Fire in the Sky

Author: Dan Bortolotti,Yuichi Takasaka

Publisher: Firefly Books Limited

ISBN: 9781554076819

Category: Science

Page: 143

View: 8956

"Auroras: Fire in the Sky is filled with depictions of one of nature's greatest spectacles, from gorgeous full-color images by Yuichi Takasaka and remarkable NASA photographs to early renderings by polar explorers and European artists."--Jacket.

The Basics of Magnetism

Author: Christopher Cooper

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 147777761X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 8006

Page after page, this title proves that the power of attraction is undeniable. Readers move beyond a simple fascination with the power of magnets to a clear understanding of the science behind magnetics. Natural magnets, Earth's magnetic field, and the ties between electricity and magnetics are all featured, in addition to the creation and use of magnets in commercial and everyday applications. Information about the life and work of physicist Joseph Henry, a leading electromagnetics pioneer, and a timeline of important dates in the field are also included.

Critical Digital Studies

A Reader, Second Edition

Author: Arthur Kroker,Marilouise Kroker

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442666714

Category: Social Science

Page: 624

View: 5889

Since its initial publication, Critical Digital Studies has proven an indispensable guide to understanding digitally mediated culture. Bringing together the leading scholars in this growing field, internationally renowned scholars Arthur and Marilouise Kroker present an innovative and interdisciplinary survey of the relationship between humanity and technology. The reader offers a study of our digital future, a means of understanding the world with new analytic tools and means of communication that are defining the twenty-first century. The second edition includes new essays on the impact of social networking technologies and new media. A new section – “New Digital Media” – presents important, new articles on topics including hacktivism in the age of digital power and the relationship between gaming and capitalism. The extraordinary range and depth of the first edition has been maintained in this new edition. Critical Digital Studies will continue to provide the leading edge to readers wanting to understand the complex intersection of digital culture and human knowledge.

The Knickerbocker

Or, New-York Monthly Magazine

Author: Charles Fenno Hoffman,Timothy Flint,Lewis Gaylord Clark,Kinahan Cornwallis,John Holmes Agnew

Publisher: N.A


Category: American periodicals

Page: N.A

View: 9363

Storms from the Sun

The Emerging Science of Space Weather

Author: Michael J. Carlowicz,Ramon E. Lopez

Publisher: Joseph Henry Press

ISBN: 9780309076425

Category: Science

Page: 234

View: 5777

Examines the emerging physical science of space weather and the impact the sun and solar storms have on Earth life.


Observing and Recording Nature's Spectacular Light Show

Author: Neil Bone

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387360522

Category: Science

Page: 183

View: 3501

This new book addresses a gap in the literature, offering an explanation of the aurora's causes, how the occurrence of major events may now be predicted, and how amateur observers can go about recording displays. This is the first serious book about aurora written for practical but non-professional observers. It provides a concise accessible description of the various auroral forms and how to record them, illustrated with color images of recent displays. It contains details of 'Space Weather' forecasting websites, how to interpret and use the information given on these, and how to anticipate auroral activity.

After the Fire

A Writer Finds His Place

Author: Paul Zimmer

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816640195

Category: Poetry

Page: 229

View: 8416

The poet describes how he found his interior landscape on his farm in the hills of Wisconsin and shares his insights into the course of his life, from his Canton, Ohio, youth, to his years as a soldier, to his careers as a writer and publisher, using humor and a meditative spirit.

Wonders of the Air

Author: Tamra Andrews

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781591581055

Category: Education

Page: 169

View: 3137

This second book in a 4 book series is intended for teachers to use with students in the intermediate and middle school grades. Its purpose is to look at natural phenomena of the air (rainbows, thunder, lightning, tornadoes etc) through the eyes of ancient myth and then to look at the actual modern day science that explains each myth, using the interdisciplinary style of teaching.

The Amateur Astronomer

Author: Patrick Moore

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1846282861

Category: Science

Page: 293

View: 942

This 2000 Edition of Sir Patrick Moore’s classic book has been completely revised in the light of changes in technology. Not only do these changes include commercially available astronomical telescopes and software, but also what we know and understand about the universe. There are many new photographs and illustrations. Packs a great deal of valuable information into appendices which make up almost half the book. These are hugely comprehensive and provide hints and tips, as well as data (year 2000 onwards) for pretty well every aspect of amateur astronomy. This is probably the only book in which all this information is collected in one place.

It's Raining Frogs and Fishes

Four Seasons of Natural Phenomena and Oddities of the Sky

Author: Jerry Dennis

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 0989333191

Category: Nature

Page: 265

View: 8345

It's Raining Frogs and Fishes is a generously illustrated inquiry into wonders of the sky: Why is the sky blue? Where do meteors originate? What causes rainbows, mirages, and the colors of the sunset? Why do some birds and insects migrate, and how do they navigate over hundreds or thousands of miles to do it? How have civilizations throughout history viewed the aurora borealis, tornadoes, eclipses, and the bizarre but well documented cases of fish, reptiles, snails, and even snakes that have rained to earth? Author Jerry Dennis and illustrator Glenn Wolff approach such questions with curiosity and wit, and suggest ways to observe first-hand extraordinary weather, astronomical anomalies, and odd and interesting wildlife of the skies. This updated edition of the national bestseller is a spellbinding look into the natural world's most fascinating and baffling phenomena, with illustrated explanations of rainbows, meteors, sunsets, hurricanes, the northern lights, bird and insect flight, and dozens of other curiosities. Subjects are arranged by season, and each is discussed in a concise and entertaining style that blends the most recent scientific findings with historical anecdotes, personal observations, and examples of the lore and superstitions that have always surrounded phenomena of the skies. PRAISE: “Amusing and illuminating…This writer-artist team shines a bright and lovely light on nature.” —Los Angeles Times “Charming, informative, humorous, and scholarly… embraces wind and weather, the sun, the moon and stars, the seasons of the year and the effect of these things on the denizens of this planet. It is a delight.” —Nelson Bryant, columnist for The New York Times "Vastly entertaining, valuable... Makes natural history so much fun the reader is sucked from paragraph to paragraph, page to page, chapter to chapter.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch "This delightful look at a cornucopia of fact and lore. Wit, humor, wonder, and reverence spice and season the vignettes herein. It's Raining Frogs and Fishes reminds adults — especially in this hectic, fast-paced, just-do-it world — that it is more than OK, it is desirable, to be child-like and to look up at the heavens and ask why." —Toledo Blade

The Thing Which Fell From the Heavens

Author: Gerd Maximovic

Publisher: tredition

ISBN: 3849583511

Category: Fiction

Page: 556

View: 4784

Gerd Maximovic is one of the highest acclaimed SF-Writers of Germany today. In this volume, you find some of his finest stories, including the winner of the European SF Award, "The Red Crystal Planet". His stories have been published in Playboy and Omni and in a lot of anthologies as well as in six of his collections. The title story, "The Thing Which Fell From the Heavens", has already met enthusiastic readers. In this story a monster is penetrating into Medieval Old Germany, causing havoc and much surprise and wonder. Or take "Rachel and Georges", where men and women can swap bodies, and then look what may happen... In other stories the well-known Frankenstein creature as well as Jack the Ripper are working. All of these characters are different from what you know about them till now. All of these stories are of high literary quality, but always entertaining, even thrilling. You don't like to get bored? Neither does the author. Please mind, these stories are not only sheer entertainment, but in all of them you find a lot to think about. Stephen Potts on one of the author's German collections: "An earnest, entertaining, often fascinating volume, deserving English translation.

The Idea of North

Author: Peter Davidson

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861895631

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 4246

North is the point we look for on a map to orient ourselves. It is also the direction taken throughout history by the adventurous, the curious, the solitary, and the foolhardy. Based in the North himself, Peter Davidson, in The Idea of North, explores the very concept of "north" through its many manifestations in painting, legend, and literature. Tracing a northbound route from rural England—whose mild climate keeps it from being truly northern—to the wind-shorn highlands of Scotland, then through Scandinavia and into the desolate, icebound Arctic Circle, Davidson takes the reader on a journey from the heart of society to its most far-flung outposts. But we never fully leave civilization behind; rather, it is our companion on his alluring ramble through the north in art and story. Davidson presents a north that is haunted by Moomintrolls and the ghosts of long-lost Arctic explorers but at the same time, somehow, home to the fragile beauty of a Baltic midsummer evening. He sets the Icelandic Sagas, Nabokov's snowy fictional kingdom of Zembla, and Hans Christian Andersen's cryptic, forbidding Snow Queen alongside the works of such artists as Eric Ravilious, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Andy Goldsworthy, demonstrating how each illuminates a different facet of humanity's relationship to the earth's most dangerous and austere terrain. Through the lens of Davidson's easy erudition and astonishing range of reference, we come to see that the north is more a goal than a place, receding always before us, just over the horizon, past the last town, off the edge of the map. True north may be unreachable, but The Idea of North brings intrepid readers closer than ever before.

Reading Comprehension, Grade 8

Author: N.A

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 1483825310

Category: Education

Page: 128

View: 7247

Reading Comprehension for grade 8 is designed to aid in the review and practice of reading comprehension skills. Grade 8 covers standards such as main topic and key details, identifying an author's purpose, summarizing, inferring, and vocabulary practice. The book includes engaging nonfiction and fiction passages and stories to appeal to all readers. The 100+ Series Reading Comprehension books span grades 1 to 8. The activities in each book reinforce essential reading comprehension skills by providing practice with sequencing, main idea, predicting, and inferring, as well as story elements, character, plot, and setting. The books include engaging grade-appropriate fiction and nonfiction passages and stories. Each book has 128 pages and 100 pages (or more) of reproducible content to help students review and reinforce essential skills in reading comprehension. The series is correlated and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.