A Rights-Based Approach to Social Policy Analysis

Author: Shirley Gatenio Gabel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319244124

Category: Social Science

Page: 85

View: 2262

This brief resource sets out a rights-based framework for policy analysis that allows social workers to enhance their long-term vision as well as their current practice. It introduces the emerging P.A.N.E. (Participation, Accountability, Non-discrimination, Equity) model for evaluating social policy, comparing it with the traditional needs-based charity model in terms of not only effectiveness and efficiency but also inclusion and justice. Recognized standards for human rights are used to identify values crucial to informing policy goals. Exercises, key documents, and an extended example illustrate both the processes of creating empowering social policy and its best and most meaningful outcomes. Included in the coverage: Rights-based and needs-based approaches to social policy analysis. Regional and international human rights instruments. Grounding social policies in legal and institutional frameworks. Conceptualizing social issues from a human rights frame. Measuring progress on the realization of human rights. Rights-based analysis of maternity, paternity, and parental leaves in the United States. For social workers and social work researchers, A Rights-Based Approach to Social Policy Analysis gives readers a modern platform for achieving the highest goals of the field. It also makes a worthwhile class text for social work programs. ​

Human Rights-Based Community Practice in the United States

Author: Kathryn R. Libal,Scott Harding

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319082108

Category: Social Science

Page: 95

View: 9238

A transformative model for community social work rooted in basic social and economic rights is the basis of this timely Brief. With specific chapters spotlighting the rights to health care, nutritious food, and adequate and affordable housing, the book describes in depth the role of community practice in securing rights for underserved and vulnerable groups and models key aspects of rights-based work such as empowerment, participation, and collaboration. Case examples relate local struggles to larger regional and statewide campaigns, illustrating ways the book's framework can inform policymakers and improve social structures in the larger community. This rights-based perspective contrasts sharply with the deficits-based approach commonly employed in community social work, and has the potential to inspire new strategies for addressing systemic social inequality. Features of Human Rights-Based Community Practice in the United States: A conceptual basis for a rights-based approach to community practice. Detailed analysis of legal and social barriers to health care, housing, and food. Examples of effective and emerging rights-based community interventions. Methods for assessing the state of human rights at the community level. Documents, discussion questions, resource lists, and other valuable tools.

Practicing Rights

Human rights-based approaches to social work practice

Author: David Androff

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134632053

Category: Social Science

Page: 164

View: 961

Social work Codes of Ethics of professional organizations around the world appeal to the concept of people having ‘rights’ that social workers need to respect and advocate for. However, it isn’t always clear how social workers can actually incorporate human rights-based approaches in their practice, whether domestic or international. This book fills this gap by advancing rights-based approaches to social work. The first part gives an overview of the relationship between human rights and social work, and outlines a model for how rights-based approaches can be integrated into social work practice. The second part introduces the rights-based framework across five mainstream areas of practice – poverty, child welfare, older adults, health, and mental health. Each of these substantive chapters: introduces the area of practice and traditional social welfare interventions associated with it outlines relevant human rights frameworks explores case studies showcasing rights-based approaches presents practical implications for implementing rights-based social work practice. The book ends with a discussion of the limitations and criticisms of rights-based approaches and lays out some future directions for practice. This accessible text is designed for all those interested in learning how to introduce human rights-based interventions into their practice. It will be of particular use to social work students taking direct practice, macro practice, social policy, international social work and human rights courses as part of their program.

Applying a Human Rights Approach to Social Work Research and Evaluation

A Rights Research Manifesto

Author: Tina Maschi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319260367

Category: Social Science

Page: 99

View: 1598

This brief introduces a human rights approach to social work research and evaluation, compares it to traditional research approaches, and explains how to apply it in real world social work research. The author draws from a human rights framework that incorporates dignity and respect for all persons, the universality and interrelatedness of rights (political, civil, social, economic, and cultural), nondiscrimination, participation, accountability, and transparency. To advance a human rights approach, it introduces a rights-based model that accentuates the use of mixed methods and participatory research and evaluation. This brief aims to increase competencies in how to apply a rights based approach to research decision-making process from the formulation of research questions, research and practice design, and participatory action strategies that advance human rights.​ It is a call to action for social workers to forge a rights-based research agenda that fosters empowerment.

Children's Rights and Social Work

Author: Hanita Kosher,Asher Ben-Arieh,Yael Hendelsman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319439200

Category: Social Science

Page: 75

View: 6089

This book provides a conceptual framework for children's rights as well as specific strategies and opportunities for social workers to apply in their work. It guides social work professionals and students through the history of children's rights. It also includes a call for a paradigm shift from a focus on the right to nurturance to the right to self-determination, as well as a contrasting look at children's rights in the West versus the rest of the world.

Child Street Life

An Inside View of Hazards and Expectations of Street Children in Peru

Author: G.K. Lieten,Talinay Strehl

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331911722X

Category: Social Science

Page: 59

View: 8843

This brief studies the phenomenon of street children in two cities in Peru. It looks at some of the conceptual issues and, after analysing why children are in the street and what behaviour and which aspirations they exhibit, deals with the policy issues and lessons to be learned. This brief investigates when and why the transition from children on the street (street-working children) to children of the street (street living children) takes place and elucidates how they survive. It explains the fluidity and the risks involved in any type of child street life.

Gesundheitsversorgung am Lebensende

Soziale Ungleichheit in Bezug auf Institutionsaufenthalte und Sterbeorte

Author: Damian Hedinger

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658133473

Category: Equality

Page: 172

View: 6455

Damian Hedinger untersucht die Frage der Gesundheitsversorgung am Lebensende, die durch die Demografische Alterung und eine weiterhin steigende Lebenserwartung immer zentraler wird. Er geht sowohl aus wissenschaftlicher als auch aus gesellschaftspolitischer Perspektive vor und nutzt administrative Daten aus der Schweiz, um herauszufinden, warum man eine längere oder kürzere Dauer im Heim oder im Spital verbringt und weshalb man wo stirbt. Dabei zeigt sich, dass neben medizinischen Faktoren auch sozioökonomische, familiale und kulturelle Determinanten einen maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die Gesundheitsversorgung vor dem Tod ausüben. Der Inhalt Gesundheitsversorgung am Lebensende - eine Herausforderung für die Analyse sozialer Ungleichheit Individuelle, familiale und kulturell-kontextuelle Determinante Geschlechtsspezifische Modelle zur Analyse der Heim- und Spitalaufenthaltsdauer sowie unterschiedlicher Sterbeorte Die Zielgruppen Wissenschaftler, Lehrende und Studierende der Sozialwissenschaften und der Gesundheitswissenschaften Praktiker im Gesundheitswesen Der Autor Damian Hedinger ist wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention der Universität Zürich.

Contemporary Famine Analysis

Author: Olivier Rubin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331927306X

Category: Political Science

Page: 99

View: 4579

This Brief provides some answers as to why famines continue to torment humankind here in the 21st century despite all our progress in food production, logistics, information dissemination and relief work. Contemporary famines are inherently political, and so the interesting question is not how famines can be prevented, but why they are allowed to develop in the first place; only by understanding the latter, is there hope to eradicate major famines. The Brief assesses the various analytical approaches to the understanding of famine, from the classical approaches inspired by Thomas Malthus to the newer economic approaches based on Amartya Sen. While all approaches contribute with important insights on famine dynamics, they also struggle to capture the political dimension of contemporary famines. The Brief develops a political approach capable of addressing this important but messy political dimension of contemporary famines. The approach builds on principles of humanitarian accountability (the moral responsibility to alleviate suffering from famine) as well as political accountability (the interests and power relations involved in famine outcomes).

Internationales Handbuch der Gewaltforschung

Author: Wilhelm Heitmeyer,John Hagan

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322803767

Category: Social Science

Page: 1583

View: 3317

Die Forschung zur Gewalt in modernen westlichen Gesellschaften hat in den letzten Jahren zugenommen. Die Erklärungen dafür sind zahlreich: tatsächlicher Anstieg bei bestimmten Gewaltvarianten, neue Sensibilitäten, Rückkehr alter Gewaltformen, Verlagerung von Gewalt in andere gesellschaftliche Bereiche etc. Bisher fehlt jedoch ein systematischer Überblick über die tatsächlichen Entwicklungen. Das vorliegende Handbuch informiert umfassend über Gewalt als soziales Phänomen. Dabei wird fast allen Facetten dieses Themas Rechnung getragen: · Sozialstrukturelle Verhältnisse und Gewalt, · Sozialisation und Lernen von Gewalt, · Gewalterfahrungen und Gewalttätigkeit, · Gewaltopfer, · Gewalt in gesellschaftlichen Institutionen, · Gewalt durch politische Gruppen, · Gewaltdiskurse etc. In 62 Artikeln von Autorinnen und Autoren aus zehn Ländern liefert der Band ein komplexes, transdisziplinäres Bild eines Forschungsfeldes zwischen Ordnung, Zerstörung und Macht.

Exploring Vulnerability

Author: Günter Thomas,Heike Springhart

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3647540633

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 3529

Vulnerability is an essential but also an intriguing ambiguous part of the human condition. This book con-ceptualizes vulnerability to be a fundamental threat and deficit and at the same time to be a powerful resource for transformation.The exploration is undertaken in multidisciplinary perspectives and approaches the human condition in fruitful conversations with medical, psychological, legal, theological, political and philosophical investiga-tions of vulnerability.The multidisciplinary approach opens the space for a broad variety of deeply interrelated topics. Thus, vulnerability is analyzed with respect to diverse aspects of human and social life, such as violence and power, the body and social institutions. Theologically questions of sin and redemption and eventually the nature of the Divine are taken up. Throughout the book phenomenological descriptions are combined with necessary conceptual clarifications. The contributions seek to illuminate the relation between vulnerability as a fundamental unavoidable condition and contingent actualizations related to specific dangers and risks. The core thesis of the book can be seen within its multi-perspectivity: A sound concept of vulnerability is key to a realistic, that is to say neither negative nor illusionary anthropology, to an honest post-theistic understanding of God and eventually to a deeply humanistic understanding of social life.

Understanding Education Policy

The ‘Four Education Orientations’ Framework

Author: Tiffany Jones

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400762658

Category: Education

Page: 71

View: 3348

Analysis of education policy often follows a particular orientation, such as conservative or neo-liberal. Yet, readers are often left to wonder the true meaning and conceptual framing behind these orientations. Without this knowledge, the policy analysis lacks true rigor, its value is diminished as the results may prove difficult to reproduce. Understanding Education Policy provides an overarching framework of four key orientations that lie beneath much policy analysis, yet are rarely used with accuracy: conservative, liberal, critical and post-modern. It details each orientation's application to policy making, implementation and overall impact. The book also argues the value of analysing a policy’s orientation to improve the clarity of its analysis and allow broader trends across the education policy field to emerge. The book offers practical examples, key vocabulary and reflection activities which give equitable, yet critical consideration to all education orientations. This allows readers to see the benefits and disadvantages of each perspective and discover their own biases. This introduction to education policy analysis offers theoretically broad, highly practical coverage. It is adaptable to many kinds of policy analysis areas and will appeal to a wide range of readers with an interest in education policy, from students conducting specific research to policy makers looking for a deeper way to re-think their work.


Author: Volker Trommsdorff,Fee Steinhoff

Publisher: Vahlen

ISBN: 3800643790

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 428

View: 6544

Innovationsmarketing Das Lehrbuch gibt einen praxisorientierten und zugleich wissenschaftlich fundierten Überblick über das Innovationsmarketing, also die Schnittmenge zwischen Marketing und Innovationsmanagement. Dabei geht es um den Markterfolg neuer Produkte und Services sowie um professionelles Management während aller Phasen des Innovationsvorhabens. Theorie des Innovationsmarketings Das Buch behandelt zunächst die theoretischen Grundlagen des Innovationsmarketing, besonders die umfangreichen Erkenntnisse der empirischen Neuprodukt-Erfolgsfaktorenforschung und daraus abgeleitet generische Innovationsmarketingstrategien. Als Entscheidungsgrundlagen für erfolgreiches Neuproduktmarketing (von der Problemerkenntnis über alle Projektphasen hinweg bis zur Ausbreitung des Neuen im Markt) werden ausführlich spezifische Methoden der Markt- und Zukunftsforschung für Innovationen vermittelt. Dazu gehören Conjoint-Analysen zur optimalen Produktgestaltung und Akzeptanzschätzung, Methoden zur Umsetzung der so erkannten Kundenbedürfnisse in technischer und betriebswirtschaftlicher Hinsicht sowie zur Marktprognose, besonders durch frühzeitige Abschätzung und Steuerung des Diffusionsverlaufs. Praxis des Innovationsmarketings Die theoretischen und methodischen Erkenntnisse werden durch zahlreiche Praxisbeispiele und Fallstudien illustriert.

Der Seneca-Effekt

Warum Systeme kollabieren und wie wir damit umgehen können

Author: Ugo Bardi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783960060109


Page: 312

View: 5958

Keine Zeit

Wenn die Firma zum Zuhause wird und zu Hause nur Arbeit wartet

Author: Arlie Hochschild

Publisher: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

ISBN: 9783531144689

Category: Social Science

Page: 306

View: 4056

Diese bahnbrechende Studie aus den USA untersucht die Situation berufstätiger Eltern zwischen den Anforderungen einer globalisierten Arbeitswelt und denen des Familienlebens. Es bleibt buchstäblich ,Keine Zeit'. Warum das so ist, zeigt dieses Buch, ein mitreißender und sehr gut lesbarer Bericht über die Praxis eines Unternehmens im Mittleren Westen der USA, geschrieben von der bekannten amerikanischen Soziologin Arlie Russell Hochschild. Mit ihrer Sensibilität, ihrem scharfen Blick und ihrer Gabe für spannende Porträts gibt Hochschild einen Einblick in das Alltagsleben der Arbeitnehmer bei Amerco von den untersten Rängen bis in die Chefetagen und kommt zu einem faszinierenden Schluss: Der Arbeitsplatz ist - für Männer wie Frauen - zum Zuhause geworden und die Familie ist für viele Eltern ein stressiger Arbeitsplatz.

Friedrich List (1789-1846)

Ein Ökonom mit Weitblick und sozialer Verantwortung

Author: Eugen Wendler

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658026448

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 4324

​In dieser ebenso unterhaltsamen wie informativen Biografie wird die Wirkungs- und Rezeptionsgeschichte der Theorien von Friedrich List auf der Basis seines außergewöhnlichen Lebenslaufes dargestellt. Der renommierte und mehrfach für seine Forschung ausgezeichnete List-Experte Eugen Wendler fasst hier die Ergebnisse seiner langjährigen Forschungsarbeit zusammen und ergänzt sie durch neueste Erkenntnisse und Quellen. So ist ein umfassendes und werthaltiges Werk entstanden, das zudem zahlreiche bislang noch unbekannte Abbildungen enthält.