Author: Oliver Sacks

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307834093

Category: Psychology

Page: 464

View: 2583

Awakenings--which inspired the major motion picture--is the remarkable story of a group of patients who contracted sleeping-sickness during the great epidemic just after World War I. Frozen for decades in a trance-like state, these men and women were given up as hopeless until 1969, when Dr. Oliver Sacks gave them the then-new drug L-DOPA, which had an astonishing, explosive, "awakening" effect. Dr. Sacks recounts the moving case histories of his patients, their lives, and the extraordinary transformations which went with their reintroduction to a changed world.

Awakenings - Zeit des Erwachens

Author: Oliver Sacks

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644000883

Category: Psychology

Page: 464

View: 2982

Zwischen 1916 und 1927 grassierte weltweit eine Epidemie der sogenannten Europäischen Schlafkrankheit, eine Gehirnkrankheit, die neben fast fünf Millionen Toten unzählige schwergeschädigte Menschen hinterließ. Der Neuropsychologe Oliver Sacks stieß Ende der sechziger Jahre in einem Krankenhaus bei New York auf Überlebende dieser Epidemie, und er begann, sie mit einem neu entdeckten Medikament, L-Dopa, zu behandeln. Die Wirkung des Medikaments war überwältigend - jahrzehntelang "erstarrte" Menschen erwachten plötzlich wieder zum Leben. Oliver Sacks beschreibt in seinem Buch die Geschichte dieser Menschen und die schier unfassbaren Folgen der Dopamin-Behandlung.


The Story of the Kate Chopin Revival

Author: Bernard Koloski

Publisher: LSU Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

View: 8533

One of the most often repeated anecdotes about the direction of literary studies over the past three decades concerns a graduate student who complained of reading Kate Chopin's The Awakening in three classes and Herman Melville's Moby-Dick in none. But Chopin has not always been featured in the literary curriculum. Though she achieved national success in her lifetime (1850--1904) as a writer of Louisiana "local color" fiction, after her death her work fell into obscurity until 1969, when Norwegian literary scholar Per Seyersted published The Complete Works of Kate Chopin and sparked a remarkable American literary revival. Chopin soon became a major presence in the canon, and today every college textbook surveying American literature contains a Chopin short story, her novel The Awakening, or an excerpt from it. In this unique work, twelve prominent Chopin scholars reflect on their parts in the Kate Chopin revival and its impact on their careers. A generation ago, against powerful odds, many of them staked their reputations on the belief -- now fully validated -- that Chopin is one of America's essential writers. These scholars energetically sponsored Chopin's works in the 1970s and 1980s and encouraged reading, studying, and teaching Chopin. They wrote books and articles about her, gave talks about her, offered interviews to newspapers and magazines, taught her works in their classes, and urged their colleagues to do the same, helping to build a network of teachers, students, editors, journalists, librarians, and others who continue to promote Chopin's work. Throughout, these essays stress several elements vital to the revival's success. Timing proved critical, as the rise of the women's movement and the emergence of new sexual norms in the 1960s helped set an ideal context for Chopin in the United States and abroad in the 1970s and 1980s. Seyersted's biography of Chopin and his accurate texts of her entire oeuvre allowed scholars to quickly publish their analyses of her work. Popular media -- including Redbook, New York Times, and PBS -- took notice of Chopin and advanced her work outside the scholarly realm. But in the final analysis, as the contributors point out, Kate Chopin's irresistible writing itself made her revival possible. Highly personal, at times amusing, and always thought provoking, these revealing recollections and new critical insights offer a fascinating firsthand account of a decisive moment in American literary history.


Author: Edward Lazellari

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429982924

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 9955

Cal MacDonnell is a happily married New York City cop with a loving family. Seth Raincrest is a washed-up photographer who has alienated even his closest friends. The two have nothing in common—except that they both suffer from retrograde amnesia. It's as if they just appeared out of thin air thirteen years ago, and nothing has been able to restore their memories. Now their forgotten past has caught up to them with a vengeance. Cal's and Seth's lives are turned upside down as they are stalked by otherworldly beings who know about the men's past lives. But these creatures aren't here to help; they're intent on killing anyone who gets in their way. In the balance hangs the life of a child who might someday restore a broken empire to peace and prosperity. With no clue why they're being hunted, Cal and Seth must accept the aid of a strange and beautiful woman who has promised to unlock their secrets. The two must stay alive long enough to protect their loved ones, recover their true selves—and save two worlds from tyranny and destruction. Awakenings launches a captivating fantasy saga by an amazing and talented new storyteller. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author: Oliver W. Sacks

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 339

View: 4560

Describes the effects of the drug L-DOPA on twenty patients with encephalitic Parkinsonism

Rude Awakenings

Zen, the Kyoto School, & the Question of Nationalism

Author: James W. Heisig,John C. Maraldo

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824817466

Category: Religion

Page: 381

View: 3870

"To many scholars in the world of religious studies, Zen is a world apart from the world of politics, and the philosophy of the Kyoto school is a politically neutral blend of intellectual traditions East and West, Buddhist and Christian. This volume challenges those assumptions by focusing on the question of nationalism in the work of Japanese Buddhist thinkers during and after the Pacific War. Fifteen Japanese and Western scholars offer a variety of critical perspectives concerning the political responsibility of intellectuals and the concrete historical consequences of working within a religious or philosophical tradition." "The first group of essays debates the role of Zen Buddhism in wartime Japan." "A second group of essays examines the political thought and activities of Nishida Kitaro, the doyen of the Kyoto school." "A third group of essays questions the complicity of other philosophers of the Kyoto school in the wartime spirit of nationalism and analyzes the ideas of modernity and the modern nation-state then current in Japan." "This carefully documented volume offers a wealth of information and reflection for those interested in prewar and wartime history, Zen, Japanese philosophy, and the problem of nationalism today."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


The Racial War Saga:

Author: A.J. O'Connell

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781449017835

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 5723

Fuming with rage and bitterness six friends band together to avenge the destruction of a small human settlement. Through sheer determination and stoic resolve they succeed, though at what cost? Because of their actions, one of them will fall to the enemy and Velthanjantle, the demonic avatar of Kargonis is resurrected. Though weak, the demon breaks free to reign havoc once again upon the world. Fifteen years later, the demon is fully healed and searching for the mysterious Three Chains of Gold; relics from the War of the Gods, when united, will bring about new balance among the Greater Realms. If Velthanjantle is able to find the chains the dark god could be free once more to walk among mortals. It falls on those who released the demon to gather their forces, train their armies and prepare their guilds to stop the end of the world. Together or separated, six mortals must set in motion the events necessary to save Reality from ultimate doom. From demonic plots and greedy dragons to hardened assassins and pious priests, the demon Velthanjantle quickly becomes the least of their problems.

Das Erwachen

Author: Kate Chopin

Publisher: edition fünf

ISBN: 3942374765

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 216

View: 6246

Sommerfrische am Meer, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts: Mit 28 Jahren ist Edna Pontellier längst Ehefrau und Mutter. Ihre Ehe scheint harmonisch, das Leben geordnet. Doch dann leistet ihr der aufmerksame Robert Gesellschaft, und Edna verliebt sich. Als die beiden ihre Gefühle füreinander entdecken, flieht der junge Mann erschrocken auf eine Geschäftsreise. Edna wartet vergeblich auf Post. Alleingelassen kehrt sie in die Stadt zurück und lässt alle gesellschaftlichen Konventionen hinter sich — mit fatalen Folgen ...


Defining Moments in a Young Man's Life

Author: J. Terry Johnson,Pat Boone

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1616634820

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 147

View: 3759

Who am I? What career path is right for me? Where do I look for a compatible mate? These are the questions that haunted a college freshman struggling with crucial decisions regarding his future, while sinking deeper into the black hole of fraternity life. He thought he was on the right track, attending the college of his dreams and being initiated into the frat brotherhood. But after an unsettling spring break trip to Mexico-the first of many Awakenings-his life course turned in an unexpected direction as he made the daring move to transfer schools, leaving the prestigious private university in north Dallas for a small, unknown college in Oklahoma City. Join in the adventure, tragedy, and romance that transform an unsettled adolescent into a confident, keenly directed adult. See the puzzle of a young man's life come together as a series of defining moments make the future crystal clear. You will come away with an enlightened sense of what it means to be living in the providential care of a loving God.

Great Awakenings

Popular Religion and Popular Culture

Author: Frank Hoffmann,Marshall Fishwick,Beulah B Ramirez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317764129

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 4849

As religious fervor grows, Dr. Fishwick, a recipient of the Ray and Pat Browne Award for Lifetime Achievement from The American Culture Association, takes a sweeping look at religion in the United States--the country with the highest church attendance in the Western world. Popular religion can take many shapes and forms. It can wax and wane, but it cannot be eliminated or ignored. That is what prompted him to write Great Awakenings: Popular Religion and Popular Culture. He ponders how religion affects American life and popular culture, and why religion has become a major force in contemporary politics. How has the Electronic Revolution furthered the religious right? What does popular religion tell us about popular culture? And about our faith? He identifies and explores five great religious revivals or “Great Awakenings:” the Atlantic Seaboard Awakening the Urban Awakening the Modernist Awakening the Celebrity Preacher Awakening the Electronic Awakening Fishwick explores the current events preceding and during each awakening, its leaders, followers, and critics. Great Awakenings gives a new understanding of the American religious past and leaves us with an anticipation for the next great awakening.


an anthology of new Speculative Fiction

Author: Alison Buck,Neil Faarid,Gingerlily,Robin Moran,PR Pope,Alexander Skye,Peter Wolfe

Publisher: Elsewhen Press

ISBN: 1908168102

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

View: 8008

Expect a life-changing experience[Re]Awakenings are the starting points for life-changing experiences; a new plane of existence, an alternate reality or cyber-reality. This genre-spanning anthology of new speculative fiction explores that theme with a spectrum of tales, from science fiction to fantasy to paranormal; in styles from clinically serious to joyfully silly. As you read through them all, and you must read all of them, you will discover along the way that stereo-typical distinctions between the genres within speculative fiction are often arbitrary and unhelpful. You will be taken on an emotional journey through a galaxy of sparkling fiction; you will laugh, you will cry; you will consider timeless truths and contemplate eternal questions.All of life is within these pages, from birth to death (and in some cases beyond). In all of these stories, most of them specifically written for this anthology, the short format has been used to great effect. If you haven'¿¿t already heard of some of these authors, you soon will as they are undoubtedly destined to become future stars in the speculative fiction firmament. Remember, you read them here first!


Author: Leslie Fieger

Publisher: Leslie Fieger

ISBN: 0557461405


Page: 256

View: 8207

This book was written to be a bedside reader. It is collection of ideas, insights, tips, tools and techniques that will empower you to realize your dreams. Read one of the short chapters before going to sleep each night and you will be inspired and empowered to create the successful and fulfilling life you both desire and deserve.


A Journey to the Center of Human Belief

Author: Tom Baker

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595279864

Category: Fiction

Page: 88

View: 7720

It had all started out as just a game, and then "It" had come, and their world was never the same again. Was there actually any truth to the information being related to them from beyond? Was it an actual presence that brought them together, or was it all in their minds? Four misfits from a college in the Midwest are seemingly thrown together into a strange series of occurrences by the mysterious intelligence known only as "Zem". Author Tom Baker, his four cohorts, and the mysterious writer "John Pickman" take you on a strange, harrowing journey into the great dead heart of the haunted backroads of rural Indiana, and comb the antique buildings of a historic college campus in search of strange and elusive truths. A mind-shattering book, a tragic examination of human foibles, an intense and piercing examination of the human will to believe. Awakenings open your eyes, and join us. If you dare!

Spiritual Awakenings

Author: Tommie Zito

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768422507

Category: Religion

Page: 238

View: 9001

Releases you to do the will of God for your life! In A Spiritual Awakening, revivalist pastor Tommie Zito releases Christians to do the will of God with fearless faith. With years of successful evangelism to his credit, the author boldly decries the state of the Sunday morning ritual: * The voice of the Lord is relegated to pointless sermons and denominational drivel. * Religion has paralyzed the passion and desire of the believer to do the will of God. * The Church is suffocating under a spirit of slumber, while believing all is well. But there is hope -- -- you!

Angel Awakenings

Author: Gary Quinn,Glennyce S. Eckersley

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448146585

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 9044

This beautiful little book offers readers angelic inspiration for each day of the year. Britain's leading angel expert Glennyce S. Eckersley and world-renowned intuitive life coach Gary Quinn have combined forces once again to bring the angels that little bit closer to us in our everyday lives. Angel Awakenings is a treasure trove of heavenly stories, affirmations, quotes and blessings that readers can dip into daily. It includes heart-warming true tales about the many ways in which angels have guided and helped people, as well as a glittering array of practical ways to engage with the angels themselves. Angel Awakenings will help readers to experience day-to-day the wonder and power of these celestial beings.

Harlem Awakenings

Author: David Papell


ISBN: 0615175317

Category: Fiction

Page: 48

View: 6954

A student forgets her permission slip to a school field trip and instead finds herself placed in the detention room of all places. The teacher possesses a sense of humor and commitment to education. He inspires the children to focus on the positive, and emboldens them to achieve at levels they thought were impossible and in the process, students inspire him. A motivational story for children of all ages. email: [email protected]

Angelic Awakenings

Author: Anne Russell

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 149188052X

Category: Poetry

Page: 72

View: 9775

'Angelic Awakenings' is an anthology of poetry which takes you to another realm of existence and understanding. The poems in 'Angelic Awakenings' show both the beauty inherent in the world around us and also open up a portal of visionary words, showing there is so much more to our existence than our finite time upon this earth. They show limitless opportunities on the horizon of time and space. These words also explore many unexplored dimensions in which we can feel the bliss; the knowledge; the wisdom; the love and the joy that is ours to both have and share with others. I have always believed in angels and believe that there is so much more to life than this physical world. There is a great universe out there in time and space and our lifetime is but a mere whisper in this eternal ocean of existence - of learning; of loving; of giving; of doing our best to leave a legacy of a better world for generations to come. I hope that these poems will be thought inspiring to all those who read them, as I truly believe that they are a gift from the angels to share with you all.

Rude Awakenings

Author: Keith M. Donaldson

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 1937084604

Category: Fiction

Page: 347

View: 7414

Whatever your political bent---firmly entrenched in an existing party or searching for something new---Rude Awakenings will get you thinking. . .what if? This latest novel by Keith M. Donaldson describes a country in upheaval, desperate for new ideas. In a nation fleeced by selfish politicians and bereft of pride and purpose, the American voters turn to a new party for presidential representation: Mike Macdonald of the Centrist Party. The smoke-filled back rooms of American politics feel the winds of change as the Centrists won enough seats in the Senate and House to create a three party system, with no single party holding a majority. They and President Macdonald were focused on financial and social renewal. However, the nuclear bombing of an American city and a diabolical foreign plot to strip the US dollar to third-world status forces Macdonald to put on his poker face and set up an international bluff that has to work. Rude Awakenings is resplendent in vivid characters, compelling relationships, and financial, military, and Intelligence strategies. The story will invoke your courage, sense of romance, and fervor for outwitting the bad guys.

Twin Awakenings

Author: Raja; Santia

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452554365

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 144

View: 6202

Step into the story as the main character takes you on a mystical journey, where twin flames meet and where you can expand into a magical way of being, washing you in vibrant consciousness. Some say this book is an ideal, romantic, self-love exploration—cosmic attunement and juicy bubbles; the ultimate fairytale, yet it’s real. Others say it is about transforming the old patterns in order to feel everything and connect to your full self. To move forward to building a life from the ground up so that eventually there’s a full community and total oneness. It isn’t just about twin flames reuniting. The twins come together to light the way. Really the story is alive and grows with each reader, wherever you are, bringing together soul family, getting you back in touch with the Earth and all her wonderful creatures. It is a simple, fun way to connect deeper to your inner gifts and knowing, whether read around campfires, in circles, or just relaxing on your own. “Twin Awakenings is a unique, magical dance of self discovery. It celebrates the often agonizing confusion one faces when searching for true love, and shows that the only real love we are searching for must come from within, an inspiration of self. The authors offer a glimpse of what it means to acknowledge this kind of love and the soul energizing freedom it can bring. Ultimately, this book is a beautiful reminder of what it means to be human, to be connected to the rumbling heartbeat of the earth, the breath of the wind, and to each other. This story is truly an awakening of spirit and a sweet affirmation that we are not alone. ” —Jeanette St. Germain-Boere, Community Wellness Center Director

Political Awakenings

Conversations with History

Author: Harry Kreisler

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 1595585524

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 5342

As a kid, Noam Chomsky handed out the Daily Mirror at his uncle’s newsstand on 72nd Street, inadvertently finding himself in a buzzing intellectual and political hub for European immigrants in New York. Iranian human rights Nobelist Shirin Ebadi and her husband signed their own legal contract, attempting to restore equality to their marriage after the Iranian Revolution effectively erased the legal rights of women. Elizabeth Warren set out to expose those frauds declaring bankruptcy and taking advantage of the system—only to discover, in her research, a very different story of hard-working middle-class families facing economic collapse in the absence of a social safety net. While studying at Oxford, a young Tariq Ali made a bet with a friend that he could work the Vietnam War into every single answer on his final exams. In this rousing, thoughtful, often funny, and always inspiring volume, a diverse and impressive group of thinkers reflect on those formative experiences that shaped their own political commitments. A fascinating new window into the revealing links between the personal and the political, Political Awakenings will engage readers across generations.