanding. But you must choose to put it on. Chuck Holton reveals how to claim this peace of mind and rest in the sovereignty of God’s plan while stationed in our dangerous world. Not denying legitimate causes for fear, Holton’s balanced perspective to living boldly as a Christian today offers refreshing hope in the midst of rampant anxiety. Because when you begin seeing things from the Commander’s perspective, you won’t have to dodge bullets. Until your mission is complete, you are bulletproof. Story Behind the Book “In October 2002, a sniper started killing people at random in the area where I live. The community almost ground to a standstill, with people refusing to leave their homes, drive the streets, or send their children to school until the killer was found. What disturbed me most was the reaction of many of my fellow Christians—one of fear just like their unsaved neighbors. I felt we were passing up a perfect opportunity to model the peace that passes all understanding to a very needy audience. Since then I have come to realize that the Bible, almost in its entirety, tells us over and over again that we should not be afraid. A life lived trusting God is a fearless, confident life that will draw others to it.” From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bulletproof Book Proposals

Author: Pam Brodowsky,Eric Neuhaus

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 9781582973678

Category: Reference

Page: 304

View: 5036

Write the proposal that gets you published &break;&break;Is writing a book proposal actually harder than writing the book itself? Not if you have Bulletproof Book Proposals. &break;&break;In the first part of the book, agent Pam Brodowsky and author Eric Neuhaus simplify the proposal-writing process with clear instructions and exercises that will help you start and finish your own book proposal. With their unique ten-step approach, you'll learn how to: &break;&break; Craft an overview that's engaging and to the point&break; Conduct a thorough competitive-book analysis&break; Define your target market and secondary markets&break; Write chapter outlines and summaries &break;&break;Then, in the second part, Brodowsky and Neuhaus give you twelve real-life proposals that successfully sold book projects along with commentary from the authors of the proposals and the agents and editors that took on the projects. Plus, they provide thorough comments on each proposal, pointing out what details make them effective and how you can emulate their success. You'll: &break;&break; Discover how to model your proposal by studying a variety of strong approaches&break; Find out what really gets editors and agents hooked&break; Learn how different formats can be used to best suit your needs&break; And much, much more! &break;&break;Bulletproof Book Proposals leaves you with no excuses. Now there is nothing stopping you from selling your book!


How Not to Get Fired When the Credit Crunch Hits

Author: Mark C Scott

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407071238

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

View: 6445

In these uncertain times, the credit crunch is affecting everyone.With job losses on the rise and redundancy a looming threat, Bulletproof is the ultimate how-to guide to protecting your job. Written by a leading industry professional with years of experience in the business field, Bulletproof provides step-by-step practical advice about how to give yourself a competitive edge so that you can dodge the redundancy bullet. Bulletproof shows you how you can change the rules of the game, develop your own tactical advantage and actively embrace a strategy for long term survival - taking back control of your employment prospects to ensure you keep and succeed at any job!


Afterlives of Anticolonial Prophecy in South Africa and Beyond

Author: Jennifer Wenzel

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226893499

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 7045

In 1856 and 1857, in response to a prophet’s command, the Xhosa people of southern Africa killed their cattle and ceased planting crops; the resulting famine cost tens of thousands of lives. Much like other millenarian, anticolonial movements—such as the Ghost Dance in North America and the Birsa Munda uprising in India—these actions were meant to transform the world and liberate the Xhosa from oppression. Despite the movement’s momentous failure to achieve that goal, the event has continued to exert a powerful pull on the South African imagination ever since. It is these afterlives of the prophecy that Jennifer Wenzel explores in Bulletproof. Wenzel examines literary and historical texts to show how writers have manipulated images and ideas associated with the cattle killing—harvest, sacrifice, rebirth, devastation—to speak to their contemporary predicaments. Widening her lens, Wenzel also looks at how past failure can both inspire and constrain movements for justice in the present, and her brilliant insights into the cultural implications of prophecy will fascinate readers across a wide variety of disciplines.

Bulletproof SSL and TLS

Understanding and Deploying SSL/TLS and PKI to Secure Servers and Web Applications

Author: Ivan Ristic

Publisher: Feisty Duck

ISBN: 1907117040

Category: Computers

Page: 550

View: 9958

Bulletproof SSL and TLS is a complete guide to using SSL and TLS encryption to deploy secure servers and web applications. Written by Ivan Ristic, the author of the popular SSL Labs web site, this book will teach you everything you need to know to protect your systems from eavesdropping and impersonation attacks. In this book, you’ll find just the right mix of theory, protocol detail, vulnerability and weakness information, and deployment advice to get your job done: - Comprehensive coverage of the ever-changing field of SSL/TLS and Internet PKI, with updates to the digital version - For IT security professionals, help to understand the risks - For system administrators, help to deploy systems securely - For developers, help to design and implement secure web applications - Practical and concise, with added depth when details are relevant - Introduction to cryptography and the latest TLS protocol version - Discussion of weaknesses at every level, covering implementation issues, HTTP and browser problems, and protocol vulnerabilities - Coverage of the latest attacks, such as BEAST, CRIME, BREACH, Lucky 13, RC4 biases, Triple Handshake Attack, and Heartbleed - Thorough deployment advice, including advanced technologies, such as Strict Transport Security, Content Security Policy, and pinning - Guide to using OpenSSL to generate keys and certificates and to create and run a private certification authority - Guide to using OpenSSL to test servers for vulnerabilities - Practical advice for secure server configuration using Apache httpd, IIS, Java, Nginx, Microsoft Windows, and Tomcat This book is available in paperback and a variety of digital formats without DRM.


In Vietnam

Author: Billy Hall

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449042288

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 9775

“Poignant, and scary” - Norman Bates, editor. “It made me cry, it made me laugh. I couldn’t put it down.” – Jackie Arnold, editor. “Baby! What BABY?!” – Marisha Hall, the author’s wife - overheard as she proofread one of the chapters. “I see you tomorrow Beeelle, you Number One Beeelle! You bulletproof GI! Beeelle” – Lum, hooch-maid, Quang Tri Combat Base, Vietnam, 1970. “You boom-boom, GI? . . . . Or, maybe you ‘Funny-Boy’?” – The Pimp, pimp age six, DaNang, Vietnam, 1971. The writing started as a simple answer to a cousin’s emailed question about the war. It was sort of like someone had distracted the little Dutch boy and caused him to pull his finger from the hole in the dike thus letting the flood waters flow. That was the story of Lum, the first chapter written. Then, much later, after I had called the book finished the first time, I awoke in the middle of the night one time and realized that I had finished the whole darned book without having written the first chapter yet. I think you can read it in most any order you want, if you are somewhat familiar with the jargon. Each chapter pretty much stands on its own.

The Better Baby Book

How to Have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby

Author: Lana Asprey

Publisher: Turner Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781630261870

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 290

View: 7702

This prenatal guide offers nutrition and environmental advice to reduce toxins in the body and in the home to have a healthier, more intelligent and happier baby that will be less susceptible to allergies, asthma and other issues. Original.


A Cop's Guide to Financial Success

Author: Brett M. Ward

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1425992714

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 140

View: 7724

Non-Fiction Fantasy Why do humans use less than one-one millionth of their total mental potential? Is there anything stopping us from using the rest? And if not, how do we use the rest, but most curiously, why do we have so much and use so little? And if our body's cells are constantly being replaced, why do we grow old and die, a contradiction of that restoration process? The answers to these questions are what this book is about. Obsessed with finding the answers, a research scientist spent his entire life digging until he unexpectedly found himself looking into history, including even the Bible, for clues. He then had to subject that book itself, the Bible, to the scientific method of analysis to either validate it or invalidate it as a creditable source. This is not a faith-based work, but includes a clinical scientific analysis to separate the nebulous world of religious views from palpable truth and reality, with a complete disregard for political correctness. The discoveries made here are so utterly amazing that the way it has to be told is in an autobiographical story form following the step-by-step developments of the discovery process. This is a true story, and this brief statement vastly understates the issues at hand.


Author: Lee Hodges

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462830039

Category: Fiction

Page: 231

View: 1137

Caught between an ambitious Major Fenwick, commander of Fort Hughes, and Chief Horse Who Runs On Tiptoes, leader of a small band of renegade Cheyenne, Casey Beymer is forced to teach those Cheyenne how to play baseball in order to save his own neck. At first the Indians are reluctant to learn the white mans game, but then Casey finds the secret to arousing their boundless enthusiasm. When the Fort Hughes team succumbs to smallpox just before a high-stakes Fourth of July game in Denver, the Cheyenne, and Casey, are drafted to replace them---with startling results.

Bulletproof Web Design

Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with HTML5 and CSS3

Author: Dan Cederholm

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 0132883384

Category: Computers

Page: 360

View: 5434

No matter how visually appealing or content packed a web site may be, if it doesn’t reach the widest possible audience, it isn’t truly successful. In Bulletproof Web Design, Third Edition, bestselling author and web designer Dan Cederholm outlines standards-based strategies for building designs that can accommodate the myriad ways users choose to view the content. Each chapter starts out with an example of an unbulletproof approach--one that employs traditional HTML-based techniques--which Dan deconstructs, pointing out its limitations. He then gives the example a makeover using HTML and CSS, so you can learn to replace bloated code with lean markup and CSS for fast-loading sites that are accessible to all users. Finally, he assembles all of the page components discussed in prior chapters into a single-page template. This fully revised and updated third edition introduces CSS3 and HTML5 methods and features redesigned case studies including new responsive design examples. Size text using keywords, percentages, and ems to allow more user control. Plan for vertical expansion of horizontal page components. Use floats to achieve grid-like results. Ensure that content is still readable in the absence of images or CSS. Strip the presentation from data tables, and rebuild with CSS. Progressively enhance your designs using HTML5 and CSS3. Visit the companion website at to download finished files, additional resources, and book updates.

Bulletproof Vest

The Ballad of an Outlaw and His Daughter

Author: Maria Venegas

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429944161

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 3331

A New York Times Editors' Choice book The haunting story of a daughter's struggle to confront her father's turbulent-and often violent-legacy After a fourteen-year estrangement, Maria Venegas returns to Mexico from the United States to visit her father, who is living in the old hacienda where both he and she were born. While spending the following summers and holidays together, herding cattle and fixing barbed-wire fences, he begins sharing stories with her, tales of a dramatic life filled with both intense love and brutal violence-from the final conversations he had with his own father, to his extradition from the United States for murder, to his mother's pride after he shot a man for the first time at the age of twelve. Written in spare, gripping prose, Bulletproof Vest is Venegas's reckoning with her father's difficult legacy. Moving between Mexico and New York, between past and present, Venegas traces her own life and her father's as, over time, a new closeness and understanding develops between them. Bulletproof Vest opens with a harrowing ambush on Venegas's father while he's driving near his home in Mexico. He survives the assault-but years later the federales will find him dead near the very same curve, and his daughter will be left with not only the stories she inherited from him but also a better understanding of the violent undercurrent that shaped her father's life as well as her own.


Accessing the Favor and Protection of God in the Secret Place

Author: Jeff Rostocil

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768487420

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 5534

Time for pessimism or optimism? Precarious times will progressively become more perilous as the Day of the Lord draws near. But God assures your safety and security! In light of increased worldwide terrorism, pandemics, and political unrest, believers have no need to live afraid. Psalm 91 directs you to the secret place and assures you of safety in the face of danger, disease, and widespread destruction. Bulletproof outlines the benefits and promises of Psalm 91 and teaches you how to access them for your family, your community and your future. Paul the apostle predicted society becoming more crude, cruel, profane, savage, slanderous, cynical, rebellious, money-hungry, self-absorbed, and pregnant with lust before Christ’s appearance. Yet as stewards of a fallen planet, we are not left without hope. Psalm 91 is a timeless anchor of assurance for the righteous. Bulletproof unearths the secrets to securing the protection and favor of God that promises deliverance from disease, famine, terrorism, and war. This is your moment in history. You are called to thrive, survive, and live to revive others. Let this promise of being Bulletproof become your prophetic pledge—may it catapult you into great exploits.


Ride to the Finish Line

Author: Derek Nesbitt,Keila Harris

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542455350


Page: 210

View: 7303

When you're in love, you think nothing or no one can get in the way, not even a bullet with your name on it. "I guess this is apart of our happy ever after?" Erica has already survived some of the toughest battles life can throw at anybody. She recovers from her un-wealthy childhood by becoming the female boss she always wanted to be in her adult years. Now that she's all grown up, it seems the biggest fight she will ever have is to love her man Deuce. Planning a future with the local restaurant owner doesn't turn out to be easy when his ex reminds him of his past. It's seems like no matter what obstacles are set to effect their relationship, Erica and Deuce just wont give up on each other. He tries his hardest to treat her like the woman she is but after the war begins he can no longer protect Erica from his former lifestyle and she's forced to be introduced to the old Deuce. Will Erica "ride or die" side kick in---to prove she believes in her Prince Charming Antonio or will she run away in search of a real fairy-tale ending.


A Memoir

Author: Justin Peck

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 0998229822

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 2148

Justin Peck drove to the top of a mountain, put a pistol to his temple, and pulled the trigger. When the gun didn’t fire, he had to rethink the life he wanted to end. In this incredible memoir, Justin Peck tells his own life story. The insane highs and lows were unpredictable and he found no fear of consequences. Constantly taking risks, seeking greater thrills, and finally attempting suicide, Justin was given a second chance by the misfire and has attempted to make the most of it – becoming a racecar champion, entrepreneur and inventor. This inspiring memoir captures the roller coaster ride of a man who found a way to make himself BULLETPROOF.