Adelsverein: The gathering

Author: Celia Hayes

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ISBN: 9781932045178

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"They have come from Germany to Texas in 1847, under the auspices of the 'Mainzer Adelsverein' - the society of noblemen of Mainz, who seek to fill a settlement in Texas with German farmers and craftsmen. Among them is a family who will survive and endure, making their mark in Texas, their new land. Christian 'Vati' Steinmetz, the clockmaker of Ulm in Bavaria, has brought his many sons and daughters: Magda, passionate and courageous, is courted by Carl Becker, a young frontiersman with a dangerous past. Her sister, Liesel wants nothing more than to be a good wife to her husband Hansi, a stolid and practical farmer who will be called by circumstances to become something greater. Brothers Friedrich and Johann, who have always been close, will find themselves fighting in the Civil War, but one will wear Union blue, the other Confederate grey homespun. Yet they will never forget that they are brothers."--Publisher description.


The Gathering

Author: Celia Hayes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780934955898

Category: Fiction

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Adelsverein - a group of German noblemen formed a society to encourge immigration to 19th century Texas. They offered land, homes, new lives ... and freedom. 7,000 settlers accepted the offer. Book One of the Adelsverein Trilogy begins the story of two families and the beginning of their journey to become American.


The Complete Trilogy

Author: Celia Hayes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780934955843

Category: Fiction

Page: 1050

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The Adelsverein Trilogy, now combined in a single hardbound edition, is a saga of family and community loyalties, and the challenge of building a new life on the hostile frontier. They came from Germany to Texas in 1847, under the auspices of the "Mainzer Adelsverein" - the society of noblemen of Mainz, who tried to fill a settlement in Texas with German farmers and craftsmen. Christian "Vati" Steinmetz, the clockmaker of Ulm in Bavaria, has brought his sons and daughters: Magda - passionate and courageous, courted by Carl Becker, a young frontiersman with a dangerous past. Her sister Liesel wants nothing more than to be a good wife to her husband Hansi, a stolid and practical farmer called by circumstances to be something greater, in the boom years of the great cattle ranches. Their brothers Friedrich and Johann, have always been close - in the Civil War, one will wear Union blue, the other Confederate grey homespun - but never forget they are brothers. And finally, there is Vati's adopted daughter Rosalie, whose life ends as it began - in tragedy. But Vati's family will will survive and ultimately triumph. They will make their mark in Texas, their new land. Adelsverein: It's about love and loss, joy and grief . . . and the sometimes wrenching process of becoming American.

Cold War Rivalry and the Perception of the American West

Author: P. Goral

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137364300

Category: History

Page: 185

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This book demonstrates how the two adversaries of the Cold War, West Germany and East Germany, endeavored to create two distinct and unique German identities. In their endeavor to claim legitimacy, the German cinematic representation of the American West became an important cultural weapon of mass dissemination during the Cold War.

German Pioneers on the American Frontier

The Wagners in Texas and Illinois

Author: Andreas Reichstein

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 9781574411348

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

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A case study of two brothers, Julius and Wilhelm Wagner, who immigrated to the United States from Baden, Germany. Julius immigrated as part of an early communist group, the "Darmstädters” or "Forty,” who established the utopian settlement of Bettina in 1847. His anti-slavery beliefs forced Julius to Mexico during the Civil War, but he returned to Texas after the war. His older brother Wilhelm fled Germany in 1851 as a result of his liberal political beliefs and settled in Texas. He founded a German-language newspaper when he moved to Freeport, Illinois. Using a newly discovered cache of Wagner family letters, Reichstein examines the lives of the brothers as they sought to make better futures for themselves on the new frontier. More than a narrow family history, however, German Pioneers on the American Frontier uses the individual cases of Julius and Wilhelm Wagner to examine the broader historiographical debate about assimilation and acculturation. The question it raises is whether the United States is a collection of separate immigrant cultures or whether those cultures become assimilated in the famous "melting pot.” Reichstein’s conclusion, based on the experiences of the Wagner brothers and their descendants, is that immigrants identify themselves as American through a variety of processes that are a combination of assimilation and acculturation.

Daughter of Texas

Author: Celia Hayes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780934955836

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

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When she was 12, Margaret Becker came to Texas with her parents and her younger brothers. The witch-woman looked at her hands, and foretold her future--two husbands, a large house, many friends, joy, sorrow, and love--and at the end, a survivor and witness.

To Truckee's Trail

Author: Celia D. Hayes

Publisher: Celia Hayes

ISBN: 1601452527

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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In the greatest frontier adventure--that no one has heard of--50 men, women, and children set out for California in 1844. They walked 2,000 miles, across trackless plain and desert, with nothing to rely on but each other.

Ghost Towns of Texas

Author: Dick King

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cities and towns

Page: 140

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Ghost Towns of Texas is a compilation of the intimate, inside-stories of the many hopefully established colonies which, for various reasons, failed to become the Utopias which their founders expected them to be: Marietta was settled by the Quakers, but their peace-loving characteristics did not blend with the none too peaceful West of Texas; La Reunion was built by European followers of the Fourier movement, but they discovered they were not adapted to the rural life of the pioneer in a town poorly located; and more.


A Novel

Author: Friedrich Armand Strubberg

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292742916

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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Founded in 1846, Fredericksburg, Texas, was established by German noblemen who enticed thousands of their compatriots to flee their overcrowded homeland with the prospect of free land in a place that was portrayed as a new Garden of Eden. Few of the settlers, however, were prepared for the harsh realities of the Texas frontier or for confrontation with the Comanche Indians. In his 1867 novel Friedrichsburg, Friedrich Armand Strubberg, a.k.a. Dr. Schubbert, interwove his personal story with a fictional romance to capture the flavor of Fredericksburg, Texas, during its founding years when he served as the first colonial director. Now available in a contemporary translation, Friedrichsburg brings to life the little-known aspects of life among these determined but often ill-equipped settlers who sought to make the transition to a new home and community on the Texas frontier. Opening just as a peace treaty is being negotiated between the German newcomers and the Comanches, the novel describes the unlikely survival of these fledgling homesteads and provides evidence that support from the Delaware Indians, as well as the nearby Mormon community of Zodiac, was key to the Germans’ success. Along the way, Strubberg also depicts the laying of the cornerstone to the Vereinskirche, the blazing of an important new road to Austin, exciting hunting scenes, and an admirable spirit of cultural cohesion and determined resilience. In so doing, he resurrects a fascinating lost world.

The Edge of Freedom

Author: John Willingham

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781592994465

Category: Fiction

Page: 404

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The Alamo resounds in memory and myth...Goliad whispers from the shadows. Along with the familiar stories of Jim Bowie, David Crockett, and William B. Travis-the heroes of the Alamo-it is time, in the 175th anniversary year of the Revolution, to understand the more complex stories of James W. Fannin and his Mexican counterpart, José de Urrea. In The Edge of Freedom, these and other historical figures show that the search for peace at Goliad was as dramatic as the fight for glory at the Alamo.

The Material Culture of German Texans

Author: Kenneth Hafertepe

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 162349382X

Category: Architecture

Page: 416

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German immigrants of the nineteenth century left a distinctive mark on the lifestyles and vernacular architecture of Texas. In this first comprehensive survey of the art and artifacts of German Texans, Kenneth Hafertepe explores how their material culture was influenced by their European roots, how it was adapted to everyday life in Texas, and how it changed over time—at different rates in different communities. The Material Culture of German Texans is about the struggle to become American while maintaining a distinctive cultural identity drawn from German heritage. Including materials from rural, small town, and urban settings, this masterful study covers pioneer generations in East Texas and the Hill Country, but also follows the story into the Victorian era and the early twentieth century. Houses and their furnishings, churches and cemeteries, breweries and businesses, and paintings and engravings fill the pages of this thorough, informative, and richly illustrated volume. Recent decades have seen a sharp increase of the study of vernacular architecture (which can range from traditional building to ethnic expressions to landscape ensembles) and an intensified study of American furniture and other decorative arts. Incorporating these vernacular and decorative arts methods and building on the works of cultural geographers, curators, and historians, The Material Culture of German Texans offers a definitive contribution that will inform visitors to the region as well as those who study its history and culture.

Depth of Winter

A Longmire Mystery

Author: Craig Johnson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0525522484

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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The new novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series. Welcome to Walt Longmire's worst nightmare. In Craig Johnson's latest mystery, Depth of Winter, an international hit man and the head of one of the most vicious drug cartels in Mexico has kidnapped Walt's beloved daughter, Cady, to auction her off to his worst enemies, of which there are many. The American government is of limited help and the Mexican one even less. Walt heads into the one-hundred-and-ten degree heat of the Northern Mexican desert alone, one man against an army.

Fayette County

her history and her people

Author: Frank Lotto

Publisher: N.A


Category: Fayette County (Tex.)

Page: 424

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Geology and Politics in Frontier Texas, 1845–1909

Author: Walter Keene Ferguson

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 1477300805

Category: History

Page: 248

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Conservation and development of natural resources are issues of critical importance throughout the world. These issues have been matters of public concern in Texas since legislators first adopted the state-sponsored geological survey as a means of extending government funds to private citizens who would help develop and advertise the mineral and agricultural wealth of Texas. Walter Keene Ferguson examines the relation of politics to geological exploration during a critical period in Texas history—the first half-century of statehood. Although Texas shared its frontier experience with many other areas, it could not rely on federal aid in the form of land grants because the state government controlled the destiny of the public domain at all times. Acrimonious debate between farmers and urbanites of East Texas and pioneer ranchers of arid West Texas rendered the disposition of public lands even more difficult. As tools for developing and advertising resources, the geological and agricultural surveys of 1858 and 1867 fulfilled the demands of expectant capitalism made by politicians, speculators, and railroad entrepreneurs. Reconnaissance geologists publicized the wealth of Texas. Drought in 1886 and popular agitation against squandering of state land caused the emergence of a new concept of the geological survey as an instrument of land reform and public assistance. Lobbying by reformers and scientific organizations led to the formation of the Dumble Survey in 1888 and the University of Texas Mineral Survey in 1901. Stratigraphic analysis of the “individualities” of Texas geology helped the state realize its full economic potential and led to legislation to protect public mineral land from exploitation. The youthful oil industry finally removed geological exploration from the political arena. As part of the University, a permanent Bureau of Economic Geology was established in 1909 to extend the benefits of scientific research to private citizens and state organizations on a nonpartisan basis. Ferguson’s analysis of geological surveys in Texas contributes to an understanding not only of the geology and history of the state but of the urgent problem of evaluating the natural resources of underdeveloped regions.

The Quivera Trail

Author: Celia Hayes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780934955324

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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Family history of Julius Theodore Splittgerber born 1819 in Germany. He immigrated to Texas as a Prussian army officer in 1845. He married 1848 in Menard, Texas to Sophie Dorothea Miehe, who was born 1830 in Hanover, Prussia.

The French in Texas

History, Migration, Culture

Author: François Lagarde

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292777930

Category: History

Page: 360

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The flag of France is one of the six flags that have flown over Texas, but all that many people know about the French presence in Texas is the ill-fated explorer Cavelier de La Salle, fabled pirate Jean Laffite, or Cajun music and food. Yet the French have made lasting contributions to Texas history and culture that deserve to be widely known and appreciated. In this book, François Lagarde and thirteen other experts present original articles that explore the French presence and influence on Texas history, arts, education, religion, and business from the arrival of La Salle in 1685 to 2002. Each article covers an important figure or event in the France-Texas story. The historical articles thoroughly investigate early French colonists and explorers, the French pirates and privateers, the Bonapartists of Champ-d'Asile, the French at the Alamo, Dubois de Saligny and French recognition of the Republic of Texas, the nineteenth-century utopists of Icaria and Reunion, and the French Catholic missions. Other articles deal with French immigration in Texas, including the founding of Castroville, Cajuns in Texas, and the French economic presence in Texas today (the first such study ever published). The remaining articles look at painters Théodore and Marie Gentilz, sculptor Raoul Josset, French architecture in Texas, French travelers from Théodore Pavie to Simone de Beauvoir who have written on Texas, and the French heritage in Texas education. More than seventy color and black-and-white illustrations complement the text.

Fort Davis

Author: Lawrence John Francell

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738579863

Category: History

Page: 128

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Established and named for US secretary of war Jefferson Davis in 1854, Fort Davis was key to the eventual settlement of the Davis Mountains' rich grasslands. Camels once grazed at the fort. It served as home to the African American regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers, and Lt. Henry Flipper, the first African American to graduate from West Point, was court-martialed at this post. Present-day visitors to the town of Fort Davis can gaze at the stars and imagine the immensity of the universe at the University of Texas McDonald Observatory, stay the night at the Civilian Conservation Corps-built Indian Lodge at Davis Mountains State Park, or visit with a living-history volunteer or park ranger at Fort Davis National Historic Site.

Blind Delusion

A Novel

Author: Dorothy Phaire

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440168237

Category: Fiction

Page: 476

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In Phaire’s new novel, Blind Delusion, things are not what they appear to be in this multi-layered psychological thriller of murder, obsession, and romance where a lonely clinical psychologist realizes it can be more frightening to reveal her soul than to face death. Dr. Renee Hayes is immersed in the lives of people living on the edge while she attempts to hide from her true self. But when Dr. Hayes comes face to face with those harboring their own dangerous agendas, she sees the fragility of her own life. No longer in the prime of her youth, Dr. Hayes feels time is running out for her to find the two things she’s never really possessed and has always craved, lasting unconditional love and passion in her life. This is the story of a woman’s odyssey in search of her unrecognized source of power and strength. It’s about a woman’s need to be intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually fulfilled on her own terms. Through her own mirrored lens, Dr. Hayes peers at the reflection of her spiritually-grounded secretary and learns from her triumph over tragedy, not only how to survive but how to gain the courage to go after what she wants without shame or regret.

Distant Cousin

Author: Al Past

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595372929

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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A lonely astronaut stumbles upon a disaster in the making: the Earth will be turned into a crater-pocked ruin and millions of people will be killed, unless she can convince someone to take preventive action. But she has a huge problem. After all, who would believe an ordinary young woman who said such a thing, especially if there is no record she is an astronaut.and especially not if she also claims to have come from a different solar system? Only the U. S. government does, and hunts her with all the forces it can muster. Terrified and with few resources, she tries desperately to disprove people's low opinion of what a young woman is capable of. And what about her earthly boy friend? Would he believe her, or sell her out?