Lermontov's "A Hero of Our Time"

A Critical Companion

Author: Lewis Bagby

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

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Mikhail Lermontov's book, A Hero of Our Time, was written in 1840 and is an important work of psychological realism. This volume includes articles by theorists from various perspectives.

A Hero of Our Time (Illustrated)

Author: Mikhail Lermontov

Publisher: The Planet

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A Hero of Our Time is a novel by Mikhail Lermontov published in 1840. It tells the story of a young officer, Pechorin, sent to the Caucasus after a duel. This is what the author himself wrote about his idea of Pechorin in the preface: "Pechorin, my dear readers, is in fact a portrait, but not of one man only: he is a composite portrait, made up of all the vices which flourish, full-grown, amongst the present generation. You will tell me, as you have told me before, that no man can be so wicked as this; and my reply will be: "If you believe that such persons as the villains of tragedy and romance could exist in real life, why can you not believe in the reality of Pechorin? If you could admire far more terrifying and repulsive types, why aren't you more merciful to this character, even if it is fictitious? Isn't it because there's more truth in it than you might wish?"This edition includes 22 illustrations by M. Lermontov, M. Vrubel, V. Serov, V. Polyakov and other artists of the late 19th and early 20th century.

A Hero of Our Time

Author: Mikhail Lermontov

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A Novel About Opposites “In the first place, [his eyes] never laughed when he laughed. Have you ever noticed this peculiarity some people have? It is either the sign of an evil nature or of a profound and lasting sorrow.” - Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time ‘The Hero of Our Time’, Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin is actually a traditional antihero who destroys the life of others around him. He is a 19th-century Casanova who can’t find peace and happiness, often contemplating on the meaning of life and destiny. His story is seen through many eyes: a fellow brother-in-arms, the narrator and ultimately Pechorin himself. How will he end up: as a misunderstood hero or as a vile villain? Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

A Hero of Our Time

Author: M. Y. Lermontov

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A Hero of Our Time By J. H. Wisdom & Marr Murray Translated From The Russian Of M. Y. Lermontov The book is divided into five short stories or novellas, with an authorial preface added in the second edition. There are three major narrators. The first is a young, unnamed officer in the Russian army travelling through the Caucasus mountains. He is documenting his travels for publication later. Almost as soon as the story begins, he meets Captain Maxim Maximych, who is significantly older and has been stationed in the Caucasus for a long time. He is therefore wise to the lifestyle of Russian soldiers in this region, and immediately demonstrates this to the narrator through his interactions with the local Ossetian tribesman. Maxim Maximych serves as the second narrator, relaying to his traveling companion stories of his interactions with Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin, the main character of the story and the ultimate Byronic hero. Maxim Maximych was stationed in the Caucasus with Pechorin for some time, though when and for how long is not specified. Ultimately, Maxim Maximych gives Pechorin's diaries to the unnamed narrator. Pechorin seemingly abandoned them when he was discharged from his post, and the old Captain has been carrying them around since.

A Wicked Irony

Rhetoric of Lermontov's 'A Hero of Our Time'

Author: A.D.P. Briggs,Andrew Barratt

Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

ISBN: 9781853992261

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Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time has long been acknowledged as one of the finest examples of 19th century Russian fiction and i masterpiece of psychological realism. Yet despite this recognition, there is little critical literature on Lermontov in the English language. A Wicked Irony is intended to fill this gap providing a detailed examination of the novel and a new interpretative approach. Taking in turn each of these stories in A Hero of Our Time, the authors analyse the rhetorical strategies devised by the narrators. In so doing, they determine the nature of the irony running through the novel, and how A Hero of Our Time is one of the most convincing and compelling portraits of psychotic behaviour in any literature.

A Hero of Our Time

Author: Mikhail I͡Urʹevich Lermontov

Publisher: Everyman's Library

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Pechorin, a bored and eccentric Russian hero, has a series of adventures

A hero for our time

the trial and fate of Boris Kochubiyevsky

Author: Boris Lʹvovich Kochubievskii

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A Hero of Our Time - Lermontov

Author: M. y. Lermontov

Publisher: Book Jungle

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THIS novel, known as one of the masterpieces of Russian Literature, under the title "A Hero of our Time," and already translated into at least nine European languages, is now for the first time placed before the general English Reader. The work is of exceptional interest to the student of English Literature, written as it was under the profound influence of Byron and being itself a study of the Byronic type of character. The Translators have taken especial care to preserve both the atmosphere of the story and the poetic beauty with which the Poet-novelist imbued his pages.

A hero of our time

Author: Михаил Юрьевич Лермонтов,Михаил Юрьевич Лермонтов

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John Milton

A Hero of Our Time

Author: David Hawkes

Publisher: Counterpoint

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John Milton — poet, polemicist, public servant, and author of one of the greatest masterpieces in English literature, Paradise Lost — is revered today as a great writer and a proponent of free speech. In his time, however, his ideas far exceeded the orthodoxy of English life; spurred by his conscience and an iron grip on logic, Milton was uncompromising in his beliefs at a time of great religious and political flux in England. In John Milton, David Hawkes expertly interweaves details from Milton’s public and private life, providing new insight into the man and his prophetic stance on politics and the social order. By including a broad range of Milton's iconoclastic views on issues as diverse as politics, economics, and sex, Hawkes suggests that Milton's approach to market capitalism, political violence, and religious terrorism continues to be applicable even in the 21st century. This insightful biography closely examines Milton's participation in the English civil war and his startlingly modern ideas about capitalism, love, and marriage, reminding us that human liberty and autonomy should never be taken for granted.

The Man

A Hero for Our Time

Author: Robert Drake

Publisher: Plume Books

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Illustrated by Derrick Buisch A Hero for Our Time. Book One WHy?

Lermontov's Hero of Our Time

Author: Robert Reid

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This monograph aims to offer an in-depth critical analysis of Lermontov's novel, in the light of the latest criticism on the work. A review of the critical reception of the novel from publication up to the present day is offered in the introduction, and there is a comprehensive bibliography of secondary sources. This is followed with analysis of the novels' five consistent stories, as well as its introductory apparatus, to produce new critical insights into the text. Particular stress is laid on the role of ethnicity in the novel, taking into account its role in the development of the Caucasus as a romantic topos in 19th-century literature. The book is part of a series of critical monographs aiming to provide an up-to-date guide, for students, teachers, and the interested general reader, to a range of Russian texts.

The Godthief

A Hero of Our Time

Author: James Whitwell

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