A Photographic Atlas for Anatomy & Physiology

Author: Nora Hebert,Ruth Heisler,Karen Krabbenhoft,Jett Chinn,Olga Malakhova

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

ISBN: 9780321869258

Category: Medical

Page: 240

View: 8767

A Photographic Atlas for Anatomy & Physiology is a new visual lab study tool that helps students learn and identify key anatomical structures. Featuring photos from Practice Anatomy Lab (tm) 3.0 and other sources, the Atlas includes over 250 cadaver dissection photos, histology photomicrographs, and cat dissection photos plus over 50 photos of anatomical models from leading manufacturers such as 3B Scientific®, SOMSO®, and Denoyer-Geppert Science Company. The Atlas is composed of 13 chapters, organized by body system, and includes a final chapter with cat dissection photos. In each chapter, students will first explore gross anatomy, as seen on cadavers and anatomical models, and then conclude with relevant histological images.

A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

Author: Kent M. Van De Graaff,David A. Morton,John L. Crawley

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617310050

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 1330

Designed for all students taking courses in human anatomy and physiology. This full-color atlas can accompany and augment any anatomy and physiology textbook and contains cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection photographs.

Photo Atlas for Anatomy and Physiology

Author: David Morton

Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780534517168

Category: Science

Page: 150

View: 3889

An ideal class or lab companion, this Photo Atlas contains more than 600 full-color photos of tissue and organ slides, the human skeleton, commonly used models, cat dissections, cadavers, and fetal pig dissections, as well as physiology materials.

A Photographic Atlas of Histology

Author: Michael J. Lefoffe

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617310697

Category: Science

Page: 250

View: 1816

A Photographic Atlas of Histology, 2e by Michael J. Leboffe is designed for use in undergraduate histology and human anatomy courses. It serves as a convenient visual reference and is of particular value to students in a laboratory setting. Commercially available microscope slides are used to photograph, so images represent the quality and diversity of what a student is actually likely to encounter in the laboratory; pathological specimens have not been used.

Van De Graaff's Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Author: David A Morton,John L Crawley

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617314269

Category: Science

Page: 220

View: 4051

Designed for all students taking courses in human anatomy and physiology. This full-color atlas can accompany and augment any anatomy and physiology textbook and contains cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection photographs.

Color Atlas of Anatomy

A Photographic Study of the Human Body

Author: Johannes Wilhelm Rohen,Chihiro Yokochi,Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

Publisher: Schattauer Verlag

ISBN: 9780781790130

Category: Medical

Page: 532

View: 6359

This atlas features outstanding full-color photographs of actual cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images. The photographs depict anatomic structures more realistically than illustrations in traditional atlases and show students exactly what they will see in the dissection lab. Chapters are organized by region in order of a typical dissection. Each chapter presents structures both in a systemic manner from deep to surface, and in a regional manner. This edition has sixteen additional pages of clinical images—including CT and MRI—that students can compare with cross-sectional anatomic photographs. Many pictures have been electronically enhanced or rescanned for better contrasts.


A Photographic Atlas

Author: Johannes Wilhelm Rohen,Chihiro Yokochi,Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781496320391

Category: Human anatomy

Page: 560

View: 8160

A Photographic Atlas of the Human Body

With Selected Cat, Sheep, and Cow Dissections

Author: Gerard J. Tortora

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471420644

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 8878

Offering a solid scientific presentation of the principles of human structure and function, A Photographic Atlas of the Human Body, 2nd Edition is the ideal aid for the study of human anatomy and physiology. This spiral-bound atlas provides high quality imagery that can be used in the classroom, laboratory, or for study and review. The aid is the result of continually evolving efforts of the author to develop an outstanding tool with quality imagery and innovative pedagogical features that promote understanding. The product of years of teaching experience, this atlas consists of 16 units, 12 of which cover the body systems and the other 4 cover anatomical orientation, histology, surface anatomy, and developmental biology.

Photographic Atlas of the Body

Author: Science Photo Library

Publisher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly

ISBN: 9781552979730

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 4453

A dramatic pictorial tour. The desire to see and understand the inner workings of our bodies starts at an early age. The curiosity to glimpse what happens inside the body's systems, organs and even the brain is a continuing scientific quest. The magnificent illustrations in Photographic Atlas of the Body are created by imaging technologies and the latest scientific methods. Dramatic close-up photography of human anatomy is combined with clear, descriptive text to explain the human body's functions and inner workings. The images of Photographic Atlas of the Body are organized in five major sections: Imaging Techniques Cells Biological systems Tissues Brain and Senses. Each section opens with a clearly written introductory essay. Vivid, full-page images follow, each with a simple pictogram identifying the location and concise captions explaining the body part's function and significance. Sixteen types of imaging instruments and techniques are explained including: X-ray and radioactive (Barium meal) CAT scan MRI, SEM, TEM, NMR Optical and microscopy Acoustic and ultrasound. Each of these methods creates a unique portrait of the unseen world within each of us. Photographic Atlas of the Body is a valuable guide to, and reference for, the internal workings of the body.

Essential Atlas of Anatomy

Author: Parramon Studios,

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764118333

Category: Science

Page: 96

View: 1175

The human body—with all of its parts, organs, and functions—is shown in detailed, scientifically correct full-color illustrations. Fifteen separate sections examine both male and female bodies as follows: Human cell structure General anatomical features Skeleton and musculature Digestive system Respiratory system Circulatory system Blood Lymphatic system Nervous system Sensory organs Urinary system Genital organs Human reproduction Endocrine system Immunological system. Hundreds of illustrations make this book a handy home reference, as well as a fine supplement to school science textbooks.

McMinn's Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy

Author: Peter H. Abrahams,Johannes M. Boon,Jonathan D. Spratt,R. T. Hutchings

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323036058

Category: Medical

Page: 386

View: 8496

"This popular atlas integrates a collection of cadaveric, osteological, and clinical images with surface anatomy models, interpretive drawings, orientational diagrams, and diagnostic images - many new to this edition - to provide a well-rounded visual perspective of a real human body as seen by the modern doctor. McMinn's Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy, 6th Edition makes it easy to master the relationships of all of the key structures of the human body with examples of real human dissections. It's a must-have resource for both test preparation and enhancing your recognition skills in the lab and clinical practice."--Résumé de l'éditeur.

A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology

Author: Gary D. Wisehart,Erin C. Rempala,Michael J. Leboffe

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617310298

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 3408

A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology is a full-color supplement that provides photographs of preserved specimens and images taken at various aquaria to provide coverage of organisms in the worldÕs oceans. It is designed to accompany any marine biology text or laboratory manual.

Human Anatomy

Author: Elaine Nicpon Marieb,Patricia Brady Wilhelm,Jon B. Mallatt

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

ISBN: 9780321859297

Category: Science

Page: N.A

View: 8887

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Comparative Skeletal Anatomy

A Photographic Atlas for Medical Examiners, Coroners, Forensic Anthropologists, and Archaeologists

Author: Bradley J. Adams,Pamela J. Crabtree

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781597451321

Category: Medical

Page: 348

View: 7959

This is a photographic atlas of common animal bones, designed for use by the forensic scientist or archaeologist. This volume is the first to focus comparatively on both human and animal osteology. It features more than 300 illustrations of skeletons. Throughout, animal bones are photographed alongside the corresponding human bone, allowing the reader to observe size and shape variations.

Human Anatomy: Pearson New International Edition

Author: Frederic H. Martini,Michael J. Timmons,Robert B. Tallitsch

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 1292038837

Category: Science

Page: 928

View: 6244

Celebrated for its atlas-style format, appropriately detailed anatomical illustrations, and exceptionally clear photographs of tissues and cadavers, the Seventh Edition of the award-winning Human Anatomy presents practical applications of anatomy and physiology in a highly visual format. Select Clinical Notes feature dynamic layouts that integrate text with visuals for easy reading. Clinical Cases relate clinical stories that integrate text with patient photos and diagnostic images for applied learning. Time-saving study tools, including end-of-chapter practice and review, help students arrive at a complete understanding of human anatomy. This package contains: Human Anatomy, Seventh Edition


A Photographic Atlas for the Laboratory

Author: Steve K. Alexander,Dennis Strete

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company


Category: Reference

Page: 193

View: 3192

With more than 400 high-quality colour photographs of common microorganisms and their appearance after stains and tests, this comprehensive photographic atlas is an essential tool for success in your microbiology laboratory.

Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual

Author: Elaine Nicpon Marieb,Susan J. Mitchell,Peter Z. Zao

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780321616135

Category: Science

Page: 910

View: 4911

Designed for use with any A&P textbook, this best-selling laboratory manual features a wide variety of exercises and activities to meet the needs of any anatomy & physiology laboratory course. Known for its thorough, clearly-written exercises, full-color art, and tear-out review sheets, this lab manual gives you a hands-on laboratory experience. It is also accompanied by an interactive website built specifically for the A&P lab course that features pre-lab and post-lab quizzes for every exercise, Practice Anatomy Lab™ 2.0, and PhysioEx™ 8.0. This new lab manual also features a brand-new art program that uses rich vibrant colors, 3D realistic rendering, and many new histology and cadaver photos.

Grant's Dissector

Author: Alan J. Detton

Publisher: LWW

ISBN: 9781496316790

Category: Human dissection

Page: 323

View: 4450

Grant's Dissector, Sixteenth Edition, now revised to meet the needs of today's gross anatomy dissection courses, remains the go-to guide for dissection in the anatomy lab. This classic manual provides step-by-step dissection procedures with the instruction and anatomical detail you need to recognize important relationships revealed through dissection. Each chapter is consistently organized beginning with a "Dissection Overview," followed by detailed "Dissection Instructions," and concluding with a "Dissection Follow-up." The Dissection Overview provides a blueprint of what you will accomplish during the dissection session, and includes relevant surface anatomy as well as concise coverage of osteology. Dissection Instructions offer a logical sequence and numbered steps for the dissection. The Dissection Follow-up emphasizes important features of the dissection and encourages you to reflect on and synthesize the information. Newly revised for easy-to-follow consistency throughout every chapter. Dissection Overviews now include numbered, step-by-step instructions to guide you through relevant surface anatomy and osteology. Each step in the Dissection Instructions has been carefully reworded to clarify and improve the dissection experience. More than 30 new summary tables provide an excellent review resource and make the dissection steps more task-oriented and concise. Dissection Follow-up sections now contain a numbered list of tasks to perform following the dissection. Revised abdominal wall and head dissection instructions offer effective new approaches to these complex anatomical regions. More than 100 modified or brand-new illustrations throughout. Conveniently cross-referenced to Grant's Atlas of Anatomy and three other unique atlases for appropriate illustrations of each anatomical area.