Advanced Introduction to Public Policy

Author: B. Guy Peters

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781955786

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 4035

Making effective public policies is a difficult task, but considering policymaking as a problem of design analogous to architecture or engineering can assist in that process. This book outlines three vital components of policy design: understanding the

Advanced Introduction to Public Management and Administration

Author: Christopher Pollitt

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1784712329

Category: Political Science

Page: 192

View: 2692

Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the world’s leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. In this Advanced Introduction, Christopher Pollitt starts a penetrating account of the theories, methods and possible trajectories of the study of public management, also examining the academic community itself, and its relationship to the world of practice. There is no more authoritative – or lively – text of such scope and focus. This is a stimulating analysis by a leading international scholar. It includes: · a global overview · a critical and authoritative analysis of the current state of the field · the location of academic research firmly in the real world context of austerity, climate and demographic change, and technological transformation · an examination of the relationship between academic study and the practice of public management · a look inside the ‘ivory tower’, at the forces changing the way the subject is studied and practised This truly unique work will be of particular interest to graduate students, advanced scholars, lecturers and trainers in public administration, public management, government, public policy, political science and development administration. Middle level and senior practitioners in public administration and public management will also find this an invaluable and sophisticated introduction.

Advanced Introduction to Public Choice

Author: Randall G. Holcombe

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785362054

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 167

View: 4705

Using public choice economic methods, this Advanced Introduction presents a focused narrative about political decision-making based on the work that has defined the discipline. Each chapter ends with a Notes section to discuss the research on which the chapter is based, with an emphasis on the pioneering work that has shaped the development of public choice. Randall G. Holcombe emphasizes the theoretical foundations of public choice, with the idea that it offers a context within which empirical research can be understood. This book successfully explores the political decision-making process for readers and ensures that they understand how preferences of citizens are aggregated to produce public policies.

Advanced introduction to Social Policy

Author: Daniel Béland,Rianne Mahon

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1783478047

Category: Social policy

Page: 160

View: 2628

Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the world’s leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. Advanced Introduction to Social Policy offers a concise overview of the field that takes newer realities into account, without rejecting the insights found in the traditional social policy canon. Daniel Béland and Rianne Mahon draw on both classic and contemporary theories to illuminate the broad processes that are putting pressure on existing social policy arrangements and raising new research questions. These processes provide the canvass against which the authors assess the social policy implications of changing gender relations, the increasing salience of ethnic diversity, and the growing importance of the Global South as a site of social policy innovation.


Methoden zur Einschätzung von sozialen Reformprogrammen

Author: Carol H. Weiss

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322855902

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

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Introduction to Public Policy

Author: Charles Wheelan

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 9780393926651

Category: Political Science

Page: 582

View: 1344

The first introductory public policy text with a strong economics perspective. A new textbook by Charles Wheelan, author of Naked Economics, Introduction to Public Policy uses economic principles to demonstrate that sound public policy occurs when unfettered private markets provide the greatest good for the greatest number. Only when it does not do this is government intervention needed.

Advanced Introduction to Nationalism

Author: Liah Greenfeld

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785362550

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 3517

This original Introduction presents nationalism as the most important social force shaping the ways modern people live their lives. It explains the formative influence of nationalism in the public spheres of politics and the economy, as well as the most private ones of emotional wellbeing and mental illness. Along the way, it illuminates widely used but rarely clarified concepts, such as social institution, revolution, ideology, and totalitarianism, and introduces new ones, like dignity capital, and nationalism as the double-helix of modern politics. Basing its conclusions on over 25 years of original comparative historical research, this book bears the characteristic Liah Greenfeld imprint: fact-based discussion, logical rigor, unexpected connections, and an exceptionally wide range of issues woven together to explain the way we live now.

"Weil wir es so sagen"

Texte gegen die amerikanische Weltherrschaft im 21. Jahrhundert

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Promedia Verlag

ISBN: 3853718310

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

View: 5306

Was immer die Welt denken mag, die Handlungen der USA sind gerechtfertigt. Weil wir es so sagen", schreibt Noam Chomsky und demaskiert damit die imperiale Attitüde der Großmacht. Es ist diese US-amerikanische Herrschaftsmentalität, die den weltweit prominenten Kritiker immer noch dazu antreibt, mit messerscharfen und teilweise ironisierenden Kommentaren gegen die Zustände auf dieser Welt anzuschreiben. Der Band "Weil wir es so sagen" versammelt die wichtigsten Schriften Chomskys, die er seit 2011 verfasst hat. Er beschäftigt sich darin u.a. mit dem Kampf um Libyen, der Sanktionspolitik gegen den Iran, der israelischen Bombardierung Gazas, dem Krieg in der Ukraine oder auch dem Zusammenbruch des öffentlichen Bildungssystems in den USA und der Verfolgung des Aufdeckers Edward Snowden.

An Introduction to Public Administration

Author: Haroon A. Khan

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761841074

Category: Political Science

Page: 210

View: 2483

In An Introduction to Public Administration students will gain concise knowledge about the theories and issues relating to public administration. Oriented toward undergraduate students in public administration, this book covers important areas including; federalism, contexts of administration, organization theory, organization behavior, management, leadership, labor relations, public personnel management, budgeting, decision making, bureaucracy, and ethics and accountability. A chapter on comparative administration focusing on China, Japan, India, Great Britain, and Germany will enhance students' understanding of public administration systems in other countries. Khan incorporates current cases related to public administration so that students can use critical thinking to analyze issues and apply public administration theories. Special features in this book include lists of key terms to promote students' recognition of important concepts and essay questions at the end of each chapter to help students organize their understanding of the material.

Advanced Introduction to Cost–Benefit Analysis

Author: Robert J. Brent

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785361767

Category: Cost effectiveness

Page: 160

View: 7537

This concise yet comprehensive introduction aims to outline the core principles of Cost–Benefit Analysis (CBA), laying them out in an accessible manner with minimum technical detail. The applied nature of the subject is emphasized by showing how each of the principles is applied to an actual public policy intervention, covering transport, education, health and the environment. Robert Brent demonstrates how economic efficiency and equity can be combined as social objectives to help determine decisions that can increase satisfaction for all.

Advanced Introduction to Globalisation

Author: Jonathan Michie

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1784710709

Category: Globalization

Page: 176

View: 4678

Globalisation impacts almost all aspects of our lives. Smart-phones give access to news, documents and communications instantaneously and globally. It is said that change is accelerating, and the nation state is increasingly anachronistic. This book challenges that consensus. Globalisation is as old as capitalism, as is technological change. The reduced power of national governments is due to the free-market form of globalisation created by the 1980s administrations of Thatcher and Reagan leading to the 2008-2009 global financial crisis and recession. We need to move beyond this, taxing wealth and speculation to create a new era of sustainable development, globally.

Dienstleistungen Öffentlicher Bibliotheken

IFLA / UNESCO Richtlinien für die Weiterentwicklung

Author: Sektion Öffentliche Bibliotheken 2001

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110949733

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 113

View: 3141

Public libraries have accepted the challenge of new electronic possibilities and developed a remarkable range of services. Today, by providing these services, public libraries have the greatest opportunity to contribute to bridging the 'digital gap'. These guidelines and standards have been developed for a variety of public libraries at different levels of development, in order to support librarians in building effective library services in all circumstances everywhere, to meet the requirements of the local users. Examples from all over the world of the range of services offered illustrate the text and provide insights into imaginative possible solutions to specific problems. Internet addresses lead to further information on a variety of initiatives.

Advanced Introduction to Private International Law and Procedure

Author: Peter Hay

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1786436795


Page: 160

View: 9963

Litigating disputes in international civil and commercial cases presents a number of special challenges. Which country’s courts have jurisdiction, and where is it advantageous to sue? Given the international elements of the case, which country’s law will the court apply? Finally, if a successful plaintiff cannot find enough local assets, what does it take to have the judgment recognized and enforced in a country with assets? Advanced Introduction to Private International Law and Procedure addresses these questions through a comparative overview of legal systems, contrasting Anglo-American common law and the civil law approach of the European Union.

Introduction to Transport Policy

A Public Policy View

Author: Peter Stopher,John Stanley

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781952450

Category: Electronic books

Page: 360

View: 3427

This comprehensive and accessible textbook introduces the basic concepts of transport policy and decision-making to students of transport policy, transport planning, urban transport, transport evaluation and public policy. It presents the founda

Public Policy

A New Introduction

Author: Christoph Knill,Jale Tosun

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137008008

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

View: 8583

In this major new text, Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun provide an engaging introduction to the theory and practice of public policy analysis and to the changing nature of the policy process. The book examines the key approaches and methods of public policy analysis and shows how these can inform public policy choices. It assesses the way various actors, interests and institutions affect each stage of the policy process – including agenda-setting, decision-making and implementation. The authors go on to explore core themes such as policy change over time and policy variation across countries and sectors. Diverse real-world examples – from alcohol control in Russia to environmental policy in Mexico – are included throughout to illustrate the international and multilevel dimensions of public policy.


Die Utopie der Regeln

Author: David Graeber

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608109447

Category: Political Science

Page: 329

View: 6734

David Graeber, der bedeutendste Anthropologe unserer Zeit, entfaltet eine fulminante und längst überfällige Fundamentalkritik der globalen Bürokratie! Er erforscht die Ursprünge unserer Sehnsucht nach Regularien und entlarvt ihre Bedeutung als Mittel zur Ausübung von Gewalt. Wir alle hassen Bürokraten. Wir können es nicht fassen, dass wir einen Großteil unserer Lebenszeit damit verbringen müssen, Formulare auszufüllen. Doch zugleich nährt der Glaube an die Bürokratie unsere Hoffnung auf Effizienz, Transparenz und Gerechtigkeit. Gerade im digitalen Zeitalter wächst die Sehnsucht nach Ordnung und im gleichen Maße nimmt die Macht der Bürokratien über jeden Einzelnen von uns zu. Dabei machen sie unsere Gesellschaften keineswegs transparent und effizient, sondern dienen mittlerweile elitären Gruppeninteressen. Denn Kapitalismus und Bürokratie sind einen verhängnisvollen Pakt eingegangen und könnten die Welt in den Abgrund reißen.

Implementing Public Policy

An Introduction to the Study of Operational Governance

Author: Michael Hill,Peter Hupe

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446243091

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 8530

The Second Edition of this popular textbook introduces students to the major themes in the study of public policy implementation and relates them to contemporary developments in thinking about governance. Fully revised and updated, the book stresses the continuing importance of a focus on the implementation part of policy processes. Michael Hill and Peter L Hupe suggest strategies for future research on implementation and identify modes of managing implementation as operational governance. Designed for an international audience, this is a core text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students studying or conducting research in public policy, social policy, public management, public administration and governance. Michael Hill is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Visiting Professor at the Department of Politics, Queen Mary, University of London, UK. Peter Hupe teaches Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He was previously Visiting Professor at the Public Management Institute, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Praise for the First Edition: 'An excellent and much needed book. Hill and Hupe have provided a well written and highly accessible account of the development of implementation studies which will be immensely valuable to everyone concerned with understanding implementation in modern policy making' - Professor Wayne Parsons, University of London