Administration of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic,Ralph C. Nash,James F. Nagle

Publisher: CCH Incorporated

ISBN: 0808014358

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1414

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This unbiased analysis of statutes, regulations, and case law clarifies the complex rules of federal procurement policies, explaining the processes that government personnel and contractors must follow in every aspect of government contracting--from inception to completion. Topics include contract administration and personnel, contract interpretation, risk allocation, changes, delays, pricing of adjustments, and much more.

Elements of Government Contracting

Practical Advice for Negotiating and Performing Government Contracts

Author: Richard D. Lieberman,Karen R. O'Brien

Publisher: CCH Incorporated

ISBN: 0808011170

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 177

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Elements of Government Contracting combines two previous books, Elements of Contract Formation and Elements of Contract Administration, to make one comprehensive resource. This convenient reference covers the entire procurement spectrum from the beginning of the process through claims and disputes in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner. The first part of this book explains the important elements and issues involved in the formation of government contracts, including the two primary methods of contracting. The next part addresses the factors critical to contract inception, performance and completion, and outlines the rules for contractors in the administration of a government contract. Fully updated, Elements of Government Contracting includes sample letters to contracting officers, as well as practical tips at the end of each chapter. In addition, it has an appendix on how to get a Multiple Award Schedule Contract and avoid pitfalls in performance.

The Public Law of Government Contracts

Author: Anne C. L. Davies

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Law

Page: 343

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This text offers an in-depth examination of the law on government contracts and develops a challenging approach which views government contracts from a public law perspective as opposed to a matter for private law.

Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts

A Practical Guide for the Industry Professional

Author: Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471760838

Category: Law

Page: 560

View: 4432

Smith, Currie & Hancock′s Federal Government Construction Contracts is the Federal law companion to the bestselling guide to construction law for non–lawyers. This book serves as an easy–to–understand guide to the practical reality of federal laws, regulations and practices, and how AEC firms can use them to their advantage by avoiding pitfalls and bidding successfully on projects. Includes sample provisions from modern Federal Government construction contracts.Clauses and regulations unique to various Federal agencies are highlighted throughout Helpful "points to remember" summarize important concepts at the end of each chapter, and useful checklists help in making use of the concepts in practice Same plain–English coverage of construction law that made Common Sense Construction Law a bestseller in three editions

Research Administration and Management

Author: Elliott C. Kulakowski,Lynne U. Chronister

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449666078

Category: Medical

Page: 916

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This reference text addresses the basic knowledge of research administration and anagement, and includes everything from a review of research administration and the infrastructure that is necessary to support research, to project development and post-project plans. Examples of concepts, case studies, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and references to books, journal articles, monographs, and federal regulations are also included.

Formation of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic,Ralph C. Nash

Publisher: CCH Incorporated

ISBN: 9780808024422

Category: Government purchasing

Page: 1830

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The book is focused entirely on the formation of a contract - from the earliest planning until contract award. For our purposes, the award of a contract begins the process of contract administration, a separate process. As with previous editions, the goal is to make the reader aware of the statutes, regulations and decisions that establish the complex rule structure that is followed in the process of entering into government contracts. Major updates to this 4th edition include: One of the major changes that has occurred since the third edition of Formation of Government Contracts is the widespread use of interagency contracting. For that reason, we have added a new Chapter 8 covering this complex field. The other major change that has occurred since the publication of the third edition is in the selection of the proper type of contract - addressed in Chapter 9. We are in one of those periods where the emphasis is on more fixed-price type contracts.

The Government Contracts Reference Book

A Comprehensive Guide to the Language of Procurement

Author: Ralph C. Nash,Steven L. Schooner,Karen R. O'Brien-DeBakey

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9780808028949

Category: Law

Page: 560

View: 4517

Save time and eliminate errors with this quick-reference, A-Z guide to the language of procurement! Successful government contracting requires the use of precise, up-to-date terminology, as well as a firm understanding of current regulatory and case law. This quick-reference guide saves time and makes your job easier by providing ready definitions for more than 1500 terms, phrases and acronyms used in government procurement. Completely up-to-date terminology reflects statutory and regulatory changes, including some 600 terms relating directly to the rules and procedures mandated by various statutes and regulations, including: the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, the Clinger-Cohen Act, the Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency FAR supplements. Written by preeminent experts on government contracts, Ralph C. Nash, Jr., Karen O'Brien-DeBakey, and Steven L. Schooner, The Government Contracts Reference Book provides clear explanations for general terms related to government procurement, as well as agency-specific terms from the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Energy, other agencies. Each explanation includes a summary of where the term is used in the statutes or regulations, including citations to the source documents. Organized in an easy-to-use alphabetical format and fully cross-referenced, this essential reference will help you manage all aspects of the procurement process with greater efficiency and confidence. The ideal starting point for further research! When you need to explore a term or topic further, The Government Contracts Reference Book serves as an invaluable research tool. You'll find: ; Current citations to FAR, DFARS, DEAR, NFS and other regulations, as well as to pertinent statutes, federal court decisions, administrative board decisions, and other important material Frequent references to sources of additional information, including some 50 texts, scores of articles from more than 30 different periodicals and many other types of documents issued by both government and private industry Web and Internet addresses for dozens of government and industry resources are also included Cross-references provided in ALL CAPS for ease of use

Defense Logistical Support Contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Issues for Congress

Author: Valerie Bailey Grasso

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437934099


Page: 40

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This report examines DoD logistical support contracts for troop support services in Iraq and Afghanistan administered through the U.S. Army¿s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), as well as legislative initiatives which may impact the oversight and management of logistical support contracts for the delivery of troop support services. LOGCAP is an initiative designed to manage the use of civilian contractors that perform services during times of war and other military mobilizations. Contents: (1) Intro.; (2) Major Developments: AF Contract, and Logistics Civil Augmentation Program; (3) Background: Awarding of Defense Contracts; (4) Potential Oversight Issues: Contract Oversight and Admin.; Use of Overhead Fees; Gansler Comm.

The Solo Attorney's Emergency Guide to Government Contracts

Author: Jon W. van Horne

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468900277

Category: Law

Page: N.A

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The Solo Attorney’s Emergency Guide to Government Contracts is exactly what the title suggests, a brief introduction to government contract law for the attorney who doesn’t practice in that area and has no particular interest in to doing so. The Emergency Guide also identifies situations that require prompt action to protect a client’s interests even before the government contracts expert can be called in to help. While the Guide is primarily intended for the solo or small firm attorney, any attorney without immediate access to government contracts expertise will benefit from this brief introduction to the practice area.

Government Contracts

Federal, State and Local

Author: Nicholas Seddon

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 9781862877405

Category: Law

Page: 480

View: 613

Government Contracts 4th edition is a further maturation and refinement of a work that has now been in existence for some thirteen years. It is Australia’s definitive legal text on all levels of government contracting, which focuses on the legal issues that may arise in connection with government contracts and which have no parallel in the private sector. It explains the law in a manner that government contract managers and their private sector counterparts doing business with government, will find indispensable. Presented in plain English it is also accessible to the lay reader and lawyers and law students will also benefit from the up to date case law, relevant policy developments and legislation relating to government contracting (principally procurement). Authoritative and respected Government Contracts has been referred to in a number of cases, both in State and Federal courts in the High Court and in government policy documents. New material in this 4th edition includes: The implementation at Commonwealth and at State and Territory levels of Chapter 15 (government procurement) of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. Implementation measures are discussed in Chapter 1 and the practical consequences of the new procurement regime are explored in Chapter 7 on tendering. Issues of government immunity from legislation take up a substantial portion of this new edition, at the general level in Chapter 4 and in particular application to the all-important Trade Practices and Fair Trading legislation in Chapter 6. Chapter 6 also includes a new table showing how this legislation applies to government at all levels. The current status of derivative immunity following the High Court's decision in Baxter. Discussion of the status of contracts made by regulatory bodies to settle alleged breaches of relevant legislation by the regulated entity. Whether government can promise to compensate a company for taxes it has had to pay . A discernible trend toward not allowing failure to follow legislation to result in an underlying transaction being invalid. Treatment of tendering in Chapters 7 and 8 covers new Australian case law and a succession of cases from other countries with similar legal systems to Australia, in particular Canada. As always with Seddon’s work, a careful re-consideration of every aspect of the book has been undertaken providing clarity and comprehensive sources for the reader. This new edition is current to 31 March 2009 and is an indispensable resource for lawyers, government contract managers and their private sector counterparts.

Federal Contracting Made Easy

Author: Scott A. Stanberry

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 1523097345

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 346

View: 3283

Federal contracting . . . easy? With the fourth edition of Federal Contracting Made Easy, it is! Whether or not you consider federal contracting easy, it is certainly easier with this guide. Used successfully by thousands of contractors and feds, this book offers practical, hands-on, no-nonsense advice. Now in its fourth edition, Federal Contracting Made Easy lays out the entire federal contracting process in a readable and easy-to-understand style. This book covers how government procurement works, what you can do to cut though the red tape to speed your way to winning a contract, who the key players are, and tips for overcoming obstacles. New in this edition: • Discussion of government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs) • Updates on women-owned small business • New status of service-disabled veteran-owned small business • Expanded list of relevant websites and resources • Introduction to the new System for Award Management (SAM) Whether you are about to enter the competitive world of federal contracting or have been bidding for contracts for years and are now looking for updated information and ideas, this is the book you need. The federal government awards billions of dollars in contracts for goods and services every year. This book will help you win a piece of that business.