African American Almanac

400 Years of Triumph, Courage and Excellence

Author: Lean'tin Bracks

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578593808

Category: Social Science

Page: 560

View: 1389

The most complete and affordable singlevolume reference of African American culture available today, this almanac is a unique and valuable resource devoted to illustrating and demystifying the moving, difficult, and often lost history of black life in America. A legacy of pride, struggle, and triumph spanning more than 400 years is presented through a fascinating mix of biographies—including more than 750 influential figures—littleknown or misunderstood historical facts, enlightening essays on significant legislation and movements, and 150 rare photographs and illustrations. Covering events surrounding the civil rights movement; African American literature, art, and music; religion within the black community; and advances in science and medicine, this reference connects history to the issues currently facing the African American community and provides a range of information on society and culture.

Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era

Author: Lean'Tin L. Bracks,Jessie Carney Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9780810885424

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 2427

The Harlem Renaissance is considered a major periods for the creative and intellectual blossoming of African American expression. This reference text cites the participation of women during that time in the fields of art, literature, education, activism, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and professional roles.

The African American Almanac

Author: Gale

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9781414445472

Category: History

Page: 1601

View: 5135

Presents a comprehensive reference work on the historical contributions, accomplishments, and current status of African Americans in a variety of professional fields from entertainment to politics.

Black Firsts

4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Historical Events

Author: Jessie Carney Smith

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578594243

Category: Social Science

Page: 848

View: 9196

Achievement engenders pride, and the most significant accomplishments involving people, places, and events in black history are gathered in Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Events.

Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present

From the Age of Segregation to the Twenty-first Century Five-volume Set

Author: Paul Finkelman,Cary D. Wintz

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 0195167791

Category: History

Page: 2672

View: 5104

Alphabetically-arranged entries from A to C that explores significant events, major persons, organizations, and political and social movements in African-American history from 1896 to the twenty-first-century.

The Handy African American History Answer Book

Author: Jessie Carney Smith

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781578594528

Category: History

Page: 395

View: 2709

Walking readers through a rich but often overlooked part of American history, this compendium addresses the people, times, and events that influenced and changed African American history. An overview of major biographical figures and history-making events is followed by a deeper look at the development in the arts, entertainment, business, civil rights, music, government, journalism, religion, science, sports, and more. Mimicking the a broad range of the African American experience, showcasing interesting insights and facts, this helpful reference answers a wide variety of questions including What is the significance of the Apollo Theater? What were the effects of the Great Depression on black artists? Who were some of America's early free black entrepreneurs? What is the historical role of the barbershop in the African American community? and What was Black Wall Street? Blending trivia with historical review in an engaging question-and-answer format, this book is perfect for browsing and is ideal for history buffs, trivia fans, students and teachers and anyone interested in a better and more thorough understanding of history of black Americans.

The African American Almanac

Author: Brigham Narins

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787640217

Category: Reference

Page: 1468

View: 5005

Presents a comprehensive reference work on the historical contributions, accomplishments, and current status of African Americans in a variety of professional fields from entertainment to politics.

African American Firsts

Famous Little-Known and Unsung Triumphs of Blacks in America

Author: Joan Potter

Publisher: Dafina Books

ISBN: 0758241666

Category: Social Science

Page: 458

View: 2769

Offers a look at African-Americans who achieved major firsts in such areas as journalism, entertainment, the military, history, and politics, noting the dates of each event.

The Snowball

Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Author: Alice Schroeder

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408807327

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 832

View: 8722

Shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Prize 2008 The Snowball is the first and will be the only biography of the world's richest man, Warren Buffett, written with his full cooperation and collaboration. Combining a unique blend of "The Sage of Omaha's" business savvy, life story and philosophy, The Snowball is essential reading for anyone wishing to discover and replicate the secrets of his business and life success. Warren Buffett is arguably the world's greatest investor. Even as a child he was fascinated by the concept of risk and probability, setting up his first business at the age of six. In 1964 he bought struggling Massachusetts textile firm Berkshire Hathaway and grew it to be the 12th largest corporation in the US purely through the exercise of sound investing principles - a feat never equalled in the annals of business. Despite an estimated net worth of around US$62 billion, Buffett leads an intriguingly frugal life taking home a salary of only £50,000 a year. His only indulgence is a private jet, an extravagance he wryly acknowledges by calling it "The Indefensible". In 2006, he made the largest charitable donation on record, with most of it going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Snowball provides a comprehensive, richly detailed insight one of the world's most extraordinary and much loved public figures.

Great African-American Women

Author: Darryl Lyman

Publisher: Jonathan David Pub

ISBN: 9780824604592

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 337

View: 5328

A Collection of Biographies of African-American Women and their Accomplishments in all Areas of Life

This Far by Faith

Stories from the African American Religious Experience

Author: Juan Williams,Quinton Hosford Dixie

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780060188634

Category: History

Page: 326

View: 6884

A detailed examination of African-American religious life and its relationship with the black American experience brings together historical research, photographs, contemporary interviews, and commentary by top clergy.

Free At Last

A History of the Civil Rights Movement and Those Who Died in the Struggle

Author: Sara Bullard

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199762279

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

View: 2302

Here is an illustrated history of the civil rights movement, written and designed for ages 10 to adult, that clearly and effectively brings the turbulent years of struggle to life, and gives a vivid and powerful experience of what it was like not so very long ago. Provides a brief overview of black history in the US, discussing the civil-rights movement chronologically through stories and photos.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: Emma Lynch,Sean Victory,Jeff Edwards

Publisher: Heinemann-Raintree Library

ISBN: 9781403463517

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 6773

Who was Martin Luther King Jr.? Why is he famous? How do we know about him? This series introduces you to the lives of famous men and women. Each illustrated life story is told by primary source material, encouraging you to discover how we find out about important people in history. Each book contains: an interesting story and a look at the evidence, written and pictorial primary source material, a glossary, pronunciation guide, and index.