Art History: The Basics

Author: Diana Newall,Grant Pooke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134191480

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Art History: The Basics is a concise and accessible introduction for the general reader and the undergraduate approaching the history of art for the first time at college or university. It will give you answers to questions like: What is art and art history? What are the main methodologies used to understand art? How have ideas about form, sex and gender shaped representation? What connects art with psychoanalysis, semiotics and Marxism? How are globalization and postmodernism changing art and art history? Each chapter introduces key ideas, issues and debates in art history, including information on relevant websites and image archives. Fully illustrated with an international range of artistic examples, Art History: The Basics also includes helpful subject summaries, further ideas for reading in each chapter, and a useful glossary for easy reference.

Dictionary of Visual Discourse

A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms

Author: Barry Sandywell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317151062

Category: Art

Page: 722

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This substantial and ambitious dictionary explores the languages and cultures of visual studies. It provides the basis for understanding the foundations and motivations of current theoretical and academic discourse, as well as the different forms of visual culture that have come to organize everyday life. The book is firmly placed in the context of the 'visual turn' in contemporary thought. It has been designed as an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary introduction to the vocabularies and grammars of visuality that inform thinking in the arts and humanities today. It also offers insight into the philosophical frameworks which underpin the field of visual culture. A central theme that runs throughout the entries is the task of moving away from a narrow understanding of visuality inherited from traditional philosophy toward a richer cultural and multi-sensorial philosophy of concrete experience. The dictionary incorporates intertextual links that encourage readers to explore connections between major themes, theories and key figures in the field. In addition the author's introduction provides a comprehensive and critical introduction which documents the significance of the visual turn in contemporary theory and culture. It is accompanied by an extensive bibliography and further reading list. As both a substantive academic contribution to this growing field and a useful reference tool, this book offers a theoretical introduction to the many languages of visual discourse. It will be essential reading for graduate students and scholars in visual studies, the sociology of visual culture, cultural and media studies, philosophy, art history and theory, design, film and communication studies.

Bathers, Bodies, Beauty

The Visceral Eye

Author: Linda Nochlin

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674021167

Category: Art

Page: 342

View: 2057

Linda Nochlin explores the contradictions and dissonances that mark experience as well as art. Her book confronts the issues posed in representations of the body in the art of impressionists, modern masters, and contemporary realists and post-modernists. In many ways a personal book, Bathers, Bodies, Beauty brings to bear a lifetime of looking at, teaching, talking about, wrestling with, loving, and hating art to reveal and complicate the visceral experience of art.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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Geschichte des Krieges

Erster Band

Author: Hermann Stegemann

Publisher: BOD GmbH DE

ISBN: 3955806421

Category: History

Page: 464

View: 7623

Der Schweizer Journalist Hermann Stegemann, der während des Ersten Weltkrieges als Korrespondent der Berner Tageszeitung „Der Bund“ tätig war, stellt in seinem vierbändigen Werk eine umfassende und detaillierte Geschichte des Krieges auf Basis seiner Kolumne „Zur Kriegslage“ zusammen. Der erste Band beinhaltet die Vorgeschichte sowie eine Übersicht der militärischen Lage in Europa und die Kriegsereignisse bis September 1914, z. B. die Schlacht an der Marne und der Feldzug nach Galizien und Südpolen. Unveränderter Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1917.

Raum, Zeit, Architektur

Die Entstehung einer neuen Tradition

Author: Sigfried Giedion

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 3035605777

Category: Architecture

Page: 560

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Der Architekturhistoriker Sigfried Giedion gilt als ein Wegbereiter der Moderne, sein 1941 unter dem Titel Space, Time, Architecture erstmals erschienenes Werk ist längst zu einem Klassiker der Architekturtheorie avanciert. Giedion skizziert darin die Vorgeschichte und die Entwicklung des in denZwanzigerjahren so bedeutungsvollen neuen Bauens und veranschaulicht dessen weltweite Auswirkungen. In der Vielfalt oft widersprüchlicher Tendenzen suchte er die geheime Synthese, in der sich eine neue Tradition ankündigte, ohne dass sie zunächst zu einer bewussten und handlungsbestimmenden Realität wurde. Giedion wurde so zu dem Historiker, der das Entstehen dieser neuen Tradition in der Architektur sowie ihre Beziehungen zu Handwerk, Kunst und Wissenschaft sichtbar machte und so immer noch zur Transparenz des gegenwärtigen Zustands beiträgt. Das Nachwort des Architekturkritikers Reto Geiser erläutert die Aktualität dieses in alle Weltsprachen übersetzten Standardwerks.

Weiße Bauten


Author: Hart Crane

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783939557227


Page: 107

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Leuchtende Bauten

Architektur der Nacht

Author: Marion Ackermann,Dietrich Neumann,Donald Albrecht

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub


Category: Architecture

Page: 151

View: 7581

"In recent years "light architecture" has returned as an important component of contemporary architectural design. More and more architects work with lighting designers in order to develop concepts for the nocturnal appearance of their buildings. It is little known that, despite numerous recent technical developments, the vocabulary of today's lighting designers has a long history. The large world fairs of the nineteenth century were the first testing ground for architectural illumination." "This publication juxtaposes historic buildings and architectural visions with recent designs, as well as with contemporary paintings and photographs that reacted to the changing nocturnal skyline. Essays address different aspects of this aspect of architectural history."--BOOK JACKET.

Dream factory communism

the visual culture of the Stalin era

Author: Boris Groĭs,Max Hollein

Publisher: Cantz

ISBN: 9783775713283

Category: Art

Page: 461

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The all-encompassing mass culture we know today had its beginnings in the years between the wars, with its main avenue being the reproduction and circulation of images via media such as posters and movies. The totalitarian movement of that time succeeded in making radical use of these new opportunities for the consistent transformation of culture, even to the point of instrumentalizing traditional media such as painting and sculpture. The centrally organized Soviet mass culture of the Stalin period is an excellent example of such a highly effective propaganda machine. Starting with late realistic works by Kazimir Malevich, this book presents a macrocosm of Soviet art in the Stalin era -- still little-known in the West -- as a unified aesthetic phenomenon transcending individual media. Later works of Sots Art, which view the aesthetics of a totalitarian regime more critically, provide a running visual commentary. The works by contemporary Russian artists such as Erik Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov, and Komar & Melamid mark the chasm that separates us from this art today both aesthetically and politically. Book jacket.

Der Traum von Arden

Author: Edith Nesbit

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783791535104

Category: Fantasy fiction, English

Page: 254

View: 9757

From time to time children are born who are not anchored in time like common mortals. And, when the time is right, these children discover the power to move about in time just as easily as ordinary children move about from room to room. Dickie Harding is just such a child, and this is the story of how he travels through time to gain -- and to renounce -- a kingdom and treasure.